Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Results Are In

The test results have come back for my bloodwork and I'm perfect (I could have told them that) and the results for my bile acid test are perfectly normal. 
So now we need to figure out how to get me to stop Airelicking~
 A few weeks ago, I switched my kibble from Wellness puppy to Fromm puppy.  I wasn't having the licky problem when I was on Wellness but I also wasn't teething. 
Mom has decided to switch me back to Wellness to see if it makes a difference. So this is where we will start.

I got to go shopping with her today to get my Wellness and I met two pups from rescue that were looking for homes.  I was very well behaved and so were they.
After our shopping trip, mom and I headed back to Crump's to give dad and Mitch a hand with our latest cupola project. 

We want to thank you all so much for your thoughts and crossed paws and wonderful suggestions.  We appreciate them all and we may be using them all in the coming weeks!  Thank you - thank you!

Love ya lots,


  1. So glad to hear all the blood work came back normal. Looks like you and Mitch had fun "helping" with the cupola project.


    P.S. Thanks for your prayers for Nina. She has improved with her treatment and is eating better but isn't out of the woods yet.

  2. We missed yesterday's post, but it sure sounds to us like it has to be somehow related to your food change. Maybe something in that Fromm's makes your mouth itchy? Hope the return to Wellness makes the lickies go away.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  3. That's great news. Go away lickies!

  4. Good luck with the food swap! Glad all the tests came back perfect too!

  5. Hi Mitch and Molly, hopefully the switch back to your before food will do the trick. We're glad that the tests all came back "normal".

  6. so glad that you are all normal, yes, we all knew that!! bol Hope the food thing works.


  7. Your dogtor said you are NORMAL??? HOW RUDE.. Molly we all KNOW you are NOT NORMAL...
    YOU are extraordinary!!! I think that dogtor needs to take a better look at you. Sheesh.
    WELL at least we know your results and they are all FINE.
    Keep us posted on your..

  8. Howdy Molly, glad to here everything was normal but we agree with Mr Frankie above. Hope the change of food helps. See ya sweetie. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  9. OhMy Goodness,
    Now Mom can breathe, she was so scared and prayed harder than we ever seen her pray!
    We will now do a Happy Dance!!

    Your furiends,
    Winston, Chloe and Cecil

  10. Hi Molly,
    I am happy to hear your test results are perfect.

  11. I think woo need some ice khream -

    It heals evFURRYthing!

    PeeEssWoo: Great news on the results!

  12. That's great news! At least it's not physical. Can't wait for updates on the food change!

  13. We are glad to here your blood work came back normal - so maybe you are just a little bit silly?

    Mom can't wait to see the cupola installed!


  14. Oh whew, Molly - I'm so glad to hear that it isn't anything sinister!!!

    Maybe it was just a silly habit you developed? You know how sometimes us doggies can develop a neurotic habit - the way humans chew their fingernails or keep swinging their legs or something - I've heard that some dogs can just start doing that sometimes. Like licking themselves compulsively. So maybe it's something like that? Maybe your humans can teach you an appropriate alternative behaviour to do whenever you start airlicking and reward you for doing that instead...and maybe be careful of not rewarding you with any attention when you're doing the airlicking?

    Good luck!

    Honey the Great Dane

  15. Molly, we didn't leave a comment yesterday but we have been thinkin' about you all day and prayin' that the results from your tests would be fine. We are thrilled to hear that there's nothing wrong. We thought maybe you had something stuck in the roof of your mouth but the doctor would have seen it, wouldn't she? We hope the change in dogfood takes care of the lickin'. Maybe your mom could give you a dessert after dinner and then you wouldn't lick? Hugs to you from Hannah and Nancy.

  16. Hello! I saw that I followed yous blog but I never really read your posts though, I love your blog!!
    I is gonna be coming back here!
    See ya,

  17. Hooray!!!! So glad to hear that your test results were good, Molly!

    That was great that your mom took you for food shopping and hope the food swap works so you don't have this Airelicking problem anymore.

    Any yogurt and ice-cream?

  18. Hope the food is okay. I, Daisy, have a problem with grains, so we all have no grain food.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  19. My hmuan and I are so pleased to read that your tests came back all OK!


  20. Glad all your tests came back good, that's a relief!

  21. I don't know if your Airelicking will be cured by a switch of food, Molly. Our Gracie is 3 years old and is still a fearsome licker. Kisses all around!
    Good news on the blood tests.
    Ruby and Gracie

  22. SO glad that your test results came back A-OK!! Could it be possible that you got some fuzz from toys or tennis balls stuck in your throat?? Just a thought! xoxo Chloe and LadyBug

  23. Were so happy that all is ok! One day when she's a grown-up lady you'll remind her of this. She'll try to deny it of course. How embarrassing - scaring everyone by going through the obsessive flappy tongue phase.
    Maybe she has an imaginary friend and she's giving them a good old face washing?

  24. Molly so glad you are OK and there is nothing really too serious to worry about. Have a brilliant Sunday.
    Best wishes Molly

  25. Oh, thank God! I'm a worrier, and that video clip looked a bit scary.

    Now this might sound a bit simplistic, but do you have some long weedy grass at your place? Penny eats grass when her diet is not quite agreeing with her, and there's lots of evidence that dogs use grass to settle their digestion. Penny scares me sometimes, grazing for up to ten minutes, like a sheep, chomping the grass and definitely swallowing it. It comes out the other end just as it went in, all folded up, still looking green and fresh. Or she vomits it up, all similarly folded up and neat.

  26. molly Muffin
    thank dog you'we all pawfect(I knew you wewe) I hope switching back to Wellness and all the good advice fwom fwiends help wif youw lickie pwoblem
    smoochie kisses

  27. Well's dat just great yoz is A OK :)
    It's gotta be the food change of someink stuck in ya mouff ??? Or you's just barkin mad likes mez :) I do dat wiff foot cream :) Airlickin good :)
    Big hugs you guys Mad Mollie xx

  28. I'm really sorry that we missed the post about you having to go to the vet's! Glad to hear that all of your tests were normal - and we sure hope switching back to the other food will solve the problem!
    Ha roo - I love the way you're helping Mitch!
    Play bows,

  29. We knew you were normal :)

    Stop on by for a visit

  30. Hey! So glad to hear that all is well. Have fun! XRos and Oscar

  31. We are happy your tests were all normal Molly.
    Love Ruby & Penny

    Btw - Ruby did that when her molars were falling out. I think food got caught under them.

  32. Molly,
    We are sorry you had to go to the Vet. But we are glad you are a healthy girl.

    You like your antlers too??? Mom just put one out yesterday and I realized how much I missed them. I like my white teeth from the Antlers. Not much plaque build up when I get my teeth cleaned at the groomers. Good stuff.

    You are growing so darn fast. Please so down.....

    Violet and mom

  33. I am very happy that Molly's checkup was good, and I hope that the food swap works!

    You don't know it... but you are one of my inspirations. You had to let sweet Maggie go but you've found your way back toward happiness. I know that you still miss her - but you put one foot in front of the other and it looks like you've emerged from the grief fog.

    Thanks for the inspiration.

  34. Always love a good report from the vet. Totally worth the pain, isn't it. Love the pictures of you guys playing to.
    Happy Sunday

  35. YEA!! Good news there Molly! I think Moms is right with thinkin' it's just you teethin'. I think when your done teethin', you'll stop lickin'! But, can't hurt switchin' your foodables back thou. Keep us posted!



  36. Molly-

    Glad you are a healthy Aire-Girl. I get itchy when mom switches my food too. So, we found the right stuff for me and we stick to it.


  37. Molly, we're so glad you're in pawfect condition.:)

    Teddy Bear & Sierra

  38. hi molly!
    oh we are so glad you are perfect, but you are right! we could have helped tell everyone that!
    we love you!
    m & a

  39. Yay! I'm glad all your bloodwork came back good, Molly! Did you know that my Cuzin Bridger has done that Airelick thing most of his life? And he's not even an Airedale! They've done tests on him, too, but he's fine. It just seems to be something he does.

    Let us know if switching you back to Wellness helps, though!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  40. Pawfect result!! Sometime human vets should listen to us doggies' instinct! :) :)

    Thank you for your barkday wishes to our brudder.

    Happy Monday!

    Momo & Pinot

  41. We are so happy that Molly is ok, and now moms are crying tears of joy.

  42. Woohoo paws up to you Molly! I knew you were ok girlfriend. I hope its just your food or your toofers coming in. I am so happy that I am dancing for you.

    Loveys Sasha

  43. I'm so pleased :) I know Mom has changed our food couple of times, its not always the best thing to do.
    Have a good week
    See yea George xxx

  44. Molly, we wonder if you're licking just cuz you're teething? You sure look cute when you airelick, though!

    -Bart and Ruby

  45. Wonderful news Molly! Just Wonderful. But I ask you what is normal.
    Thanks for being a friend
    Sweet William The Scot

    Psss ~ My dogsters office has a cupola I will have to take a picture to show you.

  46. Hurray!!!! So happy you are OK! I like Wellness a lot, too! It's very gentle on my sensitive tummy!

    So happy you are in good health!!

    Your pal, Pip

  47. Hi Molly!
    Thank doG your results came back negative! we knew they would but still... its a relief. Good luck with the old food, we hope it does the trick.
    Your furbuddies,
    Joules & Prescott