Friday, June 13, 2008

Popsicles on Friday the 13th

Mom bought us popsicles at the grocery store and last night we got to have a whole one all to ourselves! Yea, mom!

I chose the orange one and Mitch said that the red one was just fine with him! These are actually creamsicles. They have a vanilla ice cream center and they're unsweetened but we don't care! They're cold and yummy!

What happened, Mitch? Where did you go? Did you get a brain freeze?! hehehehe

How come you're sitting over there? Don't you like sitting next to me and we can eat our popsicles together?

OMG, what a primadonna you are! I can't believe you won't sit next to me!

I can't believe mom is buying into this baloney you're serving us!

I should have eaten YOUR popsicle myself when I had the chance! Next time I will!

These are sure a great way to stay cool! Thanks for sharing with us, mom! Happy Friday the 13th everybody!

So until next time................

Love ya lots,

Maggie and Mitch


Girl Girl Hamster said...

What a yummy way to spend Friday the 13th. :)

~ Girl girl

Princess Patches said...

Happy Friday the 13th, Maggie and Mitch! You've figured out the pawfect way to spend a hot day! Those pupsickles look yummy! Have a great weekend!

Poppy, Penny & Patches

Charlie Daniels said...

That first pic is great. I can see why you allowed them to use it as your header pic.

I had a frozen treat today too! :-)



Moco said...

What a great snack. We got ice cream treats from the Schwan man. They are special for dogs. Can't wait to try them.

Snowball said...

Ice cream is definitely a good way to keep cool. I think I should go bark at jie jie till she get me some thou I am not sure if I will eat it cos I reject it most of the time when she offer it to me. hee...


Stanley said...


You are too kind. I would have snatched that pupcicle as soon as Mitch showed the first sign of weakness. I can't help it. I love cold creamy things!

You two look so cute eating on your pupcicles! Your mama is the BEST!

Goober love & smooches,

Unknown said...

yummmy Popsicles! Do you lick them or bite them. I try to make my dogs lick them, good luck they tell me.

Happy Friday the 13th!

Dexter said...

Maggie, dear, are you sure you weren't maybe sending vibes at Mitch to stand down from your popsicle?

Happy Friday the 13th


Ferndoggle said...

Hey! That's kinda like what we posted for Friday the 13th. Looks like everypup is trying to stay cool!!!

Sherman, Penny & Lola

Lenny said...

I can't imagine backing away from such a delicious snack. Maggie, you should have just eaten Mitch's popsicle!

Your friend, Lenny

Lacy said...

w00f's Maggie and Mitch, yummmmies dat popcicle looks hasnt tried those b4, just mama gives me sum vanilla ever once in awhile...happy 13th to u tooo...

b safe,

Sparky said...

Happy Friday the 13th to you guys as well! Mitch must've been suffering from brain freeze! I know I'd have gobbled that popcicle up faster than my mom can type p o p c i c l e.

The 3 G-Dales said...

Hi there Maggie and Mitch -

Cool that you guys get popsicles...we get Frosty Paws treats from our Mumsie but yours look like more fun.

We wanted to be sure to say hello since Mumsie has been so busy wiff our new sissy dale, Miz Lola, and she wasn't feeling so good and so she was not feeling very bloggy...

But we miss ya and wanted to say hey! Mumsie will be bloggin all about Lola we suspect because she has gone nuts taking pictures of that puppy....we'll just wait the storm out.....hurricane Lola has to lose some of its force soon....

Be good Scoobies!

Pawslaps from the 3 Griffindales...
Roy, Jack and Lola too

Petra said...

You guys probably hope the hot weather sticks around for awhile with treats like that!

And what is up with Mitch, not wanting to eat beside you, Maggie?!

Ruby Bleu said...

Oh sure he wins a contest and this is what happened!!! LOL!!!

Stay cool!

Lots of Licks, Ruby

Anonymous said...

Yumm!!! Seriously... you two have to be the cutest AIREdales ever!!!!

George the Pup said...

Oh that looks like a good way to keep cool - how fun!

Anonymous said...

Hey Maggie and Mitch!
Speaking of popsickles, a co. is supposed to be sending our mom some sample pupsickles for us to taste test and give her evaluation. We can't wait to receive them, because it sounds like they're made of meat. We'll give it the paws up or down, depending on their flavor. Stay cool....
Abby & Rosie

Cassidy said...

They look yummy scrummy. Me gets brain freeze when me eats ice cubes. Biog Harry said me not has a brai though!

Cassidy x

Jackson's J1 and J2 said...

Hey Maggie, you missed your chance there. You could have swiped Mitch's popsicle, but I expect you're too polite to do that! Me, I would have nabbed it for sure! J x

Niamh said...

Creamsicles - how delish! A great way to stay cool. I always try to chew up the stick too. Glad your mom gave you such a nice treat.

Your friend,

Asta said...

Those pupsickles look soo awe a vewy polite sissy Maggie..
smoochie kisses

Unknown said...

WOW you are so lucky! all Booker gets is an ice cube or two and a head bob in the fountains out front.

The Army of Four said...

Oh, pups! I could SO go for a popsicle right about now!
Play bows,

Mack said...

Oh man, those look deelish!

And they are great for hot weather!

Chef said...

Yummerooo. I am so drooling for those popsicles of yours. And those faces are yours are so cute too! My Mama just wants to kiss you both and I want your popsicles !!


Unknown said...

I've never had a popsicle! Are they SUPER yummy? I'll have to get my Mom to get me some...What are your favorite flavors?

Love, Herc

Bogart H. Devil said...

Staying cool, looking cool :)


Amber-Mae said...

Yesterday was Friday the 13th here in mah country! Mmm, popsicles are cooling & refreshing. Bet it tasted sooo good!

Butt wiggles,
Solid Gold Dancer

Lorenza said...

Those popsicles sure made you two put away scary thoughts this Friday the 13th!
Yummy and refreshing!
Kisses and hugs

Noah the Airedale said...

Pinky was telling us that so many things went wrong at work yesterday...hmmm maybe the whole Friday 13th bizzo is true......
Yum the popsithingies look very good. You have very nice pinkies.

Hugs and tail wags
Noah Willow Tess Lucy

Simba and Jazzi said...

So Friday 13th was a really lucky day for you two. Yum!

Simba x

Unknown said...

hi buddies...
wowwwwwwwww icecream... mmmm
i want one pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

umekotyan said...

Good evening m & m.
Friday of the 13th is a scary day.
It is a happy day if there is no bad thing.
Of course, when it eats happy ice cream, time extremely.
A wonderful weekend with the ice cream and the pigtail. :)

from loved ume tyan

♥Mona + Prissy + Angel Weenie♥ said...

Hi M & M,

Thanks so much for saying ya love the Mommy. She loves you guys a bunch too!!

I just love popsicles but my tounge gets vey cold and my head goes dead. I've never had a cream popsicle...I gotta get the Mommy to buy me one.

Love ya lots Mona

Sami & Baylee said...

Oh I am gonna have to tell mommy about those popsicles with ice cream in them! I bet they are yummy! You lucky doggies to get such special treats! Thank you for the barkday card it was very nice and you guys are so thoughtful!

Kisses & Licks,

Gaia the Airedale said...

Now now you two. Maggie you are so cute, Id eat those yummy creamcicles with you! My mom let me have some of her pupcicle once, it was pretty tastey! Especially on super hot days.

puppy breath,

Gaia the Airedale said...

Now now you two. Maggie you are so cute, Id eat those yummy creamcicles with you! My mom let me have some of her pupcicle once, it was pretty tastey! Especially on super hot days.

puppy breath,

B said...

Those look really really good. They have vanilla ice cream in them? Yummy. To bad Mitch wouldn't eat with you Maggie, he's just being silly.

the many Bs said...

popsicles with ice cream in the center sounds pretty yummy. we're gonna write that one on our mom's shopping list! thanks for the great idea, friends. we can tell you were enjoying them.


Faya said...

Ohhhhh we call this : sucettes glacées....miam miam....I like it also...maybe I will have some on Sunday after the barbeque with my friend Zabou... I will let you know. I love the new picture at the top of your blog !!!! Kisses, Faya

Joe Stains said...

Mitch sure seems to be getting more of a personality as he gets older! I sure would love one of those popsicles!

Peanut said...

Cool and refreshing. Yummy

Willow the Black Dale said...

Maggie and Mitch,
My mawmy says you two are vewy vewy polite dales!!! She loved the pictures of you eating your cold treats. She wanted me and Pilar to see how well you two share at snack time!!! {hey I just got you think she is trying to tell me & Pilar something?}
Have a cool weekend,

The Zoo Crew said...

We love when our little sisters' popsicles melt and chunks fall to the ground! We say, "SCORE!"


Rudy said...

Oh wow, I've never had a popsicle, I wonder why Mom hasn't thought of that before? She could make us some chicken-flavored ones, or beef, liver...!! (MOM: yuck!)


Myeo said...

That is so sweet of your mom to give you each one popsicle.

We really think Mitch got brain freeze, thats why he backed away.

Boy n Baby

Princess, Tank and Isaac: The Newfs of Hazard said...

Popscicles! Wow! You sure are lucky!

Eric said...

Hey pals, MMM those creansicles look the best. I call them lollys! But I've never had one.How do I get the 2 leggededs to get me one?

Wiry wags, Eric

Nevis said...

Most men are primadonnas. And you guys are too funny!