Friday, August 10, 2012


Guess where I was today?
At the animal hospital.
I have this situation.  After I eat my breakie and my dindin, I thoroughly clean my food bowl and Mitch's bowl and then for the next five minutes, I lick the Aire.  Then I get a drink and I'm good with AireLickys till my next meal.

This has been going on for about 2 weeks.  When it first started, I was teething so mom didn't think much about it but my weird behavior continued.  Mom tried to google it but because of the word "lick" you can't imagine the porn sites we were getting.  grrrrrrrr    She even wondered if puppies my age could get bloat so she googled that too.  The site we read said "at any age".  YIKES!   But it's not bloat obviously, thank doG!

So mom called my vet and tried to explain to her what was happening and today I had a blood panel and a bile acid test.  We're not going to say what my vet suspects because it's stressful and I really don't have any of those symptoms and we don't think it's correct.
They told mom and dad that Monday, my results should be back and my vet will give us a call so in the meantime, we wait and cross paws that it's not serious.
It was my first time being away from mom and dad and Mitchy and I can tell you that I was very tired when I came home.

It sure is nice to be home!  And it's nice to be missed.
We'll keep you updated.

Love ya lots,


  1. Oh deary me....I'm hoping it's something simple like food allergies causing drainage. It does seems stressful for one so young as yourself. Worrying about you now....soft woofie kisses from Bonnie and Kenzie, the Scottie Girlies.

  2. Hope you are feeling a bit better - enjoy being home with the family this weekend, ok?

  3. Howdy Little Molly, that is strange isn't it. You don't get something stuck between your teeth do you? We have paws crossed you will be just fine. Extra love and healing slobber to you dear one. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  4. Molly, you look like maybe you're licking foodables from the end of your nose. We'll keep our paws crossed too that it is nothing serious.

    Bart and Ruby

  5. Thanks for the prayers for Nina. It looks like Molly needs some too so we are bouncing them right back to you.


  6. Hmmm, that has unusuals, I gots my paws crossed that you will be just fine. Maybe you just has a super-amazing tongue and you has to show it off?


  7. Molly we hope all is well and have our paws crossed.
    Love and hugs George xxx

  8. Oh Molly! I'm finally catching up and I was really upset to read this post! :-( I don't know what the scary diagnosis could be but it sounds really ominous - am keeping everything crossed that the vet is just WRONG. Anyway, we will be thinking of you from all the way across the world.

    Oh! And I was also going to say that I can't believe how much you've grown!! Where was that wee puppy I knew? :-) You're a beautiful, young lady now! ANd my human was very jealous to hear about your Daddy going to Amish country - she always wanted to visit and see what it's like - if it's really like the way it is in the movies!!

    Honey the Great Dane

  9. Oh dear Molly, hope you're okay. Have a good weekend. Make sure your big brudda is taking good care of you!

    Waggles, Dougall.

  10. MOLLY.... I am thinkin that you are feelin your new Teeth...
    We have our paws crossed that THAT is ALL it is.

  11. Molly, we hope it's nothing serious. We have our paws crossed that the Doc calls back with good news.:)

    Teddy Bear & Sierra

  12. Molly is you sure you don't have some foodies stuck between your toofies or stickin on the roof of your mouth? Strange that it happens right after eating and stops when you wash it down with water. Just an idea!

    Keep us posted!

  13. I do that when I have thingys in my teeth or on the roof of my mouth. I think your thinkin' was good on the teething. It is strange, maybe she feels there's somethin' caught in her throat ~ not going down all the way? Gosh, I don't think it seems like anything serious, but you were right on takin' the pup to the vetties. Better to be sure, ya know. Hope they can figure it out, it is distressin' seeing the pup keep lickin' like that! We are a weird breed, though!



    peess: I only drink from my crate bowl, too! See, weird!

  14. Good Golly Miss Molly,
    That is the strangest thing we have seen, you don't look like you are in pain butt it just don't look right! Maybe you needs a little PupCid to calm your tummy?
    We will keep all paws crossed and Mom will put you to the top of our prayer list.
    Keep us posted,
    Winston, Chloe, Cecil and Mom Shawn

  15. Molly
    Maybe the food is just so good that you cant stop licking!! We hope it isnt anything serious.


  16. Wow, Molly, that is really kind of odd. Like you are all aire licking and then you have your drinkies and you are OK again. I hope the vet gave you din dins so that she could see exactly what is going on. I am keeping my paws crossed that it is nothing scary.


  17. Hope test results are clear. Maybe it's just a phase you're going through. Take care Molly.

  18. Crossed paws that the tests are clear and you're just weird. And we mean that in the nicest possible way. ;)

  19. Don't be skeered. I bet u just needs some water and medicine and rest. U will be fine!

  20. Oh gosh, my paws are crossed SO TIGHT for you. I just know you will be fine. Take care and please keep us posted.

    Your pal, Pip

  21. we looked it up too...all our feets and paws are crossed. Lets hope it is, stomach discomfort only as one article stated.
    Benny & Lily

  22. Hi Molly,

    I hope the vet finds a simple reason for why you do what you do. Do you do the air thing with all types of food or just at dinner time?

    I occasionally do what you do (in your movie) when I eat soft food. I'm almost 6 years old now, and have dry kibble, but sometimes mum adds tasty human left over food, and if it is mashed potato (which I love)I eat it really fast, and sometimes the food sticks to the roof of my mouth as there is a place in the roof of my mouth (by my front teeth) that my tounge can't get to, so I do what you do! My human removes the food (with her fingers) or I have a drink and I'm fine.

    Anyway I hope it is this simple for you.

    Love and woofs,

  23. Hi Molly
    I am sending all kinds of postive wishes and hopes to you,, that all this will resolve itself. And my paws are crossed that all your lab results are perfect- just like you.
    We will be waiting to hear from you.

  24. all paws crossed for a clean bill of health miss molly. no way do you look sick.. we think you are just catching 'aire-flies'..kinda like noseeums.

  25. Aw, Molly, sorry to hear you had to go to the dogter. We have all our paws crossed that it is nothing serious!
    Your furbuddies,
    Joules & Prescott

  26. Poor Molly gets her first stayover playdate and it's at the vets? That's just not fair. Especially as you look so adorable licking your chops like that.
    Seriously though, the rest of you must be so terribly worried and remembering feelings from not so long ago, so we send you all our love and hope that it all turns out to be something simple.

    Big hairy hugs from the Aireheads gang

  27. What a stressful day. Hope that you get reassuring results.

  28. Molly, I am crossing paws and sending you my best hugs. I bet you are just fine. You know what? I do that to, real often. My problem is allergies, I have bad allergies and the Vetlady can't find anything else wrong so she thinks its just like when humans get an itchy nose from allergies and they can rub it, but I just keep licking it to make it go away. I sneeze in between sometimes to. Mommy changed all my food to NO chicken, beef, corn or wheat and it is better at times. The Vetlady thinks the allergy might be related to foodables. I get bad itchy skin also. I hope they can find out and its just nothing. You are such a cutie and Mommy is praying for you.

    Loveys Sasha

  29. Hey Molly! Sometimes we get cheese or peanut butter stuck on the roof of our mouth and we do that licking the air thing...maybe it's the same for you?? We gots our paws crossed here for you!! xoxo Chloe and LadyBug

  30. Sending you Molly paws of love and heaps of best wishes. Molly

  31. Oh dat video was funny...I nose we should laff..When Daddy put's on his foot cream..I do the air licking..I don't nose why !! I finks I'ms just barkin mad..BOL

    Mollie x

  32. Oh, what a worrying time. Please let us know as soon as you have a result from the tests. I'm sending prayers your way.

  33. We have our paws crossed for you are way to cute to get any sickies.

  34. Hope you are ok Molly! We kinda look like that when we eat peanut butter. That peanut butter stuff sticks everywhere in your mouth, then we usually drink water and it's all better. Hope the doctors figure out what it is and hope you are ok.

  35. I've got a horse that does the same thing, but what it is is that she is trying to get every morsel of food out of her teeth. I sure hope that is all it is with you too, Miss Molly!


  36. Bless her heart!!! We are praying for Molly Girl!!! Love you Molly!!!

  37. Poor Molly, what a stress that you had gone through. We are so glad that you're home and we hope you are feeling much much better now. Enjoy your weekend with Mitch and the family, okay!

    Our fingers and paws are crossed for you too!

  38. Oh dear we are feeling a little worried now, we do hope you are OK Molly.

    Paws crossed from all of us.

    MOlly, Taffy, Monty and Winnie

  39. We are sending loads of Aire-zen and hoping that it's just nothing to worry about. We have all our paws crossed!

    Patches (and Ezzy and Jagger too)

  40. hi molly!
    emmitt used to lick his nose over and over. momma thought it might be a nervous habit until we figured out that is how he showed his joy!
    he did it when he was really happy which we guess was alot! :)

    archie actually licks his bed over and over after he eats for about 5 minutes and it feels like he is so happy he does not know what to do.

    maybe you are telling your mom thank you for your brekkies and dinner!

    m & a

  41. I guess you must be much better baby, good to know you're home soon. I'm sorry about not being able to come as often as I hope to, but it's a joy seeing how much you've grown everytime I pop by. :)

    The 'lick' joke makes me laugh like crazy. Thank doG it doesn't happen to every word we google. :D