Thursday, January 11, 2007

Do Dogs Go to Jail?

This news was on our TV this morning. I'm very worried because I've come to love a lot of little white dogs on blogger. What do you think will happen to the doggie?

Vernon police investigate armed home invasion
Posted Jan. 11, 20078:15 AM

(Vernon-WTNH) _ Police say Wednesday night around 10 PM, two armed men broke into a home on Talcottville Road.
The men were armed with a gun and a knife and attacked two people inside. The victims were not seriously hurt but the suspects did steal some items from their home.
Police say the suspects may be with a woman with a small white dog.

So does this mean the small white dog is an accomplish and will have to go to jail and eat bread and water along with the evil hoomans? The robbers will get what they have coming to them but what will become of the furchild who is innocent? Do you think the judge will spare the doggie?

A very worried,


  1. oh maggie,

    how dare the hooman involve us cute little fluffy when they commit an offence? i hope the dog know their hooman are bad and run away before police got them.

    wet wet licks


  2. No doggies are excused unless they bite someone (which is usually not their fault).

    The hooman would be in trouble and the doggie would be put up for adoption and a nice family would adopt them (hopefully).

  3. Yikes!~ I think the little white doggy is innocent. Those evil hoomans probably made the doggy do it!!!


  4. A little white dog?? Hmmmm maybe this is a socialite gone bad??

    Funny way to describe the criminals - don't worry I'm sure the judge will give the four footed accomplish a fair shake of the paw!

    Dory and Liza

    PS Dory helps clean up just like you Maggie, moving all the toys around just to be sure they are properly aired out!!

  5. Oh no, poor white doggie! We're sure the doggie is innocent. Hopefully the judge will take the dog away from the evil woman and find it a nice loving home with good hoomans.
    Luv & Wirey Hugs!
    Butchy & Snickers

  6. This sounds like a flashback to Patty Hearst to me!

    Bussie Kissies

  7. Aw, who carries a dog into a home invasion? That's some twisted human thinking there...


  8. the sad thing is, the dog is probably the smart one in the pair!

  9. Maggie, I think the little white doggies could be a spy for the police for tip them off. No doggie is bad

    ~ fufu

  10. Aw Maggie, don't look so glum. I'm sure the little doggie will be OK. If they are bad people who have to go to jail, I'm sure they doggie will get a nice new home.

    Oscar x

  11. that is a horrible news story Maggie!

    I hope the wee doggie is not put in jail....I am sure he/she will be ok, as always it is not the dog's fault, but the stooooopied hoooomans.

    love and licks Marvin xxxx

  12. Oh, no!!! I hope the doggy isnt implicated in that nasty business. though, it could be the brains behind the whole caper. I say this coz my mommy often says I am smarter and nicer than a lot of hooomans she has met....

    Tail wags

  13. Of course the judge will let the doggie go. Its not fair.

    Boy n Baby