Monday, December 17, 2007

Too Many Pawties and a Gift from Emma

Mom and dad have been going to too many holidays pawties recently. We always know when we're going to be left alone at home because dad showers and mom mysteriously disappears upstairs for a bit and then comes downstairs with clicky heels on and smelling differently than she normally smells.

Last night was the last straw! Mitch is pretty good about going in his crate when mom asks him if he wants a cookie. He runs right in and sits down and waits! He's such a good boy!

Last night when mom and dad came home from the pawty, this is what they found~

Mitch started ripping the stuffing out of his bed! He was fed up with them going out for hours and leaving us alone! The night before last, no goodies came home with mom and dad but last night we scored! Mom and dad went to Emma's house for a pawty. Emma is our Golden Retriever neighbor friend. She's going to be one year old on Christmas day! This beautiful bag had my name and Mitch's name on it!

Mitch was out in the workshop helping dad make tomato sauce so mom and I figured that we'd just go ahead and open it without Mitch and tell him all about it later! Dad always makes his famous sauce out in the workshop so he can spread out! Dad likes lots of room when he cooks!

So here we are back inside and we need to see what Emma sent us in this beautiful snowman bag! Cool - rawhide candy canes! Mitch is going to love finding out about this!

Chicken yummies! OMG, I can smell them though the bag and they smell just Heavenly!

Do you think we could break that bag open, mom and have a taste?

YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMM - what until Mitch tastes these!

We weren't the only ones to receive gifts from Emma! Mom got this beautiful Airedale night light and a whole tray of Christmas cookies! I sure hope you're going to share those cookies, mom!

Mitch and I sure are enjoying these chew sticks!

Thank you so much for these delicious goodies, Emma! You and your mom and dad are just so thoughtful! Mom and dad said to tell you that they had the BEST time at your pawty!

Check out Mitch's new collar! Dad found him and Indian motorcycle collar and leash on ebay! We're still waiting for that sidecar, dad!

Our Christmas card door is looking pretty full! We've added a lot more cards since the last time we posted a picture of it! The mailman is STILL bringing cards every day! It sure is fun getting lots of mail! Thank you everybody for all of your beautiful cards! We love them!

So until next time.....................

Love ya lots,



  1. Ha ha, Maggie, good idea getting a head start on those treats before Mitch turns up! Hope you left him a few crumbs so he knew what he missed.

    **swoon** Mitch, your new collar is so manly. ***sigh***


  2. Hi Maggie! Hi!

    OMG!!!!! What a coolest ever pressie bag from Miss Emma ... She is the sweettest ever!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!! Listen, about the pawty situation ... I say NO MORE PAWTIES unless you and Mitch are invited too!!!!! Let ME know how this suggestion goes over, K?

    Your Friend,

    Putter ...:)

  3. Tell Mitch I totally sympathize...that's what I did to my bed whenever my Mom would leave. He better watch it tho' your Mom may do what my Mom did...take away his bed!!!

    Lots of Licks, Ruby

    P(ee)S - I can see my card!!!

  4. Our pinkies go out lots too Maggie but they're lucky cause we haven't destroyed anything......yet.
    Your Xmas card door is looking pretty good. We're going to update our blog tonight, paws crossed. D has been too busy to help us lately.

    Hugs and tail wags
    Noah, Willow, Tess and Lucy

  5. Maggie did you eat all the treats and not give mitch any? I would have tried at least. :) :)

  6. Mitch I understand you .... I hate to be left is not fair..
    Kisses, Faya

  7. Mitch you rock!
    Tearing your bed pillows - now that is the heighth of coolness!

  8. Well, a pup can take only so much crate time before going bonkers-these holiday parties are out of control when pups can't go along, we say. You did get a lot of good gifts though. Great bag!
    Abby & Rosie

  9. Hey Maggie & Mitch,
    Your cards look great on your door. Good thing your Mama & Papa went to the pawty huh?? Otherwise you wouldn't have gotten that cool bag of goodies. Too bad Mitch had to chew on his little bed though. He probably just got bored.
    Hope you two have a great week!!
    Luv & Wirey Hugs!
    Butchy & Snickers

  10. Mmm those look so tasty. Of course Louie would steal mine if we had those. He just doesn't like to share. Kids who needs them!!!

  11. That collar sure makes Mitch look like a tough dude!!! I see my card!!

  12. Those candy canes look really yummy. Did you have to share them with Mitch? We are running out of room for all our cards too - but it's fun finding new places to put them. Anywhere you turn are friendly smiling dogs.
    Comet and BLU

  13. Hi, Maggie
    I was thinkingthe same as Joe. Mitch looks tough with his new collar!
    Sure Emma is so nice sending you those treats!
    There is almost no place for more cards there!
    Have a good night

  14. Hi Maggie & Mitch!

    Wow! What a great bag of goodies! Yummy! Candycane rawhides? mmmm....I can just imagine....

    Love & Licks,

    ps..have your ma & pop ever seen a movie called "Worlds Fastest Indian" with Anthony Hopkins? Great movie about Indian Motorcycles!

  15. oh, nice pressie. i have tons of pressies too but mom wouldn't let me open it until x'mas... something about her being lazy bone and i have to suffer! sigh!

    i can see my card on the wall... well, my santa hat is too big to ignore!

    wet wet licks


  16. Hi guys!

    Sometimes when your family leaves you alone it is because they have to go and get treats for you. Sometimes they feel guilty and bring you even more stuff! So, it is not always a bad thing when they are gone. It depends on what they bring back!

    Love and Koobuss Kisses,

  17. Glad you got our card M&M! You got a huge collection there... MY mailman has disappeared again. I hope he didn't steal the rest of them. That collar looks great on Mitch but he's a softy not a gangsta! Hehehehe!

    Love licks,
    Solid Gold Dancer

  18. Maggsie!

    Thank you for all the lovely photos of your kinky curly head and bootifully curly face! I love watching you enjoy your treats!


    Your collar is TOO COOL! I hope that sidecar arrives soon so you can speed through the wind with your dad on his cycle! And, I think it's time you made your move on that sweet cutie Mojo! She really digs you, man!

    Goober love & smooches,

  19. Oh wowweee...Mitch looks really hawt in his new collar. :)

  20. Whoopsie Mitch! Mummy and daddy be going to a party on Friday and mummy be worried about leaving me. More now that she see your bed!

    Toodle pip,
    Harry x

  21. What lovely gifts! So sweet of Emma!

  22. grrrr. ia m so angry that mom didnt get our cards out earlier..ya whatever,,so she was a little sick....big deal...anyhow i hope you keep yours up until mine gegts there....and sorry it took mom so long to mail them.,,,,you guys sure do have a good fried to send you home a

  23. Cool, you got a doggy bag and great treats. Pity about Mitch's bed Pebbles hasn't done that yet but last week she chewed all the saton ribbon off mom's sheets. Mom is a softy and Pebbles is still allowed to sleep on the bed with us.

    Have a fabulous day we missed you guys.
    Scrappy and Pebbles

  24. Your cards look great, bet you have more than your hoomans? hee hee.

    Your good bag looked interesting and I think it was only correct that you tested the treats before offering them to your brother. I would have done exactly the same!

    Molly xx

  25. The card at Christmas is a door without the put place.
    The light of mitch shines on the room.
    And, the source of a wonderful tomato is anxious about contents of the pan of me. :)

    from loved ume tyan

  26. Deaw MaggieYou suwe awe looking extwa special bootiful helping Mom open those tweats, how vewy nice of youw fwiend!
    And Mitch how did the sauce tuwn out???I can smell it fwom hewe looks yummy , did you taste test it??
    My pawents have been gone a lot too and it's not ovew yet..I can't blame you fow twying to destuff youw mattwess..hope you get to see youw pawents mowe
    smoochie kisses

  27. Mitch looks quite handsome in his new collar! It gives him a bit more...ah ....gravite. Maturity? Very nice.

    But the real question...did your mom get mad about the bed?


  28. Hi kids, we love Mitch's new collar. he's quite handsome in it. and your christmas card door looks like ours. we're going to post a picture of it soon. we had to move off of the door and into another location for more cards. it sure it fun to get them all. mom has 1, and at last count we had 75. hee hee.


  29. Wow, so many christmas cards! You are so popular ...

  30. Hi guys!
    Those are some great gifts you got from Emma! What a thoughtful neighbour girl. :)
    Sorry to hear about your parents going to so many parties. You should start asking them to take you!
    Love Clover xo

  31. Look at all those Christmas Cards! How fun! Mom said maybe we'd catch the fun next year...This year she says she is just a little busy and didn't even have time to make our cards like she made last year.


  32. Wow, look at all the x-mas cards!! Mom and I missed this years x-change.... but we'll for sure take part in next years!

    Mitch: Good job on the de-stuffing! You make us boys so proud!!


  33. Great treats!!! And that's an awfully spiffy collar that Mitch is sportin'...


  34. Hey guys--I do the same thing when the peeps are gone too much--tear stuff up, move it around, eat everything in sight. How else are we going to keep 'em around?


    ps. I LOVE Mitch's collar! He looks totally studly.

  35. I used to bite my bed stuff but soon realised I was biting my blankie to spite my cold bottom.

    thank you again Maggie and Mitch and your Mama and Papa for your cool card, I have put a picture on my blog about it tonight.

    Trouble was, I had a reindeer hat on, and was not feelin very happy at the time.

    love you licks, Marvin xxxx

  36. Oh thats is a lovely goodie bag!!! and wow you got sooooooooooo many card!!! But I cant see mine....its not there yet?? I hope the mailman never took it...

  37. Wow, that door looks so full of do you open it (hee hee)

    That's no fair when mom and dad go out to have fun and leave you home. Maybe you should chew up those clicking heels, then mom will stay home with you!


  38. Hi Maggie,
    Wow.. I hope Mitch did not get into trouble for what he did to the bed! You got such great gifts from your neighbours.. hmmm why don't I have such nice neighbours too.. sigh

  39. Hi Maggie, Hi Mitch,

    What is it with the hoomans ditching us this time of year? It's so not fair! I don't blame Mitch for eating his bed one bit. What a great gift bag from Emma. Yummy candycane raw hides, WOW! Those must have been so yummy.
    BTW: Mitch is looking quite studly in his collar. Good choice made by dad!

    Your pal,

  40. the treats sure looks yummy!

    Why does your dad need to make tomato sauce? I thought they all come in bottles?

  41. It's almost over, Mitch. I'm a Very Old Dog and I know Things. Not much longer, and there will be even more presents for you and the humans will need you to love them so much. They will be tired, and they will collapse on a couch for you to lick them. And even when they go to all these things they would rather be with you and your sweet Maggie.
    But it's almost done.
    Soon, young dog, soon.

    Very Old Dog of the whippet waggle

  42. It's almost over, Mitch. I'm a Very Old Dog and I know Things. Not much longer, and there will be even more presents for you and the humans will need you to love them so much. They will be tired, and they will collapse on a couch for you to lick them. And even when they go to all these things they would rather be with you and your sweet Maggie.
    But it's almost done.
    Soon, young dog, soon.

    Very Old Dog of the whippet waggle

  43. woofies Maggie and Mitch!!! me guesses me lucky, mama and daddy nots go out at xmas, jus when dey go do shoppin and sumtimes me gets to go..and xmas me gets to go wiff mama and daddy to c mama sis and her new pup baby..dose tweats lookies yummy, sooo nice of Emma..and dat collar of mitch's iz pawtastic....

    b safe,

  44. Hi Maggie and Mitch,
    I don't mind if the hoomans leave me alone, just so long as they bring back some great treats!


  45. Those are nice gifts and treats from Emma. :) And you doggies sure got lots of xmas cards hee

    ~ Girl girl

  46. Those are really pawsome gifts. Mitch's new collar looks great.


  47. Hey pals, what a great gift from Emma. Did you get to sample your Dad's tomato sauce? I'm hoping it was lovely and garlicy; Mmmm, my favourite! J x

  48. Maggie, I love your close-up munchy picture! You are so cute!

    Your friend, Lenny

  49. Those are lovely presents.

    We think that the night lamp is so beautiful.

    Boy n Baby