Thursday, May 8, 2008

National Stuffie Appreciation Day

Mr. T-Bone Beasley has proclaimed today, May 8th, to be National Stuffie Appreciation Day! We have no problem with this seeing as we own LOTS of stuffies! Maybe I should change that to read - I (meaning me and not Mitch) have a lot of stuffies! Mitch gets them yanked away from him the minute he starts to rip and destroy! Mom says that he can be quite the destructive little Aire-boy!

This is one of Mitch's Christmas gifts! Want to know where it is now? Upstairs hidden from him! And it's still in one piece!

See this ducky? This got taken away from Mitch early on too. You can tell he's much younger in this picture!

And because mom had the smarts to take it away and put it upstairs for safe keeping until he's older (she always says this), Mr. Ducky is still alive and well! I think Mitch remembers him! It didn't take him long before he started his shark attack! BTW, check out his toenails! SOMEONE has been digging!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here I am with one of my favorite stuffies that Stanley gave me for my birthday! She stays upstairs in my bed safe from the jaws of death!

I don't ruin stuffies anymore! I'm much smarter and much more careful now that I'm older and more mature and wiser but I wasn't always this way!

This is one of my very favorite stuffies of all time - my purple gorilla, Baby! Baby still talked to me in this picture! I hadn't yet chewed through her voice box!

Baby is one of the stuffies that sleeps with me every night. Baby now has a HUGE bandaid covering the hole in her tummy and she gave up on having conversations with me FOREVER! OOPS!

Here's one last picture of Mitch and his moose! Mom and dad both call him MooseBoy all the time! They do resemble each other, don't they?!

We really do appreciate our stuffies - each and every one of them!

So until next time...........

Love ya lots,

Maggie and Mitch


  1. Maggie! Mitch!

    Happy National Stuffie Appreciation Day! Those are some fun pictures of you and your stuffies! I think that Mitch's stuffies would be lots of fun to appreciate! Hehehe! Thanks for participating in stuffie appreciation! I love you guys!

    Mr. T-Bone Beasley

  2. Nice display of stuffies there maties. Happy National Stuffie Appreciation that sure is a mouthful to say.

    Hugs and tail wags
    Noah Willow Tess Lucy

  3. Happy National Stuffie Appreciation Day! We think all hoomans should be off work today to celebrate with their pets! Those are some pawsome pictures of you two with your stuffies. We don't destroy as many stuffies as we did when we were younger...except the occassional 'sploding cow!

    Poppy & Penny

  4. Happy National Stuffie Appreciation Day doggies. I see that you take very good care of your stuffies Maggie. Mitch looks like he's hugging the duckie there. So cute..

    ~ Girl girl

  5. Oh Maggie, Véronique hops that later I will be like you....but now I am more like Mitch...I destroy everything...almost everything.... You are a real lady Maggie with your stuffies. I lover your pictures with you wearing glasses...
    Have a nice day with all your stuffies, Kisses, Faya

  6. Hmmm, not to keen on the stuffies myself, but you do look awfully cute with yours my dear Maggie!

    Toodle pip
    Harry x

  7. Good evening m & m.
    National Stuffie Appreciation Day is a wonderful anniversary.
    Wonderful time is time with m & m.
    Lovely photograph of glasses. :)

    from loved ume tyan

  8. Maggie,
    You are such the lady, not tearing up your stuffies!! Your glasses make you look so distinguished and intellectual! I love that pic of you!!!

    (I'm afraid I'm more like Mitch in the stuffy destroying department)!

  9. woof's m and m, loved da picturs of ur stuffies, me got to git mine up today too, me iz runnin way slow on posties now..heehee dats da way my mama wares her glasses too...

    b safe,
    ~rocky and company~

    pp's did sweepy let u no he tagged u fur the memior game, u mite haff already dided it....

  10. Maggsie & MitchMan!

    I LOVE your commemoration of National Stuffy Appreciation Day! Looks like Mitch is learning to appreciate more than the stuffing.

    What a great way to kick off the holiday... by checking you guys out. Your parents have the holiday off from work, right?

    Goober love & smooches,

  11. I've tried to be gentle with my stuffies & not destroy them but something takes over me & I just can't help myself!!


  12. oh that's so sweet that you take care of your stuffies and love them. we try to love them, but they just can't withstand our kind of lovin'. then they are shredded and de-stuffed. your way seems better, since they last longer if you take care of them.


  13. Woof! [That's little Levi thinking you Airedales took his wacky duck.]

    Happy National Stuffie Appreciation Day! We've got a stuffie parade at our blog too.

    Levi's mom

  14. Those are awesome stuffies and its good some are still alive and well upstairs. Digging, no way? Happy Stuffie Day!!!!

  15. Hi guys.... this is Apache here from Apache's Tribe. Yep, our playground is for real!!! Isn't it cool!? You guys are having waaaaay too much fun with your stuffies. We are not ALLOWED to have stuffies here. Apparently some of us still have the "killer" instinct in us. Our 2-legged mommy says that all we do with our stuffies is kill them and gut them!!! She has been around too many hunters.... or Airedales.

    Slurps to you both!
    Chief Apache

  16. You can tell you really love your stuffies! I like all of your pictures, but especially the one with Baby and the band-aid. It looks like Baby is much loved!

  17. OMG that picture of with the glasses on is hysterical!

  18. You guys have some AWESOME stuffies! They wouldn't last three seconds with Pooka around...

  19. We are sooooo appawreciating ya'lls stuffie collection! Isn't it wonderful of Mr T-Bone to promote this pawsome day!

    Love Licks & waggin TX tails barking loud!

  20. You have so many cool stuffies. We always cause our to explode. We are still looking for blue heeler proof ones..
    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus and Louie

  21. Hi Maggie and Mitch!
    Happy National Stuffy Appreciation Day!
    You have really neat stuffies!!
    Too bad the purple gorilla lost it's voice...
    Wags and licks,
    Maya and Kena

  22. happy stuffie day, guys...

    u sure have a great collection of stuffie there...

  23. you are lucky to have a place to put your stuffies to keep them away from mitch! Poor cowboy pig has to live in the drawer. Mom loves the photo of Mitch and the moose!

  24. Gee ya in those glasses...ya look very er-u-dite...a scholar of magnitude....pawsome....must be that all hoomans are alike in the stuffie department....Gram watches over us like a hawk and when we start ta rip....the stuffies disappear...then later the sewing box comes out and we get all excited cause we know we're gonna get some back for at least a while...til they get ripped again.....such a vicious circle......

    Dewey Dewster in the country.....

  25. Oh wow, that's a lot of stuffies! Glad to know Mr. Ducky is still around hehe..Mitch and moose sure resemble each other.

  26. Happy National Stuffie Appreciation Day! Aww, look at you giving your stuffies some loooove...

    Love licks,
    Solid Gold Dancer

  27. Maggie, I didn't know you wear glasses. How cool.

    I love your stuffies and I'm very impressed that you've outgrown tearing them to pieces. I hope I outgrow that too (I am only 22 months old). It's all my mouth's fault, though. It's just so big. Hugs to Mitch.

    xoxo Chef

  28. Hi, Maggie and Mitch!
    Happy Stuffie Day!
    Sure I hope you had a great day celebrating yours!
    Kisses and hugs

  29. awww...great stores about your stuffies, Maggie and Mitch. I appreciate mine too. For each stuffie I have, my mommy and daddy usually got at least two of them if they could. They didn't want me to destroy them so quickly and forgot their names. I have almost 50 stuffies...that X 2 (some X7!)..woww...hehee


  30. Hewo!

    Dilly like cuddly duk best!

    Ear hugs.


  31. I love stuffies too! Luckily mine doesn't get kept away because they take a long time to die.

  32. You guys are such good looking Airedales...I get my first haircut on Tuesday! I hope I come out looking like you guys!

    Mr. T-Bone Beasley

  33. Thanks for the comment! Yes, we are sad, but stuffies are a lot for us to handle right now. We can't distinguish between them and daddy's shoes, or mommy's clothes... but I think that's fairly common. Any hints to become more pro-stuffie?

    -Sophie and Dixie

  34. Happy Stuffie Day!
    Yes, Miss Maggie, you and I are both grown up doggies with the self control to enjoy a stuffie for many months (no jaws of death).

    Mitch does look cute with his moose.


  35. M & M use sore wovs use stuffies, coot piktors.
    Hugs, bellyrubs, smoochies

  36. I love stuffies! I especially love tearing them into pieces. :)

    We liked looking of pics of your stuffies!

  37. Hi Maggie and Mitch!

    You guys look so sweet and cute with your stuffies! My Lisa just wanted to cover you both in kisses and hugs!

    Winnie :-)

  38. I don't think that I am qualified to celebrate National Stuffie Appreciation Day because I'm like Mitch when it comes to stuffies. I'm know as a Professional Stuffie Toy Destroyer, so my stuffies do not last long enough for me to have a collection. I usually will give the full shark attack within 5 minutes. My Mama doesn't have the heart to take my toys away...she just gives scrutinized supervision!


  39. I love the last photo of Mitch, he looks so sweet.

    Simba xx