Friday, September 12, 2008

Another Barn Raising

Dad left for Maine Tuesday morning at 4AM. He has another barn raising this weekend. Our Uncle Bob sent us pictures this morning. This is the view that the guys see while they're raising the barn!And this is the deck where the bents (sections) will be raised this morning at 8AM!

The guys are building the bents in this picture - putting all the pieces together so the section can be stood up as one unit!Obviously we're home with mom who has a project of her own that she's trying to finish before dad gets back home! She's refinishing the kitchen floor! We're pretty rough on a wood floor with our beards constantly dripping every time we drink water and the finish was beginning to wear off and the floor was turning black and mom thought that this would be the ideal time to tackle the floor project!

This is one coat and mom wants to do 3-4 coats before she calls it a done deal! Because it's the kitchen we're hoping that there could be pizza meals or McDonald meals to look forward too! Our paws are crossed for this to happen!

We got a postcard from Girl girl and Eil yesterday all the way from Singapore! Thank you so much! We love getting mail from our hammie friend! Mitch is being a real lazy bones in this picture!

And today we got an adorable thank you note card from Jackson for sending him a birthday pressie! You're most welcome, Jackson! His mom makes these cards! Isn't this just the cutest thing you ever saw? Okay, so I'm being a lazy bones too!
Guess what? We got ice cream tonight!

This Peppermint ice cream is good stuff, mom! Thanks!

So until next time......................

Love ya lots,

Maggie and Mitch


  1. Woh your dad will sure do a pawsome job on that barn. Oh... i love ice cream, I'm glad you doggies had it.
    I love how Mitch lies down and read hee

    ~ Girl girl

  2. wow!
    you are all very busy over there! mitch looks tuckered out from all of the excitement!
    that is a huge project. it looks great with even just one coat. dad will be very surprised, and i bet pooped after raising a barn! you all are just very... COOL!
    m & e

  3. Your pawrents are both very talented! The floor looks good with just one coat, so it will look really great with 3-4 coats! That's a big project...and our mom would know. She installed and finished our wooden kitchen floor. The finish is the stuff they use in the Hard Rock Cafe. Not easy to work with, but 2 coats have held up to our abuse for 5 years! We love that view that the guys will see while raising the barn! We hope your dad has a lot of fun!

    Poppy, Penny & Patches

  4. Oh wow, we got a card from Jackson too. Aren't they neat cards?

    Your mum's doing a super job on the floorboards.
    Hope all goes well with the barn raising.

    Noah xx

  5. Hi, Maggie and Mitch -

    You both look so cute being "lazy." We love the pictures. You Mom is undertaking a huge project. We hope you all have a good weekend.

    Love -

    Hershey and Kaci

  6. Ice cream! So delicious. I'm glad that you got to enjoy some. And I think is perfectly fine for you to be lazy while your people are working so hard to raise barns and refinish floors!

    Your friend,

  7. Ooooh - the floors look great!! We are jealous - can your mom come down here and do mine too??

  8. Peppermint....myyyyummmmyyy...When muzzer has a peppermint candy, I always give extra kisses. I can only imagine it in ice creaaaammmm....


  9. Both your mom and dad are super busy with their projects so I think it's up to the both of you to be lazy for them. Ice cream is always the best. I just had some last night!

  10. more ice cream?! Thats it. Your hoomans need to have a word with my hoomans and tell them WHY it is important to my survival that i get some of that ice cream stuff.

  11. You mom and dad are skillful artistic craftman! I love their work. My mom can't even type properly!
    You two had fun dressing up Wheelie, hehe!
    Ice cream? Somebody mentioned ice cream? Lick! Tasty longy lick!

  12. Your dad sure stays busy with all those barns! I hope you get lots of fun food since the kitchen seems to be offlimits to food work right now. :0)

  13. Wow! You mom and dad are very talented and very busy too. My 2 legged momma would love for yours to help her refinish our floors.

    Oh...and big news. I have a new sister. Willow came to live with us just this week. I love her already.

    So until next time, big woofs and slobbers are heading your way from your Newfie pals,

    Gabe and Willow

  14. Woof Maggie and Mitch

    Your parents do alot of really pawsome stuff. You pups are so lucky. Hope the ice cream was good and we'll see you at the party.

    Desert Pups

  15. Gosh, your Mom and Dad have sure been busy!
    That ice-cream looks deeeeelicious!!

    Ben xxxx

    PeeS... Lazy is GOOD.. it's my favourite pastime!

  16. Your dad is really into barns.
    Your mom is doing a really good job on that floor. Grammie says we have pergo because it wears like iron. I think she got industrial strength.
    Any ice cream is good. We had Dog Zerts from the Schwan man yesterday. Yummy.

  17. yall are so lucky to get yummy ice cream! and thanks for visiting our blog!! we love it!!

  18. M & M.... we can't wait to see what kind of meals you get on that floor. We love McDonald's.

    Yes it is true the Black Dales and the Red Dales are more calm. I am not sure why....we all have the same DNA.....just different color. My daddy told my mommy they would NEVER get an Airedale because the Black/Tans were "too"much for him. But.....he loooovvvees me. He says he can't believe how calm and mellow I am. I don't bark either....except when being played with. Same goes for other blacks. You should talk to my grandma about them. Oh and the Griffendales have one of my brothers.....he is 3.
    Mommy says I am only a chewer of stuffies and beds too. I have never eaten a wall, shoe, couch, barbie, chair, table etc. (mommy is now knocking on wood). Mom says the Reds are even calmer....kind of like Mr. Sunfalufagus from Sesame Street.

    Big Smooches,

  19. Maggie and mitch
    Youw dad's at anothew bootiful site..those bawns awe pawsome!
    and wow youw Mom is doing a gweat job on the floow..ouws could suwe use a wefinish, but my pawents awe lazy
    glad you got some yummie ice cweam
    smoochie kisses

  20. I am jealous of all your dee-licious food stuffs! Pizza is my absolute favorite. Hope you can eat out soon!

  21. Mmmm that ice cream looks like the best! Uncle Dennis sneaked us all some Edy's RootBeer Float ice cream 'cause it's named after me (that's my show name).
    And your parents are so talented! Mom wishes she could do a wood floor herself, but wouldn't know where to begin.


  22. Thanks for the barkday wish, it meant a lot to me.

  23. How cool is that that they are raising another barn! We don't see any barns around here. Could they make a hurricane-proof one?

  24. M&M...

    BArn raisin' looks like it might be very interestin' yer Dad loves it....'n the kitchen floor looks super....big Bro Brian sanded and stained all of his pine wood floors on his first floor....what a job but it was but worth the effort.....

    Dewey Dewster here....

  25. Hi M & M! We got far behind (that's a terrible thing to happen to whippets of all dogs!) but we're trying to catch up.
    we missed you. oh and that floor is amazing.

    wags from the whippets

  26. Hi, Maggie and Mitch!
    I am sure you Dad will do another great job with that barn!
    The kitchen floor looks pawesome too!
    You mom did a good job too!
    Ice cream??? Drooling, drooling!
    Kisses and hugs

  27. You've got to show us the picture when the barn is finished! Can't wait to see the end result!



  28. Hello there, The floor looks so shiny. Hope you get lots of good meals from there. BTW, I've got an award for you both. Swing by and collect it.

  29. yr mom and dad can do great jobs, and many many thanks to you n yr family for keepin us in yr thought and prayers.

  30. yr mom and dad can do great jobs, and many many thanks to you n yr family for keepin us in yr thought and prayers.

  31. That looks like hard work, hats off to your Mum and Dad.

    Simba x

  32. omdog that floor is terribly shiny, it looks super! I bet your Dad is having a good time raising that barn but you guys are getting ICE CREAM!!!

  33. Hi Maggie and Mitch,

    Thank you for the wonderful award! I am really honored. You are such a good blogger and I got so much to learn from you.

    Another great barn raising story! I enjoy reading every one of your barn raising post. The book barn sounds so cool! It is a very pretty barn too. Thanks for sharing.


  34. We have that same ice cream!!! Isn't it wonderful!?!? I've developed quite a sweet tooth and just LOVE it when Mom gives me a tiny taste!
    tail wags,