Saturday, September 13, 2008

Raising Day

This was yesterdays' sunrise in Maine! What a splendid start to the day!

The guys are bookin'! All four bents (sections) are up!

Holy Moley! All the rafters are in place and the overhangs are up! See that tiny white building with the grey roof? That's the cupola and it's going to be raised to the roof of the barn by a crane! This will be the very first time that dad and the guys have raised a barn and raised a cupola in the same weekend! A couple of days ago we received the Brilliant blog award from Lady, Zena and Cody! We think most of you have already received this award! If you haven't, consider yourself awarded! We think all of your blogs are brilliant!Kess awarded us the kick ass blogger award! We're delighted to think that we're kick ass bloggers! Thank you so very much, Kess!

The award rules are simple:
Choose 5 bloggers that you feel are "Kick Ass Bloggers". Let 'em know in your post or via email, twitter or blog comments that they've received an award. Share the love and link back to both the person who awarded you and back to

Last night mom took Mitch and me out for our final peepees before bed and guess what Mitch discovered? That the UPS man had left a box for dad on our back porch and mom had no clue it was even there! Our UPS man left 2 cookies on top of the box for us and that little snitch, Mitch (hey, that rhymes) stole both the cookies and held them in his mouth while he was peeing! Mom knew something was up and confiscated them when we came back inside! She was able to salvage half of each cookie! You're such a pig, Mitch!
Hey, where did they go?
I honestly don't think you deserve more, Mitch, seeing as you already ate a whole one if you put the two halves together!

I guess mom feels differently!

We just got back from our walkie and Mitch likes plowing his face through all the wet grass looking for apples and nuts and anything else edible!

We'll update you with any more pictures of the raising if Uncle Bob is kind enough to send them to us!

So until next time................

Love ya lots,

Maggie and Mitch


  1. Gosh if i ever want a barn raisining I am calling your Dad, that is speedy work and looks great!
    Mitch is a cheeky one stealing both cookies, I bet you would have shared Maggie!

    Hope you both have a wonderful weekend,

    love and smooooches

    Ben xxxxx

  2. Sweet Maggsie!!

    You guys totally deserve all the awards you can get! We humbly accept the kickass blogger award. (You have confirmed for us that we are, INDEED, kickass. Thank you!)

    That barn raising always looks like so much fun! Your parents are into some really cool stuff.

    Do you think Mitch is just a snitch, or is he getting too big for his britches?

    Goober love & smooches,

  3. That silly Mitch stealing all the cookies. That is so nice that the delivery dude leaves you guys some!!!

    Lots of Licks, Ruby

  4. hahahahah
    emmitt thinks mitch might be part pug.
    great pictures and congrats on your awards!
    m & e

  5. Such excitement in Maine!!! And what a sunrise...

    wags from the whippets

  6. That is too funny about the swiped cookies! I can't believe that there were not gobbled, swallowed and disappeared before you got back inside!

  7. Woof Maggie and Mitch,

    Hey, congratulations on your Kick ass award. It's really pawsome. The barn is looking good, they're doing a great job on it.

    Desert Pups

  8. Woof Maggie and Mitch,

    Hey, congratulations on your Kick ass award. It's really pawsome. The barn is looking good, they're doing a great job on it.

    Desert Pups

  9. woops Mitch...caught again. We loved the picture of the barn against the sunrise. Proves there is poetry in everyday things.


  10. hehe Mitch stole those cookies that little stinker! Oh well, us dales just follow our noses! Congrats on the other award!

    puppy breath,

  11. Hi, Maggie and Mitch -

    Congratulations on your awards. We like that KickAss award. That sunrise picture is really pretty.

    Have a good weekend.

    Love -

    Hershey and Kaci

  12. Maggie, Mitch!

    That sunrise is absolutely gorgeous! I wish I could have been there to see that one...

    Congratulations on your awards, you guys totally deserved them.


  13. I am with YOU Mitch! I see a COOKIE and I EAT IT!

    Hee Hee!


    Putter ...:)

  14. Your Dad is certainly busy, the work looks amazing. We look forward to seeing it all finished.

    Mitch! Fancy eating the cookies as soon as you saw them! You are a little piggy!
    Enjoy your weekend
    Molly and Taffy

  15. That Mitch is a real cookie monster! I definitely would have tried just a little hard to share my cookie with Maggie, I think, maybe.


  16. I do love watching your barn work. I remember reading about y'all's first one last year(guess it was last yr. Been lurking an awfully long time) That sunrise is
    just gorgeous. There are some cool old barns aroud her(well all over TX, that I wish someone like your husband would work on) My grandparents old barn was torn down. I had played in that barn so much. Great memories. And it was a great looking old barn. I cried. Silly,yes?
    Anyhow, what a wonderful job they do.
    Thanks for sharing!

  17. Pee ess Congratulations on your awards. We like that "kick ass" one!!

  18. G'day Maggie & Mitch,
    Thanks ever so much for passing the kick ass award onto us...we're thrilled. Also a big congrats to you guys.
    Your dad and he's mates are doing a top job with the barn raising.
    That sunrise is beautiful too.

    Noah Willow Tess & Lucy

  19. That is a beautiful sunrise. Grab the cookies and run Mitch. haha

  20. Hi, Maggie and Mitch!
    Thanks for the update on the barn raising! I can't wait to see more!
    Nice mailman leaving you cookies with the package!
    Kisses and hugs

  21. boy, the UPS man never leaves us anything! you guys are special (as we all knew). We are jealous of those treats. I must go ask mother for some!!

    We love to read about those barn raisings. They should look like fun!

  22. I am always so amazed at this barn raising stuff, it is truly wonderful!

  23. I can't believe Mitch tried to eat all of the cookie the UPS guy left for you! WOW my ups guy, Vic, doesn't leave me anything!! But he does know my name!


  24. Woofy, M&M!!
    Congrats on your awards.
    I'm sure those packages are for you too! Hmmm, the UPS man knew it that's why he left cookies. Our mailman don't leave us cookies. He kept running for his life as soon as he drops all mails. Hmmm, I wonder why?

  25. Congrats on your awards! Thanks for sharing the pics of the barn raising. We think that is very cool! And Mitch, you are a little stinker! Of course, any one of us would do the same thing!

    Poppy, Penny & Patches

  26. It was a beautiful sunrise. You have such a nice postie who leaves you cookies! Mitch, you have to share with Maggie!

  27. Thanks for the award you guys. I will post as soon as I get my bloggie back from momma (she is off on a rant today).

    A crane? Yowsa! That looks like so much fun. Can't wait for the rest of the pictures.

    I have to say, that Mitch is a pretty clever dude to hide the cookies in his mouth and then acting all, like, who me? I'm just peeing. Hee Hee.


  28. Wow the barn raising is going great.. We can't wait to see it when it s done...

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  29. That is a great sunrise picture! And what a kind UPS man!
    Finni xx