Monday, January 22, 2007

Gloomy Monday

The good news is that I did get to go for walkie this morning but now I'm stuck here inside while mom runs errands and dad is off on some excursion with his buddy Bob.

She said something about the bank being on her list of places to go. Why can't I go too? They pass out cookies and I'm a starvin' girlfren ya know! Not fair mom - not fair at all! And she mentioned the grocery store for fruit and milk. I can HOPE that she remembers me here all alone and brings home something special.

I'm trying really hard to amuse myself! I'm just so disappointed that I got left home alone - AGAIN!!! Today is just so BORING!!!!

Wait! I think I hear mom's car! Lemme check!

Yup, she's back and she did think of me. awwwwwwwwwwwww

Well, it could have been more exciting but a banana suits me just fine. Thanks mom! It was worth the short wait!

Until next time............
Love ya lots,


  1. Ohhhhh Maggie.... I hate to be left alone too..... but I think we both know in our hearts that no matter how EVIL our moms might be (okay.. just mine), they will still always remember us.

    But girl..... you like BANANANANANANANAS???? Meat only for me!

    Love nibbles,
    Miss Sunshade

  2. maggie, you have the perfect "sad" face!

    and your nose photo reminds me of sunshade's!

    i'm looking at your 4th photo where you are peeking through the window. your coat is so shinny. did mom put the wax on you? hehehe.

    wet wet licks


  3. yummm bananas. we love them now, but it takes me like a half hour to eat one. I like to savor it!

  4. Oh nooooes, that was Me, not TOM, that is my dad and he left himself signed in!

  5. Maggie, I love Banana treats too. :) You look really sad to be left alone

    ~ fufu

  6. Poor Maggie. I'm sure mum just thought you'd be bored at the shops. She loves you loads I can tell.

    I had banana for the first time the other day. Delicious!!!

    Oscar x

  7. Maggie, don't feel so bad. My MaMa says bank is not exactly a nice place to be. Banana is the bestest, actually any food is the bestest... hehehe... yummy yummy yummy... K, I'm gonna beg for some treats now...

  8. I don't like to be left alone. But....bananas ??????????? How can you .... I tried once... maybe with chocolate on top ?

  9. Hi Maggie,

    I'm not keen on being left alone either, and I know mom doesn't like to leave in the mornings but it's all part of life. The best part about leaving is the coming back where you get all these nice kisses and cuddles and get to go for a walk hopefully in another 30 minutes. I just finished eating so I'm kind of letting things digest. I must ask mom to give me a piece of banana, it sure looks good!


  10. So you missed out on bank cookies? They taste the best.

    Bussie Kissies

  11. Bananas? We never tried them. So sweet of your mom to remember you while she was out.

    Boy n Baby

  12. With your sad face, how could the hoomans leave you alone at home?..
    (And I love bananas too!!)

  13. I love the picture of you at the window... very nice

    Tail wags

  14. Dear Maggie,

    Can you tell me how to do a picture link on my blog? I see you have the Dogs with Blog box and if you click on it it will take you the site but I don't know how this works. I've added it in under my favorites but it would be fun to add it as a clickable button. I really like your site! I "borrowed" your clock last night. Thanks for any help you can give this old dog!


  15. Hi Maggie

    sorry to have been so so so so quiet for old Marvin, but our computer has been playing up and Jeannie's mobile too so no posts and no pics!

    love you loads as well, and I have been alone today - Jeannie been busy working and all!

    but I thought of you sweetheart Maggie while I was on my ownsome!

    It made the time go so much quicker

    love and licks Marvinx

  16. Hi Maggie,

    You are one smart friend! I tried what you suggested and voila, I have the link on my site.

    Thanks for your help, it is greatly appreciated to this newbie doggie if I could just figure out how to add the button link for Black Dogs are Special I'll be all set...hint hint.

    Billy Boo :)

  17. I have never tasted banana- must be good judging from the look on your face. Tell your mom next time she goes to the store to get you a donut- I had my first one last night it was delish-eee-ooo!
    Big Wags,

  18. Dear Maggie,

    You were the first one ever to visit my site and you've given me great help. Thank you. You are a true friend in doggie blog world.

    Have you not thought of putting a little bark box on your site? I've also added a slide viewer too, which mom thought was quite impressing!

    hugs Billy

  19. cheer up Maggie~!
    and thanks for visiting my page. nice to know u ^^

  20. Hi Maggie,

    I'm glad you liked the slide show. It was easier than I thought it would be to include it. It's officially the weekend in a few hours. Not much planned except for my grooming appointment tomorrow. I can't wait, it will feel good to get the extra weight off! I'm also planning on doing some more reading on your site which I haven't had a great amount of time to look at. Enjoy your day Maggie:) Love Billy

  21. We think your mom should have taken you too - but at least you got the banana out of it!

  22. Hi Maggie!

    I'm a maggie airedale too! From canada though! Its so nice to chat with other airedales!