Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Wheelie Wednesday - Christmas Ornies

Hi everybody! It's me, Autumn! I missed you all last week! Mom had just come back from Florida two days before and she was still busy catching up and getting things back to normal!

Gram sent mom home with more ornaments for our Christmas tree! Isn't this mousie cute? He's all dressed up in his Christmas finery just waiting for the big day! And here's another mousie! This one has his scarf on and he wants to go sledding in the snow! Maggie and Mitch want snow too, little fella! They can't wait for the white stuff to fall!
And we now have another Snoopy ornie! Everybody in our house just LOVES Snoopy! He's so much fun!
You have to check out this handmade hat with a tiny tassel and stocking set! Mom thinks it is just adorable and she wants to search for a pattern so she can make these herself! My paws are crossed that she finds the pattern in a larger size too! That hat and stockings would sure be cute on me!
Our friend, Ross was here yesterday morning and he brought mom and dad a Christmas gift! Look what it is! It's an Airedale Christmas ornament! This ornie is from the Pet Set Collection to benefit Morris Animal Foundation. Isn't it awesome! Farley thinks so too! Thank you so very much, Ross! We will treasure this ornie forever!Next Wednesday is Christmas Eve and Santa will be going to all the houses of good little boys and girls and doggies and kitties and hammies! You're all being extra good, right?!

See you all next Wednesday!

Love, Autumn


  1. Oooh! Next Wednesday is Christmas! Yay! I hope I'll be getting lots of pressies!


  2. The WOman is jealous your mom went to Florida. We got a crapload of snow. I myself love snow. I get to knock her on her butt and stuff. She makes such a cool THUMP sound.

  3. Oh no! Now, our mom wants one of those Airedale ornaments! We don't know where she plans to hang it since our tree is ceramic, but for some reason, she wants one anyway! Silly Mom...she thinks she needs one of EVERYTHING that has an Airedale on it! We hope you get your snow for Christmas!

    Poppy, Penny & Patches

  4. Hi Autumn! Thanks for sharing those ornaments with us! The standing up mousie is so cute!
    Love Clover xo

  5. Hi Autumn
    Those ornamnets are adorable. I love snoopy too. I hope you get some snow.
    Love Ruby

  6. Those are great ornies! We hope Santa is very good to you Autumn, and of course, to Maggie and Mitchie too

    gussie n teka

  7. Those things look like they need a little bit of chewing.

    Simba x

  8. Awesome ornaments! I like the airedale one the best!

  9. Aww I love those ornaments!

    you look so festive in your winter weather gear!

    love & licks,

  10. Autumn,
    What beautiful Airedale ornaments you have on your tree. My mom is also huge fan of Snoopy! I would really just like to get my chompers on her snoopy stuffies!!

  11. what wonderful ornaments!
    wow! next wed is chrismas eve isn't it!
    how fun!

  12. I'm trying to be good but I might have already blown it by eating the stocking.

    Your ornaments are so pretty, Autumn! I can't wait for Christmas to get here.

  13. Sooo pretty! I hope you're on the GOOOOD list!

  14. Autumn
    I just know you awe on the vewy good giwl list along wif Maggie and Mitch(the good boy)
    I keep missing wheeley wednesday these days..evewything is upside down..I don't think I'll be awound till aftew the New Yeaw, but I'll be thinking of you and hoping all of you and my othew wheeley and stuffy fwiends have a bootiful chwissmuss.
    love and wheeley smoochies

    pee ess Asta
    told me to thank you vewy much fow youw gowgeous cawd, we got it yestewda!

  15. Hey Autumn! Those are great ornaments!
    Hugs & Snugs
    Eduardo the Snuggle Puggle

  16. w00f's Autumn, ur decorations iz bute ti ful...we still got none on the tree, heehee just lights...thank u fur my xmas card, mine shood b coming, just a minor setback...hopefully u all will git them by christmas...

    b safe,

  17. maybe santa will bring you a new hat and scarf!

  18. Yay, only a week until X-Mas!!! I'm on my best behavior..... Really I am.


  19. Those Christmas ornaments are gorgeous! I bet Mummy wishes she can get her hands on the Pet Set Collection!

  20. hi Autumn, you have a bunch of nice ornaments. we expecially like the airedale. is santa paws coming to your house? we are going to make some cookies for him so he will be sure to visit us too.


  21. Your tree looks so pretty. It is good to see your square fuzzy snout. I don't know what happened to Hector. I think he might have run away from home...


  22. Oooh an airedale chrissie ornament...very cool. We have some too but we don't have a tree to hang them lol.

    Noah x

  23. Hi Autumn!

    Your Christmas tree is SOOOOOO cool! The ornaments all look lovely and just perfect to set the Christmas mood! And you even got an Airedale Christmas cool is that? *wink*


  24. Hi, Autumn!
    Those are beautiful ornaments!
    I am a good girl and I hope Santa brings me nice presents!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  25. Those are some super cute ornaments, especially the little hat and socks!!

  26. Gee Autumn...

    Those are swell ornaments......we would love ta roll 'em around in our mouths ta make sure they're made well.....did that ta one of Gram's stuffed Santas taday...that Mother of mine just had ta tattle on me....Gram got it rescued in time....she always does that....hope Santa Paws still brings me somethin' nice.....

    Dewey Dewster here.....

  27. You sure have lots of Ornaments on your Christmas Tree. I think your mom is going to put the tree up even earlier next year.


  28. I love the little hat and socks, and all the snoopy ornaments, airedale ornaments.. they are all lovely!

    Can you please tell Hershey Christmas is next week and she really needs to be at her best behaviour before she gets us both in trouble?

  29. Hi Pup-pals!

    Your Christmas tree is beautiful:)Those airedale toys are the best.

    I hope to visit your blog more often Jan 09 onwards (If certain people keep certain promises they made!)

    Licks n Wags,

  30. Woo! We are giving woo both an award AND tagging both of woo. Check our blog out .... in about 30 min. Still finishing up on it :)

  31. What bee-roo-tiful ornaments! Thanks for showing us around!
    Play bows,

  32. I think you are so much gentler around those enticing ornaments than Maggie & Mitch would be—or me!

  33. What great ornaments! And I LOVE the santa hat :)

  34. Mom says Santa's not gonna come to our house 'cause I've been soooooo bad this year! Whatev, Mom!!

    Your Christmas tree is beautiful Autumn!

  35. That is a beautiful tree.
    We sure hope you all get some snow soon. We can hope here in Texas but not likely...

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie