Saturday, December 1, 2007

The Christmas Bulldog

Mom was out shopping this morning and when she came home she was carrying a white plastic bag and smiling from ear to ear! This always means good stuff!

He seems pretty harmless! I think I'll call him Brandy!

Just about the time I was beginning to trust this happy fella, Mitch comes racing in wanting to know if it was a he or a she!

Mitch isn't as timid as I am! He's pretty brave for a youngster! I'm not sure Brandy the Bulldog was too happy to meet Mitch!

Look at the look on his face!

Mom reached over and touched Brandy's left paw and he started to sing and bounce! OMG am I safe?!

On another note - mom wanted to have some fun so she braided my beard! Don't I look stylish?!

So until next time..................

Love ya lots,



  1. oh my dogness! your beard braid is pawsome, Maggie! you are totally styling. and that toy? it made us bark too. we don't know if it's scary or cool. now i, Bailey, am looking all over mom's computer room to find it. hee hee


  2. OMD Maggie...Brandy was a little scawie, I mean, her voice was so deep!!! You're beard is great!!!! Congrats!

    Lots of Licks, Ruby

  3. Wow Miss Maggie, the braided beard is tres stylish!!!


  4. That is some present you got. I think Louie would have grabbed it and shook it. He doesn't seem to be afraid of anything either..
    Oh and you look so handsome with your braid!!

  5. Dancin friends huh? i would like to have one of those. I'd end his singing and dancin days.

  6. Maggie! Maggie!

    I love the braid in your beard!!!!!! What a pawsome idea!!!!!!! Your Mom is the smartest ya know!!!!!! Now about Brandy the BullDog ... He is super duper neatest -- what a cool early Christmas pressie!!!!!!

    Your Friend,

    Putter ...:)

  7. Your Brandy is as funny as my Nonamedyetdogfriend.... (
    And Maggie.... you are beautiful !!!
    Kisses, Faya

  8. Hey Maggie,
    Your braided beard looks pawsome, hehehehehe! Brandy is a very cute doggie! Hope you two don't wreck him.
    Luv & Wirey Hugs!
    Butchy & Snickers
    PS Want some snow?? We're getting dumped on today with snow & freezing rain.

  9. Hey Mags, You have a big bark! I like that. I was quite taken with your video and am now convinced you are on the other side of the front door. I've been telling mom that I think I should go outside to see if you are there, but she's just laughing at me. Grrrrrr.


  10. Oh I can't believe your mom braided your beard. You still look beautiful anyways. Oh that singing dog sure is funny. I am glad you told it the rules of the house.

  11. Maggie, your beard is great. You've got a pretty good chance of winning the beard growing comp.

    That Brandy is a hoot. We see you gave him a good talking too.

    Hugs and tail wags
    Noah, Willow, Tess and Lucy

  12. Oh Maggie, you are afraid of a dog that is so much smaller like that? hee. I have a little dog over her that sings too. I attack it just like how I attack that noisy monster in the house.

    Maggie, you should be glad that you are not made to keep long coat. If not, I guess your mum will make braids all over your body.


  13. Hahaha! Brandy is pretty funny! Maggie, I think you proved that you're bark is louder and bigger than hers.

    Have fun with your new friend!

    Licks and wiggles,

  14. Hey Maggie! Love your braided beard!


  15. We loved your braid - that is fantastic!!


  16. Maggsie!!!

    I LOVE your bark, and you're so cute making up to that singing pup. I can tell by the look in your eye that you want to be buddies, but he's a strange beast.

    Your beard is, by far, the longest beard I am aware of. The braid is a nice touch (thanks for rubbing it in - my beard is now about 1/2 an inch. Thanks, Stella).

    Goober love,

  17. Hi, Gofy, if not for the pawty in planet gofy l wouldn't have met u, nice to meet u, l m Million the silky terrier, my sister Dollar a miniture picher, the pawty was great..u'll so pretty and happy.
    U ar one lucky dog, that cheese cake look tempting, wat abot yr cheezy planet GOFY, which one taste better, the 'secret recipe' or 'cheezy planet Gofy'.


  18. Okay we finally got to see the video this time. :) That thing is a little scary. You made Flash jump when you started barking and the beard is so you.

  19. Hi, Maggie
    Sure Brandy is a nice toy. I'd do the same if I had one like him. Barking and barking! Looks like Mitch is not a shy boy!
    How long is your beard now??
    Have a good night

  20. Hi Maggie,

    Your beard is looking so pawsome! I'm not sure if anyone else does have a chance against you.

    Your new toy is so funny. I'm like Mitch, I forget about fear and just jump in there. Has the bulldog been demolished yet? I pulled the 'voice box' out of one of my singing stuffies. I know, I know, bad Kirby.

    Your pal,

  21. Maggie!! Oh my gosh, your never gonna believe this but I think we have Brandy's brother!! You gotta check this out.

    Do you think they're related??


  22. oh wow, that singing dog video was just so darn funny! Jeannie cannot stop laughing at the look on poor Mitch's face!!!!!

    Your beard braiding is very cool Maggie, we call it "plaiting" here in the UK!

    Maggie In Plaits, she is sooooo pretty!

    love and braided licks, Marvin xxxxxxx

  23. oooops, sorry Maggie, we just watched the video again and realised it is you in the video!

    Still very funny though!!

  24. Ooh, I think I would have a good old bark at that bulldog too Maggie.

    Your plait is very impressive, I think you're in line to win the competition.

    Toodle pip,
    Harry x

  25. woofies M n M!!! u beard is sooo longs maggie, mine is da same, me will haff to take a proper pictur of it finks mitch wuz tryin to play sniffy butt wiff dat bull dog...heehee and u wuz barkin bout as louf as brandy...

    b safe,

  26. Hey Maggie, Brandy is scary! His voice sounds a bit like Tom Waits! If you need a hand (or paw) putting him in his place just let me know and I'll be right over in full destruction mode! Hehehe! J x

    PS love the plaited beard look.

  27. I sense a new trend in braided beards coming, yours is STYLIN'

  28. Hey we all sang along! We heard you on the computer and we all had a ginormus HOWL!
    LOVE the beard braid- hope you had fun at the party!
    The whippet waggle

  29. Hee hee, that singing dog wouldn't be singing long around me! He'd be chomped up in no time!

  30. Oh my, I think I'd freak out seeing that doggy singing in my house...Oh, your beard is sooo long already! Who's winning?

    Love licks,
    Solid Gold Dancer

  31. Singing Brandy would have scared us too. But we would have turned her into living room snow. hehehe.
    Comet and BLU

  32. How Cute! Good job 'singing' with the new toy.
    whoofs & Baroos,
    Eddie, Peaches & Bella

  33. what a nice toy...I don't know if i have one of those it will survive.

  34. That is one BARKALICIOUS beard! We don't have beards or I'd ask Jen to braid ours. You are one stylin' dude!

    Thanks for stopping by our blog and we are adding your link to ours!

    Woofs and lotsa slobbers,
    'Bella and Gabe the Newfoundlands

  35. Hi Maggie

    Love the braid. When my typist played the video I raced round the room barking right along with you!!!!

    That doggy won't sing so loud if you settle down to a chewing session with him. hee hee....


    Charlie Boy

  36. I love your stylish beard! You are so cute barking at the little singing doggie. That would freak me out too!

    Hugs & licks,


  37. that bulldog would have been in pieces at our house!! wow, you sure are nice to just bark at it!

  38. Maggie
    You must have been very still to let your Mum plait your beard like that. I would have just fidgeted all the time.
    Thank you very much for our Christmas card, we are still doing ours!!! Apparently Taffy and I must stop arguing and then they will get done a lot quicker! Hmmmmm.
    Molly and Taffy

  39. Oh I'm a little scare of the singing doggie too Maggie. Your beard is so long now. I bet you'll win the contest

    ~ Girl girl

  40. maggie, i want a close up of the braided beard.

    and your singing dog... hahahaha that's very funny!

    wet wet licks


  41. It is a wonderful toy.
    It comes to want to buy it instinctively when this is seen in the
    .. of Christmas
    The beard of magie is a necktie. :)

    from loved ume tyan

  42. Hi Maggie!
    Wow, something like that happened to me this weekend! I met this little white Chistmas fluff thing that bounced around and sang! I am going to post pictures of it soon.
    Love Clover xo

  43. Looks like Brandy has drank too much brandy!! No wonder you're barking at him like crazy.

    The beard does look quite stylish...I'd need a fake beard to keep up. My chin fur is tooooo short.


  44. Hey Maggie, besides looking adorable with your braid beard, you sure are self-disciplined! I think I would have tried to bite Brandy's singing head off!

    Your friend, Lenny

  45. You are so lucky to be able to braid your hair. It is daaaarling!

    ~ChaChi Lu Pink Champagne

  46. Maggie

    That is a real cute doggie. Now you can get him to sing to you.

    Boy n Baby

  47. LMTO!!! That is too funny, what a great dog! And you look real good with your beard braided Maggie. Very stylish!

    Woofs, Johann

  48. What a big serious bark you have there, Maggie! I'm going to watch your vid a few times so I can practice. Got to get rid of my high-pitched boowoowooooo girly bark.

    Anyway, I totally understand your suspicion towards Brandy. Your folks obviously didn't grow up watching Dr Who. Brandy is sinister. Keep an eye on him.