Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Destroy the Monkey Mission

My mission for today is to destroy one of my Christmas gifts - my long-armed monkey!

Mom noticed today that he had a small hole in his side. Yes, I did that! I was bored!

When mom notices these things she always warns me that I need to be nice or else into the fire he goes!!! She's not kidding - she really means it! I need to be extra careful while mom is around and watching. I have to make the hole bigger ONLY when she's NOT looking! hehehehe. I have to be productive about this destroy mission but I have to be oh so careful!

OOPS! I got caught and mom is now on a mission to get monkey away from me so he can be roasted for tonight's dinner! I'll save you monkey!

I won round one but mom never gives up without a fight! I think she may be part Airedale!

Wait! I hear Dad's buddy Ross coming in for a visit. I like Ross! He's nice! He always pays special attention to me and gives me nice pats and rubs. I need to greet him and tell him my story so that he takes my side and not mom's but if I run and greet Ross mom will steal monkey and she'll win!

My bed is right in front of the fireplace and it's warm and cozy and it feels so good because it's so cold outside and I'm beginning to get really sleepy but I need to stay alert and I need to stay focused. Monkey's life is at stake here! I can't hold on much longer. My eyes are getting droopy. I really need to put my head down and doze. Darn, I can' t let mom win!

I won! I won!!

Mom saw me sound asleep and she kept telling dad how sweet and angelic I looked and that she couldn't take monkey away - it just wouldn't be right! That's right! I am a sweet angel - boy, did I pull one over on you mom!

We'll continue the destroy monkey mission on another day! Right now I need my beauty rest.

Until next time.............
Love ya lots,


  1. Your Mom looks like she plays a pretty good game of tug!

    Bussie Kissies

  2. Wow, I like that monkey, too. Run Run Run and don't let her catch you!


  3. Maggie:

    Your not hurting luv Monkey...Luv Monkey...Luv Monkey....

    Does Monkey have a squeeker ???

    Don't let Mom see....Glad you did not fall for the Ross trick...Mom not dealing with cat she'll have to be alot more cleverer to get Monkey...

    Good Luck ...this message will self destruct ....oops...

    Luv, Hugs & Belly Rubs

  4. what those hooman thinking they can win tug of war with us??? even though i'm little but i can put up a STRONG FIGHT against mom on tug of war. sometimes she win sometimes i win. but most of the time i win - ok, sometimes she lets me win.

    wet wet licks


  5. i think your munky wanted a little hole... he wuz probly getting too hot with all that stuffing to keep him warm and just needed a little fresh air in there!

  6. What Maggie, your mum get the monkey and roast him for dinner? Good thing you rescue him.

    ~ fufu

  7. Maggie, how about the next time you really feel like sleeping, u rest your head ON the monkey. This way, you get to sleep and you will know if anyone try to take teh monkey away from you.

    Boy n Baby

  8. Well done on the monkey survival mission. You do look like a little angel in that picture, I'm not surprised you melted mum's heart.

    Oscar x

  9. mmmmm! Roast Monkey, my favourite! Especially Stuffed Roast Monkey....

    love Marvin xxxxx

  10. Dear Maggie,

    Thank you for visiting my site. It's brand new and you are my first visitor who left a comment!

    Your site is really nice. Your parents sure put a lot of time and effort into yours. My mom is really busy but she did say that I'm going for my grooming soon and she'll put some new pictures up for the world to see. I do look pretty good when I'm all nicely groomed.

    My mom used to know an Airedale named Hemish growing up. Every lunch hour on her way back to school she would stop and play with Hemish, she just adored him and he loved her too, they became really great friends.

    I'll visit again Maggie and keep up the great work on your blog. It looks fantastic!

    Billy aka as Billy-Boozer, Boo, Bizzi and all those other nicknames my family calls me...

  11. Maggie, U'll have to tell your mommy that it's good to let U have monkey when U R bored. Kaylie chewed on MaMa's 4th pair of shoes today & it's barely 3days since the 3rd one. MaMa is not happy at all. Kaylie got a very harsh warning!

  12. Excellent search and destroy mission, as a fellow Airedale, I'm PROUD.


  13. Hehe... mum says that last picture is just precious!

    I like tug too, but I prefer Keep-Away or Chase Sunshade (with something in my mouth) game. Do you like to play keep away?

    Love nibbles,
    Miss Sunshade

  14. Good job at keeping monkey around another day! Now rip his guts out!!