Friday, May 23, 2008

BLT's and Ice Cream

Mom and dad had the absolute PERFECT dindin last night! Bacon, lettuce and tomatoe sandwiches and ice cream!!! Ourwhole kitchen smelled like bacon and Mitch and I were going NUTS!!!

We couldn't wait for mom to treat us to a sample! We think bacon is one of the best inventions on the face of this earth!

Bring it on, mom! I can't wait!

Mom got splattered with hot bacon grease a couple of times while she was flipping pieces in the frying pan and she kinda did a mini cat shriek and Mitch took off to the corner behind the door to look for mice! This is an inside joke at our house!

When Mitch first came to live with us we were all watching TV in our family room one night and all of a sudden mom let out with a cat shriek! Mitch mosied over to see what the problem was! A mouse had run underneath the sofa that mom was sitting on and she had witnessed the whole thing! Mom isn't a big mousie fan AT ALL! She can't stand the evil little creatures! We didn't realize it till mom gave a second cat shriek 2 minutes later that the mouse had left his hide-out and was scurrying across the floor and headed for the hallway and that's when all hell broke loose! Mitch was on the mouse case at an early age and dove into the corner to save the day! He actually caught the mousie and was a hero! He didn't hurt the mousie - he just got him all wet with slimey slobber! Now when mom shrieks about ANYTHING, he thinks a mouse is on the loose and needs to be caught so he dives to the first available corner to see if this is where the little bugger is hiding!

Mom sorta has to tell Mitch it's okay and explain the situation to him so he backs off! It's really pretty funny to watch!

Here comes the lettuce, Maggie! I wonder if we'll get to taste any of this sandwich between two pieces of toast?!

Mom and dad were both stingy with their sandwiches but after dindin we did take a ride up to Durham and we stopped at our favorite ice cream spot!

Dad had rum raisin and mom had vanilla! We brought our pretty purple spoon just in case! You're gonna share, right?!

I think we did pretty good for ourselves yesterday, don't you?!

So until next time...........

Love ya lots,

Maggie and Mitch


  1. Hi Maggie and Mitch,
    Hahaha... I love reading the story abt your Mom, Mitch and the Mouse (3'M's!!)..
    Can't believe you got to eat all those bacon.. I waaaaant some..

  2. Hmmm the BLT sounds yum. Of course we've had lots of bacon when it comes back from the breakfast room but we've never had a BLT or ice-cream for that matter.

    Hugs and tail wags
    Noah Willow Tess Lucy

  3. Bacon AND ice cream in the same day! What dog could ask for more? That Mitch sure is a good mouse-catcher! We've never seen one of those, but we had a rat in our bird feeder once. Mom wouldn't let us out to get it, so Dad killed it with a BB gun (after he tortured it for a while). Have a great Memorial Day weekend and we hope you get some more ice cream.

    Poppy & Penny

  4. Wowee, you too must have had very happy tums!

    Cassidy x

  5. You really score on the bacon and ice cream.

    I am always being offered my hooman's food but I like only food that is cooked specially for me.


  6. Ooooooo, bacon and ice cream, you are just so lucky. We have yet to experience these wonderful delicacies.........our hoomans are meanies. Can we come and stay with you?????

    Molly and Taffy

  7. Did you say BACON??? I'm sorry, I couldn't pay attention to anything else in this post after I read the most beautiful word in the world.

    Mom hates mice too...


  8. I wanna come live with you! Bacon and ice cream are my favorites! Love, Martha

  9. You eat lettuce? Yuck (unless it was coated in bacon grease).

    You should bring a mouse home for poor old Mitch when your mom isn't looking.

  10. ummmmmm bacon!!! the other food group!!! Even my Mom was drooling because crispy bacon is one of her favorites!!!

    And having Mitch catch mousies...very cool!

    Lots of Licks, Ruby

  11. Good evening m & m.
    The ice cream waits for the weekend.
    It is a wonderful, sweet trap there.
    In bacon and slaver on weekend.
    Please spend good time. :)

    from loved ume tyan

  12. Well, we know ALL about MOUSE SHRIEKING!!!! Our servant is crazy wild screamy over those things!

    Bacon and ice cream? Could you two possibly HAVE it any better???

    Wags from the whippets

  13. Thanks M&M, has some home grown lettuce, a baguette and I'm going to nose her into the store to buy me (er, her) some niman ranch bacon for my (her) blt.



    pee ess. we are also out of ice cream too. I am a big fan of coffee ice cream.

  14. we get so hungry when we read your stories. you kiddos eat really well. we would love to have a few meals at your house. we have never had bacon and probably never will, since our mom is a vegetable-alien and won't cook it for us. so sad... we are deprived...


  15. OOOH..My sissie E.Rabbit has a recipe for bacon ice cream. Do you want me to get it for you?

    (she likes it, what can I say?)

  16. w00f's maggie and mitch....hmmm me loves bacon...they dont cook it much here, makes blood pressure go really high...but they love it..heehee dat wuz funny bout u mama and mitch and da mousie....

    b safe,

  17. I'd say you scored a 10 on the bacon and ice cream. How can you top that?

    Funny story about your mom and the mouse! Mitch is a hero!

  18. What a good story, Mitch is such a good boy! And Ill bet that ice cream and the bacon tasted AMAZING! What kind of ice cream is your favorites??

    puppy breath,

  19. Thats hillarious Mitch thinks their is a mouse everytime...Bacon is the most wonderful thing EVER. I love bacon....What a wonderful finish to the day...Ice Cream....
    I will bark at you when I get back...

  20. OMD that story made our mommy LOL a lot!!!! And we are jealous of the ice cream... we never get any but we thinks its because mommy and daddy love chocolate which we hear is no good for puggies.

    Do you doggies live near Durham as in NC?? Our mommy used to live there (NC) for a while... she went to a school down there! One of her fave fave restaurants is right next to some baseball place in Durham, it's called Mellow Mushroom. Has you ever been there?

    Pug Love,

    Sophie and Dixie

  21. Mitch is quite the rescuer!! Yeah Mitch. Your teethies are so pearly white, you have a lovely smile :-)


  22. Bacon ice cream. That is what you need.

  23. Bacon is one of Mom's favorite foods -- so it's rare that she'll share it with us!! Greedy Mom.

    She's generous with lettuce, which she doesn't like nearly as much. Nor do we.

    We love the way Mitch was mouse trained. If only it was that easy to learn lots of other things.

    Glad you had a good din din. We enjoyed it vicariously.

    Jake and Just Harry

  24. That looks so yummy.. mmm ice cream really cools you off. WE could use some now. It is going to be a hot one today. Dad is on his way home and he said we can go to the lake. We are sleeping right now dreaming of swimming..

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus and Louie

  25. Boo! Well Mommy's been to Connecticut too, since she used to spend her summers in Quonochontaug, RI. She misses New England!

  26. Does it get any better than bacon and ice cream? I think not!!

    I love, love, love bacon and never get enough of it. Bacon is like love - it makes the world go round!

  27. Oh we agree with Moco Bacon ice cream. Yummy

  28. You two are so lucky bacon and ice cream in the same day yum yum! My mommy doesn't like mice and would SCREAM if she saw one too. You go Mitch and get those mice. I will catch a mouse once in a while in my backyard and me and Baylee play chase with it...hee hee

    Kisses & Licks,

    P.S I am feeling much better after my visit to the Vet and even ate a big din din too!

  29. Hi, friends!
    I can imagine Mitch looking for the mice!
    I've never had bacon but I like lettuce too!
    Glad you got some ice cream!
    Kisses and hugs

  30. OOOH yummie! BLTS are the best. You are so lucky to go and get icecream. My guys love icecream too!

    Sounds like you can chalk up the day as a great one. :)

  31. Did you just say BACON??!! OMdoG! We haven't had any bacon like forever! I'm sooo jealous...Eee, I can't believe you like lettuce?

    Love licks,
    Solid Gold Dancer

  32. I cannot believe you guys get the real bacon. I only get the "beggin strips." They are not quite as yummy as the real thing. Ice cream too! I'm drooling all over the keyboard! You lucky pups! I know it was yummy!


  33. Now I'm hungry and all I have in my bowl is dried dog food. Its so unfair.

    Simba x

  34. Bacon is my dads most favorite food ever. HE wishes we could get bacon air fresheners for the house :) We have never seen a mouse before, I bet Mom would scream too!!!

  35. I can't remember anything you posted about except for the bacon. Mmm.......... bacon.

  36. Ohhhhhh, I LOVE bacon!!!

    Ohhhhhh, I LOVE ice cream!!!!

    I wish my mom cooked like yours does!! You are so lucky! My mom is a speed cook. All we get is that microwave bacon, not the real stuff that you have to cook and that smells up the whole house.

    And ice cream!! There is nothing better!

    I'm so hungry! Would you like some of my diet dog food? I'll trade ya!

    Love and Koobuss Kisses,

    pee ess Great mouse story!! You are a good boy, Mitch!!

  37. Ooooooh I have bacon envy! Lettuce envy! (I like a little salad with mayo don't you?) Toast Envy! And Ice cream envy too! I would have mouse envy but I've never met one so I don't know . . .

    Wags, Eric

  38. I smell bacon around here!
    You guys had the great dindin of the week!

  39. Whoa you guys scored!! That mouse story is very funny!! We claw at the wall (where we heard them once)ALL THE TIME!!! Love A+A

  40. Haha, funny Mitch! And the bacon..ohhh..i'm practically salivating right now!

  41. Hi Maggie and Mitch!

    I've never eaten bacon, but it smells soooo gooood! You are sooooooo lucky!!!! YUMMY!

    Mitch, you are so good! It's soooo cute how you try to "protect" your mom from th evil mouse!!

    Winnie :-)

  42. Hey pals, I've never eaten real bacon. As the Js are boring veggies they only have "facon" which is fake bacon. J1 doesn't like it cos it smells to realistic, but J2 and I both LOVE it! Jx