Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wheelie Wednesday - Indian Pipes

Hi everybody! It's me, Autumn!

Guess what mom and I found in the woods today? Indian Pipe mushrooms!

I know probably not many of you are too thrilled about this but we've never seen them before in person and we're tickled pink that they live on our property! How cool is this?!

We also saw a beautiful red cardinal flower! It's considered a wild flower and it comes back every single year! We're very careful just to admire it and protect it and hope it never goes away!

The Marigolds are in full bloom now too!

And so are the Morning Glories!

Check out the HUMONGOUS tomato that's growing in our garden and probably can be picked tomorrow! It's an heirloom Aussie tomato! It would feed a family of 6!

Guess what else I came across?

Dad's Indian motorcycle! Do you think he'd notice if I took it for a spin?! I made sure I put my pumpkin wheels aside so I wouldn't scratch anything, doG forbid!

This will be my last posting for a couple of weeks as the family will be away! I'll be knitting my sweater and weeding to stay busy and maybe I'll think about inviting Guinness or Hector to join me for a motorcycle ride! We'll see!

See you all in a couple of weeks!

Love, Autumn


  1. Hello Autumn

    You will have a huge responsibility looking after your garden while your folks are on holiday. Are you going to have a Wheelie Party??

    Wish your hoomans a great holiday from us.

    Molly and Taffy

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  3. The garden looks beautiful, I love the morning glories. Take me for a ride on that bike Autumn.

  4. Your garden looks so pawsome. That ride on the bike will be so fun.
    I hope your hoomans have a nice holiday. We'll miss you

    ~ Girl girl

  5. Hi, everyone -

    Those morning glories are so beautiful. Mama really likes the color of them.

    Those tomatoes are huge!

    We hope you all have a great vacation.

    Love -

    Hershey and Kaci

  6. Hi Maggie, Mitch & Autumn

    Wow...what a tomato. The Mommy said give her that tomato, a avacado, some onions & some farlic bread and she would be in "hog heaven".

    We'll miss ya while you are on vacation but have a wonderful time.

    Love ya lots & lots...Mona & the Mommy too!!

  7. PS....forgot to say, the Mommy just lovesall the flowers!!!

  8. Your dad has an Indian? COOL!!

    Have you guys seen that movie "The fastest Indian" (or something like that)??

    It was a really good movie.

    Your garden is once again breathtaking Miss Autumn!!

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  10. your garden looks lovely. How do you keep the sqrrrls and birdies from eating the motato plants? Muzzer hates it when she has a lovely one on the vine in the morning and they sqrrls get it before lunchtime.

    have a good break from mitch and maggie. and good luck on the sweater.


  11. You look sooo cool on the back of the bike. Are those mushrooms poisonous?

  12. That is the coolest looking mushroom ever! I've never heard of those before. I also love the flower pictures. That bike is really cool!! You look like a total biker dude. Have fun on your vacation.

    Hugs, Kodak

  13. wow! what amazing pictures! those mushrooms are the coolest things ever!
    please tell your family to have a wonderful vacation. we cannot wait to see pictures and hear all about it when they get home.

    m & e

  14. Hi Autumn!

    Bailey, say if your lonesome he could come over.
    I think I'm going to have trouble with him...

    Pats & pets

    And, have a brillent holiday all!

  15. beautiful flowers and wow strange mushrooms. Hope the hols is nice and relaxing hope they have a great time.

    Ludo the cool dude

  16. Beautiful flowers... we've never seen mushrooms like that. How cool! Hope your folks have a great vacation.


  17. Im silly...I totally thought Maggie was the one who won the pawlimpics bronze for the paper towel! But it was Mitch!

    I'm so proud of him! Hehehehe...sorry for the ooops!

    That tomato looks like it could be a lot of fun to pounce on and throw around the yard. Don't give Maggie or Mitch the idea...they may do it! Hehehe!

    Enjoy the bike ride! Just make sure its on a tricycle or something...I think the dad would be mad if you booboo-ed his bike!

    Mr. T-Bone Beasley

  18. I love your fashion sense Miss Autumn!!


  19. We think the mushrooms are interesting, the tomato looks yummy, the flowers are beautiful, but that MOTORCYCLE ROCKS! Very cool ... man-dad rides too, but there is no sidecar for Booker.

  20. Try not to get into too much trouble while everypup is away. Not that you would of course, right Autumn!

    Lots of Licks, Ruby

  21. You always show us the most interesting items. Those mushrooms are quite different. We would love that tomato. You could have lots of BLTs or salsa with that one.
    How cool is it to have an Indian?
    We will miss you while you are gone.

  22. Great pictures! I am drooling over that tomato.

    Enjoy your quiet time while the family is away.

  23. Mom's marigolds and tomatoes aren't doing so good, they didn't like being moved so much. They were planted in containers because Mom didn't want to leave them at the old house. Mom is very excited that the new house has morning glories and a ton of rose bushes!

  24. Wow...the flowers and plants in your garden are superb, Autumn! Mom loved the photos of the marigolds and morning glories! So pretty!


  25. Autumn,

    The garden looks lovely but be careful on the motorcycle....we hope everyone has a good time on their vacation...

    Asta MArie, WFT

  26. Autumn what nice flowers! I love pretty flowers, they are so nice to look at and sniff the lovely fragrance. Those Indian Pipe mushrooms sure look different then any mushroom I have ever seen.


  27. I have an award for you!
    Hugs & Snugs
    Eduardo the Snuggle Puggle
    P.S. why don't you do the meme?(read about it on my blog)
    Happy Wheelie Wednesday Autumn!

  28. Such pretty flowers!

    My Mom made that Lemon Oat Bar recipe you blogged about the other day. She is not sure if she made it correctly. The top was really crumbly. She first sprinkled that top layer and patted it down gently, then realized about 10 minutes later (after she put it in the oven) that she was supposed to SPRINKLE that top layer on. So, then she started poking holes on half of that top layer and stuck it all back in the oven. In the end, the part that she stuck holes in and the part that was patted down still all was very crumbly. Was the top layer supposed to stick with the lemon/milk boiling up to the top? Anyhow, it was yummy! I got a little bite!

  29. Hi Autumn,
    You will have a huge responsibility while the family is away! Just yell if you need any help ok, we'll lend u a helping paw.
    Those flowers are SO lovely!!

  30. I'm still waiting for summer. Enjoy your break.

    Simba x

  31. Never seen the mushroom before. Looks interesting.

    Gee, sure will miss you all. Have a good holidays!

  32. Autumn
    Those awe the coolest looking mushwooms, and youw flowews awe magical as aways.
    I think you'll be quite busy keeping the gawden pawfect while they'we gone..pleez be vewy caweful when widing youw Dad's's a bootiful machine, but vewy powewful fos a little wheeley giwl
    I'll miss you
    wheeley smoochies

  33. omdog those indian pipes are so cool looking. We have never seen anything like that even in pictures. Have fun while the family is away, I am sure you won't be bored at all!

  34. Gorgeous garden shots! And hey Autumn... can you really ride that motorcycle? Pick me up if you go crusin', OK?
    Play bows,