Thursday, September 18, 2008

You Just Won't Believe It!

Mitch and I finally finished reading "What Dog Are You" and our test scores are in and we know which dog breed's bodies we're supposed to be in!

You're not going to believe this! I'm a Toy American Eskimo dog! No offense to the Eskies but this dog looks nothing like me! He's not even close to the same color I am!

The book calls me a Gem and this is what it says about Gems: If you're honest I'm sure you'll even admit that on occassion a muzzle might have come in handy! Good or bad Gems never have a problem letting you know what's on their mind. You're always enjoyable........even sarcasm is barked in a pleasant tone. The worst situation for you is to be chained to a stake, socially isolated and all alone!

You tend to like the trendy, diamond studded collars in life and don't mind shelling out the biscuits to buy them. Your not a show off though, and gladly let your friends play with your new toys. Always friendly, you're the first to show appreciation and nuzzle you friends and family.

After a hard days work, you can be very rambunctious and silly, almost to the extreme. You might even be willing to call in sick at work just to keep a party going. A Gems idea of enjoying life is to have every waking moment spent and cherished with family and friends. Even when you're taking a vacation the destination would be of no consequence, as long as your circle of friends and family were there.

Gems can be picked out of a crowd by their relaxed and fun nature, and would gladly meet your gaze with a smile. You might be an entrepreneur, a member of the local drama club or do volunteer work.

hummmmmmmmm - Well, yes, this does sound an awful lot like me, I do have to admit!

Guess whose body Mitch is supposed to take on? A Chesapeake Bay Retriever! A little bit closer but still no cigar!

The book says that Mitch is a Contender! Contenders are yappy, and have a well-rounded, cooperative personality. You don't need a large pack of friends, but cherish you few long-standing ones. You are able to understand and learn new things fast, and able to make quick decisions based on pure instinct.

You like your digs comfortable, and have a real thirst for the latest high tech toys. You try and keep pace with the people and environment around you. At work and at home you give one hundred percent, and wouldn't want it any other way.

If your down time is not structured you have a tendency to endlessly play fetch. Plan ahead, but don't end up stuck in the doghouse. Not wanting to miss any oopportunity to live life to the fullest, you are always active and on the go. A perfect weekend or vacation would be to a tropical all-inclusive resort.

Mitch loves tug on his down time, not fetch, but the rest of it is pretty accurate!

We really enjoyed reading this book and taking the quiz! If anyone else would like to read the book, let us know and we'll ship it to you! Maybe we can keep it going all over the world so that everyone gets a chance to read it and tell us which breed's body they're supposed to live in!

We received the gold paw award from our buddy Charlie! Thank you so much, Charlie! We are honored!

We would like to pass this award onto Amber-Mae!

And Noah gave us Rusty's Best Bud Award! What a cute award! Thank you so much, Noah! We would like to pass this award onto Huskee! We've been best buds with Huskee for a very long time!So until next time.............

Love ya lots,

Maggie and Mitch


  1. I don't know... somehow I just cannot see you two as anything other than AIREDALES :)


  2. I think I've got that book on the way to me .. though I think it may have been lost in the mail along with me DWB Pawlimpic purchases!



  3. Congrats on the awards, Maggie & Mitch!!

    That's an interesting book. We love the way you guys are for sure!! :)

    Momo & Pinot

  4. oh how fun!
    the awards are great! congratulations!
    we love your quiz results. it looks like lots of breeds have things in common. i wonder what emmitt would be.
    :)m & e

  5. w00f's M and M, heehee me thinks that fits Maggie to a T, and Mitch being yappy, noooo way....congrats on ur awards, and u passed it on to the pawfect 2, me loves them and me loves u boff tooo...

    b safe,

  6. Guess what... Mommy had an American Eskimo, Snowball, after her first dog, a Yorkie-Maltese mix. Then after Snowball she got the infamous Oliver. But she really liked Snowball! He was a ball of energy!!!!!!!!

  7. Tee hee Don't those silly book people know that an Airedale is a little bit of every dog? That is why you tested so good. We would love to try that book out and pass it on! Sounds like fun.

    !Send the book to mommy and I will have mommy send me to your house! Fair trade I think. Then you can see what blacks are like. And mommy can see what kind of dog I seem like. hahahahaha Do you think she would go for it?

    Smooches to you all,

  8. I agree that you're a gem....the kind that shines really pretty and everyone wants to wear, sort of a diamond in the rough.

    Sounds like a fun book to read.

    Levi's mom

  9. You sure are a sparkly gem to us, though we can't ever imagine you needing a muzzle!!! And Mitchy is a contender for sure.

    wags of congrats on your awards from the whippets

  10. You sure are a sparkly gem to us, though we can't ever imagine you needing a muzzle!!! And Mitchy is a contender for sure.

    wags of congrats on your awards from the whippets

  11. Both of you will always be airedales to me. Can't see you as anything else. But the results sure sounds like you though. Sure is a good idea to have the book travelling around. Sounds fun!

    Congrats on your lovely awards! Well deserved!

    Have a good weekend now!

  12. On no! Those doggies aren't you at all!!!

    Butt wiggles,
    Solid Gold Dancer

  13. I still like you 2 as Airedales. :)

    ~ Girl girl

  14. You are perfect as you are. Congratulations on your awards.

    Simba x

  15. That book really looks so fun!! I must get my paws on it somehow!!
    THANK YOU so much for the award guys. I want you to know that it means a lot to me!!

    Have grrrrrrreat weekend!

  16. Maggie, you're going to have a really hard time fitting into an Eskie costume! We are sure Mitchy can't possibly be as yappy as Penny! We haven't done our quiz from the book yet. Maybe later today...or tomorrow. We hope they put Airedales in their next edition! Congrats on your awards!

    Poppy, Penny & Patches

  17. Good evening m & m.
    Congratulations on Gold paw Award and Rusty 's Best But Award.
    A wonderful book is a treasure of the life.
    The thing that reading the book lives other people's lives can be done.
    Please spend a wonderful weekend peacefully.

    from loved ume tyan

  18. Ooohh thats really interesting, My book arrived this morning, I can't wait to see what dog I am supposed to me.. Mum says it is whatever is the laziest dog on the planet.. I'm ignoring that comment she is just crabby today!

    Congratulations on your awards too!

    Have a great weekend,

    Ben xxxx

  19. A muzzle for you Maggie?? Never...ur beardie would never fit in it!!!!!

    Hector-Farley is the cutest dog/wheelie ever!! Autumn must be beside herself to have a friend like him around to share her garden tours...BTW, what does Autumn do during the long northest winter to entertain herself? That Wheelie needs a summer place in Florida with Jake or Bussie!! The leaves are startin' around here...we know winter is comin'!!


  20. Maggsie & MitchMan!

    Congratulations on the awards, and on finding out, finally, what kind of dogs you REALLY are. So, are you two turning in your saddle backs for your true coats? (I hope not).

    With that beard, Maggs, you couldn't be anything other than a DALEgirl!

    Goober love & smooches,

  21. Well whatever dog you are supposed to be like, all I know is you're a beautiful lady!

    Toodle pip
    Harry x

  22. that's very interesting to hear about what kinds of dogs you are like. our mom is going to test us this weekend. we're making her take the test too - we know what kind of dog she had better be! hee hee!

    congrats on your awards.


  23. Hey Maggie & Mitch don't believe everything that you read.... Obviously author doesn't know nothing about true terriers!
    Love you my friends!

  24. congrats on the award! you're supposed to be an ESKIE and a retriever?!

    mwuahahahahhahaha thats not what you look like!

  25. Hi guys!
    Wow, cool answers to that quiz - even though you don't look like those doggies, it sounds like they were pretty good descriptions! I would love to see what dog I am supposed to be. I hope the book gets to me on it's worldwide travel - good idea!
    Love Clover xo

  26. Maggie & Mitch,

    Even though those are different kinds of dawgs than you really are, they're both really good lookin and interesting dawgs, like you. My mom and I wanted to thank you for visiting my blog and offering your support during this very, very sad time in our family. We appreciate your paws of friendship!


  27. Gee's strange that yer not supposed ta be Airedales when ya are Airedales....I hope yer not thinkin ' on gettin' body transplants so yer in the correct siree......

    Dewey Dewster here.....

  28. I have a hard time seeing you as anything but Airedales!! We won that book too and mom hasn't done it yet. When we do get to it, we can also post our results. But, I thought your humans were sposed to see what kind of dogs they were too!?

    Congratulations on your awards!


  29. Maggie,
    Mom says she is very happy the book said you were an Eskimo dog, too because it said she was one and she so doesn't think she's an eskimo dog. I'm going to post our results next week results next week. Mom and Dad did their quizes and now me, Sasha and Gunnar are going to do ours this weekend.

  30. I'm thinking that book may be wrong - 'cause you're both 'dales, even I can see that :-)

  31. Hey Dales, you still lookk like my Aire Dale cousins thank dog, the book must have it all wrong. I've been reading all the posts I missed. WoW! What a lot has happebed! The barn looks handsome and was wagging exciting to see it being put up. Your Dad is very clever and Mom too making the floor all shiny.Now I wonder if the barn is goig to be painted in the same red as the photo on your bloggie? And Hector looks like a nice stuffie, good enough to eat like the minty ice cream, he,he!!

    Wiry wags, Eric x

  32. I think they were kind of close on Mitch's but not you Maggie. Mom ended up a beagle but she sure does not look like one!!

  33. Hi, Maggie and Mitch!
    I can not think of you two other than two adorable Airdales!
    Congratulations on your awards!
    Kisses and hugs

  34. I think you are two cute, lovable, and highly intelligent Airedales:)

    But it was interesting to know what you could be (hee...hee!)

    Licks n Wags,

  35. Hi, Maggie (Gem) and Mitch (Contender) -

    Those quiz results were interesting! But we love you as Airedales.

    Congratulations on both awards. You deserve them.

    Love -

    Hershey and Kaci

    P.S. Thanks for being the first ones to post on our last entry. You really deserve the Gold Paw.

  36. that's an interesting book.... i think i'm a mastiff

  37. Momma says that book is bogus. It told her she was an American Eskimo Dog. No way! I'm afraid to take it. Mitch, a retriever? Not even close.