Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Our Cookie Jars

Our friends Comet and Blu have posted about their cookie jar and they are curious to see everyone else's! We are too!
Their cookie jar is a silver ice bucket so it has more than one purpose!

We actually have 2 cookie jars! Lucky dogs, right?!

The pumpkin cookie jar is on top of the refrigerator and is HUGE and it holds un-opened bags of treats and pig's ears and busy bones and anything that requires chewing and gnawing and keeping us busy, hopefully for hours!
My gram made this cookie jar a L-O-N-G time ago and she actually won first place in a ceramic show with it!
Mom is a very pumpkin crazy person and she absolutely was thrilled when gram gave this pumpkin to her! And to be very honest - gram had mauve kitchen counters at the time and gram is very color oriented and to her mauve and pumpkin orange just didn't go - so that's how mom REALLY acquired this beautiful pumpkin cookie jar!
Thank goodness our mom isn't as fussy! We have pumpkins all over our house all year long - not just at Halloween and Thanksgiving!
Can you see our bully stick up there laying right next to Mr. Pumpkin? We're waiting for mom to haul it down and share it with us!

Our other cookie jar is redware that mom bought off ebay. Our kitchen trim is painted a barn red color and mom loves country stuff so our second cookie jar is in keeping with the kitchen theme!
We really don't care what kind of theme it is as long as it contains yummy cookies and we get at least 1 or 2 of them every single day!

So those are our cookie jars! Your turn! We want to see all of your cookie jars too!

So until next time.................

Love ya lots,



  1. Hi M&M :)

    Your Gram is way talented! The pumpkin cookie jar looks fantastic... and best of all it is a good size for more and more treats!


    PS. Your Christmas card just arrived and we are displaying it in our front hallway for everyone to see!! Thank you

  2. maggie, that's one HUGE jookie jar. i don't have a cookie jar... wait, i do have a few cookie jars! LOL

    wet wet licks


  3. Hi Maggie! hi! Mitchy!

    WOW!!!!! OMG!!!!!! That PUMPKIN cookie jar is the coolest ever!!!!!!!!! The only thing is I think you should get MORE than 1-2 cookies a day!!!!!!!!!! I demand many more than that!!!!!! Hee Hee!!!!!!!!

    Your Friend,

    Putter ...:)

  4. M&M!!

    LOVE your cookie jars! They're so festive and hold the promise of good eatin'.

    Sadly, we have no cookie jars in our house, because my girl must squirrel away our treats so we don't stand in front of the cookie jar all day waiting. If we had one, I'd proudly show it!

    Goober love,

  5. Wow, if you have TWO cookie jars, and there are TWO of you, that's a cookie jar apiece!!! we have three cookie jars, but there are nine of us, which makes it a very bad ratio of only one cookie jar per three whippets.
    You obviously have superior servants.

    the whippet waggle

  6. I don't have a cookie jar, i have cookie tins.

    But they're all hooman cookie jars.

  7. You have two veeeery nice cookie jars! Tell your Mom that our Mom loves your red kitchen. :)

  8. You have two veeeery nice cookie jars! Tell your Mom that our Mom loves your red kitchen. :)

  9. Oh man those are some nice cookie jars. I don't have anything that nice.

  10. That pumpkin cookie jar is amazing - looks like it holds LOTS of treats too!!

    Great idea for a post too!


  11. Hmmm, here is something else we don't have. Do you have dog treats in your cookie jar? Our treats are in the cupboard but a cookie jar is a great idea. Think I'll order one for Christmas. You two are very lucky dales.

    Hugs and tail wags
    Noah, Willow, Tess and Lucy

  12. I think if I lived there, the big cookie would be mine. Penny & Lola could share the little one.


  13. I am deprived. No Cookie Jar. Just a cabinet. (and I can open the door!!!)

  14. No cookie (or as I am Scottish - biccy jars) here! The biscuits are not in the packets long enough to get put into a container!

    But cool pics, anyhow Maggie and Mitch, love and licks, from warm and rainy Scotland..........xxxxx

  15. Your gram MADE that pumpkin? That's amazing!!! Glad you're enjoying the music. :)

    Your friend, Lenny

  16. That cookie jar is just fantastic! Your gram is very talented. Love, Martha

  17. I like your jars, particularly the pumpkin. We have no jar either, poor deprived dogs that we are!

    Toodle pip,
    Harry x

  18. Those cookie jars are beautiful. It is hard to find nice cookies jar around here. Mostly it is those glass kind or stainless steel ones.

    By the way, we got your card yesterday and we think it is so beautiful. However, we are embarrassed to say that we still have not send out the parcel for you guys. We try to do it by this week.

    Boy n Baby

  19. We are very behind on our reading! WE love th elemon eating pics!! Wow we are amazed!! And Mitch's reaction to the singing dog was priceless!! Our cookie jar is Micky Mouse and our chewies is just a big plastic thing but we sometimes sit and watch the top of thte fridge! Ya never know! Love A+A

  20. Thank you so much for the awesome Christmas card guys - you both look great!!


  21. I love your pumpkin cookie jar. It is so pretty. I especially like its size!
    oh oh..You forgot about Mitch's very own cookie jar in his room!


  22. Wow you guys are so lucky to get two cookie jars. The huge pumpkin is very nice. Your gram is very talented for making it! Our cookie jar isn't big enough - we always run out of treats and the girl gives us ice! Thanks for sharing yours!
    Comet and BLU

  23. Your cookie jars look really pawsome! The pumkin one is really made very bootifully. I gotta remember to take picture of my cookie jars to show you guys too

    ~ Girl girl

  24. Wow, the pumkin cookie jar is gorgeous!!! I only have one cookie jar... but I'm still gonna post some pictures of it!


  25. Hi, Maggie and Mitch
    I like your pumpkin cookie jar! Your grandma is very talented!
    I don't have a cookie jar. Just a box and now, as you know it can't be opened!
    Have a good night

  26. woofies Maggie and Mitch...watt cool cookie jars u gots...u g-ma iz verwy crafty...heehee me finkies dey shood give ya more den 2 cookies a day....

    b safe,

  27. Maggie and Mitch
    Those awe the bootifullest cookie jaws I've evew seen in my life!!!I love how BOG the punkin one is and what a talented Gwam you have...I don't weally have a cookie jaw, well it's sowt of one..I'll show you someday, but my kitchen is not as nice as youws
    smoochie kisses till I see you tomowwow

  28. woah that is a big old pumpkin full of goodness! you guys really are lucky to have two cookie jars.

  29. Waaaahhhhhh...we don't have a cookie jar!!!

    Lots of Licks, Ruby

  30. Hey pals, I'm feeling neglected here as I don't have ANY cookie jars. Not one! But biscuits don't really stay round long enough to make it into a jar, hehehe! J x

  31. Superb cookie jar! Now we see where your mum gets her creative talent from!
    My mum loves growing pumpkins and squashes. Normally she ends up with wheelbarrow-loads of them.