Monday, January 30, 2012

My Dad's Tribute

My dad loved Maggie very much and he wanted us to post his tribute to her.
He sent a note out to let his timber framers know of her passing.  Please get a comfortable spot and grab a cup of coffee. This will be a long posting. 

Around this time yesterday, we brought our AireGirl, Maggie, to the New Haven animal hospital. We had made the hard decision that we knew was the right decision and our dear sweet Maggie was put to sleep.  We discovered a tumor in her mouth on Christmas day. For the past month, we tried our hardest to make her life special and in return, she let us know what a special girl she was.  Maggie came home to the House at Pooh Corner here in Northford, Connecticut, the first week in September in 1998. She was 7 weeks old.  Melissa left a few days later for her senior year in college.  We were just finishing up the barn project in Windham.  From the day we brought Maggie home, I had the sense that she was a special girl.  She looked like something out of a cartoon and she acted that way too. As much as she made me smile, I always noticed that she was smiling too.  She always had a smile on her face and happy eyes.   
I took 2 weeks off in mid-October when she was 12-weeks old.  I had a task in front of me.  I had made an agreement with Charles Crump to build new doors for the end of his barn. In return, I would be able to store lumber there.  So while Sue was at work, Maggie was with me – literally beginning her life hanging around, playing and making mischief in a 200 year old barn.  She barked at the geese that flew overhead; she chased butterflies and bees; she ran through the hay and rolled in the dirt and we delivered truckload after truckload of boards to Crump’s barn.  She used to sit next to me in the front of my ’87 red F-150. She used to lean against me like a bottle of milk and as many times as I looked down at her, she looked back at me.   A few months later, the calendar turned to 1999. We spent the entire year, Sue and Maggie and me, building the 17th Century frame as an addition onto my workshop. She was alongside of us making mischief every minute that we worked.   
In November of ’99, I was diagnosed as being in heart failure.  Throughout the year of 2000, I was in denial as we watched my brother, Jon, battle and lose his battle to cancer.  In June of ’01, I retired from work and began the process of being listed for a heart transplant.  On my first day home from work, we took on the job of building a small timber frame barn for Don and Donna. Such a struggle the summer of ’01 was!  It seemed each day it was harder and harder for me to breathe. Maggie was by my side as we worked on this project and each day for lunch, when I would lay down to rest, it became our routine that she would lay down with me.  As I look back now, it seems that Maggie carried us along – me and Sue and the work we were doing. She was always with us and she was always involved in something.  Almost until the end of ’04, our lives continued this way.  Maggie was with Sue the morning that they found the card, which was the six of hearts, laying in the road only hours after my heart transplant, which was on November 6th. Through the literally hundreds of doctor appointments and 30+ heart catheterizations and heart biopsies – through hundreds of trips to Yale, pre and post transplant, the one thing I could count on was when I returned home and opened our back door, she was there waiting for me with a happy face and a smile.  It would be hard to explain how it felt for me to return home to the House at Pooh Corner with my donor’s heart having lived through such a challenge.  I remember how good her fur felt and her cold black nose. He tail just about knocked me over.  I was home safe and alive with our Maggie.   
Maggie was a familiar face at many barn raisings – Don’s and Gene’s and the Miller barn and the Dudley Farm and Paul Sanderson and Ross Goodhue and Mike and Lauren, Todd and Tim - she was such a part of our lives.    
Maggie went to Nantucket for the first time on her first birthday. We had the good fortune of returning back to that special cottage many more times with Maggie. Some of our best memories ever are being on Nantucket with Maggie and then when there was 4 of us when Mitch came along.
We dismantled Crump’s barn in the summer of 2008.  I used to say to Sue all the time – I will be a happy man when Maggie can lay in front of a fire in the fireplace inside of the barn where she started her life with me.  That dream and that vision came true on more than one occasion – most recently last week, when Maggie laid on a quilt alongside of Mitch on a quilt in front of a blazing fire in Crump’s restored barn while I warmed my backside and worked on an Oliver bandsaw.  I sat on the floor next to her, stared into the fire and I thanked God for the moment that we were having.  Maggie loved most everyone.  She especially loved her human sister and Gene Jones and Uncle Phil.   Most of all, Maggie loved her mom.  She adored her.  She was never secure if her mom wasn’t around.  If she was gone, she waited and she watched for her return.   
Maggie had several doggie buddies – Charley, her cousin Jenna, Putter and hundreds of dogs on her dog blog throughout the world. Maggie mostly loved her best buddy – her Golden Retriever friend, Molly Bruce. They walked 2 miles every day together for all of the years that I waited for my miracle. This may be hard to understand and to some it may seem impossible but Maggie changed my life. She changed our lives.  She was a spirited, sassy, energetic, playful clown who loved living.  We had so many adventures with her.  She truly cared for and loved her little brother, Mitch.  The two of them were bonded and after Mitch came along, the four of us have shared many, many adventures.  Our lives have seemed to revolve around them but it’s Maggie who changed us.   An Airedale is a curious creature – not for everyone.  If you are fortunate enough to bond with one, it’s a very special friendship and that’s what we had with our Maggie.  
 In her final moments yesterday, I thanked her for all she has done for us and I thanked her for believing in me and waiting for me to come home each time that I have left.
If you knew Maggie, you know that she always had something to say. She was a loudmouth!  We used to laugh at her sitting, with her head up, facing Heaven and barking away.  She had a way to do it where her lips would take the shape of an “O” and somehow she’d look like she was yodeling.  You always knew where Maggie was because she was making noise.  You always knew when anything was going on anywhere around you because she was telling you so.  Over the years, I got to realize that it was more than just being a nuisance.  I started to hear her messages. She was saying, “Hey, can’t you see that I am Maggie - Can’t you see that I am an Airedale and hey, can’t you see that I want to be your friend – that I just want you to say hi to me and hey, look at me – listen to what I’m saying. I am Maggie, can’t you see that! And Hey, can’t you see that I’m telling you thank you, thank you for helping my dad while he is so sick. Can’t you see that’s why I am barking.  It’s me, I am Maggie. Thank you for helping my mom get through all of this – thank you for being our friends – thank you for visiting my playground, my dad’s workshop, The Temple and hey, I am Maggie, I am your friend. I don’t want you to forget me. Can’t you see that it’s time for me to go.  Can’t you see that I have had a perfect life for an Airedale girl. Wait – I think I see the rainbow.  I do see the rainbow. It’s just on the other side of this Bridge. Hey, can’t you see that I, me, Maggie, I have to go.  I have to cross this bridge but hey, please don’t worry about me. I will be on the other side after I cross over. I will be barking at geese and chasing butterflies, bees and romping around in some hay in an old barn and rolling in the dirt and hey, I will be here waiting.  I will wait for as long as it takes for my family to come and hey, I’m Maggie – I’m on the other side now.  I’m going to spend a lot of time now listening, and hey, I’m going to listen for the sound of an Indian motorcycle. I know it will come and hey, it’s going to be my dad and maybe my brother Mitch will be in one of those tan saddlebags. Can’t you see that I am Maggie. Can’t you see that our lives have crossed and can’t you see that we have touched and can’t you see that I love you all so much and I will wait for all of you and hey, can’t you see that we’re still going to have another barn raising on the other side of this Rainbow Bridge and hey, please don’t ever forget me. I am Maggie. Yup, Maggie from Northford!"

Please forgive me for my fantasy.  I heard what Maggie was saying and she was saying all of these things. She never wanted us to forget her.  Our hearts are broken. We have enjoyed nearly 14 years in the presence of a wonderful Airedale Terrier named Maggie.  I named Maggie. Sue named Mitch.  M-n-M.  When I came home for the hospital last night, Mitch was laying on the hearth still and silent laying next to one food dish where there used to be two. He had Maggie’s pink pig clutched in his paws with his head resting on it.  He just looked at me. 
When we leashed Maggie up to head to the animal hospital, I could feel my complexion go white.  My heart sank and I had too big of a lump in my throat to swallow.  I couldn’t breathe.  I was thinking to myself – she doesn’t know where she’s going and Mitch doesn’t know that he will never see her again.  It felt cruel. It may sound strange but how is it fair that we have control over these wonderful animals and how could anyone ever be mean or abuse such a good friend. When our back door closed with Mitch inside, I could feel my heart breaking for Mitch and for Maggie, for Sue and for myself. 
Thank you all for being a part of our lives and thank you all for being in Maggie’s presence.

This picture is of Maggie and me when she was 12 weeks old. This is how she and I both looked when she was beginning to understand the greatness of hanging around at Crump’s barn. 

Maggie and Mitch welcoming me home on April 10th of last year.  My spirits were down.  My strength was low but my determination was renewed when my 2 Airedales, Maggie and Mitch, welcomed me home and pledged to share some of their Terrier spunk and spirit with me until I got back on my feet.

Your friend,

We want to thank all of you for your heartfelt comments and for all of the emails and cards and facebook comments and for all of the touching tributes. We appreciate them more than you will ever know.
Yesterday was a very tough day for us but we got through it because we were together.

Love ya lots,
Mitch, mom, dad and angel Maggie


  1. Mom and I came over from the Woos to tell you how very sorry we were to read about Maggie. We did not know Maggie...that is until mom read this most amazing heartfelt tribute to such a beautiful girl-Dale!! Maggie was well loved and she returned that love many times over.
    God bless you all as you go through each day without her.
    Hugs Madi and Mom

  2. Dear George,
    That was so heartfelt as my tears welled in my eyes. I read this (not to long by any means) and I learned about you and Sue and of Maggie and Mitch. That a very special girl, Maggie, touched your lives, walked by your side as your friend, your companion.

    The letting go of our dearly beloved pets is deeply hard to do. The loss of their presence in our homes is huge. Then when there is still another pet, who mourns the loss, the quiet, the chummy ways they greet, play, share, that is severed so acutely, you ache all over again.

    Having lost our Golden this past summer I still feel her with me. I know she is running, barking, waving her plumed tail over that Rainbow Bridge even as my heart longs to hug her and feel her warm breath on my cheek. Feel her paw on my hand. were so loved and will always be in your family's life. George, Sue and Mitch...hold close, you have many who are sharing your grief and sending their sympathy to you.

  3. If I thought I'd cried yesterday with the news, I've really sobbed now. It's so hard to hear someone's pain but I needed to hear it absolutely, and recognise it truly. Especially when you are brave enough to share it, George. Most of all, it's because I recognise that love.
    We put off getting a second dog for ages, until we realised that if we anything happened to Mojo we would be completely lost. Ah, the human heart - whenever I despair of the way things go in this world, I think of how much love we have for the four-legged in our lives, and it lifts me up again.
    I hope that all the voices here yesterday lift you three as well.

    And you made me laugh while crying too, with the description of Maggie making "O" shapes while barking - that is such a Mojo thing. Next time she does it she'll be singing for Maggie too.

    big love & hairy hugs
    Mojo's mum, Mojo and Digger

  4. We are so very sorry for you all. Really loving your loving dog, means just that, you love them and do the right thing by them.
    Lots of love Freya Rose Blossom X and her mum X X X

  5. This was beautiful and made me cry. Wish all dogs could be loved this much.

    RIP Maggie

    Tank's Asst.

  6. Thanks so much for sharing that with us. Now, I have to go mop up my tears before the CPA gets here - - any second now.

    Blessings to you. I'm positive Maggie-angel is still very near you.

  7. WE are feeling the pain with you, a very touching and beautiful tribute.
    Hugs George, Tess and Jan xxx

  8. Thank you so much for sharing your Maggie story.
    Of course I cried, who wouldn't. It was beautiful.How blessed we are, those of us who have been loved so well by those special dogs in our life.
    When the going gets tough there they are with their special welcome. The feel of their soft fur, the never having to explain anything to your dog cos they know.
    I know how awful that last journey is and that awful decision, made out of love. You and Sue loved Maggie so much she always knew you would take care of her.
    It does get easier with time but Maggie will never be far. Right now it is so hard but you will laugh at her antics again and she will continue to fill your hearts with joy.
    Sending you our warmest wishes from Scotland xxxx

  9. Oh the Beautiful moments. Maggie has left All of us with so much to recall. We may not know her feel and smell butt we KNOW HER.
    That trip to the Vet is the most difficult of all and yet it is the one that is MOST FULL of LOVE. You showed Maggie that she was Loved MORE than you love yourselves.
    You made her very happy and she was one very VERY lucky girrrrrl.
    We will all be together again. Of THAT I am Totally SURE.

  10. We know that Maggie is having brunch with our Lucy and Monty today and laughing at all the silly things their humans do. We thought of you often yesterday and again today. We all somehow get thru these events because we have to.

  11. So sorry for you all.Have thought about you lots since my visit yesterday. I have shed a tear or two too and yet have merely been fortunate enough to share in Maggie's life here, so what you must be going through is unimaginable. She has touched so many other lives with her antics here on the blog. Dogs are truly 'man's' best friend, they do change lives, they make life complete. You have such wonderful memories of your dear girl. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all. Ros and Oscar xx

  12. Thank you for your heartfelt story of the love you have for your Maggie,
    Yes, she will be waiting on the other side of the bridge frolicking in the sun, chasing butterflies and bees!
    Winston, Chloe and Cecil

  13. Thank you George for sharing these special memories and feelings with us. Mommy had to stop and cry (some more) half way through, but she read this out loud to us and cradled us in her arms and let us lick her tears. We really do love you guys so much and our hearts go out to you and the family. Your love for Maggie is felt across the miles. We hope our folks will handle the crossing to the Rainbow Bridge as gracefully.
    BabyRocketDog & Hootie
    Cassie and Patrick (the folks)

  14. What a beautiful tribute. So much detail, so much loss. It is so hard to say goodbye to such a wonderful friend and family member such as Maggie was. She had a wonderful and happy life with just the right family and dog companion.

    She will always be in your heart and will be close by in spirit.

    I am so sorry you are in such deep pain. She will never leave your heart. She, in many ways, is a true "heart" dog. You were very lucky to have her, and she you.

    It was always nice to see a comment on my blog from Maggie and Mitch. I will miss her greatly. But I will look forward to Mitch's adventures.

    Sending peace and love from Alaska to you.

  15. There's nothing as precious as the unconditional love of a dog. What a heartfelt tribute to Maggie. Beautiful!

  16. What a lovely tribute to Maggie. She was loved, she is missed. Pawhugs to all of you!

  17. A beautiful tribute. The thoughts of dog lovers all over the world are with you.
    Gail and Bertie.

  18. Thank you George for sharing with us the wonderful bond you had with Maggie, she was such a special girl.
    They leave us far too soon but we will always have so many wonderful memories to cherish.
    Hugs Molly, Taffy, Monty and Winnie

  19. I know this could not have been easy to write, but thank you for sharing it with us! It is a very special tribute for a very special girl! She will be walking beside you or lying at your feet during every project that you work on!

    Patches (and Lana)

  20. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful tribute to Maggie......we always knew she was special, and now we know just HOW special.

    I had tears in my eyes yesterday, as soon as I read about Maggie's crossing, and I had several again reading your post.....but it so beautifully expressed what a wonderful dog she was.

    Thinking of you all........and remembering sweet Maggie.
    Cheryl and the MinnaKrebs crew

  21. Bless you. Bless you all.

    There's never been such a lovely tribute.

    Stuart and Peeps

  22. What a precious girl.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  23. What a beautiful tribute to an amazing dog. Maggie and Mitch are both loved more than they can imagine, and they are so lucky to have Peeps like you. You are in our thoughts and just know you will see Maggie again at the bridge.

    Douglas and my Peeps

  24. We always knew Maggie was special, but what you just wrote made her all the more so. Nothing nothing in the world is more precious than that unique bond between a loving human and a loving dog. Thank you so much George for sharing your life with Maggie with us. I don't think any of us could read your words without hot tears running down our faces. But there were smiles too for the lifetime of joy sweet Maggie gave you and Sue -- and us too through the blog.

    Love to you all,

    Joan and Jake and Just Harry

  25. We're sorry to hear that Maggie has gone to the Bridge. That was a beautiful tribute.

    The Florida Furkids

  26. "Not the least hard thing to bear when they go away from us, these quiet [well not in Maggie's case] friends, is that they carry away with them so many years of our won lives."

    -John Galsworthy

  27. A truly beautiful post..

    Our thoughts and hearts pour out to you and your family..

  28. This was a beautiful tribute to a wonderful girl ~~ Maggie!!!!
    I am so glad you three had her for as long as you did!!!
    Beautiful writing!!!

  29. Thank you for sharing this beautiful tribute. I, like everyone that has commented before m,e am writing this with tears in my eyes. Maggie was a much loved girl.


  30. Oh George, to be loved that deeply and truly just shows us all what a beautiful part of your family Maggie was. Thank you for sharing this life story with us. The memories you have brought back for me, the wonderful fullness of loving a special dog and the exquisite pain of their loss, but oh yes, I couldn't live any other way. Thank you George, Sue and Mitch for sharing Maggie with us. Love Stella, Rory and Carol x

  31. I may not know Maggie , but I'm a dude who is a daddy boy too. I'm so sorry for Maggie. I send lots of purrs and hugs to your family, especially, daddy

  32. I'm in floods of tears here ...

    Such a beautiful tribute. Maggie truly was a very special girl.

    Sending you, Sue and Mitch all our love,
    Fiona (Murray's Mom)

  33. What a wonderful tribute. Sending you big hugs.

  34. So very heartwrenching. I don't know you guys very well, but it is clear that your dear Maggie was very, very special to you. I'll be thinking of you guys as you go through this oh-so tough time.

  35. Thanks to you and Sue for sharing Maggie with us over the years. We are constantly amazed by how close we feel to people and dogs we have never met. Times like this when we weep and times when we share the joy of our special companions bring us closer to one another, and increase our bond with our dogs.

    You and Maggie had a very special relationship. Keep remembering the good times and special places.

    You did what was best for her and hardest for you. That shows true love and respect.

    our love
    Gus, Teka and the muzzer

  36. I couldn't think of a better to show how much loved Maggie and how much she loved you. I think I cried for a good 15 minutes after reading this post - remembering how I felt the very same way when having to make the same decision for some of my past furbabies. I always say I will never get another dog after that - but I always do...for their love is so unconditional and it fills the heart in ways that make us glad for every day we get to share with them.

    Hugs to you Sue and George and special big hugs to Mitch.

  37. George,

    As you know we were so sorry to hear about Maggie, but your tribute to her today was so lovely that after reading how she helped you through your heart transplant, I know for sure that you and Maggie are permanently intertwined. There is no distance or amount of time that can ever diminish the love in your heart for her – she will always be there in the memories of the time you and your family spent together. Tears now, but so many memories that one day will make you smile again.

    Thank you for sharing her life with us through your blog.

    We are thinking of you, Sue and Mitch.

    Fran (Riley’s human) and Riley

  38. This is Groucho's She Two Legged One here. We haven't visited your blog in a week or so, so it was with such incredible sadness that we read about Maggie. We have had so many laughs since we discovered your blog a few months ago, with Maggie and Mitch's antics. We were so sad to read of your loss. there are no words, really, to ease the loss that comes with the passing of such a special being. Sometimes, these special beings bring such love, hope, inspiration, joy and magic into our lives that to think of them no longer there is so hard. But she will be there in spirit, looking out for you all. Our thoughts are with you all.



  39. what a great story, Maggie sure was special. Our hearts go out to you and Sue and Mitch. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

    Diana, jazzi and Addy

  40. This morning when I read about Maggie's leaving for the bridge I cried just like I am now having just read her Daddy's words. I had to let my Samantha go too and it was the hardest thing I ever did. It was the right thing to do.

    George said something that remined me so much of my Samantha. She lived to chase butterfles and roll in bluebonnets. In my post on Jan 26, I said she and Shleby were at the bridge chasing butterflies and that's what I'm sure Maggie is doing too.

    More heart goes out to all of you.
    I wish ther was something more I could do.

    Gid Bless.....the Mommy, Sarah

  41. What an incredible, heartfelt post. My heart is so heavy for you all.
    Maggie was a beautiful little soul and she touched so many lives here in the blogosphere, mine especially. I always loved to read about the barns. I loved her bond with Mitch and you, mom and dad.
    She will always be in our hearts and thank you for sharing your lives with us.

    Allison...puddles mum
    PS: Animals always have a way of bringing out the best in us and I believe Maggie did.

  42. We have been trying all day to find the right words to say here. And it is impossible. George, you said it all. Every human should get to experience the love you have for Maggie.

    Hugs, The OP Pack and Mom

  43. They are such an important part of our lives, and they contribute so much to our wonderful that Maggie had a loved and blessed life. We feel your pain and cried tears of our own reading your lovely tribute.

    Rubie's mum.

  44. This is truly such a beautiful and heartfelt post about Maggie and all the wonderful memories that all of you shared. You will always have those memories close by. Whenever you feel the need to smile, just grab one.

  45. Nellie said
    What a beautiful tribute for a beautiful life shared by such a loving family. Thank you for sharing your wonderful memories with all of us. I like so many feel that we know you like our next door neighbors and feel your aching heart, but it aches because Maggie touched it so deeply.
    (((Hugs))) and Aire kisses to George, Sue & Mitch
    Nellie with Nancy

  46. I held it together until I reached the end of this loving and beautiful post and now I am a mess. Thank you for sharing this with all of us.


    Janelle, Maggie Mae and Max

  47. George and Sue...

    We have read many tributes of dogs over our blogging years, but we have never ever read one like this....yes, it made us cry...but it made our hearts swell with love and joy too...Maggie had a job to do...and she did it well...she was guardian to you both and to Mitchy as well....and you loved her enough to end her pain...we love her wings in your header photo...she earned thos wings on earth, dear girl. I honestly don't know how we go on after we lose a dog, but we do. They watch us from above...and we walk beside you on this journey from all over the world....

    We love you guys,

    Marilyn and the kids

  48. Oh I almost couldn't read that, but it was wonderful. So much history with your sweet girl.

    Mango Momma

  49. What a beautiful heartfelt tribute for a special girl
    Benny & Lily

  50. My eyes read this earlier today, and tears keep falling. I could not find words to say to help you, and I understand now- that there are no words to help- even though I wish so hard.
    Thank you for bearing your heart to us, and allowing us to feel and go on this journey with you. It is a sad journey- and we do not want you to be alone. We can all cry together, because you see-
    Maggie's pawprints
    all over our hearts.
    Your heart is breaking
    and our is too.
    And even though Maggie loved you so much- her hopes are that someday you heal.
    I will never forget Maggie- not ever.
    thank you for allowing me to sit beside you- and say my words.
    Now it is time for me to reach my paws to your face, and hug your neck.

  51. Heart wrenchingly raw...and oh so beautiful.

  52. such a wonderful and heartfelt tribute.

    we always knew that Maggie was special.

    she is watching over you now.

    we will always remember Maggie and keep her in our hearts. she was a good friend to us too.


  53. Oh my gosh, how can I type through my tears. What a wonderful tribute to such a beautiful girl. You have all been through so much together and Maggie truly was the angel sent to you to help you. Gosh she loved you so very much. What a wonderful match the four of you are. She will be so sorely missed but you can rest assured that she really knew she was so very loved. I feel so bad for Mitch as he surely misses her too. Blessings to all of you and your beloved pets.

  54. That was an incredibly beautiful tribute to a beautiful girl. She was so lucky to have you and you lucky to have her. My husband had a kidney transplant 2 years ago and had been ill for a very long time waiting for it. Sasha our girl, although a bit sassy brought him through many times and made him smile. I understand how you feel. God bless you all and thank you for sharing that.

    Anne and Sasha

  55. What a truly beautiful tribute for your precious, precious Maggie. We will miss her. She will never be forgotten. She will always be in our hearts.

    Teddy Bear & Sierra

  56. Dear George,
    I read every word of your beautiful tribute. Thank you for sharing your story with us.
    I will never forget that photo of Maggie, Mitch and Max in the post on Valentines day 2010! Indeed, it is in the collage of 'Maxdog's tour stories' in Maxdog's book. Maggie will always have a special place in my heart too - for the role she and Mitch played in supporting me during that difficult time. (My M & M's from Nantucket!) Thank you for sharing your tribute with us all. A dog remembered is never forgotten.
    "As I look to the sunrise,
    I now know,
    that you are there,
    in its glorious glow...'
    Never forget: Your final act was an act of love and courage.
    Lots of ((Hugs)) to you, Mitch and precious Sue.

  57. We have so many friend in common but we never made it over til now. Our hearts are breaking for you. Mom knows all about that walk out the door. We loved all of Maggie's comments. Mom thinks she knows what we say too. Know that our friends that cross over meet us on the other side gives mom some comfort. We hope it does for you too.


    Mr. Nubbin'

  58. We are so very very sorry to hear of your loss. Your tribute to your dear Maggie is most beautiful. She is so very very loved. Your words brought tears to our eyes. Thank you for sharing your life with Maggie with all of us. She is indeed a very special friend and family fellow.
    Our thoughts will be with you and your family.

    Dommy + Anny

  59. George, you've had us in tears. What a lovely and heartfelt post.

    We're glad to have known special Maggie too.

    Hugs to all of you

  60. Oh my, we've been in tears here too. Maggie was so loved, she had a wonderful family and lots of friends. We will be thinking of her today, we are so sad for you, this is one girl that will never be forgotten though we know that. Run free at the Bridge Sweet Maggie, Lots of love Dex and Lou xxx

  61. A very beautiful and heartfelt tribute to a very special precious girl. Maggie loved you as much as you loved her.
    You gave her the greatest gift of love when you helped her to be pain free forever.

    Karen Alan & the thugletsx

  62. A beautiful tribute- I can see why Maggie was such a special part of your family.
    Hugs to you all x

  63. Thank you for sharing this loving tribute. I remember reading somewhere that the joy our loved ones bring us is measured against the pain when they die. But it's a pain worth having because it is witness to the love.

  64. Maggie is with Abby, our airedale, wrecking terrier havoc in doggie heaven. And Dusty, our cat, is doing her best to keep them in line. I found you through Violet. And I wondered what happened. Now I'm crying my eyes out and have a lump in my throat. Partly for you, partly for me. We lost Abby, our Airedale 2 1/2 years ago. My husband took her to the vet, thinking she had an absessed tooth, because of the smell coming from her mouth. Kidney failure. He put her down. As long as I live, I will never forget his face when he came home from the vet. There's nothing like an airedale. A breed all on their own, really.

    Cindy Bee

  65. Dear Maggie's Family,

    We are all just so sorry that we don't know what to say other than our hearts ache for you. A lovely tribute to the beautiful, wonderful Maggie. Thank you for sharing her joy of life with all us dog bloggers.

    Your friends,
    Niamh, Ambrose and Barbara

  66. What a great tribute to a beloved family member. Maggie sure made a difference in your lives! I'm sure you made a difference in her life too.

  67. Beautiful tribute. Our hearts and prayers are with you. Maggie will be missed.

  68. An amazing tribute to an amazing AireGirl. God bless you all, your sweet angel will indeed be waiting for you and watching over you. Love never ends.

    sad woos,
    jack & moo & Pat

  69. That was is so hard to say goodbye....she will never be forgotten....take care, my friends....

  70. Maggie always knew what to say and she said it so gracefully thru your memories. Tears of joy when thinking of Maggie. I love that you enjoyed the fireplace prior to her going on to build her own barn.

  71. Oh, George and Sue! That is truly beautiful! Thank you for sharing that with us - and thank you for sharing Maggie with us! She touched a lot of hearts all over the world - and touched us deeply here in Kansas. She will never be forgotten.
    God bless you and Mitch - and God bless sweet Maggie.
    Karen and the boys

  72. Hooligan House is missing Maggie's physical presence too. But her spirit is with us all. Thank you for telling us about her life and her loving!

  73. Thank you for sharing with us such a beautiful tribute that chronicled Maggie's wonderful years with you. She will really be missed. The Piappies are honored to have known her and Mitch through you great stories and photos.. You have really touched our lives and we will continue to look back at the memories you have built together.

    God bless you, Sue and Mitch.

    Piappies Fudgie, Princess, Frappie, Mocha, Sugar, Wai-Pai, Wai-Max & Forgie

  74. My mom and dad are off crying. I think that they understand how tough it is. It never, ever gets easier in the end. But perhaps it's a testament to how much you loved her and how much of that love was returned. From your friends up in the northwest, we miss her too.

  75. We want to send our heartfelt sympathy in the loss of beautiful Maggie. Give Mitch some extra love, because doggies don't always understand what's going on, they just know something important is missing today. Hugs to you all,
    William Tell and Glynn
    & Pamela

  76. Thanks for sharing and never too long of a story when it one that tells us the life of our fur-baby. RIP Maggie and run free at the Bridge. {{HUGS}} to your family. Sniffs, The HoundDogs

  77. So very heatfelt and so very beautiful.. Hugs GJ x

  78. Oh boy do I understand how a dog can change your life. My angel Ziggy changed mine and Pedro and Marley continue to each day. This was such a beautiful tribute to your wonderful Maggie. We will be thinking of you and we do feel your pain. Two years later, I still feel the loss of Ziggy. We were blessed by him and you were by Maggie. Blessed.

    Rachel along with
    Pedro & Marley

  79. Well now, that was an amazing post. I knew I wouldn't get through it dry-eyed, but kept reading anyway. She was a blessing, not only to you, but to those of us who read her posts along the way. She will be missed.

  80. Dropping off some more woofs & hugs, <3

    ~Bailey (Yep, I'm a girl!)

  81. What a beautiful, moving post and tribute for your adored and truly special girl.

    Your love for each other shone through every single post you made, never more so than this one. Thank you so much for sharing your Maggie with us and may we use Maggie's own words to tell you all we love ya lots.

    B + Eric xxx

  82. George, you just captured everything that is so beautiful about being loved by a dog. My heart broke to a million pieces reading your words, I am so thankful to know what that kind of companionship feels like.

  83. What a beautiful tribute for a truly beautiful girl.
    We are sad that Maggie has gone to the other side and we send you all our love and lots of hugs and prayers.
    Maggie, we will never forget you.

  84. Such a loving and beautiful testament of how much Maggie was a part of your life. Rest in peace, dear angel Maggie.
    Sammie, Avalon and Miche

  85. George, this is such a beautiful and touching tribute. I cannot stop crying... I am so happy that the four of you had each other. I know Maggie had a wonderful and happy life. We will all miss her and remember her forever.
    Jess, Clover & Chewy's mom

  86. Dear George, Sue, and Mitch,

    So sorry to hear about Maggie. It's not easy loosing such a wonderful family member. Luna doesn't post much these days but she still reads the blogs every now and then. You wrote a very nice and moving story about Miss Maggie's life with you. She left her mark here on earth.


    John, Joan, and Luna

  87. Your tribute is touching and shows what an amazing life you gave Maggie and she gave you. That love lives on forever. I'm thinking of you all in this tough time, trying to send you strength so that you can heal.

  88. The Last Battle

    If it should be that I grow frail and weak

    And pain should keep me from my sleep,

    Then will you do what must be done,

    For this – the last battle – can’t be won.

    You will be sad I understand,

    But don’t let grief then stay your hand,

    For on this day, more than the rest,

    Your love and friendship must stand the test.

    We have had so many happy years,

    You wouldn’t want me to suffer so.

    When the time comes, please, let me go.

    Take me to where to my needs they’ll tend,

    Only, stay with me ‘til the end

    And hold me firm and speak to me

    Until my eyes no longer see.

    I know in time you will agree

    It is a kindness you do to me.

    Although my tail its’ last has waved,

    From pain and suffering I have been saved.

    Don’t grieve that it must be you

    Who has to decide this thing to do;

    We’ve been so close – we two – these years,

    Don’t let your heart hold any tears.

    - Anonymous

  89. Hi, I just heard the news about Maggie and I am so sorry. She was a wonderful pet and you will always have a special spot for her in your heart.

  90. Amazing letter! Not a dry eye here. A wonderful life Maggie enjoyed with all of you. We are so very sorry, these times break our hearts... yet the gift of time we have had with our best friends will be remembered forever.

    With love,
    Sierra Rose and family

  91. What a sweet wonderful letter!
    Maggie was a beautiful girl.
    Please hug Mitch.

  92. (I commented earlier on but something went wrong...)

    Dear George,

    Thank you and Sue for sharing Maggie's life with us. This is a beautiful tribute to her. Maggie was well-loved and we are going to miss her.

    Big hug,
    The Missus

  93. Oh I'm so very sorry.. and so sorry we've not been around lately, either. We know Maggie is hanging out with Bajas, and Tara and the others.

    Ane & Gummi and the kitties

  94. There is never a good or right time to lose someone we love. We always want one more day and then, even 100 more days wouldn't be enough. What you did for Maggie was what you were meant to do from the moment you looked into her young eyes the day you brought her home. You promised her that you would love her and care for her always and you have - you sacrificed your heart to allow Maggie to complete her Circle of Life.

  95. it was so very precious and special of you to share your memories of Maggie and you. It is easy for us to understand how Maggie has touched your life just as she touched all of ours...just like our own fur-kids.

    You are in our thoughts and prayers.

    Hugs & Love

    L & The Girls

  96. It's taken me three tries to read this all the way through with out crying. thank you for sharing your love and your grief with us, it is truly touching, humbling and inspiring. Maggie was such a special girl and I know she will be waiting for you in the next room.
    thank you doubly for posting this as our old family dog Penny is getting to the stage of us having to make the 'decision' and I found reading this a help.

  97. Thank you for sharing about Maggie and now I know your angel a little more. I can picture her being the clown and funny little fella, with the smile she carries. I especially like her voice ' I am Maggie'. :) But I think I hear your hearts breaking loud and clear too..

    Bless your hearts, bless God for the gift of Maggie, your angel. I'm lost at words to tell you but I'll be remembering your special girl with sweetness.

  98. Thank you for sharing your Maggie with us. I always used to love when she and Mitch stopped by. Hugs to all three of you.

  99. Also I meant to say-

    CS Lewis said, when he knew his wife was dying, "The joy now is part of the pain then."
    That you mourn her is testament to how much joy she brought you and how much you loved her.

  100. Maggie's Dad -

    How wonderful and touching to read your memories and to see Maggie through your heart - Maggie and your family so touched my life - I found Maggie and the blogs when I was going through CHEMO and my Airegirls were being loved by my friend at her rescue - Maggie helped to take the missing on my girls away - her adventures were part of my days also - I do believe that our family members are chosen for us and they all have special missions and are brought into our lives for reasons - Maggie mission is not over she is close and when you listen you will hear her telling you, Sue, Melissa, and Mitch letting you know that's not how its to be done - That she is Maggie and she will be always with you - Please know that Maggie and Mitch know love and family do what's hard and at times hurts so bad you can't breathe - Maggie and all of your Angels feel the cracks in your hearts and holds the broken together. Thank you for sharing your loves with me - I do ask Maggie to watch over my girls - Please know that I wish you love, joy and enough.

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  102. We are so sad to hear about Maggie. We started reading your bloggie a long time ago and loved reading about all the fun your were having. Maggie will be sorely missed.

    Lot's of licks,

    Bug & Bandit

  103. We are very sad to hear about Maggie. All of us cried as we read this. We are a little behind in blog reading and now catching up. Thank you so much for sharing wonderful Maggie's life with us.

    Sending hugs and heartfelt condolences,
    Miley, Mariah, and Pat (Mommy)

  104. What a beautiful tribute. I'm bawling. I had a Maggie. She was the original "wild dingo." she was my soulmate too.

    big hugs to Mitch and warmest wishest for your continued heart healing on all levels.

  105. That was an amazing tribute. I understand that change your life thing, fur sure. So sad we are just now visiting, but our hearts are with you!!! Big kisses, Johann