Saturday, May 31, 2008

Another Sleeping Giant Trip

We hiked the Giant again yesterday! We've been having a lot of wet weather lately so to be able to go for a long hike was a good thing! This is the absolute very first thing I did as soon as we arrived!

This set of steps is the first thing you come to just as you're hitting the walking path that leads up to the castle. We decided not to climb them because we figured they might be slick from all the rain and the hoomans didn't want to fall on their faces!

We met this Lab puppy not too long into the hike! He's SUPPOSED to be on a leash! I guess he can't read the sign! Sorry the picture is blurry. Mitch was trying to say hi and I was lunging at him as he raced past us!

This is the next thing that happened! What can I say? The Lab scared it out of me??!! hehehehe

We had a drink half way up! How convenient!

We're at the top and Mitch is looking for something edible! Quinnipiac University is at the base of Sleeping Giant and lots of students hike up here and bring snacks. You never know what kind of goodies you'll find if you keep your nose to the ground!

I know you're not going to belive this! I had to go again! It's all the good smells, I guess! Mom was beginning to wonder what my problem was!

This is the community water dish at the base of the mountain. Mom always brings the cooler in the truck for us but today she wanted to see if I'd drink out of this dish! Are you nuts? I'm a Princess! This cooty water will never pass my lips! I wonder how many dummies drank out of this bowl before we got here?! Well, Mitch did! haha

This is one of the signs near the watering hole - the one that says you need to be on a leash, Mr. Lab! Do you think maybe we could be jealous?!

This is a map of all the different trails that you can take. You can explore the Giant's head, chest, tummy, knees - there are trails everwhere!

What a great hike we had! Dad says we're coming back next week! yahoooooooooooo

So until next time...............

Love ya lots,

Maggie & Mitch


  1. Happy weekend guys!
    That looks like so much fun. There is nothing that adventurous around our place, dang it!

    I like the poo shots!

  2. That looks like SO much fun. We all LOVE to hike!!


  3. OOH! I am so glad that the "giant" didn't awake from his nap while you were visiting! did you tickle his toes before you left? tee hee. Does the Giant live far from Beantown? It looks fantastic!
    Have a terrierific weekend friends!

  4. I'm feeling jealous! The last time i went hiking was last year! And how could yuour hooman possibly take pics of you doing "it"??? PRIVACY much needed, dont ya think?

  5. That looks like great fun...well, except for the off lead lab. Shoulda taken a chunk out of him Mitchy, he scared our Mags


  6. What a nice walk. I like to poop several times when I go out also.

  7. Oh wow...that looks like a very cool hike!

    I'm glad to see that dumb dogs that can't read aren't just here where I live! I was starting to wonder! ;-)

    Have a fun weekend!


  8. Oooh what a fun hike! That lab puppy SHOULD be a on a leash silly people. Oh well, you Airedales obeyed and had a great time! Have a pawesome weekend :)

    puppy breath,

  9. Hi, Maggie and Mitch!
    Glad you had a great day hiking!
    Too many poop stops, right?
    Have a great weekend
    Kisses and hugs

  10. What a great hike you had, and sooo many potties!! Nothing better than that! Hope you have a great weekend.

    Hugs, Kodak

  11. Gee ya think ya could have had a bit of pivacy doin' yer business mate......the hikin' is great but yer hoomans need ta give ya more consideration when yer indisposed....

    Dewey dewster here.....

  12. hi Maggie & Mitch, that's such a cool place to hike. we love all of the pee-mail spots. you have the right idea, Maggie. you have to leave your pee mail behind for the other dogs to read.

    that off leash dog was lucky he didn't get caught by the park ranger or Smokey the Bear. he might have gotten a ticket. where we live, it can cost your peep $250 if you are walking without your leash attached. that's why we go to the dog park to be leash-free.

    have a happy weekend kiddos.


  13. That is a cool place to go hiking.. It is again hot in Texas so we don't have any beautiful places like that to go.. But the lake is always great!!

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus and Louie

  14. WOW! What a cool place. I wish we had places like that here where we live. But now, it is too hot to do anything :(

  15. I've got to find a mountain to hike. I see that Maggie left some presents for the Sleeping Giant. Did you get to walk on his nose and tickle it with your beautiful Airedale whiskers?

    See ya on Wheelie Wednesdays in my new ride!

  16. Hi M & M,

    Looks like you had a wonderful time today. Me and the Mommy having been reading bloggies & naping all day, except when she went to the Post Officet to mail my Goddy Exchange package.

    The Mommy just say your last video and you were right but she used almost a whole box of tissues.

    You should do a before and after post about Mitch's haircut. Was it as extreme as mine is?

    Love Ya...Mona

  17. Hey did you see any bears in the woods, and if so, did they have to go potty too? ;-)

    It looks like you had a great time. Some humans can't read, and they think they are smarter than us!!



  18. What an awesome place to walk! We know all too well about those ill mannered UNLEASHED labs! Some people just never learn. It makes me, a proper responsible, lab owner look bad.

  19. Holy Poopies Maggie! The giant looks fantastic. I saw an airedale in my new neighbourhood just this morning. I will have to try to do a meet and greet.


  20. Maggsie!

    I hope you're THROUGH with the POO, girlie! You may not have to go for days now.

    Hope you had some good time reflecting on your bestest buddy, Putter, while doing your giant climb. I know it's a place you've shared with each other!

    Goober love & smooches,

    Pee Ess
    I want to see photos of your mama pooing like she took of you!

  21. Oh My Maggie...I woulda eaten that camera for lunchie if Mumsie had taken all of those M Bare Assing Pics of me...performing Unmentionable Acts That Ladies Never Mention.

    These hoomans think we don't care of that sort of thing....Babystan gets the funniest look on his huge Dale face when he's tinkling on the's like he wants ya to turn your back or something.

    One morning Stan was sniffin' the grass...Scruffy had to "Go" bad...nuthin' else was around so he came up and lifted his leggie on Babystan....I almost died of hysteria.

    Looks like a pawsome place to hike!

  22. What a great place for a hike and I bet the smells were terrific. Looks like you two had a fun day and got good exercise too.

    Your friend,

  23. Hi Maggie and Mitch-that looks like a great hike-loads of smells!!! I can't believe your mom took so many pics of you pooping! MOM! I'll never understand these humans. my mom does the same thing!

    I'd like to hike that mountain one day! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


  24. What a great hike that was. Maggie, it really did wonders for you. He he! It's too bad you both had to stay on leash the whole time. It would have been fun to run loose and break the rules!!

    Your pal,

  25. uh will be so gooooooooooooooddddddddddddddddd hikinggggggg!!!
    i want tooo

  26. Cool hike! I wish I could walk with you guys sometime... now THAT would be FUN!!!


  27. w00f's M and M, heehee mama takes picturs of me pooin and peein too..wont hooomans ever learn...dat wuz a cool walk...

    b safe,

  28. Wow what a great hike!! Does the giant laugh when you walk on his tummy?
    Nice pics.

  29. you have watter in the park.. wowwwwwwwwww
    this is civilitation... :P
    a big hug

  30. Maggie and Mitch!!!!

    I'm back back back! I hope...

    wow.. you got to go up that big big mountain!

    That bad lab had got some nerve to scare maggie..

    Glad you have some places to go to where it is cool.

    I'm sure you miss your dad!


  31. Maggie & Mitch,
    I hope to dig into those veges when the are ready and nobody is looking. I have a feeling I will get some since I helped! I am not so sure about Pilar.
    Wow what a great hike!! Mom found a great spot for us to go hiking so we can't wait to go. To bad it is raining today or I bet she and daddy would take us.
    Now about that unleashed DOG!!! What were his peeps thinking. Don't they know about us dales?? We just don't like it when others don't follow the rules when we are!!

  32. What a coolio droolio place to hike!!! We wonder if Mr. Unleashed Lab Puppy's humans bothered to clean up after him, too? Why oh why do humans make all these rules just to ignore them????
    Well, the point is that you have WONDERFUL humans and a very very fun day!

    wags from the whippets

  33. Grrr. It makes me so mad when humans think the leash law doesn't apply to their doggies. What are they thinkin?

    Why does your mom like to take photos of you doin your private business? And why DID you do so much business anyway?


  34. Great hike! Lots of nice new sounds and smells going on when you take new trails. I love it too... it was all the excitement, right Maggie? I so understand.

    xoxo Chef

  35. Heeheehee Mitch you crack us up!!! That looks wonderfull.PL2 always hates it when other dogs aren't on leads that are supposed to also...ah well!! You guys are lucky!! Love A+A

  36. Oh Wow, poor Maggie having kodak moments in private moments, did Mitch post the pics? Are you two getting at each other with some comedy caper?
    Love 'n' Slobber
    Georgeous (kiss for Maggie)

  37. What a nice place to hike you have! Maggie I totally agree with you about the water, I wouldn't drink it! Boys got cooties anyways so I guess that is why Mitch drank the water! Heeheee! Sorry Mitch but it is true atleast that is what my mommy says, she always tells daddy he has big cooties but he tell her she is the cootie but I know better!


  38. I'm a multiple pooper too. Sometimes I check and see how many bags my mama brings on our walks, then one up her. You'd think she'd learn by now!

    What a cool place you guys have there. My pop likes to hike - - I'll have to ask him to take me next time.

  39. Oh Maggie, Maggie, we can be partners! I need to go about 5 times too; on each of my walkies! It is sooooo fun!


  40. Hee hee, Maggie, I can't believe your mom took two pictures of you pooping. Isn't that kind of embarrassing?? But I have to say, your form is very impressive!

    That hiking sounds like great fun. I used to hike a lot, but don't go so much anymore because of my bad back.


  41. Wow, what a great hike! Looks like you had beautiful weather this weekend too. Maggie, I'm so sorry that you had to have all your business caught on film! Parents can be so embarrassing.

  42. Hi, What a great looking place that is to hike. But..uh...the parents are not very thoughtful about posting embarrassing, albeit personal, moments on film. But hey...not to worry. Our hoomans do it too. Someday we'll take the camera and catch them when they are taking care of business...or maybe not.

    Anyway...we love ya both!

    Your Newfie pals,
    'Bella and Gabe

  43. Your hike looks like a lot of fun. That ground looks nicer than what we hike on.

    Not to worry about pooping. I love to poop on walks. My favorite is to poop one more time than the girl has bags for. heheheh

  44. Maggie, I can imagine how nice & how good the environment looking at your "releasing moment".

    slurpy licks,

  45. oh wow, looks like a fun hike!

    I think you're being nice helping to fertilise the area so that the trees can grow beautufully.

  46. That looks like a pawsome trip. Well when you gotta go, you gotta go. Did Mitch really drank that water?

    ~ Girl girl

  47. Maggie, you are too funny!!! We couldnt help but laugh to see those 'had to go' photos.

    Boy n Baby

  48. You guys had great time walking, playing...outdoors activities are awesome!

  49. Hi Maggie!
    I wouldn't have had that water, either!! Yuck! Silly Mitch! Maybe he was reeeaaalllyyyyy thirsty?
    That's an awesome park you guys have, you can go on so many adventures and not repeat the same one twice! I can't wait to see more of them!

    Winnie :-)