Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Celebration of Life Pawty

Last night was our annual Celebration of Life pawty.  It's only been one week since My Maggie crossed.

What do you mean I'm not invited?  Why not?
I have only been alone in my house a handful of times.  It has only been when My Maggie had a doctor's appointment or just a couple of days ago when they food shopped for this pawty.  I spent 7 hours all by myself and mom said that I was the perfect boy!

 Mom had a very special "necklace" to wear.    It's My Maggie's special fancy beaded healing stone collar that Sunshade and Miss Elaine gave her.
 Dad's heart transplant buddy, Patsy, recently celebrated her 10-year anniversary with her donor's heart.  Congratulations, Patsy!
 Miss Lauren has been working on a secret project that was revealed to dad last night. 
 This is the Northford Timber Framer's history board.  It represents many years of barn raisings.   Our history board is a board with no pictures. 

Thanks to Lauren, we now have a beautiful NTF picture book to go along with our NTF history board. 
 I can tell you that dad has already looked at it many times.  It brings back so many fabulous memories.  You did an outstanding job, Lauren. Thank you, thank you!

 Our friend Ron was there playing his guitar.
 And so were Pete and Denny.  They sang a song that they dedicated to mom and dad - Stevie Nicks' Leather and Lace. It was just beautiful and so very special.  Thanks, guys <3

 There was lots of yummy food that I missed but not the ice cream! Thanks to cousin Mike, I have two of these in my freezer.
 Dad's always-thoughtful friend, Rebecca, gave him little heart ornies and mom decorated a small tree for Valentine's day. 
 And our friend Brender from Maine brought down a gorgeous heart cyclamen plant to put smiles on our faces. 
It was a very special pawty - as it always is.  Mom and dad are so blessed to have the most wonderful friends on the face of this earth and that includes all of you who send us cards and emails and leave facebook comments and write wonderful heartfelt tributes to My Maggie. 
Thank you all so very, very much! We can't even begin to tell you how much you have all helped us though this very tough time. 

Later this afternoon we will all be relaxing in front of our fireplace and watching the Superbowl!  My dad's favorite team just happens to be playing!
So until next time.........

Love ya lots,


  1. What a wonderful celebration! Mitch, your pawrents have a lot of wonderful friends. We're sure glad you got to have ice cream!!

    -Bart and Ruby

  2. That sounds like a most wonderful event and you've got ice cream! Have a good day today.
    Morgan, Tsar and the Porties

  3. That looked like a wonderful party, and we think it is terrible that you had to miss out! And we want to tell you how much we enjoyed your post about the treat machine...but muzzer is in St. Loulis and so we just got to see it. Gussie thinks he needs one of those! I just looked at him and said "as IF!"

    Teka toy

  4. Miss Fern had told me all about your special event! How nice!
    Mitch, do you share your ice cream?
    Lots of licks,
    Zack, Sassy and Buddy

  5. Mitch what a fabulous celebration.
    Now makes sure you enjoy your ice cream!

    Big Nose Pokes
    The Thugletsx

  6. Mitch,

    You're doing a great job of blogging!!! We enjoyed hearing about the celebration of lifepawty and seeing your mom and dad's good friends, with the timber raising book... and ice cream for you to top it off!!!

    Wirey love,

    Jake and Just Harry

  7. We have been away and want you to know that our hearts are broken to read that our Maggie has passed over the Rainbow Bridge. We enjoyed our 2 Christmas Gift Exchanges with both Mitch and Maggie. We will think of her everytime the pups play with the wonderful toys they sent. The large purple toy given to them in Xmas of 2010 is still their favorite one of all and still holding up very well.

    Our warmest hugs to you and Mitch, Gail, Mistaya and our Maggie

  8. Hi Mitch,

    That book truly is something to treasure - what a wonderful suprise.

    Enjoy your icecream.


  9. What a nice pawty and you got the bestest part. Ice cream!!
    I am glad you are all doing ok.

    licks and sniffs Sasha

  10. So glad you took some pictures!! Loved seeing them!!!! Thanks Sue!!
    Sorry Mitch you were not invited!!!
    Not fair you helped your Dad get ready for the big party!!

  11. Congratulations on your seven hours of aloneness. You deserve lots of ice cream for that!!!

    What a wonderful party and such a wonderful thing to celebrate. Maybe the rest of us should celebrate Life more often.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  12. We're so proud of you,Mitch, for going through your alone time! Atta boy!!

    That stone necklace your mama's wearing is very pretty.

    Now about that Party for life. It is a wonderful thing that your folks celebrate each year. That NTF History board and photo album is sure a neat idea too. We know you always get goodies (like that ice cream!) when the party is over. Have a great day.
    Smooches from pooches,
    BabyRocketDog and Hootie

  13. What a lovely celebration! Enjoy the ice cream.

  14. Go Giants! We sure hopes dat our dads are both happy at da end of da game! :)

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae and Max

  15. You are so blessed with great friends! They make all the difference in tough times. Hope your team wins.

    Love & wags,

  16. What a wonderful celebration AND great friends your parents have. That board is very special. It's good to remember history, the song, plants are all love to you and your family. It's so nice to see the love!

    Now, enjoy your ice cream, snuggle up with your humans and good luck to the Giants.


  17. We are so sad to stop back here and find the sad news, but happy to see that you are celebrating a very joy-filled life, which is a much better thing to do than the alternative. That ice cream looks wonderful ... it was hot here today! Giant Schnauzer hugs to all of you, Madison

  18. OH What a WONDERFUL Celebration it was. Furends and Family are the bestest, aren't they?

  19. I was very sorry to read that you lost your Maggie recently. I hope Mitch isn't missing her too much. I lost my Ceilidh to Mast Cell cancer when she was just a little over 7. I was lucky that I already had decided to get a third dog and so had a young pup, Beckett along with my older guy Tucker. I think Tucker although he doesn't play much with Beckett would have been lost with him and I would have too.
    Take care, big hugs.
    Helen, Tucker and Beckett
    Angels Duffy, Gryffon, and Ceilidh

  20. That was a great lookin' pawty - and I'm relieved you got to keep the ice-creams.

    Tail Wuggles, Rubie

  21. thats nice that oyu have such special friends!! Sounds like a great time and ENJOY that ice cream ok Mitch? How ya doing anyways??

    Jazzi and addy

  22. Mitch,
    you are doing so well staying by yourself. Savannah had a hard time staying alone after Sasha passed over, but I think I had a worse time than she did. I bet your mom and dad are hurting more for you than for themselves.

    Celebrate life with a scoop of ice have earned it!

    Michelle & Savannah

  23. We just read the tribute your dad wrote to Maggie. I had a brother before me that had a tumor on his tongue too. So glad to know our Max is playing with your Maggie now!

  24. What a great time for your mom and dad. Sorry you didn't get to go but, hey! You have that lovely ice cream waiting for you...enjoy!

  25. What a special party. Ummm I'm so glad Mitch got an ice cream pawtee out of it. Congrats to you Giants.

  26. What a wonderful pawty..Celebration of Life..beautiful!
    The book is amazing, a gift full of memories to be treasured!

    Enjoy your Ice Cream Mitch!
    BTW, bet your Dad loved the Super Bowl game!

    Chloe and Cecil

  27. Hi Mitch,
    What a good boy you were for 7 hours while your pawrents were at the celebration for life. Very wonderful friends, and this was a very important time to remember. I always remember how thankful your dad is for his heart. I remember the old posts.
    Mitch I know Angel Maggie has been watching over all of you, and even though you get some icecream?? I know Angel Maggie is getting everything her heart desires too.
    And especially cause she can watch over your shoulder.
    I love the healing stones gift that your momma was given.
    And I loved hearing about the MTF get together. That was awsome!

  28. Special friends are hard to come by... what a wonderful celebration party. Your mom's Maggie necklace looks boootiful, we're so happy it brought her comfort.

    Love nibbles for you and your mom,
    Miss Sunshade

    ps. Congrats to your dad's team!!

  29. What a very special pawty and gift for your dad! Mitch, we think maybe you weren't invited because with so many human feets, you could get trampled. And we're pretty sure you will really enjoy the ice cream.

    Congrats to your New York Giants!


  30. I'm glad to see you are all getting through this hard, hard time. Good on you, Mitch, for coping with your seven hours alone.

  31. So sorry that you were not invited!

    Your dad sure has lots of wonderful friends and that was a wonderful celebration too.

    At least you got to have some ice-cream. Hope you enjoyed it.

  32. Good boy there Mitch, am proud of you. You deserve the icecream.

    I would have made Maggie's collar into a necklace too. I'm sure Maggie loves seeing mom wearing it.

    I'm loving those heart ornies. :)

  33. What a create pawrty theme. Life is sure worth celebrating
    Benny & Lily

  34. Gimme... gimme... gimme some of your ice-cream!!!


  35. That looked like a pawesome party your Peeps went to! I am so glad they brought ice cream home for you too!


  36. Mitch, that sounds like such a special occasion and your Mom and Dad's friends are fantastic.

    We're very glad you got some ice-cream (just like Clive last Friday) - we were thinking of Maggie the whole time Clive and Murray were eating their ice-creams!

    Your Valentine gifts are lovely too!

    Very pleased for your Dad that the New York Giants won! We were watching the highlights on TV here this evening - we couldn't follow the rules at all despite Murray's Dad explaining them to us over and over!

    take care
    Clive & Murray

  37. Hi Mitch,

    That's a pawesome day to had. Your pawrents sure have wonderful pals. We especially love your photo with the tree of hearts.

    We are proud of you being the good pup that you are even in the absence of Maggie. We are sure she is smiling from the bridge and enjoyed the ice cream with you, too!

    Congratulations to your Dad's team for winning the game. We saw Madonna's half time performance and Piappies Mom thinks it was really great! She's a Madonna fan, you see.

    Piappies Fudgie, Princess, Frappie, Mocha, Sugar, Wai-Max, Wai-Pai & Forgie

  38. That's a wonderful reason to have a party. Possibly just what you all needed right now (apart from Mitch who is probably still grumbling about being left out).
    Mum really laughed at the sign on the door behind Mitch in that first photo. She calls Mojo a mule all the time, when she plants her feet and refuses to move if she wants to go the other way. Guess we'll be calling Digger a jackass!

    The Aire-heads (Mojo, Digger and family)

    ps Mojo still has a crush on Mitch. Oh boy if they ever met!

  39. I agree--you are all so fortunate to have many friends and a loving community. It's so healing in a time of grief. I wish people were more like that around here.

  40. Hey Mitch! Even when we are at our saddest, there is something worth celebrating!