Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Wheelie Wednesday - Mitch is Learning to Knit

Hi everybody! It's me, Autumn!

Our friends, Winston and Clementine have challenges going on at their blog! Every week is a different challenge and it's really fun submitting pictures and playing along and trying to win! Last week we had to submit pictures with one of us doing a craft with mom! And seeing as mom loves to knit and Mitch has always wanted to learn how, this was an easy photo for us!

Guess what? We were one of the top 3 contestants and here's what Winston had to say about our picture -

"We love how Mitch is able to take direction, but you can also tell that his own creative wheels are spinning as mom teaches him how to felt-knit. We are also pretty excited to get ONE photo with a human-dog crafting team pictured."

If anyone wants to play along, let Winston know and I'm sure he'll be thrilled! The more the merrier, right?!

So naturally I was just a wee bit jealous that Mitch was learning how to knit and I hadn't been taught yet so I asked Mitch to teach me how to knit!

And of course being the sweet boy that he is, he happily said that he'd teach me whatever he had learned so far!

By the way, the knitting on the needles is called the Ballband purse! If anyone would like the pattern, we'd be happy to share it! Just let us know! Mom just finished this one not long ago!

So I have a new project to keep me busy while the family is away on Nantucket! Maybe when they come back I can show them the beautiful sweater that I intend to knit for myself!

See you all next Wednesday!

Love, Autumn


  1. Hahahaha Mitch ..... you should see your face....hahahaha to cute !
    And congratulations to your Mom, she did a great job ! Very nice !
    Kisses, Faya

  2. hey boy.. are u kidding? i can't imagine mitchie love knitting

  3. I wish I could knit!
    I would knit my Ruby a whole wardrobe!

  4. I'll be looking forward to seeing the sweater. But, wait a minute... You said you'll show them what you intend to knit. I see you didn't actually promise to knit it. Very smart thinking.

  5. Good evening m & m.
    The autumn wind blows also in Japan if noticing it.
    Please heal the pain in swallow's mind.
    The completion of the sweater is a change of the season from autumn to winter.
    Time advances slowly. :)

    from loved ume tyan

  6. Oh Mitch how very very clever of you! And Autumn, love that hat!!!

    wags from the whippets

  7. Autumn: If the sweater turns out to big for you, Teka will buy it! She is wondering about the winters in Mayemphis. She was chilly in Azrizona, and isn't sure she is gonna like this winter much at all.


  8. Wow! The both of you are so talented! I have yet to create anything so fancy as I've invested almost all of my time mastering how to destroy things.

  9. G'day Autumn

    I can't wait to see your sweater!



  10. We can't wait to see the sweater!!!! We are soo sorry about Sherwood..Your Dad must be sad.Hey when are you guys soming up here?? We will start barking from here so you can here us over there!! Love nad kisses A+A

  11. Glad you brought up knitting and reminded me it's time to make Levi a winter coat. Cooper's old stuff will be too small.

    As always, I love Wheelie Wednesdays.

  12. My Mummy did some knitting for baby Mikey. I tried but my paws couldn't hold the needles and when I used my teeth I got told off.

    Simba x

  13. Hi Autumn, I still love your cute little tomatoe hat! Mitch is a very attentive student. Either that or he's very seriously contemplating how to destroy that purse.


  14. Mitch knitting & now you knitting Autumn I'll have to start again...
    The purse looks great I for one would be interested in the pattern!

    Pats & pets to all

  15. Mitch is very good at taking directions! Congrats on being the top 3!

    Butt wiggles,
    Solid Gold Dancer

  16. Those knitting needles look like chop sticks to me, and I'm hungry.

    What a cool purse; I love the long, stringy handle. I would have lots of fun playing with it!

  17. Hello Autumn!

    We got a wheelie! We got a Wheelie!
    We are so excited to have a wheelie......we hope to share our adventures wiff you all....

    I'm not so sure we Griffindales know how to knit that a pwoblem?


  18. Mitch is a pup after my Mom's heart! Mom only wishes I was interested in learning how to knit and not playing with the yarn...hee hee hee!!!

    I hope you won't be too lonely with the family vacationing!!!

    Lots of Licks, Ruby

  19. My mama knits too! But I'm much better at helping her unravel yarn that knit it into things - the cats have taught me well :)


  20. Hi Autumn!
    How sweet of Mitch to teach you how to knit! Hope you are having fun with it!
    Love Clover xo

  21. That's such a pretty little purse! Hey if you can alter the pattern and make them littler, then you could knit fancy little poopbag purses to attach to dogs' leashes!

  22. w00f's Autumn, heehee me guesses me will never learn to knit, my mama cant do none of dat craft stuff...

    b safe,

    pps did u c me gived u a award...

  23. Autumn
    Mitch is a sweetie fow teaching you..I bet youw sweatew will be bootiful, just in time fow fall..Awe you going to be OK staying home alone??
    do you want to come hewe so you won't be lonely?
    smoochie kisses
    Myrna and ASTA

  24. Wow Mitch...

    That's really great that you are learning to knit and Autumn is trying to learn too....that is one nice purse your Mom Mom never learned to knit (left handed) but she can crochet and used to crochet purses from rug yarn....not too much crocheting going on around here anymore....

    Asta Marie, WFT

  25. Mitch did you really make that cute little purse? Willow would love one of those! You are a pawsome knitter. The skill you have, I am pawmazed.
    We hope you all have a great time in Nantucket. Be sure and take a lot of pictures!

    Rolling out,
    Malitta (ok and Willow)

  26. hi mitch and maggie!
    we love to knit and crochet too. emmitt loves to lay on the ball of yarn.
    silly pug!
    we cannot wait to see what you create!
    m & e

  27. Mitch is SOOOO talented to be able to knit. What posh dog you have.

  28. Hey Autumn, I love that photo of you Mom and Mitch learning learning how to knit.He's one multi talented doggie - you must be following inn his paw steps with your wheels. I hope everyone has a fab time on Nantucket and you enjoy knitting you sweater. Now where was I ? Knit one, pearl one, ssk, psso...

    Wags, Eric x

  29. OMDawgness!!! Run, Mitch, Run............. Before you get blamed the first time the yarn is found strung around the house....Run, Mitch, Run....

    Apache and her tribe

  30. Hi, Autumn!
    I will be waiting to see your sweater!
    Kisses and hugs

  31. Cool! Knitting looks fun, with all the yarn and felt...=) Love the pictures of Mitch doing his knitting! Too cute! *grins*


  32. that is cool they made the top 3!! I am sure you will knit yourself a beautiful sweater, I could use one too, I am always cold even in the desert!

  33. Mitch sure is a clever boy. You learn really fast too Autumn. It'll be pawsome if you can knit a sweater

    ~ Girl girl

  34. Mitch is one smart pup!! (Considering the fact that he can knit without opposable thumbs)..
    Can't wait to see your creation Autumn!

  35. Autumn

    I love your little hat and i look forward to seeing the sweater!

    lots of love

  36. What great outfits. Your Mom sure has done a wonderful job kniting. And a sweater coming up too.

  37. Mitch! Looks like your head might spode from concentrating so hard on the knitting.


  38. Knitting looks like it is really hard. We'd rather just play with the yarn.

  39. That is a great picture of Mitch learning to knit. We'd love the pattern except Mom gave up on learning to nit about 3 times now. She says she's going to stick with her cross stitch. The needles are smaller and she doesn't get tangled up as bad.

  40. You look so good! Too bad there is not a medal in outerwear. You would win GOLD.

  41. Yay! Top 3 look at you guys! Mitch, you keep trying! We all know knitting can be really hard for us without aposable thumbs, but youre trying and he looks great!!

    puppy breath,

  42. My Old Girl would LOVE to learn how to knit! Maybe you can offer online classes someday!

  43. That's quie an accomplishment for a pup withou opposable thumbs. Great work Mitch!

  44. Hey top 3 well done. Woo hoo it's good to see your mum, we've never seen her before. Happy knitting!!


  45. You are one talented puppy.. Keep up the good work..

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  46. That purse is great. Grammie is working on toe up socks with a jo jo heel. Hopefully they turn out OK.

  47. Mitch can knit? Golly! Amazing talent! Great job too!

  48. What a talented crafting team the three of you make! My mom tried knitting a sweater once - the sleeves turned out a little long...okay A LOT long...then she decided to knit little blankies for the shelter because she felt the animals would just be happy to have a blankie and not be picky about how it looked!!

    Have a wonderful trip to Nantucket!
    we are super jelly

  49. Mitch,

    How wonderful that you are learning to knit! I just love the picture with you and your Mom. We don't get to see enough of her normally!

    Your pal,

  50. Oh my - you are both so talented! I can hardly wait to see the finished product!

  51. Hee hee, Mitch did you really learn how to knit? Or did you just use that as an excuse for quality time with mom? That's a beautiful purse! We love the colors.

  52. Mitch, after you learn from your mom, you got teach our mom. Cos our mom wanted to learn it for the longest time.

    We are very sorry to hear about Sherwood. We believe they are flying freely at the Rainbow Bridge.

    Boy n Baby

  53. So Autumn, is it okay for boys to knit? I'm thinking that Mitch has quite big paws too and those hairy toes might get knitted into his design??
    Tell me, what is a ballband? I might give knitting a go when i see Mitch's production..
    Love George