Thursday, March 5, 2009

True Colors Thursday - Yellow

True colors Thursday rolls around again! Our hostess is Blue! We have so much fun doing this each week! If you want to be a part of it just let Blue know so she can add your name to the ever-growing list! That's all you have to do!

Today's special color is yellow!

Dad's Lorna Dune cookie box is yellow and so are the cookies inside and boy are they ever yummy!

The hand-painted daffodils on this ladle are yellow! Mom says this ladle is too pretty to stir tomato sauce with so we just decorate with it!
Butter is yellow!
Mitch loves butter! Mom got this Airedale butter dish on ebay awhile back!
These fake apples are yellow! I wonder if I can tease Mitch into thinking they're real! haha
I'll take the yellow banana! You can have that nasty yellow lemon, Mitch! ewwwwwwwwwMom's Witch Hazel is just beginning to come into it's yellow bloom!
Next weeks special color is violet!

See you all next Thursday!

Love ya lots,

Maggie and Mitch


  1. We just loooooove your Airedale butter dish! It is just too cute! We are starting to see some yellow Daffodils, around here! I guess that means Spring is not far behind! Yippee!

    Poppy, Penny & Patches

  2. OMDog! That butter dish is the coolest thing I have seen!
    Big licks to you

  3. We tried to do the true colors this week, but momma's brain doesn't work so good and I can see she missed many things. I'm going to make her do it again next week so that she gets her brain cells functioning.

    Bannana! Yummers! Lemon! Yuckers!


  4. oh wow! how on earth was your mum able to find those lovely airedale butter dish... truly marvelous!

    those were lovely yellows you have M&M!! we hope that butter, lemon and banana went straight to the oven and were turned into lovely banana bread/cake for the both of you to enjoy!

    drooly kisses,


  5. Hello!
    Good yellows, I like your butter dish, I found one of those too. Banana is the best tasting thing in the world, I think. The mutts like it too.

  6. Maggsie & MitchyMan!

    You have so many bootiful and tasty yellow thingies around your house. I am especially excited about the nanner you have, Maggsie. I love me some nanners. (You know, when I'm outside and don't want to come in, all my girl needs to do is say the word "nanner" and I'm up on the deck like a shot ready to go into the house for a little treat.)

    I love the last photo because it not only has the pretty Witch Hazel blooms, but shows your cool barn. Maybe I'll get to chase you guys around that barn someday. (sigh)

    Goobery love & kissies,
    Stella Bean Latifah

  7. WE LOVE the butter dish and the spoon and we can not belive that you are getting witch hazel!!! WEll as you right down the street we HAVE to be next! Lvoe A+A

  8. You sure have alot of stuff that is yellow! I know what else is yellow. Our pee pee! Hehehe!

    Butt sniffs,
    Solid Gold Dancer

  9. I'm with Archie and Agatha - we're even a wee bit south and no sign of flowers yet, just the tiniest green sprouts in the park that are now back under the snow.

    Are you sure that's not a "Putter Dish?" hehehehe!

    Your pal,


  10. Oh poor Maggie! I know it pained you to have to look at that yucky LEMON!

    I looove the butter dish, too!

  11. WOOOWOOOOO Dear friends!!!
    how many wonderful yellow things you had!!!
    we love a lot your lovely airedale butter dish...your mom is great...find this wonderful thing on ebay!!!!!SUPER MOM!!!!WAAWAAWAAAA!!!
    we're very very happy to come back...we miss you a lot!!!!
    we love you a lot!!!and your pictures are wonderful and you....beautiful!!!!
    lots of love and kisses!!!

  12. Neat-o! Those cookies look yummmmmy!
    But my Old Girl told me that butter=bad. Of course, that was after I ate an entire stick...and upchucked (blush).

  13. We are back at last! We have missed all our friends so much and can't wait to catch up with everyone.

    Simba and Jazzi

  14. G'day maties
    That butter dish is fantastic. We found an airedale pin dish on ebay and bought that a while back.
    Hey that would make a good post wouldn't it? All the airedale things we've bought on ebay hehehe.
    Love all your yellow things. We keep forgetting about young Mitch's taste for lemon lol.

    Noah Willow Tess Lucy xx

  15. Maggie,
    The butter dish is adorable! I bet you could trick Mitch into eating the fake apple! :) your mom might not find it very funny with huge 'dale chomper prints in her apples!!
    Your mom's flowers are gorgeous, too!!

  16. Maggie! Mitch!

    An Airedale butter dish? That is pawesome! Your human Mom must be quite happy with her find.

    Great yellow Thursday! Those blooming yellow flowers are beautiful. We don't have many flowers blooming here yet. I can't wait 'till they do start blooming though... Because then I can start eating them! They taste much better than they smell.


  17. Lorna Doones and butter. Yum. My little brother crushed all our daffodils by sitting on them. Good job on all those yellow items.

    Your friend,

  18. i just knew you would do lemon arf arf arf
    we all think the butter dish is an absolute treasure
    doyle ;D

  19. Those are great yellow things!
    Hugs & Snugs
    Eduardo the Snuggle Puggle

  20. Nice yellows you two, that butter dish is very cool. :-)

    Holly & Zac...XX

  21. the witch hazel looks like it is going to be beautiful. =)

  22. Great post!
    Your butter dish is the best one I have ever seen!! Mum was watching Crufts today and there was a beautiful Airedale Terrier on there. We learnt something new. Airedales hail from the very county I reside in!! I knew there was a reason I love you guys so much.. aside from the fact you are awesome of course!

    love and tailwags,

    Ben xxxx

  23. Maggie and Mitch
    I love Yellow..those bootiful flowews awe always the fiwst..I spotted some yestewday in our little neighbowhood pawk..and nananas..yummmmmmI like lemons in decowations ow on saladses, but not to eat by themselves..and then thew is buttew!!!gweat on evewything
    smoochie kisses

  24. Mom says your dad's kind of khookies are good!

    They are a youngpup memory of hers...along with butterthins that she put on her pinky and ate around it!

    Furry nice yellow stuff!


  25. That is a pawesome butter dish! I bet you love looking at it every time it's out on the table.

    Teddy Bear

  26. You have the coolest butterd dish!! A lot of my favourite things come in yellow.. like bananannana, my yellow squeaky ball, omelette, tennis balls....

  27. Hi Maggie and Mitch! What a cute butter dish! And you're really using it!

    See ya!

  28. omdog we love that butter dish!! how cute. I know someone at your house hates lemons but our Mom just loves them!

  29. Did you say cookies! Yes you did, and I love nannanas- yum- we do have those - so one of these days I might be able to get myself organized and registered and play the game. Loved your butter dish and pretty lemon!

  30. Hi, Maggie and Mitch!
    You have lots of yellow things around you!
    The butter dish sure is special!
    Kisses and hugs

  31. Yes, that butter dish is super cool. I've been known to steal sticks of butter, Dennis always leaves it on the stove within my reach as it were. Yellow is pretty AND it tastes good!

    (searching for violet stuff now!)

  32. Nice job on the yellow stuff! You have flowers coming out already?? Wow!! I am so jelly. We're not even close to that here yet. Good for you!

    Next week's violet post is going to be really tuff. My mom is looking around for stuff already. Who has violet things? And besides, just what color is violet anyway? Humph.

    Love and Koobuss Kisses,

  33. What a lot of pawsome yellow things in your home. The airedale butter dish is really cute

    ~ Bae

  34. We just wanted to drop by and say how much we have missed you all. We will be around more. We love all of you paws!!

  35. Oooh, I love all those yellows! And we can't believe you have some blooms already!
    Mmm.... banananananas!

  36. Hiya Maggie and Mitch,
    I've been a busy non blogger lately but the editor thought I should get back to work. First thoughts were oh I want to do the weekly true colors so she googled "true colors thursday" and guess who was the top hit?

    That's right my favorite M&Ms. thanks for being right there as ever.
    -Winnie Woo

  37. that butter dish is SO cool!! thanks for sharing all your yellow stuff with us. our favorite yellow thing is yellow cookies.

    benson and gibson

  38. Mmmmmmmmm...butter is so yummiez [stole a buttered up bagel this morning]. Er I yellow.

    Hehehe hope Mom doesn't see this. :X


  39. Hi Maggie and Mitch! You guys have so many yellow things in you life!!! -Hector and Lola

  40. hi m & m!
    what a fabulous yellow post!
    it is our favorite color and your whole post made us smile!
    happy friday my friends!
    m & e

  41. Lots of super yeLlow things specially the butter dish. Shame the snow has gone ..heheee!!!

    Wiry wags, Eric xx

  42. Awww, you guys have the coolest yellow stuff! We missed doing colours this week but Mum says she wanted a few days off from the memes (bah humbug!) and besides, Rosie's been busy with her new squeeze, hehe!
    Slobbers xx