Saturday, October 17, 2009


Mom has started us on a new kibble! I was sort of getting tired of our grain-free Canidae and was hoping for something more exciting. Mom would put my dish down and I'd look up at her as if to say, is this really it?!
So mom decided to do her research and about 2 weeks ago she came home with a bag of Merrick!

Twice a day we get fed. In the morning at 6AM, it's just kibble and then we get fed again in the afternoon at exactly 3PM, and we can tell time, yes we can! We get the same sized portion but this time we get our fish oil tablet and a dollop of yogurt and I get my liquid health so that I hopefully will stay young forever!
Mitch gets served his breakie and dindin in his BrakeFast bowl but it doesn't slow him down much! He still eats like he has somewhere important to be in 2 minutes!We look like little angels waiting for our meal to be served, right? It's not this way at all! When Mitch gets wind that it's meal time, he grabs a toy out of the toy basket - any toy - he's not fussy - and he runs around the kitchen and jams the toys in my face and I bark and we do biteyface and it's very caotic until mom tells us both to knock it off, usually in a very loud voice!
One thing we can say is that we both have respect for each other at mealtime. Mom won't put up with any shenanigans and we both know this! We stay on our own sides and eat our own meals and we don't snitch from each other.

This Merrick is good stuff! Mitch and I both really like it.
I have always had a problem with yucky eye goobers and mom has noticed that they've pretty much disappeared since we've been eating this new food. This makes me and mom very happy!
Merrick gets a big stamp of approval from us!

So until next time..................

Love ya lots,

Maggie and Mitch


  1. Woohoo for new foodables! Your house sounds like ours at feeding time. Instead of playing bitey face, we all bark like crazy! Patches starts it and then Penny and I, Poppy join in. Mom yells at us and sometimes we get squirted with the dreaded water bottle, but we still do it again the next time!

    Poppy, Penny & Patches

  2. Good evening m & m
    When it becomes cold, smoke from the pond.
    It is a spectacle of the surprise for a moment.
    The scenery of autumn came this year.
    And, a wonderful autumn eating.
    The weekend while knowing the enjoyment of autumn. :D

    from loved ume tyan

  3. That sounds like yummy new food although not one we have heard of in the UK.
    We also get a bit fed up with kibble but sometimes we get other things with it - just for variety.
    Our favourite is chicken but we also love fish.
    We will need to be getting some of that stuff that keeps you young forever - it certainly seems to be working.
    Our mum wondered is it just for dogs?
    love you lots
    Martha & Bailey xxxxx

  4. Waaaa it looks yummy ! Dyos and I are eating just like you and Mitch. Side by side like 2 angels !! But it takes a long time to finish our bowls. 10 minutes minimum....we are eating very slowly....
    Have a nice week-end !
    Kisses, Faya

  5. I have to say that the Merrick gave me the squirties, but maybe it will agree with your dale bellies more.

    Pee-Wee and I wake up momma to give us breakfast at 5:30 sharp no matter what. Then around 4PM my tail starts thumping every time a human so much as breaths in my direction. I AM HUNGRY.

    Amazing that you can eat side by side so nicely.


  6. That pic of you two "angels" waiting for dindins in the BEST! The angelic look in your eyes in priceless!

  7. We're glad to know you like the Merrick. Muzzer has been checking it out for a little while now, and we are considering a small bag to switch in.


  8. Glad you like your new food and glad the eye boogers are better. One of my furry kids gets eye boogers and nothing seems to help...not even expensive organic dog food. The vet says it is a "poodle thing"....good thing the rest of my furry kids aren't poodles. All I would get done each day would be cleaning eye boogers.

    Have a great weekend.
    Blessings, andrea and the perdue zoo

  9. Yay! I'm glad you guys like your new food. I eat fast too, which is why my homie stuck my nylabone in the middle of my foodbowl. I still haven't figured out how to get that thing out of there. Hmph! Bon appetit! :D

  10. hi m & m!

    what a great review! emmitt's tummy could be the clock you set world time to. i swear the pug can not only tell time, but can count when it comes to food!

    have a fabulous weekend!

    m & e

  11. Glad you lik
    e your new food! My big brother Mason has a blue Brakefast bowl just like Mitch's (Mason eats like a shopvac!!). We can tell time too, and do what mom calls the "starvation dance" until she gets with the program!

    Brutus the Frenchie

  12. WOW that is so great that it made such a difference! And you guys are relaly well behaved eaters... not us!!! We snitch at each other ALL THE TIME!

  13. Yucky eye goobers? Eeek! We're glad they're getting better cause you don't want your eyes lids to be glued together. That's no fun!

    Have a great weekend!

    Riley and Star.

  14. Thats cool that you got new food and you like it!! and you guys eat so good next to eat other.

    I being the only dog, dont have to worry about any of that. My bowl stays down all the time so I can eat whenever I want. I KNOW I wouldnt get fed at 6:00 AM!!! My mom is NOT a morning person and I would starve to death!! lol

    HAvw fun this weekend!!

  15. Hi guys
    Your new food is looking pretty good. But then again I love any food. Lily is the picky one. Enjoy!
    Benny & Lily

  16. That was khool news to see!

    It always makes our moms feel better when we enjoy what they feed us!

    I used to get Khanidae but when they outsourced their produkhtion AND changed their formulation, Mom took THAT as a sign to look elsewhere. Like woo, I was nevFUR that into it. But now that I'm a Khalifornia Naturals girrrrl, I'm akhtually interested in my food!

    It was also furry khool to see your gooby eye issues have stopped!

    Keep up the good work Mom!


  17. Hi Maggie & Mitch! Glad you like your new food! It looks yummy!
    Have a nice weekend!


  18. No more eye goobers? That is really interesting! We never thought our food would play a role in that!
    We get our breakfast at 0600, too! Then lunch at 1300 and dinner at about 2030. We can tell time, too - and are SURE to let Mom and Dad know what time it is! :)
    We're so glad you like your new food!

  19. Trouble has done well on Merrick canned food in the past. Good stuff!

  20. I don't eat Merrick however Mom has bought a can or two of the Chicken Pot Pie that comes in a can. She says it looks good enough for her to eat!

  21. Mweah!
    Look like enjoy vewy mutch!
    Dilly glad-
    Maggie an Mitch deserve best taystiest stuff. Scrum!


  22. Hi Maggie & Mitch,
    It's good that you enjoy your new food and that it is helping with your eyegoober issue too.
    We are always interested in the preparation of food and like to watch Mum open a packet of chicken wings etc. Nelly especially likes to have her paw on Mum's foot (so she knows exactly where Mum is!) while we are waiting. We have to sit before we can tuck in though. So mealtimes are a pretty quiet if a little wet (with all the drool) afair at our house.
    Have a delicious weekend!
    Finni & Nelly xx

  23. Maggie! Mitch!

    Wow, you guys have got a real routine going on here with your food. I'm glad you're enjoying the new food your human got for ya! And you actually stay on your own side of the bowls? You don't steal food from each other?! Duuude, I can't believe it!

    I hope you're both having a grrrrEAT weekend my friends!


  24. Hi, Maggie and Mitch!
    Sure is nice that your Mom changed your food and you are enjoying it!
    And helping Maggie with the eye goobers too!
    My mom hopes I like Royal Canine all my life because the mexican brands are really bad!
    Kisses and hugs

  25. Your new food sounds good!

    Happy chompin' and have a great Sunday!

    Holly & Zac. :-)

  26. That brakefast bowl sure looks interesting... maybe Candy needs one she eats too fast!

    Glad to hear your like your new food!!

    xo martine & the kiddlets

  27. I think it would be fantastic to see a video of the 'angel chaos' just before mealtime!!!!! When I hear mom load up a cup of my trout & potato crunchy, I do leaps and zoomies around the kitchen! But, I will "sit" if she tells me to, as I know I won't get that delicious dish until I do so.

    We smiled thinking of the two of you just before food time! Bitey face and stuffies!!

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  28. I can tell time too. I'm especially accurate in the late afternoon... 5:00 to be exact because that's when I get fed. Duh. No surprise there, huh?

  29. A new food can do wonders....I am loving my new food and even my buddy franklin eats it now and his mom has noticed such a difference in him, he has lots more energy and actually plays now!

  30. Wow!! That sure looks delicious! And I have never seen two more angelic looking faces than yours in that pre-meal photo. How could you ever get in trouble looking like that?

    As for the food, I sure wish my mom would find something for me that I like and was good for me. She's been experimenting now for some time, to no avail. For the last two months I've been eating Wellness kibbles mixed with boiled chicken or cooked lowfat ground beef. I've stopped eating the kibble, so tonight she just gave me the ground beef. She's ready to give up.

    Lately I, too, have had those yucky eye goobers, for the first time in my life. I never thought that they might be related to my food. Thanks for the info.

    Love and Koobuss Kisses,

  31. Hi
    You two are the best mannered terriers I have ever seen. Mom makes me sit patiently and wait too. and I live alone? What up with that? I have to count till 5 and wait till I get a cue. Hmm.. I like that toy trick though. That sounds more fun.

  32. Yayy for new food that is so healthy for you and getting rid of your yucky eye boogers.

    Teddy Bear

  33. I'm not picky, so mom feeds me some good organic kibble with a few peas and carrots in there too. But I have eye goobers too. Mayhap I should check out your routine. Thanks for the super info!
    Hugs xo

  34. hi guys..
    this blue plates to food are grates...
    a big hug

    Gnam gnam gnam gnammmmmmm!!!!!
    New food for you??!!!
    And seems you love it!!!!
    We're very very happy for you!!!
    Here in Italy we haven't this type of food or brand.....
    But looks very very yummyyyyyy!!!
    We have our breakfast at 9 or when we wake up.....we love fish or chiken....
    and then we have our dinner ( No lunch poor us!!!!) at 7 p.m with fresh meal with rice and bread!!!!
    And we preferred it!!!!
    HAve a wonderful Sunday dear friends!!!
    Sweet kisses and licks

  36. Hee hee like our house!! We are quiet( well sometimes I may cry a littel) and then when the spoon comes in to stir it all up.....BAm there is always a little action!! Well why not? Love and kisses A+A

  37. Hey M&M,
    Switching food can sometimes be traumatic and take a while to get used to. Our mom says that they have studied about food allerghies in LVT school. Eye goobers, snoot snot and stinkiness are just 3 of the ways food allergies can manifest themselves. There's also upset tummy, and hot spot straching among other things.
    We all get fed twice a day also since it helps our metabolisms (whatever they are). We get feed around 5-6 AM and again at 5-6 PM. Sophie is really the only one that puts on a prefeeding theatrical production.
    - TBH&K

  38. My mom fed me Merrick when I was a puppy (I guess not that long ago). I loved it. The holistic pet food store near us recommended it. Glsd you like it and hope it continues to get rid of eye goobers. Yuch!

  39. Hey.. I think mom should've got a fuzzbutt shot when you were eating. You love the snow! It snowed for a few hours here... it's gonna be a super long winter. You will like it.

  40. You two look so sweet waiting for your food! I am so glad you have found one that you love!
    I just got moved over to a prescription diet, and it leaves a little to be desired! I am jealous of your yummy kibble!


  41. You kids look so much like soft toys in that 3rd picture. I almost wanted to get through the screen to grab you for hug!

    Good children, to love your food. My mother has never been too pleased with the way I eat. =P

  42. It sounds like Mitch and Fudge learned their table manners at the same place. He likes to punch Mom with a toy while she's getting our meals ready. Mom feeds us two at a time so she can make sure we don't try to eat each other's dinner.

  43. New foodies? Does it taste good? I'm not much of a chow hound, but Puffy....boy, dinner best be on time or else! 6:30 am and 6pm. About 5 minutes before the hour he starts complaining. I rarely get hungry and don't often eat my kibbie, but when I do get hungry, I toss the bowl around to let em know I need foodies. SHE says she is not a short order cook and I can wait till meal time. I eat the sensitive tummy stuff, Puffy gets geezer foodies.

  44. Hi Maggie and Mitch,
    That new food sounds real good!
    Our Bambi is a toy dog too. She gets a toy and does a dance, she is so happy. I love that about her.
    Thanks for your visit!
    Love ya, Bambi and Fern

  45. Hi Maggie & Mitch
    We're glad you like your new food. We just switched to a new food too. Orijen. The Innova Evo we ate before is no long available where we live.
    Love Ruby & Penny

  46. Mmmmm that actually looks yummy! I love the canned merrick food, b/c it looks like people food and tastes yummy! I'll have to get mama to get the dry kibble for me to try, too!
    Yall do look like angels!! They always fall for our sweet 'dale eyes! hehehe

  47. You dogs look adorable eatin' on opposite sides of your foodie bowls...

    Scruffy and Stanley are very polite snatching...I, however, do sometimes snatch a hooge mouthful outta Stan's bowl right under his nose...he acts like I'm invisible...Mumsie gets really mad when I do it, but I don't care...she gives me so little I think she's tryin' to starve me...when we're done we rotate bowls to make sure no dog is slackin' in cleanin' his plate...

    Thanks for the info on the new food!!


  48. Mmmmmm... Merrick looks delicious. Tagpi and I get fed twice a day, but I get fed home cooked and kibble and Tagpi eats raw and kibble. Right now we're eating Wellness, but I'm not digesting it very well so mom will have to find something else. Perhaps we'll try Merrick next since you two like it so much.

  49. Sounds like a great new food! I get yogurt all the time too and although I don't always appreciate it - it does keep me very healthy!

    take care

  50. we're so glad to hear you like your new food!

  51. Food that gets rid of eye boggers? I just use my mom's jammies for that each morning. Can she order this food online?

  52. We know it's not the case, but you look like reflections of each other in that last picture. We're impressed that you can eat side-by-side. We have to eat in separate rooms. For lots of reasons. But it works. And we're happy. We will, however, be making a note of that new food you've found. Ya never can tell....

    Love ya
    Jake and Fergi xxoo

  53. Hi there! Thanks for dropping by to visit us. We were sorry we didn't get Luke too but we figure he went to another family who will love him lots. Did you know he looked a lottttt like me Ernie. Your new food looks & sounds like it is pretty tasty. We like a change sometimes too.
    Ernie & Sasha

  54. You are such beautiful Airedales and that portrait of the two of you is just perfect! Glad you like your new food and glad you like the socks that I'm knitting. My Grandog Scott, (he's a yellow labrador) loves my socks too, but he's even keener on the balls of yarn!!!! He thinks they're a great toy! Love to you both XXX

  55. i know EXACTLY why Mitch gets a little coocoo.. i LUV that stuff too. Althought the can food. At least you stop to read the package... let me know what it says sometimes, i just know it's bowl-licken good:)

    belly rubs.

  56. I think I'll whisper that name in my humom's ear until she asks me what it is and I can tell her it's a miracle food that can help me get better. Maybe the new Tumor Time green herbal powder she gave me today would be good with it? I think it's funny how much alike we look, but you guys are much bigger than us wires!


  57. That sounds great! You two certainly look very angelic there!

  58. We have heard very good things about Merrick. We are eating EVO right now and it seems to be doing good for PHantom, the skinny boy. Interesting note about the yucky eyes.

    Woos, the OP Pack

  59. Merrick is TASTY stuff for sure, enjoy that kibble.

  60. Glad to hear the Merrick is working for you, I am planning on trying this food in our rotation too. I could not find the phosphorus percent, but on the fact page on their site they said that it will maintain the proper pH balance. Sometimes just got to try a food out and see how it works. :) Thanks for following our blog. Skippy and Family.

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