Saturday, December 29, 2007

My Boudoir

As you all know, I sleep upstairs with mom and dad at the foot of their bed in my very own bed! I have an orthopaedic bed that's about 8" off the floor!

Good thing I have long legs or I'd need a stepstool to climb in! Mom says seeing as I'm now considered a "senior" I need cushy comfort for my aging bones! Geez mom - I'm not ready for the nursing home YET!

Snowball wanted to see all the stuffies on my bed, so this is for you Snowball!

See all these toys? Some of them were given to me and are mine but lots of them were given to Mitch and because he's a destructive little boy, mom marchies them upstairs and tosses them on my bed and lets me sleep with them!

And if Mitch's destructiveness gets any worse, there's not going to be any room left for me to sleep!

My bikini girl from Stanley still has both her top and her bottoms on! The donut belongs to Mitch. It was a birthday gift from Girl girl. I promise I won't eat it, Mitch!

And the squirrel is Mitch's birthday gift from Huskee! He still has his tail and both eyes, Mitch!

My fuzzy plush carrot from Stanley and Stella still has her leaves!

See Santa's moustache? He only has half of it left! That was Mitch's doing on Christmas day! Poor Santa!

The reindeer is safe and makes a pretty soft pillow! One day you'll thank me for taking such good care of your special toys, Mitchy boy!

Mom got a quick video of me playing with my new pink Christmas piggy! Enjoy!

So until next time...................

Love ya lots,



  1. Oh Maggie what a nice place to sleep ... with all those stuffies... Mitch is just like I am with the stuffies... Véronique call me "Destructor". Do I have to translate ?....
    Kisses, Faya

  2. woofies M n M!!! nice bed u gots maggie, and wow da do u decideded which one to play wiff...dose wuz nice watt jaffa and sunshade sent u too..they got good tasties...and congratulashuns on u awarwd...u totally deserve it...

    b safe,

  3. Maggie you awe such a sweet Gentle lady, and cewtainly not weady fow wetiwement,hehe,what awe they thinking??
    That pink piggy is a gweat toy!
    I'm afwaid I'm like Mitchy .I destwoy my bootiful stuffies..
    Mitchy, it was gweat to see you, 'm glad you enjoyed the celewy..I went to the fwesh mawket to make suwe it was specially good fow you!
    smoochie kisses

  4. Maggie you are so gentle with your gruntie piggy, like you were mothering a puppy! WE heard the grunt and came flying in and attacked the computer in confusion... The Servant got a little huffy, but why did she make the computer sound like a gruntie stuffie if she didn't want us to attack it?
    thanks for the smiles-
    the whippet waggle (except for the Lady Maria who is feeling a little elderly today)

  5. Your own bed?? I have to sleep on the floor- of course, I could sleep in bed but I'm a bed hog. Mr. Whiskers has to be by mom and I don't like sharing, and he gets snippy. So I just let him have his way and sleep on the floor. POOR ME. LOL

  6. Hey Maggie. Wow, you have so many stuffies! Can I come and live with you??? J x

  7. Hi, Maggie
    You are so nice taking good care of Mitch's toys! I think soon you will not have space there in the bed for yourself!
    I know you are very gentle with your toys.
    I love the noise your pink pig makes!
    Have a nice day

  8. Oooh!!
    Nice bed! And OMD!! All those toys!! You lucky dog!!
    Cute video too!
    Wags and licks,
    Maya and Kena

  9. Maggie: Lots of people retire in Azrizona. You can come here and we will send Teka to play with Mitchie. There will be NO stuffies left at allllllll.


  10. Maggie,
    what a nice bed! You keep very good care of your (and Mitch's) toy. You were playing your pink piggy like a lady.


  11. Maggie, you've got quite a zoo in your bed!

  12. It is a good thing that you take care of all those cushy toys. They would all be destroyed at our house!!

  13. We got some new stuffies for Christmas and that puppy that lives with us now (Stewie) is chewing them all up! Talk about destructive... we have a pile of toys in the corner of the den and he climbs this pile and digs toys out and spreads them ALL over the place. Mom has to pick them up every night before we all go to bed, mumbling about little boys and their toys!
    Yeah, I'd hide my toys from the chewy pups too if I were you!


  14. That looks so cozy. Mom said when she was little her bed looked just like that. Nice Nice Aunt Patty bought one of those pigs for a doggy in Ohio when she was out here.

  15. Stuffies are the best toys ever - you look like you look after yours very well Maggie.

    Your bed looks so wonderfully cozy too.

    Luv River

  16. You're a gentle soul Maggie, unlike my sissies who are the queens of destruction.
    I also have my basket at the foot of my pinkies bed but there are no toys cause my sissies will get them and destroy them.

    Hugs and tail wags


    Come on, come all...

    To the Corgi Lounge New Year's Eve into the New Year!

    (sleepovers welcome)

  18. Hehehe, what's that weird snorting sound? Did you burp or that piggy made that sound? Sooo furny! You sure have a lot of stuffies to accompany you to sleep...

    Love licks,
    Solid Gold Dancer

  19. What a lady you are, Maggie; you are so gentle with your toys. Us guys like to destroy, demolish and rip!
    I really liked the video. You are soooooo pretty!
    Boston sugars,

  20. That is a lot of toys you 2 have. Louie and I tend to shake the stuffings out of everything so most of our toys Mom has hidden on us. We do have this kind of rubber bone right now that we have not been able to destroy.. That is a great toy!!!

    Sloppy kisses,
    Gus and Louie

  21. well, we are sooooo excited - awaiting the postie....for your DVD Maggie & Mitch! Thank you so much!

    oh and how nice to see you in action chewing up that darn Stuffie Pig!

    He was a noisy piggy, I am glad you made pork chops outta him1

    love and cheery licks, your friend Marvin from Scotland xxxxx

  22. Hey Mitch - if you ever want to REALLY play with a stuffie, you are welcome to come to our house. Our girl lets us actually play with(destuff) them and doesn't make us save them like Maggie does.
    Comet and BLU

  23. Maggie

    You are big but you are so gentle with your stuffies. You are truly lady-like.

    CONGRATULATIONS on winning the Awesome Blog Award! You guys truly deserve it!

    Boy n BAby

  24. Hiya Maggie! You have lot's of toys! The piggie makes weird noises! is funny :D
    I must say you are very gentle with your toys! Is New year's eve!

    Amber :)

  25. Hi Maggie, you sure are respectful of your toys. you have a nice bed too. we like your pink piggy - he oinks. hee hee


  26. I wanna curl up with you Miss Maggie... :)


    PS - Congrats on the award!!!!!!!

  27. Deaw Maggie and Mitch
    Congwatulations on the awsome blog awawd!!!! I can't think of a mowe desewving paiw!!!!!
    A gweat way to stawt the New Yeaw!
    smoochie kisses

  28. Maggie, you are a good caretaker of Mitch's toys. Good Girl!
    Whoofs & Baroos,
    Eddie, Peaches & Bella

  29. Wowzers, cool bed, Maggie! I have a nice foam-style one in the corner of Mom and Dad's room with a cool quilt on it. We all use it, but I am usually the one who sleeps there at night.
    I love that donut - I thought it was REAL! Ha roo roo roo!
    Congrats on the Awesome Blog Award - you two sure deserve it!
    Play bows,
    PS: Save a dance for me at Moxie and Izzie's party!!!

  30. We love that picture of you and the bikini girl!!

  31. Oh Maggie... You sure do have alot of stuffies there on your bed. I loved your pink pig video. I love the sound he makes!

  32. Hi Maggie,
    Hehehe.. Looks like you are taking great care of Mitch's toys!
    Wishing you and your beautiful family a Happy 2008!

  33. Oh wow Maggie, that's a lot of toys! What a cosy bed you have! Have a wonderful and blessed New Year!

  34. Maggie,

    Your bed is the BEST! All those stuffies, so cool. I can only have non squeeky stuffies in my room, since I tend to start squeeking them at the crack of dawn. This does not make mom and dad happy. You are such a sweet big sister to take care of the stuffies Mitch will destroy. One day, he will thank you for that.

    Have a very Happy New Year. I hope it is full of good heath and happiness. Oh and lots of treats!

    Your pal,

  35. What alot of fun toys you have. I like how you're kissing pink xmas piggy

    ~ Girl girl

  36. Hi Maggie,
    It's so nice to see all of your toys. Your bed sounds delighful! Mom keeps buying me beds. I never use them, though. I just sleep on the couch and in her bed at night. I wish she would stop buying me beds and buy me more stuffies. Anyway, Happy New Year to you and your family!

    Sweets ;)

  37. Happy new year. Wishing all the best in 2008

    love Simba

  38. Wooofie!! Thanks for showing me your bed, Maggie. It does look a little crowded but at leasst there is still enough space for you to sleep.

    Is Mitchy boy still afraid of going up the stairs? What if her decided to sneak up there one day and destroy all your collection of toys?


  39. Hi Maggie and Mitch!

    It is nice to meet you! My Airedale Sissy Muis asked me to mail you. She loves you blog. Thank you for visiting mine. We hope you have a Woofderful 2008!

    Lots of love,

    Square Face & Muis
    aka Boeta

  40. Maggie,
    You've got quite the collection there! I love my stuffed animals the best too. I never do surgery on them. Well, okay... once in a while I'll eat an eyeball or a nose, but that's a rare occurrence and I NEVER pull their guts out.

  41. Maggie
    I love stuffy toys as well. They only get destroyed when I play tug of war with Molly, but otherwise they are with me in my bed and I snuggle up to them.