Friday, January 13, 2023

Nature Friday

 We are joining Sunny today for Nature Friday~~

A beautiful sunrise more than a few days ago~

Mom got a squirrel baffle for the heart bird feeder and it's working!   She got a finch feeder and nyger seed too.   It's not a feeder that's visited too often yet.   
The squirrels are coming to this favorite feeder, which is honestly too small for them.   They tip the feeder when they leave and dump out lots of seed so yesterday morning, mom decided to take the baffle off the heart feeder and double-baffle this feeder, which is the favorite for so many birds.  She also added another hook to lower it farther from the branch above.  
Yup, she bought suet for those who love it and the nuthatch comes every day.      Yes, Miss Lisa, she bought peanuts for the squirrels and until yesterday, the blue jays were swooping in and eating all the peanuts before the squirrels even knew they were there until yesterday morning when a squirrel finally noticed the peanuts! 
My friend, Gumbeaux and I wish you happy Friday the 13th!
Love ya lots♥


  1. We love your friend, he is really a cute guy. Hope your mom's bird and squirrel plan works. Our mom is glad she only wants to attract squirrels as keeping them out of things is almost a full time job.

  2. Molly mom fought the squirrels with mind games and she won. Out smarted, out witted and over came their piggy reign. Well done. Happy Friday 13 to you and Gumbeaux...
    Love you lots Cecilia

  3. Bird TV at Molly's!

    Thanks for sharing the nice sights -
    AND the khanine pal!


  4. Your friend is so cute! Our Finch feeder is usually the first one to empty. We stopped putting out suet for the Woodpeckers because the raccoons ate it all in one sitting. We also have to take the feeders in at night because the raccoons steal them. It gets pretty crazy around here after dark.

  5. It's fun to feed birds so we get to see them in our yards. Gumbeaux looks like a great pup. Do you two play together?

  6. Lulu: "Ooh, a nuthatch! Our Mama likes nuthatches! She calls them 'yank-yanks' and says she's cute because they walk around upside down!"
    Charlee: "Birds is birds, if you ask us."
    Chaplin: "And we love them all equally."
    Charlee: "Yes we do."
    Java Bean: "You cats are being muy espeluznante again."

  7. Hari OM
    Good efforts on the bird feeders by mum! Gumbeaux is gorgeous - but you hold our hearts, Molly dear! Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  8. Your friend spells its name uniquely! I like it.

    I wish I had blue jays. I'm so jealous Molly

  9. I hope you outsmarted those evil squirrels! I've never seen a doggie like your friend Gumbeaux.

  10. That goofy squirrel probably won't be baffled for too long!

  11. Our Mama also is enjoying the nuthatches! They sure do like the suet don't they?
    Happy Friday!
    Rosy & Sunny
    PeeEss...We love your header!

  12. January sunsets are pretty. I am glad you are winning the squirrel war.

  13. Your friend Gumbeaux is very nice. We love his/her name.

    Those squirrels are tricky critters - so tough to beat them.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  14. Yah you hafta show those crazy squirrels. Looks like a big good friend.

  15. Squirrels are the bane of the bird feeders up at Ms S's house! She says they and the Stellar Jays quite often have wars over the peanuts. I would LOVE to see that! Your baffle is pretty cool. As is the photo of you and your furrend Gumbeaux! Thnx for visiting us and keep on being awesome! Purrs Marv

  16. Molly, it looks like you live in a beautiful area, with lots of critter "tv" to keep you entertained too!

    I just wanted to stop by with thanks for your kind words of condolence on the loss of my Derry. Tell your humans to give you extra love and cuddles, because our time with our fur babies is far, far too short. Thank you again.

  17. I guess you don't get much snow. I'd have to shovel snow to get to my bird feeder. I really should check it, the birds can use a little help over the winter.

  18. The birds are eating well in Winter with you. You may be able to get a picture of two if you are quick. Hugs & Love, Susie & Coco xx