Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Great Autumn Day

The UPS man brought us a pressie today from our goodest and bestest friend, Putter! Earlier this month, Putter's mom and dad and cutest ever twinsies got to go to a faire and they won stuffies and they were kind enough to send Mitch and I one each! That was so thoughtful of you to think of us, Putter! Thank you so much! I want the Dalmation and you can have the Rottie, okay, Mitch?Sure, that sounds fair to me, Maggie!

OOPS!!!! I lied! hehehehe

Putter's mom also sent this good looking book to our mom! In early December our mom is going to fly to Florida to visit with gram and gramp so she says she'd like to put the book away and save it till then to read it on the plane so she has something fun to do for 3 hours! The book is called, "The Powerful Bond between People and Pets". Has anyone read it yet? Mom says thank you so very much to your mom, Putter! You guys are so very thoughtful!

And the fun doesn't stop here! Guess where we went for dindin? The Glenwood! wooooooooohoooooooo We didn't score any of mom's hamburger (PIG!) or dad's hotdog but we did get french fries and mom even dipped them in her catsup for us!
After the Glenwood we headed to Wentworth's for ice cream! Here comes dad with the ice cream!
Mom got mint chocolate chip and the lady who scoops out the ice cream must have known that we were along because there were hardly any chocolate chips in there! And dad got mud pie ice cream! yummmmmmm

What a fun and exhausting day we've had! Check out my pillow! It's Mitchy's butt!

So until next time...............

Love ya lots,

Maggie and Mitch


  1. How nice of Putter! Yummers on the food, specially the ice cream!!!

  2. Ooh stuffies! I love stuffies! Though I don't I could de-stuff a Rottie Stuffie! ;-)



  3. What an exciting day. New toys, ice cream and a ride in the car. Heaven!

    Happy Tails,
    William Tell

  4. wow, you guys had a great day! pressies, french fries and ice cream! you really know how to live the good life!

    we want to know how your mom likes that book. our mom hasn't read it, but she loves that kind of stuff.


  5. hi maggie and mitch!

    what a wonderful day you had! presents and ice cream! :)

    what more could anyone ask for?

    melissa & emmitt

  6. Wow, those are very cool pressies! The book sounds AWESOME! I wonder if they have it in stock here in Malaysia...must remind Mom to go and check it out...hehe!

    And I love the photo of you both enjoying your ice-cream...makes me want to have one too! *grins*


  7. pawesome pressies!! Sorry I haven't been by to bark more often!



  8. Hi, Maggie and Mitch!
    Putter was so nice sending you two those stuffies and the book for your Mom!
    What kind of flavor is Mud Pie ice cream!
    Sounds yummy to me!
    Kisses and hugs

  9. Hi Maggie & Mitch,
    It's real nice of Putter to send you those stuffies to keep you company!
    Mud pie ice-cream? I have not heard of this flavour before and can only dream of how it tastes like... **licking lips**
    Have a great weekend.. *** HUGS***

  10. Stuffies from the lovely Putter, french fries and ice cream???? What an amazing day! And to top it all off you got to nap on Mitchy's butt. Too much fun! I bet you wish every day was as good as that day!!

    Your pal,

  11. Ok now I don't mean to complain but we thought ice-cream only came in vanilla...that's what THEY told us.....LIARS!!!! I'm glad we're friends Maggie & Mitch because I learn lots from you guys. You would never try to trick me.

    Now Mitch, you can't have both stuffies matie. That is something crazy Lucy would do and believe me you don't want to be like her.


  12. New stuffies! Wow, Me is jealous. We have something in commom. Me got my first french fry today so me knows how goooooood they are. Don't know what ketchup is though. hummmm.....


  13. Oh I love new stuffies! I have to be the first to try any new ones Mom brings us, then the others can play with them. Guess that makes me the alpha, eh???

    French fries AND ice cream? Yum!

    (P.S. I sure can get in those little 9-inch tunnels in Earthdog -- I can even squeeze into an 8-inch plastic sewer pipe after a rat in a tube if I stretch out my hind legs!)

  14. We ALL scream for ice cream! Looks like a yummy time! Have a great weekend

  15. M&M....ope ya enjoy yer new stuffies...that Dalmatian is as cute as a button.....hope his stuffin' doesn't fall out all by itself.....isn't that what usually happens....especially when yer not around....

    Now it looks like ya got some ice cream on yer outtin'....good fer ya and I bet it was yummy too....have a great weekend....

    Dewey Dewster here.....

  16. That's really nice of Putter to send those stuffies. Yeah for Ice Cream!!

    ~ Girl girl

  17. That was an action packed day! To have all that delicious food as well....yummy!
    We love the stuffies from Putter.

    Molly and Taffy

  18. You can never have too many stuffies. Well I can't they don't last long enough.

    Simba x

  19. wow.. you guys have one heck of a schedule. we're so glad the icecream was nice enough to minimize the chocolate so you guys can eat.

    we never got to eat any chocolate in our icecream because manang is such a paranoid woof woman.. hehe..

    hope you guys have a fun filled weekend.

    drooly kisses,


    pee-ees. my manang has the same nickname as mitch. I wonder if mitch's name is short for something.

  20. Stuffies and ice cream? Sounds like you two had one awesome day!

  21. Aire-butts make great pillows! We use them all the time! That book sounds very interesting. We hope your mom has fun reading it on the plane. You two sure had a great stuffies, lunch at Glenwood and then ice cream! What dog could ask for more?

    Poppy, Penny & Patches

  22. Hello you two, we areback after not posting all month, tut tut! Now we have to catch up with everyone!

    Cassidy x

  23. French fries and ice cream all in the same day? What lucky poochies you two are!

  24. All I can say is you two certainly have a good life!


  25. what a beautiful pair of dogs waiting so patiently for their ice cream!

  26. What fun! Oh, how I love to go for rides like that, too!! sometimes, we are lucky enough to help mom wiht her french fries and burger. We have to wait patiently, though. OR ELSE.. we get none. What a rip.

  27. Yummy ice cream. We want to go to that drive-in some day. it should probably be on the Food Network show. The two of you could be on camera as the best customers.

  28. What a great day...and I'd like a mitch pillow please!!!

    Lots of Licks, Ruby

  29. Wow! What a day! That book sounds really cool. I bet it will make the flight seem really short.

  30. hahahahahahaaaa what a great pillow !!!! Have a nice week-end Maggie & Mitch !
    Kisses, Faya & Dyos

  31. I myself like to use my mom's head as a pillow. She always says "Gross it smells!" - What is she talking about!?

  32. a gift, french fries and ice cream. What more could you want?

  33. Stuffies, french fries (with catsup!!!!) and ice cream. What a great day you've had! I can see the ice cream is a definite favorite - the looks of anticipation ... nice.
    Finni xx

  34. We want the same...sfuffies, fries and ICE CREAM!!!

    Have a pawsome weekend, Maggie and Mitch!!

    Momo & Pinot

  35. w00f's Maggie and Mitch, u pups always haff sooo much fun and pawsome yummie good foodies..

    b safe,

  36. Your folks seriously know how to feast! My mom eats stinky things like "veggie burgers" which in my opinion should be banned from existence. Her one saving quality is that she loves ice cream!

    DELISH! Hope you enjoyed it as much as I would have!

  37. putter is such a good friend to you. i'm getting jealous.

    hope your mom enjoy the book. let us know if the book is any good.

    wet wet licks


  38. Pressies!!! How fun!!

    And that sounds like a good book for your mom to read on her travels!


  39. Thanks for the book idea! I always like reading about people and their dogs. That was nice of Putter to send that to you.

    T-man's mom, CC-man and T-man Angel

  40. Thanks Maggie & Mitch for wishing me (:
    Thanks for your compliments too !
    Oh I myself have 3 Nylabones , Lady & Zena don't really play with it ... so ?

    Lots of Loves ,
    Three Musketeers

  41. Oh you two are so lucky....pressies and ice cream.
    We love ice cream......any flavour we're not fussy!

    Miss Ellie and Bazzy

  42. Good evening m & m.
    It is Sky in wonderful autumn.
    Happiness of Halloween soon.
    Season that wants to drink ice cream and drink and becomes it.
    Autumnal colors of the leaves wait for us.
    Please spend a wonderful weekend. :D

    from loved ume tyan

  43. Pressies yeah! I love stuffed animals and things that squeak.

  44. Sounds like a pawesome day for sure. That might be the last of the ice cream for a while??

  45. What an awesome day. The fishing touch has to be the ketchup on the fries... now that is momma love!