Sunday, January 14, 2007

Waiting for Sunday Company

These past two days have been so BORING!!!! It's been rainy and dreary out and life has been so DULL but today is Sunday and lots of times my hooman sister and her fiance come for macaroni dinner topped with dad's special tomato sauce. My dad makes the BEST tomato sauce! So it's Sunday, the football game is on and mom started the fire in the family room fireplace. The stage has been set!

Now all I need is for Melissa and Jim to show up for oonies!

I'm waiting for them to come through that door any minute now. But wait! Mom says they're not coming today! OH NO!!! But I want company - I'm so bored and they're so much fun!

You can't really mean this mom!!!
Well, she wasn't fibbing. They really aren't coming so mom and dad decided to have their dinner in front of the TV and watch the Bears/Seattle game. Time for Maggie to go to work! I need to stare dad's plate down in hopes that he'll feel really sorry for me and pass me one of those delicious looking penne's.

Dad's not being very generous today. I think he's concentrating on the game and doesn't even realize that I'm right there in his face! Shoot! Okay - so now it's mom's turn to get the begging act!
I'm very patiently waiting in my very un-lady-like position but who cares! If it works, it's worth it! Yup, it worked! Maggie scores an oonie! Mom took pity on me! Bless that mom!After dinner is over and the dishes are being stacked at the side of the sink to be washed and just before the last of the oonies are tossed into the garbage, mom treated me to a couple more oonies in my dish.

What a nice Sunday dinner after all - a nice warm fire and a GREAT football game - it's raining out and it's raw but I'm warm and cozy and well-fed and happy. I sure love my life!

Until next time.................
Love ya lots,


  1. I love s'ghettis too! And red beard.

    Bussie Kissies

  2. Hey Maggie,
    We been lazy today too. It's snowing!!! Papa made a big fire in the fireplace today but he got it tooooooo hottttttt! It's about 88 degrees in here, geez, we didn't need it that hot. Your sketti sure looks yummy. It's making us hungry, Mama??? can we have some more foood? hehehehe!
    Time to go beg.
    Luv & Wirey Hugs!
    Butchy & Snickers

  3. Mmm oonies! Wanna share, Maggie?? It's too bad the other boomans couldn't come over to play with you but that just means MORE PASTA for you! I wish we had a fireplace too.. they look mighty comfy to sleep in front of.. I have to settle for the space heater. Apparently I like to hog it.. I can't help it if I am big boned..


  4. ah maggie,

    no body invite you to clean up the plates?? how come? i bet you are a good cleaner!

    wet wet licks


  5. Oh Maggie, you look really sad there. I'm glad you did get some tasty oonies..

    ~ fufu

  6. I have tried raw pasta as treats at training class, but pasta with cheese sounds DELICIOUS.

    Hey, you do sit lop sided like me too maggie-licious!

    Oscar x

  7. Maybe you should nudge your dad so that he realise that you want the stuff on his plate. But thank God your mom was there.

    Your dad has a special tomato sauce? Ask him to share the recipe. We would love to get Mama to cook it... Slurp slurp. We are drooling already.

    Boy n Baby

  8. I get some pizza crust sometimes from MaMa. She sneak tiny pieces when PaPa's not watching.

  9. droooooool! your food looked so good!

    love and licks Marv xxxxx

  10. Maggie~
    I am droooooooling all over the computer.what a mess.sniff-sniff

    Lot's of Lick's

  11. I'm not surprised the humans gave in... who could resist that adorable face of yours (hint: not me!)


  12. You go girl....tilt that head girl that gets 'em everytime...WORK IT WORK IT.....

    Your fire looked as good as Butchy & Snickers fire.....wonderfully warm and toasted....

    Forgive Dad it was FOOTBALL ....he'll be better in a couple of weeks ...

  13. what a great sunday! your fire looks great.

  14. Mmm...that sounds so yummy!~ My mouth is watering now...


  15. Maggie-

    You have to learn the tried and true 4 stepp Mackie method of begging.
    1. First lay your head on the knee of the person with the food. (Start with mom and then go to dad)
    2. Sigh. A loud, audible sigh. Make them feel really back for you.
    3. Prance a little. Show them that you are getting a little impatient waiting.
    4. Now pat their knee with your chin....Hello? Do you see me here? (Be sure to look as pathetic as posssible!)
    It never fails! I never have shared that before, but because I think you are so pretty, I thought I would tell you!

    Your pal, Mackie

  16. Hé do you eat with a fork ? Madame...

  17. Ohhh, human food. I have bellie troubles and I can't eat their stuff but I love it when the short humans leave bowls of cereal on the small tables. I love cerea.

  18. Wow Maggie, you're so patient, I usually wait with one paw on mum's leg. If that one paw doesn't work, I switch paw, and I keep doing that while drooling. If that still doesn't work, I automatically die. That usually does the trick!

    Hey, maybe you won't be bored if you had a STINKY??? Want mine? I'd be happy to send you a 11 lb package!

    Love nibbles,
    Miss Sunshade

  19. Looks like you had a great day with your humans.

    Tail wags

  20. Yummm!!!Isn't pasta the best? I love it! How could your dad be so engrossed in any silly football game and not notice you staring with your beautiful brown eyes?
    Big Wags,

  21. yeah man, I know how it feels when there is too much of rain n snow!!
    really feel like jumping in the fire..hehe!!