Monday, May 5, 2008

The Weathervane is in Place

This past Saturday, dad and his buddy, Bill, put a brand new weathervane on our Historical Society's barn. Dad built this barn in 2002 with the help of his Northford TimberFramers!

This is the photo of the barn early on before it had its doors built. You can see the cupola and there's just a small wooden spire temporarily in place while a beautiful copper weathervane was being made for the Miller museum.

The same year that the barn was built, mom had a great idea to have Miss Barbara, the artist, paint the barn and give it to dad as a birthday gift. Dad's birthday is in October so that's why she painted the autumn scene! She placed 4 Airedales in the painting and we figure that these guys must be Mitch and me in the front of the barn welcoming guests and we're also behind the barn playing while the guests are checking out the sights inside!

So now this beautiful white barn has a beautiful new weathervane on top of its cupola! It's a horse drawn hay rake. The hay rake is Northford's claim to fame for agricultural inventions. The Northford hay rake was invented in Northford by a gentleman named Edward Smith sometime between 1860 and 1880. In fact, the production of these was at a mill shop on the Farm River, which is only one half mile from where we live. The weathervane is shiny copper right now but give it 10 years and it'll oxidize and be that wonderful green! Isn't it pretty?!

And guess what else? Mitch got to hang with the boys at the museum while the weathervane was being installed! Is he lucky or what?!

So until next time..............

Love ya lots,

Maggie and Mitch


  1. Mitch has the most expressive eyes! Me too! Hey! In the barn did you find lots of treats and toys to play with!!

    Also, on May 8th it is National Stuffie Appreciation Day! Make sure to get out the best pictures of you and your favorite stuffies!

    Mr. T-Bone Beasley

  2. Wow you two must be proud to live in such a historical place!!! The pictures didn't show up on our 'puter. But we know they had to be boootiful especially if dales were on the barn and Mitch was in them!!!
    Nose pokes,

  3. The best part about the painting....
    The Aires in it!!

  4. That is one beautimous weather vane! The barn is cool too! Oh, and the painting too! You are lucky to live in such an historic area! The only history we have here is loads of chicken houses! Have a really great week!

    Poppy & Penny

  5. How cool is that!!!! And lucky Mitch to be hanging out! Barns look so cool...

    Lots of Licks, Ruby

  6. woof's M and M, dat barn iz pawsome, and da painting iz bute ti ful..dats a pawsome weathervane loves doggies and sees u 2 in dat painting...

    b safe,

  7. You guys were immortalized in that painting, how awesome is that! Dad did a good job on that barn and you were super lucky to go and hang out for the day Mitch.

  8. The barn is lovely and the weather vane sets it off a treat. Clever Dad you have there pals.

    Mom says to tell you she has been to New England many times and thinks it's far more beautiful than the olde one!!
    Thank you for showing us your corner of it. Look forward to more. . . .

    Wiry wags, Eric

  9. Beautiful barn and weather vane! And of course, the picture is priceless with the doggies. I love it all!

  10. Hey M & M!

    I always love hearing about the barns, and that weathervane is very cool. I have to say, though, that Miss Barbara's painting of the barn with you guys in it is the BEST thing I've seen recently!

    MitchMan, so you've been hanging with the boys, eh? Did they make you smoke cigars and tell dirty jokes, or did they just let you be part of the group? Looks like you got yourself a little nap in while the work was happening!

    Goober love & smooches,

  11. Wow your Dad is pretty impressive!! And how cool Mitch! You hung out with the boys!!!! Love A+A

  12. Hi M&M oh we wish we could have so m&m's mommy seems to really like them or maybe it's cos her name starts with M oh well WHAT a beautiful barn and the weathervane is pawsome. ours is a golfer fur dads birthday pressie but your daddy's painting pressie is a wonderful memory and thanks fur the history lesson.

    Love Licks & waggin TX tails barking loud right now

    pee ess: mmmm ice cream who barks fur ice cream ~ we do!

  13. Maggie and Mitch
    I love youw new weathewvane..and Mitch is vewy lucky to help the boys, but then you pwobably got to be wif youw Mom Maggie, and that's weally good
    smoochie kisses

  14. That weathervane is so cool! I like the painting of you guys at the barn.


  15. What a nice painting! We love the story behind it, and that it has both of you added to the picture, too. The vane is beautiful!

    Happy Tails,
    William Tell

  16. Hi, Maggie and Mitch!
    Everything is beautiful in your post!
    The weathervane, the barn, the painting, Mitch!
    Kisses and hugs

  17. That's a loverly barn & art. Mitch sure was lucky to hang out with the boys while they all were at work.

    Love licks,
    Solid Gold Dancer

  18. That looks so cool! I sure hope Mitch had fun hanging out with the guys!

  19. Wow Mitch, you are super lucky to get to hang with the boys. Maggie, the barn, weathervane and painting are so cool. You have such a wonderful hometown. Oh, I finally tried ice cream...and I loved it! I'll blog about it soon.

    Your pal,

  20. Hey Guys...

    We loved ur post...that barn is bootiful and the paintin' of it is a wonderful gift for ur Dad specially with the Dales in it!!!!

    New England is the prettiest place...and in the fall...oooooohhhhh!!!!



  21. hey maggie, don't u get to hang with the boys?

    wet wet licks


  22. I love the barn.. and I LOVE LOVE the painting! Your mom is so smart to come up with the idea of having it painted with you guys in it!

  23. That is the coolest barn and weathervane!! That was a great idea for your mom to have a picture painted with you in it & the barn. I bet your dad loved it!

  24. u must be really honoured to be in the great piece of art...

  25. That painting is very pretty. The artist did a great job - especially of you guys! Your dad will love it!

  26. You doggies live in such a bootiful place. Mitch looks cute in the last photo

    ~ Girl girl

  27. Oh wow, that's some interesting history! Love the weathervane too! Your mom is so wonderful to have the barn painted so beautifully for your dad! You look so cute in the picture, Mitch!

  28. What a magnificent weather vane. Lucky yous, living in such an interesting place. And Mitch, you are too cute!!!

    Chef =D

  29. Dropping by to say hello. Hope you had a good weekend.

    Simba x

  30. Mum says I am very polite, even during a storm. I didn't bark or anything, I just scratched a little on her window screen. I knew she would come and rescue me...I love the rain, but then the flashes of lightning was very terrifying for sure. I don't like the thunder either. Have you guys ever found a frog? I found one last night, but I was very cautious, do they sting or anything?

  31. How intriguing! That is a great weather vane, and the barn is very cool.

    The painting is wonderful, and you 2 being in it makes it spectacular!

  32. Was Mitch all worn out from playing with the boys? I always am when I get a chance.

    Cool painting.


  33. Hi Maggie...Hi Mitch!

    What a beautiful weathervane!!! I went with Mom, Dad, and Kylie on Sunday to get gelato-YUM!!!!!

    Love, Herc

  34. Hi M & M,

    first off the picture on my bloggie isn't really Lilly, Just a cute little seniorita doggie to honor her.

    the Mommy has never given me human ice cream...not even doggie ice
    cream but she does give me a lot of bones. She brought me a T-BONE tonight & I'm chewing on it right now while the Mommy does the typing.

    The Mommy really liked the painting with you guys in it but how can you be in the froint and the back too. I am confused!! We wish we could see the barn remind the Mommy if when she was a little girl and spent the summers at her Granny and Grampa's farm.

    Love ya....Mona

  35. That is a beautiful picture. We love the weather vane...

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus and Louie

  36. hi Maggie & Mitch, that painting is really beautiful. we love it and it's so special with the airedales in it. that was so nice of your mom to commission that for your dad. and we love the weather vane a lot too. we wish we had a weather vane. we think they are cool. it's kind of weird for dogs to like weather vanes, but we do.


  37. Hi M&M-sounds like a fun day for Mitch! hanging out with the boys must be fun-I'm not a boy so i wouldn't really understand all that!!


  38. It is just beautiful, but everydog already said that. Well, we agree!

    wags from the whippets

  39. Hi Maggie & Mitch

    The picture is Beautiful! You guys played the celebrity game too... Will Smith is like our mom favorite actor :P And she agrees that Mitch does resembles him.

    Boy n Baby

  40. Sensational guys, the barn, the painting and the weathervane.

    Hugs and tail wags
    Noah Willow Tess Lucy

  41. Wow! The barn and the weathervane are both really beautiful! Your dad is soooooo talented!

    Winnie :-)