Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Fair That We Missed

Friday night mom and dad went to the Durham fair! It's only about 10 minutes from our house and only a hop, skip and a jump from where we get Durham ice cream!
No dogs are allowed on the fairgrounds! How unfair is this?!

Dad said that he started his evening with a baked potato with all of the good stuff on it! OMG, look at that gooey cheese and bacon bits that we missed out on!
And mom waits all year to sink her teeth into this HUGE sugared donut that's still warm! She says the sugar gets all over her face! Gee, mom - what a horrible shame!
They saw veges being judged~

And every kind of apple you can imagine winning ribbons!
Just imagine if you could run amuck in this room, Mitch! You'd have a tummy ache before the night was over!
Mom said the ice cream cones were almost as big as hooman chairs!
OMG, did mom or dad win one of these and bring it home to us? NOOOOOOOOOOOO!
They saw beautiful bunnies~
And roosters~
And baby chicks that just hatched out of their eggs!
And sheep is wild jammies! OMG, does she know how unflattering those jammies look on her?
Hey, she's OUR mom! Stop flirting with her! If we were right there alongside of her where we SHOULD be, you wouldn't have gotten away with that move, buster!

This poor sheep is getting groomed! Those sissors must be awfully painful! He looks like he's dying! Poor thing!

Mom said he was going "maaaaa" in this photo and he was under no stress at all! He probably was embarrassed and didn't want his picture taken in that condition! Heck we can understand that! Mom and dad ended their evening with hot apple crisp with ice cream! Mom said she was so stuffed she thought she would burst! We would have helped you out had you brought us along with you, mom!

Make sure you stop back on Wednesday! Autumn will be posting about the giant pumpkins that she didn't get to see in person because she wasn't invited either!

So until next time....................

Love ya lots,

Maggie and Mitch


  1. They allowed sheepies and bunnies but no dogs? That is just wrong!

    I bet your momma will give you a special (ice cream?) treat to make up for missing out on all the fun!

  2. Oh.. Now Mom is all drooling.. Hehee.. We're sorry you didn't get to come, though.


  3. Gosh, I hope your mom and dad were safe to drive after all those foodables. If they had been pulled over they would not have passed the toxic levels of yummers test at all.


  4. What a fun fair! At least we got to see everything even if we couldn't go.

    wags from the whippets

  5. PL2 is drooling all over the place..and she said she hopes to get to the Topsfield Fair before it closes....We just think that all those other kids get to go and not dogs...hmmmppphhhh..and we didn't see any doggie bags with potato,donut,ice cream or apples or dessert either....We will jsut have to have a dog fair...Love A+A


    All of those other animals and no dogs!!

    That sheep doesn't even look real.

    Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Java

  7. That sheep looks like he's been taking Doofus lessons from a certain Tan Torkelson, don't you think?

    That fair looks like so much fun. But no dogs?!? What's up with that?


  8. Wow Mom and Dad certainly had a lot of fun without you 2. And the nerve not bringing anything home for you 2. Now that is down right rude...
    Those animals look like they might need a little herding. Funny pj's or not.. hehe

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  9. Well there is nothing fair about that fair if you guys can't go :( The food looked so delicious!

  10. All the food looks yummy. Did mom bring any back for you?



  11. oh a fair and you didn't get to go! Not fair!! Were there herdy dogs there to look after the sheep? That apple ice cream thing looks soo yummy!
    ~lickies, Ludo

  12. hello maggie and mitch its dennis the vizsla dog hay wow that luks like a fun fare and -- aaiiiieeeee a rooster!!! duz it hav a ray gun?!?! mayk it go away!!!!! ok bye

  13. aw man thats jolly unlikely not being able to go to the fair but think of all the calories you avoided arf arf

  14. I think my mom is drooling. You had her with that baked potato. The doughnut sent her over the edge.... and I think she passed out over that apple crisp with ice cream.
    Me? I just want to stare at the animals....
    Play bows,

  15. Oh why did you have to stay home. This is realy too bad. I hope next time your Mom & Dad will bring you something nice....
    Kisses, Faya

  16. Yeah, it's so unfair not to be welcome in the fair!
    Those baby chicks are so cute cute!
    Oh Maggie and Mitch, I miss you so much, do you miss me?
    Finally we get to blog again, and guess what, we went to the post office on Saturday to send something to someone on priority mail! I told my mom that we should send it overnight since it's long long overdue.
    I hope you will like it, dear M&M !
    Love ya!

  17. Fairs are so much fun, always lots of great food and wonderful things to see, but so unfair not to let us puppers in too. That apple crisp with ice cream has all of salivating.

    Tail wags, the OP Pack

  18. M&M,
    Your reputations preceed you; that's why no dogs are allowed at the fair. The Durham Fair Board of Director's issued a press release that said "In order ti insure an adequate supply of yummy treats for our guest we have directed that no dogs, especially the notorious food hounds, Maggie and Mitch, are to be allowed at the Durham Fair. We realize that this policy may be viewed as discreminatory toward canines, but we couldn't premptively just bar Maggie and Mitch from attending."
    Hopefully y'all got to slobber on your mom and dad's face and there was still sugar and ice cream on them.
    - TBH&K

  19. We think Mom & Dad should have brought home a goat. Goats and Airedales have a lot in common!
    Miro and Alanis

  20. How unfair of your leggeds Maggie and Mitch. And what a shame they didn't even bring you back that cute M n M.

    Wiry loves and kisses Eric xxx

  21. Our lokhal fair was a few weeks ago (and is about ten minutes from here too)

    Mom doesn't go anymore but she used to like to look at many of those same things!

    I think the bunnies were her favourites!

    I do think your mom khould have brought home some of what she khouldn't finish!


  22. Did they at least bring you something home? My mom wouldn't dare go out and not bring me something home, I would sulk and make her feel bad if she did :)

  23. What a shame dogs aren't allowed at the fair. They should have Dog Night! Then you could try all those yummy foods! I hope when you got home, your Mom baked something delicious for you two.

  24. Hi, Maggie and Mitch!
    A not so fair Fair!
    Sure your mom and dad had a pawesome time there!
    My mom is drooling looking at that ice cream!
    Kisses and hugs

  25. Oh what a shame you two didn't get to go to the fair. I thought the fair was fabulous, especially with all the yummy goodies we could sink our teeth into!

  26. Looks super fun, what a shame you two couldn't go...


  27. Sounds like a nice fair. Too bad you missed it. This post is making us hungry. LS said she's going to get some donuts now hee...

  28. They could have at least brought you the bowl to lick out. Mommy is licking the screen. She loves fairs and all the yummy food. Of course I don't get to go either so why should she?

    licks and sniffs, Sasha

  29. OMG...the fair looked super cool! It's a real shame that they didn't allow dogs, but allowed sheep, rabbits and roosters there! The foods look too yummy to judge! Did your parents bring back a little for you to savour? We hoped so! *grins*


  30. The foodables are always the best part of fairs! We think it's totally un-"fair" that the sheepies got to go and YOU didn't!

    Poppy, Penny & Patches

  31. Hi Maggie and Mitch,

    I am sorry I missed most of your post because I couldn't stop staring at the first pic of that potato... Ummmm... I can ALMOST taste it.

    But it's a good thing that I continued to read on because otherwise I'd have missed out on the pic of the hot apple crisp with ice-cream!

    Ohh and that poor sheep reminded mom of Hershey when she was being groomed using the FURminator! LOL..

  32. Oh my, dales have woolie fur, you could have pretended to be sheep hehehehehe......

    Noah xx

  33. Oh my.. your parents were stuffies. it would be hard to choose if you could only choose one. i do have my eye on the bake potatoe AND apple crisp.. Yummies.

    Hey those farm animals look like they wear gentle leaders too. does that mean i'm a farm animal???

    belly rubs to ya,

  34. Interesting link to the Durham Fair. I'd have liked to see that space suit.

  35. wow all those nummies look incredible - we dont have any fairs around here

    Woodrow - Sweetie - MJ

  36. A very nice place indeed, but very unfair you guys couldn't go too. Happy Monday Maggie and Mitch!

    Abby, Gidget, Rosie and Lola

  37. Fairs look like so much fun. All that good food is making us drool.
    Love Ruby & Penny

  38. That fiar looks somuch fun, but I don't think it should be called fair... cause it was UNfair that you had to stay home!!!

  39. Your mom and dad are as bad as we are at the fair. We have to eat some of everything.

  40. That fair looked so much fun and such yummy food everywhere!

    lots of appreciative woofs

  41. No dogs, that's not fair! hehe

    It looks like your mum and dad had a good time there.

    Holly & Zac...XX

  42. Holy crap...we're starving after looking at those pictures. I wonder where there is a place where humans are not allowed?
    Benny & Lily

  43. Yummmmm. We just ate and we're hungry again, after seeing all that yummy food. We can perfectly well understand why you felt a tad frustrated that you weren't able to go to the fair. We'd've been upset, too. All those APPLES!!!!! Imagine! And farm animals! Close enough to get nose to nose to! No Fair! At the Fair!

    Jake and Fergi xxoo

  44. Hey, it ain't fair for you guys to miss that fair!!

    I'm all drawn into that hot apple crisp with icecream, YUM!! Now don't be too upset guys, I'm sure better things come long the way. =)

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  46. Awww. I can't go with my peeps either to the State Fair of Virginia, which is in its new home this year. I hear it's pretty cool out there though. Lots of little baby animals, lots of food. But I don't think there're any string beans. So what's the point???? (I'm trying to make myself feel better with my diet and all...)

    Thanks for sharing!

    Your Pal,
    Roo Roo!

  47. Oh my! I love those sheep in their jammies! how funny!! i'm sorry yall didn't get to go, but at least your mom and dad had a blast! yay for them and that yummy food!!

  48. oh, that looks so much fun. We are drooling here, both mommy and I! I would to have that blue M$M in my collection.
    what a fun day your parents had.


  49. Hay M & M,
    WE did not get to go to that UNfair
    either!!!! NOT FAIR!!!
    One good thing, we will not be a heavy as the ones who did get to go to that UNfair!!
    HA HA HA
    Love ya M & M, Bambi and Fern

  50. Gosh, that looks like FUN!!! I am sure that you both would have loved to have sunk your teeth into that blue M and M!!!

    Duhgall and Fee

  51. hi m & m!
    oh what a wonderful fair your parents went to!
    my mom has been so busy with the pug party that she has missed all of you!

    she worked at the show and did not even bring me! and i am a pug!



  52. Magnificent fair - fruits and veggie judging, animals of fur and feather and food - to EAT!!!! Sounds like yummy edibles there!
    Hugs xo

  53. Sounds like the fair my pawrents went to...I didn't get to go either! :( Nothin' fair about that! Maybe next year I will sneak in. muhahaha!


  54. I've heard of clothes for dogs, cats, and other small animals, but never for sheep!

    Thanks for sharing.


  55. M and M
    I am shocked! Mom and dad go to the fair and only brought back photos for you! They certainly know what to do at the fair. I'm full just watching them. Yummers.. I'm trying to lick the screen but no the same.


  56. Well, lucky they didn't turn into a pumpkin themselves...