Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Wheelie Wednesday - Welcome Home

Hi everyone! It's me, Autumn!
I'm so happy to have Maggie and Mitch home!
I couldn't wait to give Maggie a kiss and tell her how much I missed her!
And the same goes for Mitchy! Kisses alongside that cute black nose, MitchyBoy!
I sure did miss the both of them!
And I couldn't wait to hear all about their trip! I did keep up with their blog while they were gone so I knew about all of the ice cream they had and all of the walkies down to the beach in the morning and all of the walkies through town twice a day!
But I wanted to hear more, you know, the good stuff!
So we gathered around and had a nice long chat!
The family didn't visit the cemetery this year like they always do and they didn't take photos on the beach at Brant Point lighthouse and I wanted to know why not.
It seems that Maggie had a much harder time this year getting around than she's ever had before. She got tired a lot more easily than in past years and mom and dad had to make sure that she got longer breaks so she could rest up and regroup for the next adventure. Dad suggested leaving Maggie at the house one afternoon and mom freaked! No way was mom going to upset her little girl by not including her! It would have broken her heart to be left home alone and this would have broken mom's heart! They just kept everything to a slower pace!
And then there was the incident when the dishwasher repair man showed up and Mitch charged the door to tell him that he was in the house and don't mess with him and Maggie couldn't get her feet underneath her! Mom had to lift Maggie to a standing position to help her out.
No, they didn't blog about that part but they did share it with me! I wish my sissy wouldn't get older! I want her to stay young forever!

I also heard about a ooopsie incident where a certain brand new never-been-washed-yet comforter got snagged by a certain little boy's long toenails and a replacement had to be found quickly!
And now I have a confession to make! I didn't keep up my end of the bargain and weed the vege garden every day like I was supposed to! I kinda had too much fun chatting with LOTS of friends and having LOTS of tea pawties and well, the garden is very overgrown and not looking too tidy! I have no idea where to begin! The weeds are too overwhelming so this garden will be looking pretty awful until frost when we can clean it up and put it to bed for the winter!
It seems that nasty tomato fungus blight has finally hit our garden too and the only tomatoes that seem to be doing okay so far are the heirloom Pineapples and the Dimes! How sad! We only had fresh tomato sauce once this year! And we planted so much basil! I guess we'll be making pesto!
I"m so glad the family is home and everything has returned to normal!

See you all next Wednesday!

Love, Autumn


  1. Oh, I'm sure Mitch and Maggie miss you lots too Autumn. I wish all my friends would stay young forever too~

    ~ Bae

  2. aaahhhh, the happy family is reunited!
    The garden look nice and lusciously green. We bet there is lots of things to play with in there....

  3. It is so good to catch up with your brother and sister and find out about all the things they didn't post and I am so glad your mom didn't leave Maggie out of the fun - getting older is not easy but it just means a bit adjustments - shorter walks and more rest and lots of lovin.

  4. Welcome home Maggie and Mitch.
    Glad you had a lovely holiday!
    Lots of licks

  5. We're so glad that your little family is all back together.

    Our family is suffering the heartbreak of an aging dog as we watch Java change just a little bit every day. It breaks Mom's heart, but she knows that someday the inevitable will come. We just enjoy every minute we have with him while he's still healthy enough to go on walkies with us. He doesn't even want to catch popcorn anymore and it makes Mom sad.

    Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Java

  6. Oh. We are so sorry that Maggie had some hard times on vacation, but we are soooo glad your mom did not leave her behind that weekend. Give her lots of wirey kisses from me.


  7. Its hard when they get older, Ailsa is quite stiff somedays, But they adjust better then we do and still lap up love.

  8. Autumn,
    I know you are so happy to have everyone home! Maggie may be a little slow these days, but she is still the prettiest 'dale around!
    Love yall!!!

  9. Oh Autumn - we wish Maggie wasnt getting older either but we know it happens.
    Our mum so wishes dogs had much much longer lives!
    We are so happy to know that Maggie was still included in everything cos that is so important.
    It is very sad for humans sometimes as they do their best to make sure us dogs enjoy our senior years to the full.
    Our mum says to tell you that they still had the most wonderful times with Harry, our predecessor, even when he could no longer chase deers for hours on end or manage the stairs!
    Basset kisses and hugs to you all, human, canine and wheelies xxxxx

  10. Glad to hear you are home safe and that Autum more or less held the fort (if not the garden). I'm sure you have many fond memories from your trip! Too sad to hear about Maggie... We watched our Mason struggle a little this weekend too.. Now that Duncan is gone he suddenly seems much older as well. If only we could slow the progression of time for our beloved companions! I'm sure you will have many more good times with Maggie, and will be there for her however she needs you to be!

    Brutus & Michelle

  11. welcome home guys, we're glad you had a great trip and arrived home safely.

    mumster was worried that Maggie would get too tired and kept nagging me to check on Maggie and to ensure she rested well....told her her hoomans would take care of Maggie but mumster can be a pain sometimes.......i know she meant well but still....

    chat soon

  12. Hi miss Autumn!
    Thank you so much for letting us know about miss Maggie. Tell your momma to try not to get too upset about Maggie's age beginning to show. We still have lots of good years with our Maggie girl! If she slows down a little, we will all just slow down with her! (Mitch! that means you!) :)

  13. The blight got my aunt's tomatoes, too. Not a good year for them I guess. Nice to know Maggie is still involved in all your activities even though she's slowed down a bit.

  14. welcome back maggie & mitch!

    I'm sure you're both glad to be home.

  15. Hi Autumn,
    I am sure you gave them a warm (and wet) welcome!!
    Welcome back Maggie and Mitch.. hope you had a wonderful vacation..

  16. hi Autumn, thanks for the update. we're sorry to hear about Maggie having some old-age problems. it makes our mom have sadness. our mom gets very sad when she thinks us us (espeically me, Bailey) getting old. time goes so darn fast. it's just not fair. we have to treasure every day!


  17. And to think I kept pawing I knew woo were watching out fur the garden!

    ANYWAY, tank woo fur sharing THOSE special sibling deTAILs...

    Please give your mom some extra khysses from me fur taking such good khare of Maggie!


  18. Hi Autumn, we bet you three had lots of fun sharing stories about your time apart. We are sorry to hear that Maggie is slowing up. We had to go look to see how old she is. We didn't realize she was 11. She looks very young and pretty to us.

    Thanks for the veggie tour and we bet we have lots more weeds here than you do:)

    Tail wags, the OP Pack

  19. Hi Autumn
    Love your welcome home pictures. You guys are so sweet.
    We're glad you're mom made sure everyone had a great vacation.
    Love Ruby & Penny

  20. oh no i am a bit sad to here maggies not as strong as she used to be - we didnt know... i wonder if maggie would like this it is specially designed with a handle on the back to help lift our furry selves, my mom thinks it could be a very idea she has just ordered me on cos it hurts her back trying to get me in the car sometimes
    maybe it could help maggie too...;jsessionid=0a0109491f4348e1abcc746b441aa1eefd459ec2227f.e3eSc38LcheTe34Pa38Ta38Mc350?sc=2&category=1131

  21. Hi Maggie and Mitch,
    Thanks for visiting me over at The Scottie Chronicles. I was so glad to meet you. You're my first Airdale pals! Roo Roo!

    Stay in touch, I love to hear about your adventures,

    Stuart The Scottish Terrier

  22. Autumn, I bet it's great having everyone home again! The tomatoes look great and pesto is so yummy!

    Teddy Bear

  23. OMG! Autumn! You give a pawfect update! OMG! OMG! OMG! I don't want Maggie to get older either! She is my goodest and bestest friend and it just can't happen! Make sure of it okay!


    Putter ...

  24. Hello!
    I am trying to catch up with all my friends and wanted to make sure I stopped in to say hello to you! Stop by my blog this week to see the fun stuff I am doing with Pink Baby!
    :) Tibby

  25. Autumn
    You must be thwilled and welieved to have Maggie and Mitch home at last. I'm glad you had a good time wif youw tea pawties and didn't spend all youw time's too much wowk fow a little giwl.
    I'm so sowwy that time is passing so quickly..we awe all getting oldew..I agwee wif youw mom..maggie needs to be pawt of evewything. It's wowf slowing down a bit to have hew along.
    Thank you fow the inside peek into theiw vacation.
    Sowwy about youw tomatoes,but you did manage to have some at least.
    love you
    smoochie kisses
    pee ess..Mywna hasn't been able to get to the pootew..she wants you to know she is aways thinking of you

  26. Glad everyone is home now!!! Accidents happen, where ever we are. It is nice for our hoomans to include us as much as possible!!

    Good luck with that garden!

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  27. Autumn - I'll bet you just LOVE having Maggie and MItch home! Did they bring you any ice cream?
    Our garden needs a lot of attention, too - and our mom didn't even go anywhere!
    Have a great time catching up!
    Tail wags,

  28. I'm glad that you guys had a great vacation! Like the song says the best things are "old dogs and children and watermelon wine." We love you Magie and Mitch! Love, Josie

  29. Hi, Autumn!
    Sure it was pawesome to have a nice chat with Maggie and Mitch to know everything about their vacation!
    I know your family is going to make the adjustments necessary for Maggie. If she goes slow, we will go slow too so we all go at the same pace!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  30. Oh Autumn,
    Maggie looks just as happy to see you. I bet she missed you.
    Benny & Lily

  31. We are sending out good feeling vibes for Maggie. A slower pace never hurt anyone.

  32. Hi there Autumn!

    Thanks for telling about sweet Maggie, you're all so lucky to have folks tht don't push you too far & care so much.
    Red Hatter ladies need to take things more slowly, so they can enjoy their days & enjoy the love they recieve.

    Love, pats & pets,
    Blue [and wheelie Judy]

  33. Isn't it nice to have everyone back? Oh Maggie, I'm getting slower too nowadays. Don't worry, we'll grow old together and call ourselves the Golden girls hee...

  34. Hi, Maggie, Mitch and Autumn -

    That's great you all were able to catch up with the latest news. Our neighbor is also having problems with tomato plant fungus.

    We are also sorry to read that Maggie is slowing down a little. Mama also made sure that Bosco was included in everything when she slowed down too. Maggie looks pawtastic for 11.

    Love -

    Hershey and Kaci

  35. Oh no! Sorry to hear that Maggie is slowing down. I am so glad your parents adjusted their vacation speed to include her.

    Our garden got ripped out officially yesterday. Too many weeds and weird fungeses.


  36. Hi M & M and Autumn,
    So glad to have the family home!
    Our Bambi is going to be 12 in October, she has slowed down a lot this last year too.. I wish we could keep them longer because you have such a deep connection with your dog after being together 10, 12, or 14 years. It is so special!
    Love ya, Bambi and Fern

  37. It's so hard to watch our fur kids get older and less able to keep up. We just adjust our routine to whatever they're able to do.

    I'll bet everyone is happy to be home again.

  38. We're glad you had a good holiday and that you had a safe journey home.
    So sorry to hear about Maggie's problems - it makes our hearts heavy :(
    Pity about those tomatoes, we've had a bumper crop here in the UK, and a bumper crop of weeds too!
    Take it easy guys.
    Lots of nibbles (and special licks for Maggie)
    Nelly & Finni xx

  39. Yes, getting older is no fun sometimes. We hope Maggie is okay. Thanks for the news.

  40. It makes us sad to hear about Miss Maggie too, we don't want her to get old either. Why can't us dogs stay young forever :( Sorry the garden went bad, but there is always next year :)