Tuesday, July 12, 2016

We have Windows

The house project is moving along~
The old windows are coming out and insulation is going in and insulating foam board is going on.
 ZipBoard is going on and dad is cutting out for the new windows. 
 Beautiful job, dad☺
 I got my rabies shot on July 1st and was tested for heartworm and lyme diseases.    The good news is - I'm heartworm negative.  The bad news is - I have lyme disease.
 I had no symptoms of the disease so if I wasn't tested, we would have never known.   Angel Maggie stopped eating when she was diagnosed with lyme and Mitch had a limp that wouldn't go away so it was a clue that something was wrong.   Not knowing that you have this disease is very bad.  It damages kidneys.   I had to go back to the vet for kidney testing bloodwork.  The good news is that my kidneys are fine.  Whew!   I'm on the Doxy antibiotic to get rid of this nasty stoopid lyme bacteria.
I think this calls for ice cream, don't you?
Love ya lots♥


  1. BOW WOW, it looks like your house has been busy, miss Molly! BOL!

  2. Oh my dogs Mackie and Molly your Dad is a most talented Dad...well done Dad give him a tall glass of lemonade. I Scream is a cure all!!

    Molly my sweet thank goodness you had your vet visit so all this can be sorted out. Lyme Disease is scary. Not being a K9 owner mom doesn't know but wonders if there Is there a Lyme Disease shot? I Scream is a cure all!!
    Hugs Madi your bff

  3. The house pawject is really coming along and is going to be super great.

    OMD you have Lyme? WE are sorry to hear this... butt GLAD that it is being treated... HOPEFULLY you will not have ANY side Effects from it... Keep us posted.

  4. We're so glad they discovered that awful disease before it did any damage! Yipes!

    Our Dad used to do a lot of projects in the house. We doggies went and hid in ghostwriter's office when he did because it often involved lots of noisy saws, hammers, crashing, and banging, and HBO words. The last big project was the Great Door Debacle! He replaced all the doors in the entire house. Even though all the new ones were all custom made, none of them fit quite right.

  5. Yikes, how skeery! We hope the antibiotics work real quick and you don't have any kidney problems from it. Those are NO fun to deal with.

  6. Lyme disease is so scary. Moms brother had it
    Lily & Edward

  7. Your windows look beautiful! We are so sorry to hear about the Lyme disease, though! :(. That's so scary! I hope the antibiotics take care of it - and take care of your kidneys!

  8. All that hard work your peeps are doing is paying of, the house looks amazing!

    There's been lots in the news over here about Lyme Disease and the bestest thingy seems to be an early diagnosis 'cos then treatments work so much more effectively So you see off those nasty bugs and I'm sure I read that Icey Cream was a very good cure!

    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  9. Ugh if it isn't one thing it's another. Glad you got tested. Your dad is a pawesome handyman.

    Aroo to you,

  10. Our dad cannot do things like that, is your dad up for a loan project?? We are so happy they found out about your lymes, we think you should get ice cream everyday for lunch. stella rose

  11. The work on the house looks to be going well and the new windows look lovely. We are sorry to hear of the lyme disease diagnosis and we really hope that you don't suffer from it. We don't have it where we live but our friends in Scotland had to be careful with their four legged friends as they had deer on the property. We hope you enjoyed your ice cream Molly. Hugs, Susie & Treacle xx

  12. Mom really likes your new windows! Now we are sorry about the lyme disease.
    We hope that finding it early and the meds wil do the trick
    MR Bailey, hazel & Mabel

  13. Your pawrents sure are working hard on your house. We're glad you found out you had Lyme disease and we have our paws crossed that you kick its butt.

  14. Ice cream is one of the best medicines known to dogs....in our opinion.

    We wish your pawrents were here. It's cold and draughts are creeping in through the doors and windows....

  15. you must be a bad area for Lyme - but ice creams makes everything better :)

  16. So sorry that you have Lyme and we hope the meds keep you healthy!

  17. We definitely think ice cram is in order!! We hope the Doxy does the trick and keeps you feeling healthy!!

    You are doing a pawsome job snoopervising your Dad...Looks like he is working hardand doing a great job!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  18. Stoopid lyme disease is right. So glad it wss caught! Whew!

  19. It sounds like you'll be fine. Your mom is very diligent

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  21. Lyme is such a bother, and yes ice cream is definitely a must have😋
    Molly your house looks good, it is great that your Dad is so talented.
    Keep smiling 💜 Trixie and Nancy

  22. Our cone plants are blooming furiously like your plants are.
    Lyme disease, why I have never been tested for that. I hope you get rid of it soon and have no after effects.
    Sweet William The Scot

  23. Your house is going to look beautiful when you get all done. The ticks here are bad this year too. We had a warm winter that didn't kill them off. We're all wearing special tick collars now to try and keep them away.