Friday, September 26, 2008

This Is So Cool!

Autumn told you all that our gram shipped lots of boxes to us not long ago! One of the boxes contained this beautiful work of art! This picture is made entirely of butterfly wings! Isn't it the coolest thing you ever saw?Because the wings are iridescent, as you walk by the picture, the colors change and it looks entirely different! It looks different in the middle of the day and even more different at night with the lamps on!

It's just gorgeous and very mesmerizing! The more you stare at it and move past it, the more colors you see -blues and purples and aquas!

We've also been racking up the awards! Thank you so much, Happy!
We would like to award our friend, Pacco!

And we were awarded this one from Pacco and we would like to award it to our friend, Petey! We love your blog, Petey! You are one fine movie director!

And we received this award from the 4B's - Brody, Benson, Baxter and Bailey! Thank you very much, guys! We are honored!

We would like to award the "you lift my spirit" award to Ludo! Ludo is getting a new Airedale brother and he'll be arriving early next week! You need to go see how cute Otto is!

So until next time............

Love ya lots,

Maggie and Mitch


  1. That butterfly wings picture sure is pawsome and bootiful
    Have a great weekend doggies

    ~ Girl girl

  2. That is one really cool butterfly picture! Congrats on all your awards! You totally deserve them!

    Poppy, Penny & Patches

  3. That picture is beautiful. I really like butterflies-I point at them!

    Congratulations on all your awards. You deserve them.

    Your friend,

  4. The butterfly picture is so pretty!
    Congrats on all your awards.

  5. This is WAY better than any Oscar! Thank you so much!

    There is a hotel in NYC where they have a work of art about 8' x 8' that is entirely made of butterfly wings and you're absolutely right - it's mesmerizing!

    Thanks again for my award - I'll make sure you have excellent seats at the big premiere!

    Your pal,


  6. Good evening m & m.
    The bear of glasses is lovely.
    Such a grandfather exists.
    Playful grandfather for a moment.

    And, butterfly's beautiful shuttlecock depends, and is beautiful.
    Award is offered to wonderful blog.
    Of course, m & m is wonderful.
    The weekend with a wonderful spirit. :D

    from loved ume tyan

  7. we got something for you in our blog (:


  8. what an awesome picture! and the new activity 'dale art appreciation!

  9. Thats a great picture! and GREAT awards! congrats!

  10. congrats on your awards.

    that's an interesting butterfly picture. how cool.


  11. w00f's Maggie and Mitch, watt a cool butterfly picksur...and congrats on all ur awards...

    b safe,

  12. Congratulations on your awards!

    That picture is really beautiful, we have never seen anything quite like it before!

    Have a great weekend,

    Ben xxxx

  13. Congratulations on the awards, Maggie and Mitch! You two do such a great job with your blog - you deserve tons of recognition!
    That picture is gorgeous! I love the colors - so deep and rich!

  14. That is a very nice butterfly wing picture. Where in the world did your grams get all those wings?
    Awards galore. Good job!

  15. Maggie 'n Mitch...

    That is a really special picture ya got from yer is so neat that the picture can change colors dependin' on the time of day and the light...hope ya enjoy it fer a long time....

    Congrats on yer awards too...ya are always showin' the blog world new and interestin' stuff....we just love the barn stuff...who knew they could be so beautiful?

    Have a great weekend......

    Dewey Dewster here.......

  16. that's so nice of your gram! you are so lucky to have such neat art! we've got to get one of those wheelies. they look like so much fun!!
    love yall, janie

  17. Hi, Maggie and Mitch!
    The butterfly picture is pawesome!
    Congratulations on your awards! You deserve them!
    Kisses and hugs

  18. That is so calming and pretty, I could stare at it for hours!! Congrats on your awards!

  19. Hey, Maggs & MitchMan!

    Your grams sure sent you some cool stuff. I'm surprised you weren't completely HYPNOTIZED by that butterfly picture.

    You guys deserve every cool award there is! I'm not surprised you're inundated with them!

    Goober love & smooches,

  20. The pic is soooo pretty.
    Congrats on all your awards maties.

    Have a great weekend.

    Noah Willow Tess Lucy

  21. That picture is awesome, I really can't imagine how somebody has come up with this idea!
    Congratulations on all your awards. Now it's really time for me to read all other doggies blogs...Otherwise I'll get too bored..

  22. That's a fantastic butterfly picture. I've seen ones like that made in New Guinea. Do you know where this one was made?

  23. OMG! What a beautiful picture! We just love it! Did Gram make it?

    Can you send me the recipie for your yummy soup? Mom won't make me any so I have to make some for myself! Hmmf!

    Love, Herc

  24. Woof Maggie and Mitch

    Ohhh, that is one beautiful butterfly. Congratulations on your awards. You deserve each one of them because you pups are fantastic. Hope all is well in New England.

    Desert Pups

  25. Hi, it's very nice to meet you as well!
    You both are very beautiful dogs!
    Yes, aren't watermelons just the best? Haha

  26. Hi, Maggie and Mitch -

    Congratulations on your awards. You deserve them. Are you getting soaked like we are? The rain just will not stop.

    Have a good weekend.

    Love -

    Hershey and Kaci

  27. We love the picture.. Congrads on your wonderful awards..

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  28. Maggie and Mitch
    That is sooo pawsome..the colows awe magic..youw Gwam suwe has nice stuff..congwatulations on those cool desewve evewyono of them and mowe!!!
    smoochie kisses

  29. Hi M & M,

    I have missed you all so much. We have been so busy trying to catchup with everybody's blog but there are so many but we had to stop by and say we are back.

    The Mommy looooooves that picture. She gots one of a Unicorn that changes colors when the light shines on it so she can understand why you'd get lost in that picture.

    Love...Mona & the Mommy too!!

  30. Did they have to kill all the butterflies for that pic?

  31. Maggie! Mitch!

    Are those real butterfly wings? Wow!!! That is so way cool!

    My human was looking up some Airedale Rescue stuff and she found you guys and your mom! The human thought the quilt stuff that your human did was way awesome!

    Hope the weather is getting cooler by you!

    Sorry I haven't been around to check on you and all, but you know...humans, blah, blah, blah...

    Mr. T-Bone Beasley

  32. hay guys,hay guys pleez come by th blog an pick owt one u like. We want to give u a ward!! Jus tell me which won,cuz i'm nosy. k?
    (I woke up mom 2 howers ago. hahahahaha I am funny, yes? she duz not fink so)
    we will catch up soon!!
    Hi 5s

  33. Um, what happened to the rest of those butterflies?