Monday, June 23, 2014

Updates From the Pond

Remember we told you that Barney and Betty Barnacle laid eggs in the nesting box.    Barney is such a good mate and protector.
The time for hatching was past and dad went out to the nesting box and checked on the eggs and to candle them.  Not one of them was fertile.
Poor Betty and Barney.  All of that work and waiting and no babies.
Better luck next year~~
 These girls are Angel and Alice Whooper.
Remember we told you that Alice was inside the enclosed pen with the black swans so she could acclimate to a new situation without so many geese and swans in her face all at once.   She was coming along just fine.  The only iffy thing going on was Angel patrolling the fence from the other side.  We didn't know if Angel wanted to be friends or if Angel wanted to kill Alice.
Dad was away one afternoon and we were inside the house.  There were no warning noises happening.  Angel somehow got herself into the black swan pen and basically beat the snot out of Alice.
Dad made the discovery when he got back.  It was awful and we all felt so bad.
Dad made the fence higher and Alice healed and Angel continued to patrol.
One day dad decided to let Alice out of the enclosure and onto the pond with Angel.  Yup, we held our breath.
They're best friends now and have been for about a month.   Whew!
Twozie's feathers are coming in!

So until next time.............

Love ya lots♥
Mitch and Molly


  1. We guess the swans were setting the pecking order.....she was letting her know who is top swan

  2. Twoosie has beautiful feathers.

    Love Ruby & Penny

  3. Wow...lots of exciting things happening at your house! We think Twosie is gonna be one handsome duck. He takes after his (your) dad

    gus n teka

  4. Whew! Thanks goodness they're all O.K. We were holding our breath for a minute there! Glad to see baby Twosie getting some feathers to replace her baby fuzz!

  5. Oh my...I was so nervous there for a second with Angel and Alice. So glad they actually became friends after all that.

  6. Such pretty pictures. I am so sorry to hear none of the eggs were viable!

  7. They must have needed to have a bit of a Dust Up and now that it has settled... they are FINE.

    Too bad about the eggs not being fertile.

    My goodness Twosie has REALLY grown quickly.

  8. Wow....swans act just like us pups do sometimes. Gotta figure out who the leader is.

  9. I's glad they's made furiends... sumtimes it takes a kerfluffle to settle things like who is boss...

  10. I guess it's a do as I say relationship. Twozie is growing fast. Hope no one beats the crap out of Twozie, those feathers are to pretty to be plucked.
    Thanks for being a friend
    Sweet William The Scot

  11. Oh, poor Betty and Barney...maybe next season.
    Poor Alice!!! OMD! Wells, I'm glads they are besties now..whew!!
    Holy Feather Beds!! Twosie is HUGE!! And looks so soft and have no ideas...
    Ruby ♥

  12. Maybe Angel and Alice needed to do the "establish who's the alpha" thing like us pups do? I'm just glad Alice healed and that the girls are friends now!

  13. We're glad Angel and Alice have settled their differences. We hope they continue to be friends.

    Twozie is so cute!

    XXXOOO Bella Roxy & Dui

  14. So much drama at your pond you could write a soap opera about them. BOL!

  15. Sometimes friendships get off to a rocky start. Glad they worked out their differences. Twozie is looking pretty fancy with her new feathers.

    Aroo to you,

  16. Fascinating how the birds' lives echo human life, with disagreements, bullying, sadness, loss, hope. We are not so different.

  17. It is busy on your pond. Love the stories from the Pond and Twozie is starting to look very grown up now. Hugs Susie & Treacle

  18. Wow, I cannot believe that they are best friends after that start! That's wonderful!

  19. We sure are glad to hear that everyone is friends now!! Great!!

  20. Yikes, you scared us there for a minute. So glad Angel and Alice are BFFs now. You sure have a lot of other critters to keep your attention at home. BowWowzer, Twozie is becoming an adult soon. Nice plumage!
    BabyRD & Hootie

  21. Something is always going on in and around your pond!!!! Always!!!!
    Always so much to do too!!!