Friday, January 26, 2007

Maggie Meets TR

TR is mom's big bear cub. Dad bought him for her about 25 years ago. He normally sits in a red wagon in our dining room with other bear stuffies but today TR decided to venture out of his wagon and plant himself on MY BED!!!!!

So TR not only stole my bed but now he's out to get my ringer! Oh yea, well, we'll just see about that!

I was able to retrieve my ringer and show him who was boss and the next thing I knew he took off and was racing towards my water dish and my food dish! Off I went to teach him whose dishes he was messin' with!

I did get to eat my meal in peace - thank goodness! At least he knew not to mess with me at this most important time and I did happen to glance over at one point and saw that he had ahold of my toothbrush bone and my ball. I call this bone my toothbrush bone because every day after I finish my main meal I always chew on this bone for 5 minutes. It cleans my teeth! So me and TR need to have a talk about someone not helping themselves to MY stuff!
This hard headed bear needs to learn that this ball and this bone are MINE!!!

About 15 minutes later TR got bored and went back to his wagon! Good! I guess I showed him who was boss!

So the moral of the story is - don't mess with Maggie, Mr. TR!!!!!


  1. Next time chew his nose off! That'll show him!

  2. Ohmygosh Maggie, that last picture of you is PRICELESS! The expression on your face says exactly who wears the (fuzzy) pants in that family!


  3. TR is too cute Maggie. Mom has her old teddy bear hidden a way up in the closet in a brown paper bag. Cheeky is 45 years old and she may let me take a picture of him if I ask really nicely. Mom told me his neck is literally hanging by a thread and she's hoping to find someone who restores teddy bears to give Cheeky back the dignity he deserves. He was her constant companion growing up. So just be really delicate with TR because I'm sure your mom loves him as much as my mom still loves her Cheeky. He seems like one smart bear!

    As for my supper of beef, carrots and peas it was pretty yummy. My mom buys the IAMS and this one is my favorite.

    Big hugs ... Billy:)

  4. Awwww Maggie what a very cute teddy.

    Tail wags

  5. Hey Maggie! Those pictures and video are sooooo cute of you! Not sure about the "interloper" bear though. He needs a good chewing!

    Jeannie says your Mom's accent is so cooool!

    love and licks Marvin xxxxxx
    nearly up to speed with my puter probs!

  6. I wonder if we could get Emmy to stay in a wagon? She always hogs all the toys.
    Big Wags,

  7. Bad Bad TR.. Maggie, you did the right thing. Show him who is the boss.

    Boy n Baby

  8. If TR gets out of hand give us a call. We will have him turned into scraps in under five minutes.

  9. You should have had his eyes, mmm tasty!

    I think he knows who's boos now though.

    Oscar x

  10. I betcha he is full of tasty stuffins!

    Bussie Kissies

  11. Hey Maggie,

    Glad you showed Mr TR who is the boss :-)

    I love the last picture of you - in fact, I think I will nominate it for February's Photo of the Month over at The Bone Zone :-)


  12. Hi Maggie!

    Glad you like Gizzi, but your mom must be partial to dogs from Louisiana!


    Billy Boo

  13. Maggie Maggie, how dare that TR bear!!! You know, if I were you, I would have showed him who the boss is MY WAY if you know what I mean..hehe

    (Sunshade's mum: yes, but Maggie is a proper lady, not like er.. YOU.)

    Love nibbles,
    Miss Sunshade

  14. Maggie that last pic of you is the cutest!

    Mama had never even heard of your breed of dog and now she is a huge fan!