Monday, August 20, 2012

No More AireLickies

Guess what?
We think that I'm cured of my after meal Airelickies!

I'm back on Wellness but that wasn't the answer.  Airelickies were still happening.  We had a couple of suggestions to "wet" my food so that's what we did.  Mom puts water on my kibble about an hour before I eat it and it gets all moist and soft.  It's very yummy! 
 Mitch and I eat on opposite sides of my crate and mom stands guard in between so I stay on my side.   I usually finish first and I want to go over and help Mitch eat his but mom says no!!!  She's such a killjoy!
 This is the end of my meal - where I get my drink of water and then go into my AireLickie routine.
 But instead of AireLickies - this happens now.  Mitch grabs a toy.
 And we begin to have aftermeal fun!
 No more Airelickies (paws crossed)
We sure hope this is the answer!  It sure seems to be!

So what can this mean? 
Dry kibble irritates my throat because I eat it too fast?    
Is my throat too small for my body? 
Will I outgrow this and be able to eat dry kibble when I'm older?
What do you think?

So until next time.........

Love ya lots,


  1. Well. that's great if you've solved the problem. I hope things continue to go well.

  2. Wow, that's great news! Hope it continues and you can enjoy your aftermeal playtime!!!

  3. Molly, I'm glad that you have a solution. I hope it's permanent.

    Nubbin wiggles,

  4. Glad you are not airelicking at the moment Molly. More time to play , methinks. Have a great Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. Dry food can actually take the moisture out of the mouth - probably Molly was licking so much to try and make her mouth moist again. Maybe she doesn't produce a lot of saliva. Our Mom has Sjorgrens syndrome and she doesn't produce tears or saliva and she knows certain foods like dry crackers and such make it much worse. We have always had water to our food.

  6. I'm still keeping fingers crossed that this was all temporary! We hope this "cure" (Mitch and his toys!) is permanent!


  7. Well I have no clue about aire licks but hope the water on the food solves the issue. Mitch has the right idea to grab the toy. Wonderful pictures!

  8. So glad the airelickies are all figured out!!! Who woulda thought just adding water would have done the trick. Happy Monday!!

  9. Happy to hear things worked out! Awesome pics! Have a fun week, my friends!

  10. Good NEWS fur You Molly. I was SURE it wasn't somethingy... SCARY.
    My mom often soaks our kibble when she wants us to have an nice FULL meal and .... not fool around about it. hehehee

  11. Yeah, so happy that you know how to get rid of the AireLickies problem and we will keep our paws crossed all the time that it won't come back to you anymore.

    Playing with Mitch after eating sounds so much fun too!

    A friend has told me once that adding some water in the kibbles helps the dogs eat slowly and by eating slowly, less air will get into the body; besides, it helps digestion too.

  12. Sounds like the airelick problem is solved. Sure hope so..imagine adding a bit of water helped that much.. Loved the pics of M & M playing together.

  13. Oh wez glad it solved..youz probably woofin it down too fast ( some's getting stuck ) so you can go and help Midge eat his..:) xx00xx

  14. Lets hope the Airelickies stay licked! Heehee! Mom actually puts us in separate rooms to eat - not that there was every any issue, but she did it from the start, so neither of us would feel the need to gobble down our food to protect it from the other. Once we are both done, we wander out, check each other's dishes to make sure neither one of us has missed anything, and then we go on about our usual craziness!

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus

  15. Well I just had dis feelin it had sometin to do wit food! Are you getting pieces of dry kibble stuck between your toofies and now that it's wet, it won't get stucked anymore???

  16. We hope you outgrow it. But if the water makes your food tastier, good for you:)

    Mom has to guard us when we eat, too. People don't understand that food grabbing is an inherent dog thing.

    Mocha Barney, Ashley Pumpernickel and Winniechurchill

  17. Hmmm...I dunno what caused it but I'm glad that you figured out how to make it not happen anymore. I bet playing with Mitch is WAY more fun than licking the air!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  18. We always have water in our food, too - just as a way to prevent bloat...Mitch, excellent solution to the problem!!

    -Bart and Ruby

  19. We are so excited to hear the water in the kibble is working to prevent the airlickies! Mommy wouldn't have even thought of that. Mommy is glad she reads blogs -- she is learning a lot. Keep up the good work Molly!

  20. We think you'll probably outgrow this. A couple of us used to have to get our kibble watered down for us, but now we can eat it dry. Sky eats too fast and gets sick, so he has to eat out of a special dish with bumps in it. Now he's the last one finished, but he doesn't get sick anymore.
    Morgan, Sebastian and the Porties

  21. Oh! We are glad the prob is gone for now. Hope it doesn't come back.Sometimes eating dry food very fast can make the stomach acid come up and irritate the throat. Also silent acid reflux can also cause dryness which can make U want to ..err...airelick.Hope it is nothing of this sort and U can eat dry kibble once U are older and learn to eat slowly.
    Yeah, I know what U mean about mom being a killjoy. I try to help my sis Ginger finish her food too, she's SUCH a slow eater. But Mum wouldn't let me.

    Buddy of course is the fastest eater in our family and doesnt ever need help.
    Wags, Shadow

  22. We have our feets crossed thats all it is. We think you eat to fast. Wonder if one of the bowls with the sections is better. Also try eating with your bowl on the floor. Mom read a few bad things about bowls up on stands
    Benny & Lily

  23. Yea!!! Yup, I think you've figured it out! I think, for now, you'll just have to enjoy your kibbles moist. I think you'll be able to eat the dry kibbles when you grow a bit more. We Airedales are just a weird breed, Ma always says. I thinks she's right!



  24. Those AireLickies did not look like fun. We hope they stay away for good. Maybe your insides just have to grow more. Or maybe you need to eat slower.
    Thanks for being a friend
    Sweet William The Scot

  25. Oh, YAY, we are so happy you found such an easy fix to your airelicking, Molly. Now let's celebrate - bring on the ice cream.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  26. Hope that works. We're with the OP cream celebration is in order.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & roxy

  27. How interesting! We sure hope you're A-OK now!

  28. Molly,
    We are very happy you are not Airelicking anymore. Plus Mitch is so nice to give you something to do after eating.

    We are jealous of your ice cream run the other night! Tell mom summer is ending soon so you need to get more ice cream often NOW!


  29. We're so glad that the Airelickies are gone.:) We'll keep our paws crossed too.:)

    Teddy Bear & Sierra

  30. I am happy that you are better Molly!
    I hope you keep getting more better and more better

  31. I dont know but if the water works, keep putting it in there. Maybe you just get too dry eating the dry kibble?


  32. I don't know what it was, but yahoo that you don't have air lickies anymore and you can get back to more play time and fun.

    Loveys Sasha

  33. HOwdy Molly, glad your lickies are gone. My mum soaked my food for the first six months. Don't know why, she just did. Now I eat dry. Anyhoo glad you are fine. No worries, and slobber, Rory

  34. Glad those airelickies are gone. Barbara always soaked our kibble when we were puppies and she still moistens it for us.

    Your friends,
    Niamh & Ambrose

  35. Hi Molly, we're not sure but if it's working why not keep it up. We're all on raw here but we've not had any aire-lickies. But then again, we're not airedales.

  36. WOOHOO!~ So glad that you are better now and not having any more of those airlicking things!! We are on that same food and LOVE It! Mama does put a little bit of water in ours too! xoxo Chloe and LadyBug

  37. we think you just like your mum to have to do more 'gourmet' things to your food! hehehe
    glad the airelickies are done!!

  38. Well I'll be!! Thank Dogness the airelicks have subsided and you can have a fun game of tug-a-war after dinner!
    My mom has a skinny EsoftAgus (the only thing that's skinny, BOL) and has to have it stretched at the dogter! She says Molly's airelicks looks like she fweels right before she goes for a stretching!

    Your furiend,