Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Wheelie Wednesday - c.1680 Addition

Hi everyone! It's me, Autumn!
A lot of you asked to see the inside of the portion of dad's workshop that was built c.1680 so I'm going to take you inside!
Does this door look familiar to you?
It's the door that Maggie pokes her head out of on our sidebar and it's the door that leads into dad's workshop!
Don't worry - this is a friendly Indian!
Come on in!
This is one of the corners of this antique structure! All of these timbers coming together in the corner near the top dad calls the English tying-joint and it's a very rare thing to see something like this in our country! The large vertical timber is called a gunstock post. It gets its name from its shape. It's larger at the top and slims down at the bottom at the floor level, like a gun! The timbers are all made of white oak, which is very, very heavy wood!
We've stepped back so you can see more of the frame! It's hard to photograph because dad has so much stuff in here! It's very busy! That painting on the ceiling is his "Boston Girl"! Many of you know that our dad had a heart transplant and dad has not yet heard from his donor's family and maybe he never will and that's okay too! This painting is what dad imagines that his donor looks like. It was painted by Miss Barbara's husband, Mr. Leonard!This is the chimney in this portion of dad's workshop. Dad's mason, Vincent, mortared this millstone right into the chimney! All of those wooden beams are called trenched purlins, which is another incredible site for us here in the USA to see! I bet our doggie friends in England have seen this before if they visit antique buildings!
Do you want to see dad's lathe? He calls it the hippopotamus because of its size! You can see all of dad's lathe tools lined up on the right hand side. He turned all of his own handles!
Whew! I hope you all enjoyed the quick tour!
I feel much more comfortable in the garden enjoying this beautiful delphinium!
See you all next Wednesday!

Love, Autumn


  1. What a great, historic workshop! We don't have any buildings that old, here in Georgia...thanks to Sherman burning Atlanta during the Civil War. Our mom just looooves your walls and beams!

    Poppy, Penny & Patches

  2. Your dad's barn is so pretty. I will send my Master over to check it out. He will be most envious of the lathe.


  3. WOW! That workshop is Beeyootiful!!

    We especially like the painting of the Boston Girl. That is just so pawsome.

    Thanks Autumn for this super duper tour of your pawrent's workshop!

  4. Hi Autumn
    Thanks fur the tour of your Dad's workshop, it was pawsome!
    Big licks to you

  5. How interesting!! Our Mom is awestruck. She would love to see that barn. Autumn, thank you so much for showing it to us.

    Have a great day.
    Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Java

  6. That is so gorgeous! My mom loves learning about stuff like that - the craftsmanship is amazing!

  7. Good evening m & m
    The defense god of indean is reassuring.
    And, a very interesting workshop.
    About a scrupulous lathe, it is technology.
    M & m and spent wonderful happiness on Wednesday. :D

    from loved ume tyan

  8. Miss Autumn...thank you for the tour of your dad's workshop. We think it is impressive and very interesting.

    We are glad to see that the lavendar rinse came out of your lovely fur.


  9. Your dad's workshop is very nice, and full of all sorts of interesting things to sniff. Thanks for the tour. Great pictures from Maggie and Mitch's walks around their neighborhood too - love all the flowers.

  10. Momma got all leaky reading that tidbit about your Dad's heart donor. What an incredible gift.

    We are so glad that she gave him a second chance at a healthy life- he sure is living to the fullest!

    I love the barn! You don't see much old architecture like that around here. It's stunning!

  11. wow!
    what a magical place you have!
    m & e

  12. That is a beautiful workshop.. Our Dad likes old stuff like that too..

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  13. Wow....that place is like a museum, SO COOL! Thanks for the tour Autumn :o)
    You look so pretty in your Spring bonnet! Happy WW!
    Slobbers xx

  14. I can see why your dad builds such wonderful things because his workshop is BEAUTIFUL! Thanks for the tour, Autumn.

  15. Thank you for the tour Autumn.

    WE love visiting historic old places and your barn certainly has some history.

    Molly and Taffy

  16. that's a beautiful workshop, Autumn. thank you for the tour. we have never seen anything like that. we don't have any old places on the west coast like you have.


  17. that is an exquistly gorgeous building - how lucky you are to live there

  18. Wow! That is a really cool workshop!!!!

  19. What a great tour and such a beautiful building your Dad gets to use as his workshop. Our Dad would love to have a workshop that big.

    Have a fun day!
    Erie & Sasha

  20. That was some awesome tour! Thanks for taking me on it. What a great workshop!


  21. Hi Autumn
    Thanks for the tour. We love the painting of the "Boston Girl" watching over your dad.
    Love Ruby & Penny

  22. Thank you for that tour Autumn. We love your workshop. That Indian is very cool. My Mummy's boy has a workshop with lathes too. He has a small wood lathe and a metal lathe too. He would love it in your Dad's workshop!

    Nelly xx

  23. Great tour again Autumn, your pawrents stuff is so fascinating!
    ~lickies, Ludo

  24. Thank you so much for the tour. Not only is your Dad's workshop historically interesting and beautiful but you know all about the timber and beams. We're very impressed. We've never seen anything like it. And the painting of "Boston Girl" is very touching.


  25. M&M,
    That's a beautiful workshop. Almost too nice to actually work in. Maybe I can swing by and we can convert it into a doggie den for sleepy puppies.


    P.S. My mom might drive from NYC to Boston after our visit with Stanley and Asta and Petey and Duffy and all those cool pups. Do we go through your town?

  26. Such a brillant workshop. We really enjoyed that tour.

    lots of woofs

  27. That was a great tour, thank you so much for sharing it with us.

  28. Hi, Autumn!
    Another pawesome tour! Thanks for sharing it! Your Dad's workshop is great!
    Kisses and hugs

  29. we just love wood and antiques! your dad's workshop looks amazing. we are so glad you are all well behaved, had it been me in tehre, im afraid i wouldnt do much to preserve the antquity of the place.

    good job M&M and Autumn!

    drooly kisses,


  30. Thanks for that wonderful tour of your dad's workshop.

  31. Thanks for sharing it with us ! It's interesting & beautiful (:

    Four Musketeers

  32. Wow, what a cool workshop. There is so much history in there. Thanks for the great tour.:)

    Teddy Bear

  33. Wow, what a great workshop!! You must be very proud of your dad to have maintained it so well and to be so talented at making things.

    That building is very very old. Do you ever have ghosts come visiting sometimes? My mom gets scared of old buildings because she watches those scary shows on Discovery channel (silly mom!)


  34. OMD! That barn is abso
    lutly Fab,goegeous,wonderful all combined! So artistic and so much history.......its truly anazing sorry if Im freaking out its just My mommy and I love history and the creativity that went into the making of that stunning barn! WONDERFUL..............!
    lots of sloppy licks your dearist pal Penny!=]
    P.S Its very nice to meet you Miss Autumn!

  35. autumn...great tour..and a lovely barn it is! that's a good size lathe long a piece of wood can your dad turn on that? hmmmmm... i can just see M & M winging around the workshop ;o))) theBUSTER, Ms.Persephone & Ms. Blue

  36. Heya Y'all,
    Thanks for showing us all around the workshop. It was educational and inspirational all at once.
    - TBH
    For Y'all at:

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