Monday, January 8, 2007

HouseKeeper of the Year

Today mom took the Christmas tree down and she's been doing a lot of heavy-duty cleaning to get stuff back to an order that we all can live with. I've been trying to do my part too but I sorta keep getting yelled at. Mom says I'm going the wrong way with helping out and that I'm making more of a mess. She's calling me Messy Maggie today and I just can't understand why! I'm trying to organize my toy basket. I wanted to put all the toys on the bottom that hardly ever get played with so that all of my favorite's can be right there on top so I can just grab and run.

After an hour had passed and I had played as well as organized, I decided to take a nap. Meanwhile, mom was upstairs with the evil Hoover and the two of them were making lots of noise together. It suddenly got quiet and I could hear mom and Hoov coming back downstairs. They rounded the corner and mom stopped dead in her tracks! Oh boy, I think I'm in trouble again! Mom asked me what I had been doing productive and I showed her my toy basket all neat as a pin but she didn't see that part. She was glaring at me in my nest!

What????????? I was only trying to catch a few winks. Now what??!! And by the way, can't a girl ever get any shut-eye without that blasted camera blinding her 25 times a day!!! Mom huffed off taking Hoover with her and the two of them started making more noise in the family room. Meanwhile, I hear the mailman coming down the street - I know, I know - the new year's resolution - be more kind and loving to him. Well I'm trying - but I do have to bark, bark, bark and let mom know that he's across the street and on his way here. Mom looks up from vacuuming - looks at me and then looks at the window. Uh oh! I think I'm in deep doodoo again!

Maggie, she says, I just cleaned that window yesterday! Look at all of that nose art on that glass! I think I'm in the doghouse!

When mom finally puts evil Hoover away I guess I'll have to go play suck up to get on her better side. Wish me luck and in the meantime this is what I think of house work.............

Here's hoping mom forgives me soon.

Until next time..........

Love ya lots,



  1. awe how can she be mad at that face! Tanner dumps the toy basket a lot too!

    you have a lot of carrot toys!!

  2. Maggie:

    Don't worry about the cleaning...

    Yes, a girl needs to be able to get her beauty rest and all times of the day....

    Nose art ....GREAT....Keep up the hard work... Mom loves you ...and your art and cleaning .....

  3. Hi Maggie,
    I'm sure your mom will be over being mad at you in no time at all!! Just give her that huge Aire grin and she'll melt into a puddle. Works EVERY time.
    Lillie V

  4. Err, what did you do wrong? No justice at all.. here you are trying to help and yet...

    Dont worry about it.. You mom will not stay mad at you for long..we mean how could she with that pretty face of yours:)

    Boy n Baby

  5. Just when I get all my toys out of the basket and placed where I want them, my Human comes along, picks them all up and puts them back in the basket! Dang! Then I have to start all over...
    Big Wags,

  6. Maggie, you're so cute. How can your mum stay mad at you for long. :) I'm sure you worked really hard.

    ~ fufu

  7. omDOG! maggie, you give that "i'm sorry" tongue. believe me, that always work!

    wet wet licks


  8. Nice work Maggie. The hoomans do like us helping really. Just look at my latest post about helping dad with his DIY jobs!

    Oscar x

  9. Nose Art! Almost as good as Artistic Staining! he he he! You make me laugh a lot Maggie! Your heart is in the right place I think though - you were only trying to help I am sure!

    love and licks Marvin xxxxx

  10. You can always tell which car is mine by the nose art!

    Bussie Kissies

  11. Oooo... sounds like some big trouble you got yourself into. I tried to "clean up" the kitty litter one time & MaMa was upset! I dono why either cos I diligently "scoop" all the poopoo out of the pan.

    Anyway, I wish you luck Maggie. It took me 3hours, hope yours is only 3mins...

  12. Mom's can't stay mad at us dogs...we're too cute! And the nose art is way cool. I make it too...I should take a picture!

    Lots of love,

  13. They do not understand that we just need to help them... What would they do without us ? ....

  14. So cute. The vacuum ate one of my toys today. It was traumatic.

  15. Awwwmaggie there is no way anyone could stay mad at such a cutie as you. I love your nose art I must try that.

    Tail wags