Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Wheelie Wednesday - Lavender

Hi everybody! It's me, Autumn!

The lavender is in bloom! Mom and I have been outside for a few days now cutting lavender flowers and the oils from the plants are getting all over my fur and I smell so pretty!

One of the first things we made was lavender vinegar! Mom has never made this before and she wanted to see if the vinegar would turn a pretty shade of purple like the chive vinegar turned pink, but it didn't. The vinegar only smells like lavender - it didn't change color!

Mom has a trunk full of wool yarn that she uses to knit the purses that she felts and she uses the lavender as a moth repellent so her wool stays safe from those flying buggies! So far, so good! We've never had a moth problem and the inside of the trunk smells really nice!

We're planning on trying our hand at these lavender wands. Mom has never made them but she's always wanted to! This is not our photo. It came off the lavender wand website!

Guess who stopped by to visit me today and bearing a bouquet of lavender, I might add! Johnathan! Thank you! How very sweet of you!

And did you all see the beautiful garden bandana that Patience and her Whippets gave me for Maggie's early birthday pressie? Thank you so very much! You guys are too nice! I really appreciate it! I think it's so special that my sissy and I match!

See you all next Wednesday!

Love, Autumn


  1. Johnathan is so sweet to bring you the bouquet of lavender.
    Can the lavender vinegar be use for cooking?

    ~ Girl girl

  2. oooooo... that's so sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet.. lavendar... heard that it helps on bad sleeping days right??


  3. Is Johnathan your main squeeze? You two make a very handsome couple!

  4. Hiya Autumn! Lavender vinegar? Does it smell like a mixture of sour vinegar & lavender? that Jonathan was so nice to bring you flowers. Awwww!

    Butt wiggles,
    Solid Gold Dancer

  5. I think that you have found yourself a real gentleman!

  6. I bet that lavendar smells much better than moth balls! You are find all sorts of fun ways to use lavendar. Very creative!!

    Hugs, Kodak

  7. Our mom didn't know that lavendar was good for keeping moths away. Thanks for sharing that with us. Johnathan is a very sweet boy to bring you that nice boquet of lavender.

    Poppy, Penny & Patches

  8. G'day Autumn,

    I know what I would probably do with that Lavendar garden ... ;-)



  9. You look lovely in your garden bandana Autumn. Lavender is so pretty and smells so good when we're nosing around in mom's herb garden. Did you know that a sprig of lavender in a bird bath keeps the algae from growing in it? Yet another use for lavender.
    Happy Wheely Wednesday! Say hey to Maggie and Mitch for us
    Abby & Rosie

  10. Never sniffed Lavender before..Izzit yummy???

  11. i want to know if it's yummy too! It looks pretty.

  12. I am confused by the lavender vinegar. Do you use it on your salad?


    P.S. Hector has been spending a lot of time looking at your photos. I think he has a thing for you.

  13. oooh I just love lavendar! I get to walk past a bush of lavendar on my daily walks. Mom loves it too, she bought some lavendar carmel from a local market before, she said it was the bestest candy shes ever had! You should try to make some!!

    puppy breath,

  14. Oh! I wish that I could smell the lavender! It looks so lovely! Hey, I think that Johnathan is sweet on you! You deserve it!

    have a fantastic day!

  15. w00f's Autumn, Maggie and Mitch..oooo Autumn's gots a boy friend..mama loves to smell lavender...and loves the color even more...she into purple..

    b safe,

  16. Autumn,
    Wow you sure are a pretty girl. We love lavender!! Jonathan sure is sweet on you isn't he. And now I see that Hector has a thing for you too. Who knows what you will get from him. He is kind of a wild and crazy Wheelie!!! Yowzah!!!

  17. We didn't know lavendar kept those bad bugs away! Mom hates moth balls so she is always having to go through her stuff to make sure there's no bad stuff going on. In our next house Mom is going to plant lavendar!!

  18. Wouldn't Archies smell o vision fit in right here??!! Love A+A

  19. What a loevly post Autumn!
    I've made Lavender Wands, they are fun - think I posted about them last year!

    Love, pats & pets

  20. Lavender smells so good. You will be busy using it for all sorts of new things.

  21. I marked Ms. Alpha's lavendar the other day and she just sighed. Do you think it will still smell pretty?

  22. Hey, my Mommy made some of those lavender wands when she was out on Vashon Island, WA years ago. They're really easy to make and they last forever! We still have some around the apartment. (They don't taste very good though!)

    Your pal,


  23. Autumn
    I looooove Lavendew...Mommi puts them in dwawews and in sachets undew hew pillow fow sweet dweams...I think Jonathan is the nicest boy to bwing you a bouquet...and you look wondewful in youw banana that matches Maggie..have a lovely time helping Mom in the gawden
    wheeley smoochies Myrna and ASTA

  24. Motch has lavender growing in our yard and she doesn't know what to do with it. You have some great ideas; Motch needs to get on the stick and DO something with our lavender.

  25. Hi maggie and mitch i'm back after my move to muenster its so good to read your blog. Sounds like your mum has been busy with the lavender your house must smell lovely. We have lavender in our garden I don't think Caz will be having a go at making things she not to good with things like that.
    Ludo the cool dude

  26. look so stylish in your new certainly enhances the flower in your hat and the autumn theme in your very unique wheels....enjoy your garden and that lovely lavender...
    Asta Marie, WFT

  27. M & M:
    To tell you the truth we RARELY get ice cream or gelato either even though we live less than FIVE minutes walking distance from many gelaterias AND TWO, well ONE excellent ice cream parlour called "Emack & Bolios" - do you have one out there? There are a few in NY but I am not sure about CT.

  28. You should tell your humans that they can use lavender vinegar to rinse their hair... it closes the cuticle and make human hair smell great!

  29. WOW!


    Dilly too! Dilly too!

    -Mummy in garden today, trim bits lavender. Tie ickol bow rownd, mayke ickol posie. COme indors say, Look, Dilly!


    Dilly like lavender an Dilly like bows!

    Thank for tip wiv keepin bitey insekts way!

    COme see wat Dilly mayke!!!!

  30. Tanner is confused because he wonders how a color can smell so good. He sure is a simple dog. I think those lavender plants would smell delicious in his crate, might freshen the place up a bit.

    You look so nice in your new bandanananana

  31. Hi M & M,

    Lavender vinegar. That sounds here interestin. The Mommy lives vinegar. She says it's good for you and since she eats a salad almost everyday, she should know abiut vinegar.

    Get bandanas & collars.

    Love lots & lots.

    Love ya Mona & the Mommy too!!

  32. Hi, Autumn!
    Many uses for the lavender!
    Johnathan sure is nice giving you that bouquet!
    Kisses and hugs

  33. the servant has a lavender wrist rest for her keyboard AND for her mousie thing. It's supposed to make her think better and not be stressed. ummm... woah..wonder what she'd be like without it... scary!

    wags from the whippets

  34. my mommy loves lavender..
    u cannot get it down here though....
    we only saw the dried one..

  35. We love lavender. We don't have the flower here but mum loves to buy lavender sachets for the cupboard so her clothes smell nice.

  36. Jonathan is such a nice guy for giving you the flower. Im sure the whole house smell like lavendar. So sweet~~~

    slurpy licks,

  37. That is so sweet of Jonathan.

    Mama loves the smell of lavender. Your house must be real nice-smelling now.

    Boy n Baby

  38. That is very sweet of Jonathan to bring you flowers. No pup has ever brought me flowers...


  39. Ooh LS just loves lavender, although we can't grow them here. She usually pops over to one little cafe to enjoy their lavender baked cheese and beef pie. It's yummy!