Monday, April 14, 2008

Our Pond Monster

We have to tell you a funny story!

Dad has been telling me and mom for quite awhile now about this monster that lives in our pond and that he and Mitch see it every single morning when they feed our swan, geese and ducks! Mom's answer is always - yea, right!

One day mom was upstairs looking out the window and she saw dad and Mitch staring at something in the pond. OMG, even though mom was about 100 feet away she still saw the head of this monster!

Meanwhile, dad keeps insisting that he lives here and mom continues to pay attention to what goes on in the pond hoping to see what this monster really is!

Well today, mom is taking the winter cover off the hydrangeas and she happens to glance behind her and OMG, she sees the monster bounding across the yard and diving like an olympic athlete into the pond!

Apparently, the monster was coming from the brook that runs through our property on the other side of our barn! She just stood there with her mouth open in total amazement! She couldn't believe what she was seeing! Obviously mom didn't have her camera with her but this is a picture that we found online and he looks exactly like our monster!

Mom had no idea what this was! She was looking up seals and sea lions because that's what he looked like to her - silly mom! She also guessed that this animal weighed around 70 pounds and we're thinking she got a wee bit carried away because what we read says that they weigh 30 pounds - not 70 pounds! hehehehe

She decided to seek advice from Butchy and Snickers, seeing as they have ponds and wildlife galore at their house! They wrote back and said that it looked like a river otter to them and they are absolutely right! We're thinking by the end of the summer, if Mr. Otter stays around, that we won't have any fish or snakes or snapping turtles or muskrats! He's going to eat them all and we sorta think this might be a good thing! We are hoping that he hates the taste of swans, geese and ducks cause we like those guys!

So that's our exciting news for the day! Mom is hoping that she can get a picture of Mr. Otter in our pond or running across the lawn! We'll see!

So until next time.................

Love ya lots,



Princess Patches said...

Hi M & M! What a great story! That guy is probably in for some trouble since we Airedales were bred to hunt Otters! He better stay IN the pond and not venture into your paths!

Poppy & Penny

BenTheRotti said...

Oooh how exciting!! Your very own monster!!

I see River otters quite a lot, they frequent the river that we walk beside, but Mum has never managed to get one on camera as they are speedy little beasts and usually race/swim off at incredible speeds when they see me coming.. no idea why?? do i look that scary??

love, licks and tail-wags,

Ben xxx

Girl Girl Hamster said...

That's so cool that you guys get to see otters. We only get to see them in the zoo

~ Girl girl

Niamh said...

I am so jealous. I have never seen an otter and I don't think that their are any in the ponds near here. Very cool to have your own otter.

Your friend,

Girasol said...

An otter just right outside home at the pond, wow! I have never seen those animals in my life.
I hope Mr. Otter behave and don' make those amazement faces.

umekotyan said...

Good evening m&m.
There is a Nessie that got used to seeing there.
Well Scotland.
Wild river otter had not been seen.
...a rich place wonderful nature...
...wonderful news it... :)

from loved ume tyan

SewCrazyDogLady said...

I would have guessed otter as well. We had one once in my mother's pond.. very cute floating on his back. The koi fish weren't too happy though.

Ruby Bleu said...

WOW - that is exciting. Guess you and your Mom won't be doubting your dad anymore, huh?

Hope you get some pictures!!!

Lots of Licks, Ruby

Ben & Darling said...

Ooooo glad its just the Mr.Otter....what if that is a water horse like what they showing on the cinema now. scary...

The Army of Four said...

WOWZERS, it's Nessie! Incredi... oh, wait. Oh, I've seen pictures of THAT kind of monster! Butchy & Snickers are right - that's a river otter! They can be HUGE and quite fierce! Our Aunt Janet has those monsters in the canal behind her house! Be careful!
Play bows,

The Zoo Crew said...

wow!! that's so cool!!! i would've chased that great big critter outta site!


Gus said...

hi guys...we are home from an exhausting weekend of peanut butter kongs and animal planet. We love the pizza story, and are glad you found out that your monster is not a monster but an otter.


Stanley said...


If your new pond tenant needs someone to pal around with I can send my alter ego, the LochNess Goob, over to keep him company.

That's hilarious, though. He kinda DOES look like the same shape as the pond monster your dad was describing.

Goober love & smooches,

Kyanite said...

What fun!
I do hope Mom gets to capture a pictureor two or three, they are lovely aninals - lucky you to have them so close.

Pats & pets

PS - Many thanks for commenting sooo much.
I do love hearing from you, especially as I comment so infrequently on yours - you've always soooooooooooo many comments - thats my excuse & I'm sticking to it - LOL!
Anyway TY, the trouble is now when I do a post & you ignore it, which is very rare, I ask my-self "What did I do wrong???"
Laughing here - love you.

Petra said...

Hahahah! That thing would scare me, too! You are so lucky to have your very own Mr. Otter living in your pond. I can just see you two playing in the yard with him!

Jackson's J1 and J2 said...

Hey pals, I like the river otter but a proper monster would have been PAWSOME! J x

Cassidy said...

Aw, otters be cute, but yes, we were bred to hunt them, tee hee.

Cassidy x

Mack said...

Do you ever want to chase it down? I would be all over him like you know what on you know what!!

COL. Sam ASTA-fari Joe H. Pinkerton Peabody, Esq said...

Katie loves otters. She tried to chase one one time, but Mother stoppe d her.

She just said let the otter alone. Katie was NOT happy!!!!

Finni said...

Hi Maggie and Mitch,
At first I thought you had the Loch Ness Monster in your pond, hahaha.
How cool is that, an otter in your pond!!!
Finni xx

Lady Kaos said...

Wow! Mom says we need a river otter at our house to keep those things away, too. Well, except for the fish - although we don't have any anyway. I wonder fi we could reroute the river through our back yard to help attract the river otter. Although, Mom says the river here in town attracts bears and mountain lions so maybe we better not do that.

Noah the Airedale said...

Crikey for a moment there we thought you had Nessie living in your pond. Guess what, we've got a pond too. Wonder if anything lives in our pond. We will investigate.
Thanks for the funny story. Now you're mum is a believer hee hee.

Hugs and tail wags
Noah Willow Tess & Lucy

mrsnesbitt said...

BUT....................I MUST let Wilmaha, my misunderstood German Shepherd Rescue bitch, have a blog of her own......yes, it is the only way to go...................

apart fro drinking! LOL!

Asta said...

Maggie and Mitch
That must have been scawy!! you'we so bwave...thank you fow the good wishes fow Mommi and Daddi..and I'm glad that the pictoowe of pasta made up fow the lemons hehehe
smoochie kisses

Gus, Louie and Callie said...

That is so cool. Mom said they used to have muskrats and beaver on their pond when they lived in Wisconsin.

Big Sloppy Kisses
Gus and Louie

Lacy said...

woofies n's, ur own monster...hmm me not nos iffin me wood chase and play bitey face or not..he mite wanna REALLY play bite my face...

b safe,
bear and
angel lacylulu ;)

Ben & Darling said...

Maggie & Mitch, the evil groomer knows Im a BOY, and guess what she answer my mom:"Yeah, Twinkle is a boy but whats wrong to put a ribbon on his head???" both me & mom were "..........."

Anonymous said...

Wow M&M! That is cool!! I have seen an otter before, but I was not sure what to make of it!

Lorenza said...

Hi, Maggie and Mitch!
Is it normal that you have one of those otters there??
The only monsters we have here a roaches!!
Kisses and hugs

Moco said...

All we have in our yard are dead birds and mice that Edgar leaves.

Kien said...

Hey.. Maggie & Mitch!.. how r u guys doing??.. great i guess!..

Otter huh?... when i first read your post.. i really thought it was a sea Monster!!.. hahah.. luckily is an otter..hahha.. anyway.. i do hope the otter will keeps those rats and snakes away..


Amber-Mae said...

An otter in the pond? How kewl! Since you Airedales were bred to hunt otters, will you both be able to get it by any chance?

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Huskee and Hershey said...

Oh wow!! You have got an otter in your's awesome! Can't wait to see a pic of your otter.. maybe you can think of a name for him/her.. Hehehe
My Mom likes otters cos we found out from Animal Planet that otters practice monogamy and take really good care of their young.

Unknown said...

I have never seen a river otter in real life outside the zoo. I did see a red fox running acrossed a field yesterday. But that is no way as cool as your very own pond monster. We have turtles and that is about as exotic as it gets...

i said...

Oh boy, for a moment we thought you have a Nessie Junior living there! An otter, eh? That's really lovely!

Helios said...

How exciting! An otter in your very own pond. Too bad it's not a real pond monster, or you'll be on TV and the papers and be famous!

Simba and Jazzi said...

An otter of your very own. The fish might not like it much.

Simba xx

Dexter said...

That is one weird looking thing. It looks HUGE! You guys better watch out where you go swimming.


Sophie Brador said...

I hope he doesn't eat Airedales.


Deetz said...

Wow, that monster looks like he would be fun to chase...I sure hope he doesn't eat the fishies and swans and stuff....Might have to set a trap and wait patiently, then take him to a river far away...or maybe see where he goes...I think he is going to keep coming back personally.

♥Mona + Prissy + Angel Weenie♥ said...

Hi My friends,

The Mommy said it was an otter too. Her wathes the a animal planet all the time ya know.

The Cheesy Love Bites were the best but they got many kind of treats that me what to try them all!! They even gots party cakes so The Mommy said we would ordwer one for my birthday next year--that is a whole year away almost so me gonna try to see if wwe can have a party for my friends.

Love ya....Sarah

Agatha and Archie said...

WHOA!!!!!!! What we (or rather I Agatha) could do with that!!!!!!!!!!!! Love A+A

Bogart H. Devil said...

Hm... weren't we (Airedales, that is) bred from Otterhounds? :)


Joe Stains said...

Mom thinks otters are so totally CUTE! She thinks you are so lucky.

I think I am cuter! :(

Myeo said...

Heee, Mama also thought it was some seal or sea lion.

Oh so they are called otters... Your mom must be real shocked to see it for the first time.

Boy n Baby

Johann The Dog said...

Wow, that's exciting! A River Otter..hmmm, I've never seen one of those! We saw a red fox the other day, and it's the first time we've seen one of those before. I love seeing and learning about new wildlife!

Hey, don't know why we didn't do it long ago, duh! - but we blogrolled you today!

Woofs, Johann

Christaligia said...

Bow Wow Wow! You have an otter?? You are sooooo lucky! How cool:-)
Great pictures too, I've never seen an otter before. I live in the big city. See ya's later Maggie & Mitch.

The Thuglets said... otter in your pond!

We do hope you get lots and lots of photos!

Big Nose Pokes
The Thuglets +2

Casper and pals said...

Cool - your very own pond monster!!

All we have in our tiny pond in the summer is bugs and goldfish. And right now it's still filled with ice and snow!

Peanut said...

That is so neat. neat neat neat