Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A New Pole

Hi everyone.  It's me, Mitch. 
Guess what I have in my mouth?
 Did you guess right?  

I took a bite of my apple, picked it up and we're continuing on our morning walkie.
 This is the corner of our property where the big tree came down.  We have a new pole and all that's left of the big tree is the stump.  The workers have been working hard!
 This neighbor of ours has 2 Labbie girls - one black and one chocolate.  His Labs are littermates and we run into them often on our walkies.  Irene made this tree fall on his garage.  He said it was an easy fall with no damage!  WHEW!
 Who the heck are you?   Want to join us for walkies?
 Our neighbors, Chris and Heather, lost their tree that was uprooted by Irene.  Luckily, it didn't do any damage.  It landed on their stone wall.  So many of our neighbors have enough firewood to take them through the winter!
Things are getting back to normal at our house.   The yard is pretty much cleaned up and mom and dad are back on the project clapboarding!  Yup, we're supervising and doing a great job!

So until next time...............

Yer friends,
Mitch and Maggie


  1. We're glad that things are getting back to normal. Mom said if it cools off a little this weekend we can bob for apples.

  2. Oh I sure is glad that all is getting back to norms there. I hope that you will both be goin to the Pawm.

    Come on Maggie I want to know about your dress!

    woos, Tessa

  3. Thankfully you all are getting back to normal. It sounds like you and your neighbors were very lucky!! Must be the Aire-Zen!!

    Rottie Kisses

  4. Maggie and Mitch,
    Few you escaped Irene too. That's wonderful, now you can get back to the good life. running, walking and supervising.

  5. What a difference a few days can make!!! But we bet it was a lot of hard work too. Now let's all cross our paws that Katia stays out to sea.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  6. We are so glad that things are getting better!! Lots of love, Debbie & Holly

  7. I am so glad no bad damage has been done to you or your neighbours during Irene!

    You ARE doing a great job supervising!!! Hehe

  8. Thank goodness everything is being taken care of. Play time after all that snoopervising. We know apples are your favorite!
    Benny & Lily

  9. Hey - we are very happy that Irene's damage in your area is almost fixed! You were very lucky and we are glad you are OK! We here in Australia were watching events unfold on the TV.

    Tail Wuggles, Rubie.

  10. Hi Maggie and Mitch,,, everyone is working so hard to get stuff cleaned up,,, sooon it will be all spiffy again

  11. HEy M & M
    Glad that you didnt have any major damage and that things are back together again!!

    Jazzi and Addy

  12. Hi Maggie and Mitch, we're glad that everything is fine at your home. You'll have to figure out how to keep dry when it rains again if your mom's not going to cover you guys up with an umbrella.

  13. We are so pleased that everything is getting back to normal.

    Looks like you are having a funtime playing!

    Big Nose Pokes
    The Thugletsx

  14. Hi there!!! We ran across your blog and find it very interesting over here!!! We will be your newest followers!! xoxo Chloe and LadyBug (We are very glad that Irene didn't do more damage and that you are getting all cleaned up!!)

  15. Thank you for the update, Mitch.
    I am so happy you are safe.

    Nice woooh

  16. We're glad you guys are safe. Mom says with all the trees that fell in your area, it is really fortunate that no people and homes were damaged:)

    Mocha Barney, Ashley Pumpernickel and Winniechurchill

  17. Thank dog that tree didn't cause any damage!!!!

  18. Glad things are getting back to normal. Now if that Katia thing will stay away...

  19. I am happy things are going better for you! Apples -- yummy! I have missed you!

  20. We hope everything gets back to normal soon


  21. So happy things are getting back to normal for you guys!!! In 04 we had one hurricane a week for 6 weeks!! It can really mess up your life!!!! My sweet Bambi was with us and went through them with us, didn't bother her at all!! She was so special!!
    xx, Tinker & Fern

  22. Hi Maggie and Mitch,

    I'm so glad you are all OK and things are returning to normal for your family.It loooks like you've both done a great job supervising the big clean up of your yard.

    Love and woofs,

  23. Irene certainly was destructive. Good to know you are back to normal on your estate.

  24. Glad Irene didn't do tooooo much damage and that you can get out and play!!!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  25. Congrats, I just heard that you won the September drawing for the Carol Collette piece. If I can't have it, I'm very glad that you'll be enjoying it.

  26. LOOK AT THAT UPROOTED TREE!!! Be careful at play guys!

  27. Mmmmmm Apples!! We love apples!!

    We have a cross stitch that says, "I Love Apples. Cobblers and Cakes, Strudels and Pies, Yummies for the Tummy, A Feast for the Eyes!"

    Wyatt and Stanzie

  28. Wow guys....we hear so much bad stuff about Irene that we sure hope that she is gone ferever.....glad ta hear that ya didn't have much damage at yer house cause the stuff we see on TV are frightenin'.....

    Dewey Dewster here....

  29. Some pretty big trees took a tumble in your neighborhood. Nice to know their lives were not given in vain. Free firewood!