Sunday, March 1, 2009

City Fish and Chocolate

We did take mom and dad out for their anniversary last Tuesday and we did go to City Fish!

Dad went inside the building to place the order and he was back almost before we could count to 20! Mom and dad both got fish and chips! OMG, we were drooling!
And they were very generous in sharing with me~

And with Mitch too! We both LOVE fries! We could eat them every day for the rest of our lives and never get sick of them!BUT~

Before we left for City Fish we had a bit of excitement! I'm going to turn the blog over to Mitch now!

Hi everyone! It's me Mitch and I got to eat CHOCOLATE and it was GOOD! I stole it from Miss Suzanne!

Miss Suzanne lives in our apartment upstairs in the same barn that dad's workshop is in. It's on the second floor and there are carpeted steps that lead up to her front door and I climb those stairs all the time and plop my butt down outside her door in hopes that she'll open it for me and let me in! I like to see what goodies she's got inside for me!Not long before we left for City Fish, I got my wish! Miss Suzanne opened her door and let me inside! Mom and dad were downstairs working on floors for the guestroom and they didn't realize that I had left the workshop.

It wasn't long though before mom discovered that I was missing and she came looking for me! She called my name and Miss Suzanne opened her door and told mom that I was upstairs visiting with her! Mom told me that I had to cut my visit short because we were getting ready to leave for City Fish.

For the very short time that I was upstairs with Miss Suzanne I found and ate half of a chocolate covered granola bar! It was very yummy! I thanked her by giving back the foil wrapper! Who wants to eat that part anyway! YUK!

Miss Suzanne was unaware that chocolate is poison to us doggies! Mom has since set her straight on this issue!
Mom brought me inside the house and Maggie and I both ate dindin before our trip to City Fish!
I was being watched all afternoon by mom and dad to see if I would explode or something but I never did - I was just fine! The chocolate never even bothered me!
So hopefully this means that when the Easter bunny comes next month he will bring me a HUGE basket of chocolate and I can eat it ALL!

Stop tapping your paw and staring at me like that, Maggie! You can have your stoopid blog back! I finished my story!

*Ahem* Mitch dodged the bullet this time and for that we are very grateful and NO, you will not be eating any more chocolate, Mitch! Mom and dad are in total agreement on this issue!

So until next time..................

Love ya lots,

Maggie and Mitch


  1. Fish, fries, chocolate! Sounds like a good combination to me!
    Glad Mitch is ok!
    My mom ate fish yesterday and she gave me a little! Delicious!
    Have a great sunday!
    Kisses and hugs

  2. Oh, my doGness! Mitch, you are soooo lucky you didn't get sick! We're glad your mom made Miss Suzanne aware of the danger! The fish and chips look very yummy! We hope your pawrents had a great anniversary!

    Poppy, Penny & Patches

  3. Hi Mitch and Maggie
    thank goodness you did not get sick from the chocolate! mighty scary to pawrents! I know it is very tempting. But as far the fries go YUM , YUM. I can relat- sometimes if I am with mommy and she ahs a Mc Donald attack- she gives me one bite of a french fry, and they are so little- not big like your french fries from the fancy restuarant.
    Your story is so grand! You were making me drool!

  4. wow! french fries AND CHOCOLATE! Mitch, you have tasted the forbidden fruit and lived to tell about it! dogness, we are so jealous that we could just bark!

    one time, i, Bailey, ate some hershey kisses that i sniffed out of mom's work bag. i was very good about leaving the wrappers on the floor for her to find them. i didn't die either. and it was GOOD.

    but alas, we dogs are destined to be banned from chocolate eating. it's just a darn woofin' shame that the best treats are the ones that are poison. why? why?


  5. Maggie and Mitch
    It was awful nice of you to tweat youw pawents to fish and chips . Mitchy, I can't believe you got to twy it amazing????
    Even if you nevew have it's pwetty cool and I'm soooo glad you didn't weact badly to it
    smoochie kisses

  6. Mitch, I can't believe it! YOU ATE CHOCOLATE? The worst day of my life was last Halloween when we had a whole bowl of chocolate candy left over and my mom and dad ate all of it and didn't give me any. Well, at least no one's started any evil rumors about French fries...those sure look yummy!

    See ya!
    Joey (and Zeke)

  7. Ayyyyah..muzzer says read the wrapper probably didn't get more than a smidgen of real chocolate on those bars. So don't think you pulled off some great feat! Hah! Muzzer had a spaniel who stole a box of chocolate covered macadamia nuts from Aunt Marie and lived to tell about it! But that doesn't mean we should imitate him. Nononono..that is what muzzer says.


  8. OMG you ate fires AND THEN HAD THE FORBIDDEN FRUIT!!!!!!!!!! was it yummy or overrated??PL2 is saying do not get any ideas kids it was a mistake.....spoil sport....Love A+A

  9. What a great feast you two had today, especially you Mitch.
    Happy Anniversay to your Mom & Dad.
    Love Ruby & Penny

  10. oh yum! Fish be my favouritist! Lucky that was only a small bit of chocolate huh Mitch? Or maybe you is a super dog and immune to chocolate, or maybe the peoples lie to us! So many questions for a little dog like me.
    ~lickies, Ludo

  11. Can you believe I've never had fish and chips before? Haha

  12. LOL!
    hi M & M

    great story mitch! looks like the only m & m's you'll get is from yours and maggie's intials. :)

    the fish and chips look yummy!

    what a great celebration!

    m & e

  13. Oh Mitch, we are soooo glad you are ok. What a scary thing....only carob REAL chocolate for you! I am jealous of the fish and chips...YUM! One time Mom got chicken nuggets from a drive through and she gave me one and I immediately threw up in her car so she NEVER gives me greasy food anymore...BOOHOO! :(


  14. sister's husband just love his fish and chips! Sister says BLECK to them though.

    i say, well then I'LL eat them!

  15. so glad you are okay and the chocolate did not harm you. Sneaky sneaky you are. =)

  16. Ooh...the fish & chips look YUMMY! Glad to hear that you're okay even after eating the chocolate, Mitch! You are one lucky boy...*grins*


  17. those fish and fries made me drool..i want some so bad now.!!!

  18. Mom and I are both drooling 'bout the fish and chips!

    Woo were lukhky woo dodged the chokholate bullet!

    I think woo just need to ask the Easter Ozwald fur some jelly beans of the khandy variety!


  19. Yummy Fish and Chips! Mom loves them too and she always gives me tastes!!

    I ate chocolate too when I was a pup! I went into my mom's bags and stole a sandwich bag full of chocolate kisses and ate them all-wrappers included. mom called the pet emergency and they told her to give me hydrogen peroxide so that I would vomit-and I did! Mommy was not very happy with me!

    I'm real glad you weren't given nasty stuff to make you vomit!!


  20. It sounds like you had a feast! I love chocolate, I have to have dog chocolate though.
    Thank you furry much fur voting fur me in the Most Sporty Looking Dog Contest :)
    Stop by my blog sometime, I like to make new friends!
    Big licks to you

  21. It sounds like you had a feast! I love chocolate, I have to have dog chocolate though.
    Thank you furry much fur voting fur me in the Most Sporty Looking Dog Contest :)
    Stop by my blog sometime, I like to make new friends!
    Big licks to you

  22. Mitch is so lucky that he did not get sick and have to go the VET.
    We love fries also.

  23. WOh.. I wish I get to try some chips too

    ~ Bae

  24. Fries are so delicious! Did you guys get to try the fish too? I am so glad that you are ok from the chocolate, Mitch.:)

    Teddy Bear

  25. We love the french fries too! Do you know sometimes when M's fingers are coated with salt, we thought it sure taste like fries, lol!

    Okay, the chocolate is a definate no-no, but Goofy had too stolen some before when he was much younger, got D&M worried but thank GOD nothing happened.

    No. In fact something happened. No more chocolates in our sight! Sigh!

    We cant figure out why the best thing in the world is consider toxic to us dogs huh?

  26. Gee, I'm sure learning a lot about what Airedales could be eating.

    I have never had pizza, or ice cream, or chips, or CHOCOLATE! I was told dogs didn't eat these things, but now I find out that's NOT true. Hmmmmph, I'm being cheated out of all kinds of good stuff. Must discuss this with Neil.

    It was so, so sad to hear about Bogart's dad. We were thinking of them constantly and dreading the news that finally came today.

    Makes me more determined to live each day to the fullest, to run full pelt, to dig big holes and to find some of that good stuff to eat.

    cheers to you both, Maggie and Mitch,

  27. Jie jie says, a tiny bit if chocolate won't kill in fact. I never trust her an won't even sniff at chocolate even when I am offered. Its better stay off it thou.



    You gotta leave that killer chocolate alone. I'd much rather have the fish and chops. Mommy was just drolling looking at that fish.

    Love ya...Mona

  29. wellllll mitch... living on the edge eh?? our humans get a bit nervous about such things too. my uncle clancey (the wheaten) and Ms.Bailey got into chocolate once...(before our time) the heavy duty stuff, the 85% dark stuff, and the vet made them eat charcoal! now that really doesn't sound good to me. the only effects the humomm noticed was Ms.B sure was in hyper-drive and the clancey? welllll he did slurp the charcoal up because he thought it was "dinner"...silly dog. we don't go near anything chocolate -- except that carob stuff that's safe and the dog bakery uses it and the cooooookeeeeez are so very yummy!
    theBUSTER....& Ms.Persephone & Ms.Blue too <----i was young then...and dumb to follow the counter surfer.

  30. We are so glad you are ok Mitch.

    You stick to the chips..hehe

    Holly & Zac...XX

  31. Just re read that, umm we think we really should have put .. you stick to the chips in future Mitch. LOL

    Holly & Zac...XX

  32. Why do such wonderful things like chocolate and COFFEE have to be on the Forbidden Foods list!?!? It's just no fair at all. Thank goodness fish and chips aren't on that list!
    Play bows,

  33. What an adventure! I especially love all the food parts. Tell your mom and dad Happy Anniversary!!!!!!


    P.S. Mom wants to know just how cuddly you airedales are. Are you snuggly cuddly or sort of stand-offish like me?