Wednesday, January 3, 2007

My New Denim Coat

Christmas in not over for me yet! Today my new denim coat arrived in the mail. Mom saw Sunshade's and wanted me to have one just like it so she contacted Butchy and Snicker's mom and asked her if she would be so kind. Linda said yes, and that we would need to measure me about 5 different ways so that my new coat would fit me perfectly. I have to tell ya that mom has an incredible knack for asking me to stand still at the wrong times! Geez, a girl has been on her feet all day and she just wants to take a nice nap and along comes mom with this stupid tape measure. Mom told me it would be worth it so I stood like a good girl while she measured me thoroughly. Off the measurements went to Linda. Whew! The next day Linda wrote back that she thought a couple of the measurements might not be correct and that we might want to re-measure, so here we go again! Linda was right! I don't know what mom was thinking, but she was basically telling Linda that I was built like a tank! Can you imagine! So out comes the tape measure and we go through this preceedure all over again! Mom did finally get it right and Linda wrote back to tell us that she was all set and that my new coat would be shipped out on Friday. Well, because of this longgggggg holiday, I had to patiently wait (not one of my strong points)! Mom did point out that temperatures have been above normal and that I wouldn't be freezing to death and to please be patient - it would be worth the wait. So today the mailman delivered the package! YIPPEEEEEEEEEE!! Mom couldn't wait to put my new coat on me to see how it fit - a PERFECT fit! Linda did an wonderful job!

Isn't it pretty??!! I'm so excited! I can't wait for the weather to turn colder so that I can show it off to the other neighborhood dogs! Here I am asking BearBaby's opinion.

I think he's jealous. He's ignoring me!

So now I have my beautiful new coat and I must be patient and wait till the weather turns colder. I sure do love my new coat! Thank you so much Linda! I'm going to be warm and toasty this winter!



  1. Maggie:

    You look GORGEOUS...Blue is your color....Do worry about BearBear he'll change his mind when you start getting ALL the attention....

    Butchy & Snickers Mom is a great designer.....

  2. hey maggie,

    nice coat there. and yes, it is nicely fit to your body. tell mom there's no need to wait for the weather, just run out and show it off! hehehe.

    wet wet licks


  3. Hey Maggie,
    We're so happy you like your new coat you bought from Mama. BearBear is just jealous cause he can smell Butchy's dogly scent on the coat, hehehehe! It's cool enough to wear your coat, just go run around the neighborhood and show off, tee hee! Maybe you'll get some new boyfriends.
    Luv & Wirey Hugs!
    Butchy & Snickers
    PS Now we all have matching coats!

  4. The coat is beautiful!!! You look so pretty. Butchy & Snicker's Mommy is so talented!~


  5. Linda is the BEST!!! And you look GRRRRRREAT Maggie, now be prepared, all the male species (hooman + canines) will be after you.... hehe!

    Love nibbles,
    Miss Sunshade

  6. You look sooooooo pretty Maggie. The other gals in you neighbourhood will be very jealous, & as for the guys, well...!

    Oscar x

  7. happy new year maggie! and nice to meet you! i'm fee, a wire fox from singapore and i also have a new blue dress!

  8. Whaouuuuu you are beautiful Maggie. It fits you perfect. Kiss

  9. Oh Maggie, U look so smart in that coat. Now I'm torn. Sunshade or Maggie, Sunshade or Maggie. Oooo... can I say you both look just as smart?!

  10. that coat is truly the best! it looks so good on you!!

  11. Maggie, you look so cute in that coat.

    ~ fufu

  12. You are stunning in your coat. Seriously it was made for you.

    You look so chic! You are giving Chelsea the supermodel some competition!

  13. oooooh Maggie, me and my Mama just read the post about your Dad.......

    Now she is weeping....and his new heart!

    oh go Maggie go, we are with you and your family all the way!

    As Jeannie said tonight - "what is a little tiny wee liver disfunction in comparison with a BIG HEART which needs replacing.....

    love and many sore licks, Marvn xxxx

  14. I love the coat, you look wonderful in it. i must get my mom to talk to Butch and Snickers' mom as I love to wear clothes.

    Happy tail wags

  15. We love your coat!!! So cool! and a pretty girl like you with it.. it is going to make the whole neighbourhood envious.

    Boy n Baby

  16. ooooh Maggie, you look adorable in blue!

    I have fallen in love with you I think!

    You are so so pretty! ooops don't tell Miss Sunshade, as I am in love with her tooooooo!

    love and many licks Marvin xxxx