Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Eyes Have It

We posted about our tongues not long ago! Now we thought we'd post about our eyes! We both have brown eyes but mine are a much darker brown than Mitch's. Mom says that Mitch's even sparkle! That's because he's always thinking up devilish things to do, right?!

Here are my big brown lovelies~
Can we find one without camera flash, mom? Geez! Well, I guess this one will do!

Your turn, Mitch! He's an easier candidate to shoot! Just a figure of speech, Mitch! Don't worry!

Notice the sparkle! What did I tell you! Imp all the way, right?!

On another note - mom thinks that I'm getting fat! Can you even believe it? Last night she decided to weigh Mitch and I for proof! Dad happened to be out and mom "thought" that she could do this job herself! Why would she not be able to?!

Well, I saw the scale enter the family room and I ran for cover! I hate being picked up first of all and secondly, I think I have put on a couple of ounces and no way do I want to give up my snackies - so I high-tailed it!

Mitch was very cooperative! What does he have to lose?! He stood there while mom tried to decide which was the best way to lift him! Gosh, this would have made the funniest video! Where is dad when you need him?! hehehehe

Mom tired every way she could think of to get his tootsies off the ground and lift him up but he's longer and heavier than I am and she didn't want to get too personal, if you know what I mean, with slipping her arms in between his legs to lift! She finally dedided to wait for dad to come home and we were pleasantly surprised that the moose only weighs 60.5 pounds! Mom was expecting it to be more! So Mitch isn't cut off from treats!

Haha, Maggie! I won't have any problem eating treats for both of us!

Like heck you will, Mitch! We'll just see about that! Look what I got!

Now to figure out how to get the lid off!

So until next time................

Love ya lots,



  1. hi M&M, you both have very lovely eyes. we can see how Mitch's are much lighter than Maggie's. Brody's eyes are kind of like Mitch's - a little light and very impish! hee hee.

    so did you ever get weighed, Maggie? we sure don't think you look fat at all. we think that you are lovely.

    mom says that Bailey is getting a little chunky. Bailey is 1/2 schnauzer and our vet told us that schnauzers like to look like German sausages. that made us laugh! hee hee! but Bailey isn't on a diet yet. mom is trying to figure out how to feed us separately. such a dilemma.


  2. It must be in the air or something. PL2 thought that we looked a little pudgy(WELL ITS WINTER AND IN CASE ANYONE FORGOT SHUTINS FOR 2 WEEKS AND BORED)and she says Agatha has gained 2 pounds! But Agatha says that she is going by the weight at the Vets and their scale is off.We have been getting STRING BEAN AND CAROTTS for cookies HELLLLPPPPPPPP

  3. You both have beautiful eyes..

    Mom has me on a diet. The last time we went to the vet he had the nerve to tell Mom that I didn't have a waist.. Can you believe it? We went to the vet yesterday and I weigh 42.5 pounds and I have a waist. The lady vet said I looked just great.. Oh we weigh Louie to he is up to 26 pounds.. He was only 18 the last time we went. Maybe mom needs to put him on a diet....

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus and Louie

  4. such beautiful eyes you have there friends!

  5. Both of you have beautiful eyes.
    I hate diets one time I had to do that and it was no fun.

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  7. Maggie! Mitch!

    Greatest ever pics of your EYES! The weight issue is another story! We must discuss this!


    Putter ...:)

  8. Hi M&M!
    I think your eyes are just perfect! Mummy gave up trying to lift me a year ago...I have to wait until Dad comes round to have a bath!


  9. You guys have lovely eyes!!!
    And don't worry Maggie, we don't think you are overweight, you look fine!
    Wags and licks,
    Maya and Kena

  10. Maggie and Mitch,
    the two of you have the most soulful lovely eyes I could get lost in them!

    I think you have a bootiful figoowe Maggie. i don't think you need to stop the snakkies,,I hope you figoowedout the lid isue..I can see Mitch is vewy pwoud of himself and knows that he's pawfect hehehe
    smoochie kisses

  11. Hey maggie and mitch!!

    You both have beautiful eyes!!!

    who ever thinks your getting fat maggie is crazy!!

    lots of love!!

    peace out

  12. Getting weighed! Ugh. I have not gotten on a scale in almost a year. Maggie, gal, let your wooly fur grow out and nobody will notice a few extra pounds!


  13. Oh No! Diet is a bad word! No treats? That would be a travisty! Just tell her to take you for more walkies!
    Ozzie & Rocky

  14. Maggsie Girl!

    First off, you are one GORGEOUS Airegirl! You don't need to lose 1 oz, sister!

    Second, you have bootiful brown eyes. I love your photos. Mitch really does look like a little devil dog, doesn't he?!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Goober love & smooches,

  15. Hi, Maggie and Mitch!
    You two have beautiful eyes!
    I don't think you are fat! I guess is just an optical ilusion that your mom has! No treats is not fun, believe me!
    Kisses and hugs

  16. Hee hee, too bad there's no pic of your mom lifting Mitch on that scale! Wow, Mitch sounds heavy to me...he's as heavy as 3.5 T-man's!! Maybe he should cut back on the treats too :)

  17. HI kids.. man, my mom watches my weight like a hawk. she says I am just like her... look at food and gain weight. I have to keep trim for flyball and agility and I do not think it is fun to be on a diet. sigh.. what can you do, but look just pitiful at them!!

  18. Hi Maggie, Hi Mitch,

    You both have the most lovely eyes. Mitch's do sparkle with that I'm up to something look about them.

    I can't believe Mitch actually wanted to get weighed. I'm like you Maggie, I high tail it out of any room when I'm gonna be weighed. They keep putting me on diets and I'm not cool with that. Keep eathing those treats, you look great!

    Your pal,

  19. I think you look PERFECT as is, Miss Maggie, and Mitch was brave to get on that scale!


  20. Maggie, that's very interesting that you and Mitch's eye colors are in different shades of brown. Did you have lighter brown eyes when you were at Mitch's age? I think you both have pretty eyes that go well with your coat color.


  21. WE love your brown eyes Maggie and Mitch and your perfect figures are just as pleasing to look at. Keep on with those cookies and treats.
    Molly and Taffy

  22. Hey Maggie,
    You dont look like you need to be on a diet though our pinkies put us on the occasional diet too.....sigh.

    Love the eyes.

    Hugs and tail wags
    Noah Willow Tess & Lucy

  23. Oh you both have such lovely eyes..

    ~ Girl girl

  24. Hi Maggie,
    You have the most lovely brown eyes.. *swoon* and Mitch does have the 'impish' look! Hehehe..
    And nope, you definitely don't look fat to me.. u are paw-fect!

  25. Hi guys!
    You both have beautiful eyes!

    Hopefully your mom won't put you on diets - they are no fun!

    Happy Monday,

  26. Good evening, maggie and mitch.
    The pupil of mitch shines.
    As if, to child's way that tries to play a trick.
    And, weight is anxious.
    However, ..taking.. .. there is a pupil ..talking.. ..,.. it is and
    eats the thing :)

    from loved ume tyan

  27. Hey Maggie, don't worry. I'll have Ma tell your mom that the weighing scale is the enemy. It is BAD, it tells lies. Ma says it's been lying to her all her life!

  28. You both have twinkles in your eyes! Faith has twinkles too. Loverly round hazel eyes!

    Love licks,
    Solid Gold Dancer

  29. We can just imagine your mom trying to lift both of you to get your weight. It sounds like something our mom would try...or at least THINK about trying. So far, we only get weighed at the v-e-t's office. Penny weighs 66 lbs and I, Poppy weigh 46 lbs. They call me the "apartment sized" Airedale. This morning, I put Penny on a diet by eating up the rest of her food when she went to check on what Dad was doing. Wahahaha!

    Poppy & Penny

  30. Aww you both have beautiful eyes! And who cares if you weight a couple of pounds more, that means more of you to love!

    Love Weeny and Daisy xx xx

  31. Maggie, I am glad that you were able to avoid the dreaded scale. You need extra treats just for that feat. Don't you just hate it when your brother sucks up to the hooman. We are suppose to have the control.

  32. I agree.....let that fuzz grow out and no one will notice a *few* extra pounds, right?

    You are awfully patient with that treat jar! We'd have crashed it to the ground by now...but mom says sometimes we don't have any manners!!

    Peace + Paws,

    The Zoo Crew

  33. There is definately lots of mischief is Mitch's eyes.

  34. I love your eyes! They are beautiful!

    Err...rr... Maggie, you have not told us what is your weight and whether your bone has decided to grow bigger. heee...


  35. Pardon us..but is your mom seeing things wrong. How can u ever be fat! You are just right.

    And your eyes are very beautiful. We missed the tongue thing..but we will post about our eyes and tongue together.

    Boy n Baby

  36. You have very lovely eyes. The girl always uses a flash and makes BLU's eyes glow like the demon she is.

    The girl thought I was too fat too, but the vet said I lost weight. The girl doesn't believe him, and thinks I cheated the scale. heheheheh....that's my secret.

  37. Hi ya Maggie and Mitch, you both have the most beautiful big Dale eyes......even Mitch with the devil dale makes life interesting doesn't it Mitch?

    Love Miss Ellie xx

  38. You both have lovely eyes. Mine be bit hidden under my puppy fuzz!

    Cassidy x

  39. Look at Mitch's long eyelashes! You two have the most enchanting eyes.
    wags from the whippets

  40. I love the puppy eyes look. You and mitch have very pretty shinny eyes. *.* Whoa, great news for Mitch! I hope I didn't gained weight.

    Amber :)

  41. Hi Maggie! You have beautiful eyes and I don't think you're fat at all. Perhaps your people are missing your svelte-ness behind the distraction of your lovely beard.

    Your friend, Lenny

  42. Hi
    I have gained so much weight and am so scared of that scale !!!I blame Christmas treats!

  43. woofies M n M, me finkies u boff has pawsome eyes....heehee and maggie tell u mama u jus has a bute ti ful girlish body...not fat at all...

    b safe,