Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wheelie Wednesday - Wee Ted

Hi everybody! It's me, Autumn! A couple of weeks ago, our teddy friend, Woodstock, posted about the smallest teddy on the face of this earth! He's just a teeny weeny thing and actually smaller than a dime!

I wanted to introduce you to my friend Wee Ted! Mom made him - she needle felted him a few years ago! He's the smallest teddy that I've ever seen in person!
He stands just under 3 inches tall! He's really just a pipsqueak and kinda bowlegged too!
He actually doesn't do too much standing though! His job is to sit in front of the faucets in the hydrangea-theme bathroom and make sure that all hoomans wash their hands before leaving the premises!
Mom gave him a special Wedgewood box just for this very purpose!
He has to color-coordinate, ya know! Do any of you have a teddy smaller than my friend Wee Ted? I'd love to meet him!

See you all next Wednesday!

Love, Autumn


  1. hi autumn!
    oh my goodness! we love ted! your mom did an amazing job creating the smallest teddy we have seen too!
    m & e

  2. What a cute teddy, Autumn! Even though our mom collects teddy bears, we don't think she has one that small. She does have an evil skwerrel, that she needle felted, that is only about 1 inch tall.

    Poppy, Penny & Patches

  3. That's a pawsome little teddy bear :)
    Big licks to you

  4. Hi Autumn,

    Little Ted is just the cutest! I certainly don't have any teds that small, I don't think even the beans have any that small and they have LOTS of stuffies and teddys. I will have to sneak into their stuffy stash and check!

    love and tailwags,

    Ben xxx

  5. woops...muzzer has a Paddy Bear that is 4.5 inches tall. (but he is wearing boots and a rainhat) That still makes your Little Ted the smallest we have seen.


  6. Autumn, Wee Ted is the cutest! It looks like he is doing great work there in the bathroom!

  7. Hi Autumn.
    Wee Ted is so cute. It's nice that he has such an important job.
    Love Ruby & Penny

  8. Hi Autumn,
    Oh Wee Ted is so cute...I think it's funny you call him Wee Ted considering he lives in the bathroom - hee hee hee!!! I think Wee Ted is the smallest stuffy I know...but I'll have to check around...I never know what kind of crazy things my Mom has hanging around.

    Lots of Licks, Ruby

  9. Nice pictures. Cute.
    I have generated a DOGBLOGLINK, would be glad if you and your friends would add yourself.

    Nice WUUUH
    Sally from French

  10. Hi Autumn
    The little man really loves that Teddy! We have a big thing for stuffed toys in this house.
    Lots of woofs

  11. My Old Girl has a troll that is smaller, but not a teddy that is smaller. It sounds like Wee-Ted has a very important job!

  12. We had someone like Wee Ted, but Rulon ate him.


  13. I think I could pick Wee Ted up in my mouth and run off with him in a minute! (Run off to play, of course...not to destroy him!).

    He is very cute!

  14. Aaaaaw your little Teddy is gorgeous Autumn. For such a little bear he has a huge job looking after those big taps.

    Molly and Taffy

  15. no, but we do have a very ancient ted called Fred, who has stuffing coming out of his nose.....and it is straw, so he must be really old!

    He was my Jeannie's first bear, and she still has him now.

    He is small but nowhere small as yours!

    love and many licks, Marvin xxxx

  16. That little ted looks like a quick snack! Better keep him out of harm's way.

  17. He is very small. we do not have any bears around here. wonder why not? hmmmm will have to look into that. =)

  18. Does he give out towels to the people washing their hands? He looks like he takes his job seriously.

  19. My mum has a wee bear, smaller then that...I will introduce you somehow, someway...maybe next wheely Wednesday...he does not have wheels though
    Deetzy Boy

  20. What a great little teddy. Nope, I has never seed one so small as that. Your mum is very clever doing that needle felting stuff. My Mum was watching videos on how to do it the other day. Looked a bit hard to me!
    ~lickies, Conehead Ludo

  21. Autumn,
    You have so many nice friends. You live in stuffie paradise.


  22. Now that is one small kid...Love A+A He really isn't a stuffie but a stuflet.....

  23. That is one tiny Teddy! We love those felties. Your mom must be very talented!!

  24. Wee Ted is so small! We definitely do not have a smaller teddy bear.

    Your pal,

  25. I might have hair khlumps bigger than him!

    What a nice job!

    AND a Wedgewood box!?!


  26. Hi, Autumn!
    Wee Ted sure is small!
    I have not seen Teddy bears here in my house!
    I am going to check!
    Kisses and hugs

  27. Hi Autumn
    That is the smallest little bear my eyes have ever seen! How cute. We have lots of bears here- even one that needs new skin and is 100 years old- but is not that small. Wee Ted is a guard bear!

  28. Hi Maggie! Hi Mitch! Hope all is well...All of our snow melted...Now we have what is even more fun-mud! Yey!

    Love, Herc

  29. Well if anything that tiny made it into our house, Tanner surely would have eaten it by now!! He sure is cute tho!!

  30. Wee Ted is certainly small! He looks fun to play with too. :)

  31. Wee Ted sure is wee! and you found the perfect lit' wee box for him too. No tiny teddies around her -it's for the best.


  32. Your teddy sure is tiny. I gotta go rack Eil's teddy stash to see if she have anything tiny

    ~ Bae

  33. Autumn!

    Wee Ted is a cute thing. Your mama is so clever.

    I bet if anyone has a teddy smaller it would be Bae Bae. Let's see what she comes up with!

    Goober love & smooches,