Monday, September 8, 2008

Movin' On Up

Hi everyone! It's me - Mitch!

You all know that my bedroom was in the laundry room where I was gated at night and my crate door was left open! I love my crate! It's my sanctuary!

Nantucket has changed all of this! While we were there I had run of the house and I was a good boy and didn't damage ONE THING! Mom and dad decided that I needed to be rewarded and trusted further for this great behavior! I've now earned the right to sleep upstairs with Maggie and mom and dad!

This is my new bed - BROWN - much better than PINK, don't ya think?! Mom also bought me a new blankie! You should see the one downstairs in my crate! I love chewing and sucking on the corners of it and it's pretty well shredded but mom continues to keep it around! My new blankie came with a free squeaky bone pillow and I haven't destroyed it yet!

My bed is on one side of dad's dresser and Maggie's is on the other! She has one of those fancy orthopaedic mattresses cause she's an old lady with old bones! I've come upstairs a couple of nights and pretended that I was going to sleep in Maggie's bed and mom sets me straight from the start! She tells me that this is your bed, Mitch and this one is Maggie's and there will be no switching! Maggie also has neat stuffies in hers and sometimes I grab one and take it but mom always rescues it and puts it back where if belongs - in Maggie's bed! Maggie doesn't really care that much that I take her toys but mom does!
At first it was odd to come upstairs seeing as I've always slept downstairs but I'm getting used to it and I actually like it! I think I feel more a part of the family now because I get to climb the stairs with them at the end of the day and crawl into bed!

It's a little strange still going downstairs early in the morning because I want to race Maggie down but mom doesn't want any playing on the stairs - ever! She's afraid someone will fall and get hurt!

Thanks for letting me sleep upstairs near you, Maggie! I really like it!

So until next time................

Yer friend,



  1. Congratulations Mitch!

    It seems you are going up in the world (excuse the pun!)

    How sweet that Maggie doesn't mind you taking her toys. Your new bed looks awesome and very comfortable.

    Isn't it great sleeping with the family?


    Ben xxxx

  2. Gee Mitch, We thinks this means you're all grown up and responsible and stuff!! We like your bed. (Course now Mom can't get that song out of her head."Movin on up to the east side."...the Jeffersons.) Sheesh.

  3. congrats Mitch, you have earned your right to sleep with the family. we love your brown bed. that's very handsome, like you (and us). it's a nice bed for a big boy dog.

    we like to sleep altogether in the same room too, but we don't have scary stairs like you do.

    we are proud of you for being such a good big guy now.


  4. Way cool Mitch! I've always slept in the big bed, even after I ate 3, no, maybe 4 pillows. Now we have to get you and Maggie sleeping ON the bed. That's where all the good cuddles happen!

  5. OMG! Mitchy!

    This is way exciting news! I am so happiest ever for you! Just don't eat Bertie anyone else okay, Mitch!


    Putter ...

  6. FANTASTIC Mitch.. so glad you have been moved to the upper deck. now you all can snore together. i like your new beddie..and the bone to put your head on.
    it's ok about the blankie w/hole..mine is full of holes ---sort of like swiss cheese in fact. my humomm is very careful what she puts in my bed...she's afraid i'll just keep making holes in the blankie..
    theBUSTER, Ms Persephone, Ms. Blue too

  7. are not a puppy any more. We think you have lots of new stuff to be proud of, and we know you will enjoy sleeping with Maggie and the hoomans.

    Good Dog Mitchie!

    gus n teka

  8. oh how cute! what a fun post! mitch, you are a good boy. i love your new bed!
    m & e

  9. Congrats on transitioning to sleeping in the bedroom Mitch! I sometimes get to sleep with my Mom when I'm a VERY good boy, but usually I sleep downstairs too...hopefully I can sleep upstairs in the bedroom like you soon! *grins*


  10. Woohooo!! New-found freedom! Just this past week, mom started letting me sleep out of the crate and in her room at night. I'm in doggie heaven :)


  11. That's so exciting! Since we don't have stairs or anything in our apartment, we all sleep on the same level. However, Pupi and I spend the nights locked in our crates and not IN the HUMAN crate where we belong. Can you teach me how to be Have so I can get more priveleges too?

  12. WOw Mitch...

    Yer gettin' ta be a big boy now...upstairs with yer own bed now...good job....we love a sleep upstairs with the hoomans.....when I was feelin' puny, I let Gram carry me up and down the steps.....but I'm feelin' pretty good now so up I go on my own....yer gonna love the bedroom 'n yer own bed too....

    Dewey Dewster here....

  13. YEAH Mitch! You truly are a big guy now! It must be so nice sleeping upstairs with your whole family. Enjoy all your new freedom and privledges, just don't steal too many of Maggie's stuffies, she hides them on her bed to keep them from you! He he!!

    Your pal,

  14. Congratulations Mitch! Moving on up to the big room is HUGE! It means you have "arrived" Keep up the good work dude and enjoy living the good life.

  15. Hi, Mitch!
    Congratulations! Sure is nice to sleep there with Maggie and your mom and dad!
    You have a nice bed!
    Kisses and hugs

  16. Congrats Mitch!! I guess you have proven to them that you are a well-behaved boy. I bet it's great that you finally get to sleep in the same room as Maggie and your parents! Can't tell you how happy I am for you...

  17. Wow Mitch, you really are growing up! You will be a big dog in no time at all with your very own stuffies in your bed. I bet Maggie and the humans are so proud of you!

  18. You're such a grown up Dale now Mitch...

    Love, pats & pets

  19. That's so pawsome. You're grown up now Mitch. :)

    ~ Girl girl

  20. That's great Mitch. We're so glad you're new bed is upstairs with the others. So is mine. I've slept up with B & D for years and now Willow does too but Willow usually sleeps on the big bed lol. Lucy & Tess sleep downstairs. They're on guard duty as D says.


  21. Dropping by to say hello. Hope you had a good weekend.

    Simba x

  22. Your new bed loks very cosy Mitch! I can now go upstairs too if I want, but you know what? I prefer sleeping downstairs in my hidey hole under the stairs. I always come bounding up in the morning for kissies though!

    Cassidy x

  23. Congrats Mitch. It is so cool that you now get to sleep upstairs with everyone.

    I am still not allowed to sleep in My Bi-Peds rooms. I have to sleep in the loungeroom with a gate between us!



  24. AH HA!! The same thing is happening here!! Well it lasted for 2 nights and then last night some one( Archie) got a little excited so he had to go back to the laundry room..but we are getting better!!! Isn't it GREAT!!! love A+A

  25. AH HA!! The same thing is happening here!! Well it lasted for 2 nights and then last night some one( Archie) got a little excited so he had to go back to the laundry room..but we are getting better!!! Isn't it GREAT!!! love A+A

  26. Congrats Mitch. Now remember...with this new sleeping arrangement there comes GREAT RESPONSIBILITY.

    You are the man of the house, now. And you must sleep with great vigilence and watch over everyone.

    Hopefully, you don't snore!

    Your pal,

  27. Woof, Maggie and Mitch

    Congrats on the new bed Mitch, just be careful on those stairs. Tumbling down stairs is no fun at all. Good luck stealing Maggie's toys, just keep at it and sooner or later your Mom will give in.

    Desert Pups

  28. Hi, Mitch -

    You are getting to be a good boy sleeping with Mom, Dad and Maggie. I (Hershey) also get to sleep with Mama and Papa but sometimes I like to sleep downstairs, or in the guest room or on my bed downstairs. Can you tell I am spoiled rotten?

    Hi, Maggie, Mom and Dad.

    Love -

    Hershey and Kaci

    P.S. We like your bed.

  29. Wow, Mitch! You are really growing up! That's really nice that Maggie doesn't mind you sleeping so close to her. Be careful on those stairs.

    Poppy, Penny & Patches

  30. we are so happy for u....

    u have graduated from the laundry room!

  31. You are now a big boy Mitch. Congratulations. It is so nice, all the family sleeping all together !
    Kisses, Faya

  32. You have really come up in the world. (Bad pun) Behave yourself and you will have many great years of family togetherness.

  33. How cool! When Mom and Dad were looking at houses they didn't really want stairs to the bedroom because they were worried I'd get too hyper and not pay attention to where Sasha was and we'd both go down. It's a very good possibility so it's a good thing they found this house.

  34. We get to sleep upstairs with mom and dad too but we do get to sleep on the bed. Of course Callie has to stay in her crate. Sometimes on the weekends when we get mom up early for a potty break she gets to sleep on the floor. Mom can't figure out why her bed is always sandy. She says she might have to start washing the sheet twice a week..

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  35. I want SO bad to sleep in my parents room. Mom says I snore too loud, but I don't know about that....

  36. Aw, your beds look lovely, especially Maggies, all neatly made with pillow plumped...I did a similar bed time training, not a crate but my wendy house with a stairgate at the end of the hall. After a few weeks of being here and trust i would not eat anything or toilet i the house, Mum used to leave the gate open. Now I go up stairs to check on them if I feel like it. It's nice to be with the pack Mitch, you must be really grown up now!
    Love George

  37. Thats great you get to sleep upstairs now mitch! And what a snazzy new bed! We just love it!

  38. Hey, MitchMan!

    Welcome to the bigtime, buddy!

    Now you and Maggsie can practice your synchronized sleeping EVERY night. I bet you'll be bringing home a gold medal from the next Pawlimpics!

    Your bed looks very comfy, and you already sound like a stair expert. But one question. Are you SURE Maggie doesn't care if you borrow her toys? I'm thinking of one bikini stuffie in particular that she is very attached to. Just wondering...

    Goober love,

  39. That last picture of the two of you is SO SWEET!!!

    See Mitch, Maggie IS being such a good older sister!!!!


  40. That is great that you are allowed to sleep upstairs with the rest of the family. And what an excellent bed and blankie that your mom bought you. It looks very comfy.

    Your friend,

  41. Good for you Mitch! I got to 'move on up' a while back and sleep with Mom and Dennis in their room. I have a personalized blankie for my bed on the carpet near the window, but I can sleep there or jump on the bed. Life sweet! (a high 'four' to you!)


  42. So happy for you, Mitch! Your new bedroom looks so much cosier!

    Hehehe that's a cute picture of you going down the stairs :-)

  43. Well done Mitch! I like your new bed very much. I sleep downstairs, except when we're camping, then I sleep in the same room as Mum and Dad and that is nice because I can get them up at 6am - especially on holidays! Hahaha!
    Bye for now
    Finni xx

  44. Oh Mitch, I'm so glad you made it to the "master bedroom" finally. I love sleeping with the whole family too.

    When I was a wee pup, I couldn't jump up on the bed so I end up sleeping on the floor. I didn't care for blankies nor bed cos it was so warm in Singapore. I sure glad I can jump now cos the floor here in TO is COLD!!!

    xoxoxoxo.... Kaylie....

  45. It does pay to be a good boy.

    Boy n Baby