Sunday, August 3, 2008

Update On the Barn Project and Baby Barn Swallows

The barn is totally down! This is one of the last shots of it still standing!

These are some of the timbers being stored for now until dad can get to them to wash them and repair them!
Remember those barn swallow nests that got disturbed? Lots of the baby birdies died, which was very sad for everyone involved but dad did discover two survivors that just didn't want to give up! Dad brought them home in a cardboard box and he's been feeding them our dog food, a mushy mixture, and they're loving it and hogging it down.
The birdies are a week younger in this video~

The barn swallow babies have not started to bark yet but they are growing daily so we're thinking that our food is agreeing with them! Dad does have one worry though - what happens when they want to leave the nest? How does dad teach them how to fly? He's now their mom! We'll have to update you on that too! It should be quite interesting!

This picture was taken of the baby barn swallows today! Their eyes are open and they sing to us all the time! They're very clean little guys. They sleep in the center of their nest and when they have to poop, they climb up on the side and position their butts so the nest stays clean! Dad didn't teach them this! hehehe

Dad is worried that they might not be ready to be left on their own before we leave for our summer vacation so these two babies might be going with us to Nantucket!

Guess what? Dad took us for ice cream! yahooooooooooooo! It's sure nice to have dad back!

So until next time............

Love ya lots,

Maggie and Mitch


  1. Ah maybe the birdies could try flying from your back, not so far to fall?
    Snuffs to Mitch Kissies to Maggie

  2. Hiiii they are soooo cute ! Your Dad makes a nice Mom (????) for those 2 little birdies... (how strange to write this....).
    Summer is great ! Youpiiiie for ice-cream !
    Kisses, Faya

  3. Those two little birdies are adorable (I didn't let Mica look, he'd just lick his chops and start making biscuits).

    Since they're eating food for Airedales, maybe the "air" portion will help them fly?

    Otherwise, we want a movie of Dad flapping his arms on the roof of the new barn!

    Your pal,


  4. Oh, how cute those baby birds are! Mother nature will probably help them learn to fly when the time is right.

    Levi's mom

  5. Hi, Maggie and Mitch!
    Glad your Dad took them home to take care of them!
    Do you think they will learn to bark instead of sing?
    You are so nice taking them with you to Nantucket!
    Yummy ice cream!
    Kisses and hugs

  6. OMG they're tiny. Thank goodness for your dad ay...where would they be without him. What a bonus for them..a holiday in they didn't see that coming.

    tail wags
    Noah xx

  7. They sure are cute. Has your dad called the wildlife rescue folks. They could tell him how to teach the birdies to fly, I bet. Anyway, I think it would be better to make Mitchie a tiny saddle and let them ride him.


  8. Hi Maggie and Mitch!
    Aww... those two birdies are adorable! How nice of your daddy to take them home and take care of them!
    Have a great day!
    Wags and licks,
    Maya and Kena

  9. w00f's Maggie and Mitch...howww cute those little birdies iz, but dont let mack see 'em..hehee ur dad iz being Mr Mom..

    b safe,

  10. Hi guys --
    those birdies are super cute! Please don't bite at them like Mack did to our birdie or you may be in big trouble!

    PS: Your dad makes a great birdy mom!

  11. Your dad is a great mom. haha Hopefully he figures out how to help them learn how to fly.

  12. I would really like to see barn swallows so I could point at them! I am sure that they will enjoy a nice trip to Nantucket. Who wouldn't ?

    Glad you got to keep cool with delicious ice cream.

    Your friend,

  13. Woof!!! Your dad has a kind heart! Jie jie says she miss hand feeding baby birdie. Daddy used to bring back baby Mynahs that fell off their nest from the place he used to worked and jie jie will help to feed them when daddy is at work. They even learn how to imitate the hooman when they talk like parrots. hee...

    Ice cream is cooool!!! I had ice cream cone the other day too.


  14. hi M&M, those barn swallows are so cute. we're so glad that you dad rescued them and is taking care of them. we had no idea that birds would like dog food. we sure hope they don't grow up to think they are airedales. that would be really funny!


  15. Wow,those birdies are super smart, and SOO cute! It's so great of your Dad to take them in and be their mommy for a while...=) And ice-cream! YAYY!


  16. Hi Maggie and Mitch,
    It'd really be interesting to know how your dad is teaching the 2 young ones how to fly when they are old enough! Maybe you can lend him a helping paw too...

  17. Wow....

    Yer Dad must be the best bird Mom ever......why when Gram tried ta take care of baby birds....they didn't make it....hope it all works out with yer vacation 'n those babies cause they sure are precious....can't wait ta see more about the barn too....

    Dewey Dewster here....

  18. hi maggie and mitch!
    what an amazing post. those little birdies are so lucky to have you and your family.
    we missed you while i was away.
    m & e

  19. Aww those little birdies are cute... and you are telling me they might get a bonus holiday too! Cool :-)



  20. Ooh, my mom says your daddy needs to take those birds to a wildlife rehab place right away. Those babies need to get the proper nutrition that only a mama bird can give them (which is hard even for the rehabilitator to formulate). Plus, they shouldn't have too much contact with humans or they won't learn how to survive in the wild. (Mom took a wildlife rehab class to learn this stuff). If they can't go out to the wild, maybe you can keep them as pets :)

  21. so nice of share you doggie food with the birdies. You are very thoughful. It is nice your daddy is taking care of the baby birdies. Although I love to chase birdies but don't hurt them, well I try not too.


  22. Hi, Maggie and Mitch -

    Those birdies are so adorable. First Butchy and Snickers' mom taking care of pet deer and now this. We are glad they are doing well.

    Love -

    Hershey and Kaci

  23. M& got ice cream again! WOW-my gelato store was closed today-it made me sad!

    Have you sniffed the baby barn swallows? Or are you not allowed close-you might scare them-they are very tiny!!

    When are you going on your vacation-Nantucket sounds neat. Mom said she's always wanted to go...maybe one day we both will


  24. Sad to hear about the birds. Glad that there's two little survivors being taken care of by your dad. Now a barking bird would be interesting. That reminds LS of some news she saw on tv about this flock of birds somewhere in US that can imitate the sound of ambulance siren. So if you happen to hear someone barking just like you and Mitch, maybe you should check out these two little birds first :-)

  25. Those birdie are soooooooo cute!! and your dad is soooooooooo kind to safe them and even plan to bring them to Nantuket!!! Another best thing of your dad, he bought you ice cream again!!!!

    Can we swap our dad??

    slurpy licks,

  26. Hey doggies, I'm back and I see you got ice cream. How pawsome

    ~ Girl girl

  27. Those birdie puppies are very cute! Your dad makes a great mom for them! They will probably fly from least the Bluebird puppies did. We're glad your dad was able to save them! cream! You are very lucky to have such great pawrents!

    Poppy, Penny & Patches

  28. Good evening m & m.
    The dismantlement work of the barn is advanced well.
    Swallow's child is lovely.
    However, it is necessary to take care of because the parent bird doesn't come
    near when man takes care of.
    The swallow stays in the person of , and put together.., and there is a maxim of Japan. :)

    from loved ume tyan

  29. We're thinking about Karl Lorenz and the little ducks that imprinted him as their mom!!!

    We don't know what will happen when they're old enough to fly -- shor of your dad trying to fly with them -- but perhaps you oould call wildlife folks to get their opinion!!


    Jake and Just Harry

  30. Wow your Man-Dad has such a sweet heart to take in those little baby birdies! Good that they are still alive, but really a Wildlife Rescue will be the best place for them -- we have a wonderful one close to us so you must as well. They take in little baby birds all the time - we even have found a few at the dog park and run them right across the street to the Rescue center. Isn't it exciting to have a vacation to look forward to?

  31. Well, as they say - survival of the fittest. These little guys must be some tough birdies. And if they are keeping their nest clean by instinct, maybe they'll be able to master flying on their own too. We'd like to be a fly on the wall if you take them on vacation - that would be something to see. Take care and hope you enjoyed your ice cream Maggie & Mitch.
    Abby, Rosie, Jack, Gidget & Lola

  32. You should ask Freda's dad. He used to work with birds at the zoo and he knows all about them. I bet he could help you out.


  33. Youw Dad wif his big heawt is an excellent biwd Mommi..those little swallows awe adowable, and I'm suwe you'll teach them to fly in no time..they'll pwobably love Nantucket
    smoochie kisses

  34. Guys, we got ONE bite of ice cream this weekend! It was the best thing EVER! it was caramel and ice cream with cinnamon cereal in it! can you handle that! Your Dad is a super hard worker.

    Check out our blog we found the shuttlecock toy!!

  35. Absolutely precious! Your daddy is a very good mommy. We can't wait to watch them grow, and we're also wondering about the flying. Maybe they'll just know on their own. I hope so because I don't think your daddy can fly, can he?


  36. Those babies are so cute - your Daddy is so awesome for trying to save them. Hopefully they enjoy Nantucket too :-)

  37. Those birds are so adorable. It would be so neat if they got to go to Nantucket too! Not only is your Dad a good person for preserving history, but he helps to preserve little animals! Then to wrap it all up you got ice cream. Wooo hooo!!!!

    Your pal,

  38. wow, those baby barn sure is clever not to dirty their own nest.

    how come i don't get ice cream ride? :(

    wet wet licks


  39. We want to see pictures of your dad flapping his arms to teach the birdies how to fly!

  40. Do you think they will have an identity crisis because of the dog food?

  41. So many blogs to catch up on. Hope everyone is fit and well.

    Simba x

  42. Thanks so much for sending thoughts for Charlotte to come home..I sure hope she hears us calling. Tell your daddy when the baby birds start jumping and trying to fly NOT to take them out and toss them in the air, thinking they will take off. Mum said she did that once, and the bird started to fly and then glided to the ground and landed. when the baby landed he fell forward and it snapped his lil neck....and died. Mum said she cried for a month and still makes her sick to her stomach everytime she thinks about it. She felt sooooo bad.

  43. SO WAY COOL! LOOK AT ALL WE MISSED WHILE JACK WAS SICK.....You guys are the best helping those baby birdies! We G-Dales are very proud of you!!! Way to go!!!!

    We think if theDales flap their ears hard enough they may be able to teach those birdies the right motions....what do you think? Give it a try M&M, give it a try!

    Lots of paw slaps pals....

    The 3 G-Dales!!!