Monday, October 20, 2008


We left our house earlier than expected yesterday morning because dad wanted to see Ian Igersoll's cabinet shop where his friend, Mike, builds furniture! It's in West Cornwall, Connecticut, and it just happens to be right next to the famous Cornwall covered bridge! We've seen lots of pictures of it but this is the first time we've ever seen in in person and with the autumn leaves in the background - it's breathtaking! The bridge still has a wooden deck so that when we drove over it, it sounded very funny under our tires!Barktoberfest was only 10 minutes away from the Cornwall bridge so at this point we didn't have too much farther to go before we got to see lots of Airedales!
All the doggies got to wear tags this year so we all knew each others names!
Mitch couldn't wait to say hi!
Scuffer and I caught up on our yearly news! Scuffer is Carol Usher's dog. She our friend who makes the WoolieDales!
Are you Albert, my Giant Schnauzer friend?
Mom and I checked out all of Denis's sculptures! There sure are a lot of them here!
You can't believe how tall this giraffe is!
This one looks like Rufus or Brutus, our Saint Bernard buddies!
There were lots of pumpkins lurking about!
OMG, are the two of you Winston and Clementine, our Pug buddies? Do you realize that this is an Airedale event! I guess these Puggies are Airedale wannabees??!!
Meet Cole! He's a 5 month old boy! He reminded me of Mitch when we first got him! Mom wanted to bring him home with us! He has quite a personality!
What's up with your ears?
Hey, you're a Welshie like my friend, Taffy!
Mom got a few pictures of dogs in costume!
This is Dexter clowning around!You have to see Saxon! He's dressed up as an armadillo! He has a nylon stocking over his face! Would you let your mom do this to you? Not me and Mitch says not him either! Imagine the patience this guy has! We sure hope he got LOTS of treats for putting up with this!

Guess who I got to meet and actually put my paw on and try to pick a fight with? Tess! She's a pretty famous show dog that wins lots of ribbons and I got to stand right next to her and touch her! She was actually very nice to me despite my behavior!What a great day we had and very exhausting! We slept all the way home! Mom didn't hear a peep out of either one of us! And when we got home guess what mom and dad had for dindin? PIZZA! The day couldn't have been more perfect!

Tune in on Wheelie Wednesday and Autumn will show you the neat gift that mom treated herself to at Barktoberfest!

So until next time..............

Love ya lots,

Maggie and Mitch


  1. What a great day you had! Isn't it fun to meet up with other Aire-kids? Our mom just can't seem to see enough of them. We can't wait to see what Autumn has to show us!

    Poppy, Penny & Patches

  2. What a pawsome day that you and Mitch got to enjoy! Love the photos! I especially liked the doggie in the armadillo costume...*grins* Can't wait to see your Mom's gift!


  3. We would have loved to have gone to the Barktoberfest with you guys. Wow you got to meet lots of other dales and other dogs too. What a great day out.

    Noah Willow Tess & Lucy

  4. OMD what a cool fun time! Mommy thinks that nametags are SUPER smart and thinks she'll bring them to our next meet-up!!!!

  5. Looks like a pawfect day! Did you have a pic a nic at the Barkfest? Or just lots of samples?

    And Pizza for din din!!!!woooooeee


  6. hi maggie and mitch!
    oh what a great party! i have only seen pug parties that organized! i cannot wait to see what you bought!

  7. The absoloutely pawfectest Octobew day!
    smoochie kisses

  8. M&M...what a wonderful day-I can't believe all the Airdales in one place..well except for the pugs! I'm glad you had a great time!!


  9. Oh what a fun 'dale day, maybe one day we'll make it. Editor says the bridge looks amazing.

  10. Barktoberfest, sounds fun! That's funny you guys had to wear name tags. Hope you guys had a soooperb time!

    Butt wiggles,
    Solid Gold Dancer

  11. I think you absolutely had the perfect day!

  12. Now that looks like a great trip! Mom didn't do anything fun this weekend (well she was off to a pawty - but no fun for ME!).

    .. and I'm not getting over that stocking..


  13. What a fun day! And you ended it with pizza? Even more wonderful!!!
    Ther is no way I would have let my mom and dad dress me up like an armadillo! Not even for a truck full of treats!!

  14. What a fun, fun, fun day! And then it ended with pizza ~~ how perfect!

  15. Hi, Maggie and Mitch!
    Sure you had a great day!
    I liked the Evil-Dale!
    And you end the day with yummy pizza!
    Kisses and hugs

  16. What an amazing day! Barktoberfest looked so pawsome. All those other dales and other dogs, wooh hooh!! You guys sure had a great day, and to end it with pizza...heaven!

    Your pal,

  17. Cooooooooooooooool!!!!!

    Miss Maggie, you look LOVELY in your pink harness!!!!


  18. That looked so totally fun and pawesome!! Did Mitch get any numbers, there were lots of cute girls there!

  19. What a fun event and lots of nice doggie friends you all meet

    ~ Girl girl

  20. Looks like you guys have fun (:
    Nylabones are simply my favorite ! Yeah ! I just love the galileo bone (:

    Lots of Loves ,
    Three Musketeers

  21. What a great day out. Good idea having name tags or you might have gone home with the wrong dog.

    Simba x

  22. wow looks like you guys had a least we got to see the place w/aireeeedales in it. the humans did show up there...but to late for dogs! they had to deliver the plants from the water garden and the other big ones to the studio in collinsville -- so they wouldn't freeze --- they got a late start (silly humans don't they know what's important??). they did get to talk to denis and barb so it was not a wasted trip....and they did see all the fall foliage<------which is a plus. now they got to see the aireeedales via cyber space. ;o]]]
    theBUSTER, Ms. Persephone & Ms. Blue too

  23. I love your pink bandanna and harness Maggie! You were very chic and stylish for the event, best dressed doggie forsure!!


  24. How fun! Mommy promised to take me to Barktoberfest when we move to Boston. I can't wait!
    How is your leg, Mitch?


  25. haha - those are little winston and clementine airedale wannabees!! how funny that we have new england twins!

  26. Awesome pictures! It looks like you had an awesome time! And that statue does look like B and R...Sure wish we could have been there!