Saturday, January 6, 2007

My Day of Beauty

Mom told me early this morning that today was grooming day. Not a problem. I liked to be groomed. It means shedding the fur and being much cooler! Mom has been grooming me herself for quite awhile. On my 4th visit to the "real" groomer's shop I decided that 4 times was enough! I gave mom that, OMG-you-can't-possibly-leave-me-here-again look - she did, but she told me afterwards she felt soooooooo guilty and couldn't wait to pick me up. I never told mom what I didn't like about the groomer's but she assured me that she'd do her homework and we'd buy clippers and blades and brushes and sissors and whatever else was necessary to make me a pretty girl. Mom got a video from Joanne Helm and watched it over and over and took lots of notes so she wouldn't make me looks like something I wasn't supposed to look like!

My grooming room is on the 2nd floor of our house. This room is considered an attic so please excuse the mess. Mom uses an old cedar chest as my table and as you can see in this first picture, that leash hanging over my back was my noose when I was younger. I don't need it anymore though. I know now that I don't get down off the trunk until mom puts my collar back on - then I know that I'm officially done!
After breakfast, mom headed upstair to move the trunk into place and to set up and turn on lights so that she could see me from all angles. After she was all set, she stood at the top of the staircase and told me to come on up!

I'm not fond of stairs and I need an invitation to come up. Mom was calling me and I was very hesitant so she ended up coming all the way down and telling me it was okay - hehehe - I just wanted an escort! I don't have to be told to jump up on the trunk. As I said before, I like to be groomed, so by the time mom climbed back up the stairs I was already sitting down and waiting for her.

This next pic is right before mom turns on the clippers. Bye bye fur! I'm going to be so much happier without this extra baggage, expecially on this above average temperature for a January day! Temps are supposed to be in the 60's today - near 70! This is most unusual!

I cautioned mom that no pics can be taken of me in an unflattering light and she agreed! Bless that mom! It takes her about an hour from the time we start the clippers till the time my collar gets put back on. Here I am patiently waiting for my collar so that I can go back downstairs and get my reward. I feel so much lighter!

We're back downstairs and here comes the treat I was promised. What was it you were saying about Doofus pic Baby and Joe?

Hey, it's worth it for cookie, right?! I do ANYTHING for cookies! So here I am resting after my exhausting grooming session.

I'm a much happier and much cooler girl!

Until next time..................

Love ya lots,



  1. We think your mom is cool and she did a good job too. You are still as pretty as ever. And no, you dont look doofus to us.. we know you were just trying out a doofus looks that's all...

    Boy n Baby

  2. that doesnt look too scary at all, your mom is nice to do that for you at home! I don't think that is too much of a doofus look, but it sure is cute!

  3. Youv look pretty both furry & clipped Magie-licious! My fur has grown loads since I was clipped in November, so I think I may be in for the same treatment soon. My mum can't do it so it'll be off to the groomers for me. I quite enjoyed it when I went though - lots of new friends to meet.

    Oscar x

  4. Hey Maggies,

    You must feel so much better now that all your fluff is off. Have you seen me lately??? I look like a woolly bear, and I pant non-stop because of the indoor heating. BUT, I HATE TO BE GROOMED!!!!!!!!!

    Love nibbles,
    Miss Sunshade

  5. ah maggie dear,

    you know mama tried grooming me herself but the result just not the same as the pro groomer. once she nearly cut my belly! anyway, i don't mind being man handled at the groomer's. i never complaint.

    i'll show mama the video link you put there so she can pick up some tips.

    wet wet licks


  6. dear maggie,

    i get all my haircuts at home too. mom works through my coat with a stripping knife; does your do it too? she's got a tiny grooming box with some treats in it to help calm me down so i can't complain.

    will you be out to show off your new do soon?


  7. I hvn't been groomed for a while now. I think I'll be getting one in mid Feb for sure. See it's Chinese New Year in Feb & MaMa will want me to look all nice.

  8. You ALWAYS look beautiful, Maggie!!!


  9. Hey Maggie, Your mum did a great job grooming you. And you got a cookie too. Yummy..

    ~ fufu

  10. Hey Maggie,
    You look so cute with your new haircut! Your Mama does a good job on you. Our Mama does our hair too. First she strips our hair with stripping knives, then uses the clippers some then does our legs, feet and beards with the scissors. We dont' mind it too bad. She makes us stand on top of a card table. Uh oh, she heard us talking about haircuts. We're in trouble now, she says we need one again, darn.
    Luv & Wirey Hugs!
    Butchy & Snickers