Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Very Special Package

Hi everyone.  It's me, Mitch.  I guess I don't have to say that anymore because it's just me now.
I have been missing My Maggie a lot.  I've been getting lots of extra hugs and kisses and even extra treats and it's very nice but I still wish I had My Maggie here with me.

My Maggie had a very special stuffie that she called Baby and Baby has been put away up on a high shelf for a long time so that she wouldn't be destroyed.  Baby already has a huge bandaid around her tummy and that has chew marks on it too.
 Baby has been a great comfort to me.  I promised mom that I wouldn't do anything to hurt her and she believes me.  She smells like My Maggie!

A very special package arrived at my house yesterday afternoon.
 The package was from Miss Elaine.  When My Maggie wasn't eating her breakie with enthusiasm and it was really whigging mom out,  Miss Elaine told mom that she had a plan and that she was going to send something that My Maggie couldn't possibly refuse and it would make her gobble her breakie right up.
What do you think it is, Baby?
 It's tripe!!!!!   I've heard wonderful things about this stuff!
Mom feels so badly.  In all of My Maggie's 13.5 years, she never had tripe - not even once and now she'll never get to taste it here on earth.  I hope they have lots of it at The Rainbow Bridge!
Thank you so much, Miss Elaine.  I promise I won't let it go to waste.  I will eat every bit of it and think of My Maggie and wish that we could have shared it together.
You are the best friend ever!

Once again, mom and dad and I want to thank all of you so very much for your wonderful support through this very difficult time.  We can feel your love and it helps us all immensely. 

Love ya lots,
Your friend,


  1. Mitch - If you eat the tripe you can be sure that Maggie will approve . Hang in there buddy .

  2. Howdy Mitch, we're glad you have baby to comfort you. Maggie would want you to have it for sure. Your friend Miss Elaine is so thoughtful and we hope you enjoy Maggie's tripe on her behalf. Your new header photo is just perfect. It made mum get leaky eyes but in a good way. See ya mate, we're thinking of you all. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory (and Carol)

  3. So sorry to hear about your loss! I'm sure there is a lot of yummy things across the rainbow bridge. Mitch, now you have an angel to watch over you and your mom. Snuggle that toy real tight.

  4. Mitch,

    Miss Elaine and Sunshade are such good pals!!! We hope you like the tripe!

    When our mom and dad met Elaine and D-Guy in Vancouver, and got to meet Sunshade and Jaffaman, we thought they might trade us in for two airedales!!!

    Last night, after she read your dad's post, mom was thinking that the sobbiest sobs she has ever sobbed were for two airedales: Oscar and your Maggie. Something about you guys!!!

    You're in our hearts!

    Wirey love,

    Jake and Just Harry

  5. Hello Mitch,
    I know your missing Maggie is very hard. Your dear Maggie is all around you with her scent and toys and this will help in days and weeks so come. You mom and dad will be giving and needing lots love ....thinking of you and sending puppy love.
    Ellen, Tucker and Stewie

  6. Hi Mitch, Sunshade's evil mum is a really kind, generous and thoughtful person. She got my "Sammy" license plate for my cart. My mom and dad are still upset. They have awful, sad faces - they understand how bad it is right now but with time, the jagged edges become a little smoother. Ah tripe is a little attention getting - just open the can:)

  7. Hi Mitch, I am so glad you have baby to comfort you. I bet Maggie gets to eat all kinds of good stuff over there across the bridge. I am glad you get to try something new. I can't wait to find out if you like it.

    licks and sniffs and huggies Sasha

  8. Stick close with Baby, Mitch! And enjoy your tripe!! xoxoxo

  9. Hey buddy... keep your head up and snuggle hard with that baby stuffie! Maggie will always be with you.
    ps, give some smooches to your mom and dad for me.

  10. I so hope Baby brings you some comfort during dis time Mitch.
    Dat was awfully nice of Miss Elaine to sends foodables. Dat was super nice.
    Just remembers dat we is still thinking of you all and we still send our loves to you.

    PS: I loves what you did withs your header.

  11. Sending you big hugs! I'm sure Maggie will get plenty of tripe at the Rainbow Bridge.

  12. Oh Mitch... I am sure that Maggie would be Thrilled to see you getting comfort from her beloved Baby.

    I have never had Tripe butt I know what it is. When you try it.. just leave a little bit in the bowl.. and Maggie will sample it... when you least expect it. THAT was a very thoughtful gift.

  13. That Frankie Furter has the best ideas....we know Maggie will pop by and get her snooter in the bowl to snarf up that last bit of tripe!!! We've never had it either...that Sunshade's mom is amazing, isn't she!!!

    We think about you and Maggie and your Peeps every hour of the day....and what your dad wrote about Maggie....he could and should publish...it was so very good. Mumsie's getting all teary just thinking about it, but it wasn't SAD....it was about love and hope and doggie/hooman bonds...

    It was amazing.

    Kisses, dear Mitch...we're glad you have Baby to comfort you, kiddo....

    XXOO Scruffy, Lacie and Stanny

    Our word verrie is oring....it MUST be Sunshade's ring....!!!!!

  14. We know how you feel Mitch but all those hugs your Mom and Dad are giving you helps ease the pain a little. Mom was saying she remembers her Mom loving tripe and onions...she she's she cringes even now as she remembers how bad it smelt when it was being cooked. She never tried it...but she said her Mom loved it. Hopefully you will like it too and one day be able to tell Maggie all about it.

  15. Oh, Mitch, I know you're missing your Maggie a lot. It sure is less sunny around Blogville without her here. But I KNOW she's having all the tripe she can eat across the Bridge and she's gonna smile SO BIG when you eat YOUR tripe and think of her. I gets tripe every day with my foods and it's DEE-lish. So I'll make sure to think of Maggie tonight when I eat mine, too.

    Gentle wiggles & wags,

  16. Our thoughts are with your during this very difficult time. {{{HUGS}}}

    ~Higgins and his mom

  17. Thoughts and prayers coming your way...

    Critter Alley

  18. OoH Mitch,

    We is happy dat you have Baby to comfort you and we know dat you will take extra special care of her too.

    Woofs and Healing Licks,
    Maggie Mae and Max

    PeeS You will have to let us know if you likes tripe. :)

  19. You know something Mitch! I bet that Maggie is having tripe at the Bridge just so the two of you can still enjoy it together.

  20. Stay strong and snuggle with your Momma Mitch! Maggie is your sweet angel!

  21. Dearest Mitch and Family...We are sending our sympathy to you on the loss of your beloved Maggie. We lost our very special Airegirl Daisy on January 23. Our hearts are also broken. We believe she has joined her litter mate Gatsby in heaven across the Rainbow Bridge where the sun is always shining and the grass is always green. She would have been 14 on March 6. Daisy leaves behind her little airegirl sister Lucy who is 15 months old. We know how difficult it is for you. The Tower Family

  22. I think Maggie is having ANYTHING her special heart desires right now! Wonderful things beyond our imagination!
    Hang in there, buddy. We know all too well how hard it is. We love you, Mitch! Please give your mom a lick on the nose for me! And your dad, too!!!
    Play bows,

  23. Hi Mitch,

    That was so nice of Miss Elaine to send a food parcel for Maggie. Guess what... I learnt something new as two of those three cans have ingredients from where I live - New Zealand!

    I haven't seen that brand sold here but I know our grass is green and the sheep (that I walk past every day) enjoy eating the it, so I'm guessing you'll love our canned grass and tripe too.


  24. Mitch, we know how hard it must be for you without Maggie. Phantom had a hard time for a while after we lost Dakota. But just keep thinking all those happy thoughts about her. We bet she will be smiling down at you as you enjoy that tripe. We hear it is really good too. Mom has one can of it here for Phantom, but she isn't sure she can take the smell.

    Take good care of Baby now.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  25. Hi Mitch,
    I'm so sorry that your Maggie is not there anymore and you have her Baby for comfort. Sending lots of Barklove to you and your family.

    Rusty, Riley & Roxi

  26. Mitch, I'm so glad you have Baby to remember Maggie and smell her still. I hope you like the food she gave you from up above. She meant you to have it!

    We are sending our love to you and your folks. I couldn't comment on your daddy's post because it made me cry!

    barbara, trixie, minnie and jeep

  27. Mitch, (I love writing your name because that was my Twolegger Grandpa's name)

    Anywho, we are so very glad you have Baby to cuddle during this very hard time. We know how much you miss your Maggie.

    For now, just hold your Mommy and Daddy tight! The love you have for each other will carry you through this initial period of mourning for your dear sweet Maggie.
    Your friends,
    Winston, Chloe, Cecil and Mom Shawn

  28. Hope you continue to get lots ofextra hugs. We are glad you get to cuddle with baby
    Benny & Lily

  29. Hi Mitch.
    I just came in from watching the star show in the night sky. Maggies star is right out my window- so I can watch it all the time.
    I like how you all made the new header. I know Maggie would be very proud of it too! Maggies wings are so pretty.
    I have never had tripe, but I imagine it to be good. That was so nice of Elaine to send it.
    I hear from some of my friends at the Rainbow Bridge- every full moon, and they tell me that there is some very tasty foods up there- whippy cream and scrambly eggs too.
    Baby must be sooo comforting to you,, I know it would be for me.
    I think of you and your pawrents every minute.
    All of blogville loves you all so much,

  30. Hi,
    I just read on George and Tess's blog that your beautiful Maggie has left for the Bridge. I wanted to stop by to offer my sympathy to you. I'm sure she is running free with my beautiful Amber right now.

    Try to think of all those lovely memories of her and not the poorly time. My Amber had a tumor in her tongue,it just seems so cruel!!

    It's clear you loved your Maggie with all your heart as I loved my Amber. I am truly sorry for your loss.
    Love from Eileen and Annie xx

  31. Dear Mitch, we know how much you miss Maggie and we are so happy that you have Baby with you. We miss Maggie a lot and are thinking of her a lot too.

    Hang in there, Mitch. Play with Baby and enjoy your tripe.

    Take care of your mom and dad and give them lots of licks and kisses too.

    Hugs to your family.

  32. Mitch we are so pleased you have Baby to snuggle with. We know how much you must miss Maggie.
    We love tripe and it's very good for you. Maggie would definitely want you to eat it all up.
    Take care of your Mom & Dad.

    Extra Big Nose Pokes
    The Thugletsxx

  33. We're sure Maggie would love you to enjoy your inheritance. So enjoy.

    xXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  34. Precious, sweet Mitch!
    Wonderful friends, but sad times too. Sending continual warm thoughts and love from South Africa.

  35. Mitch, we are glad you have Baby to snuggle with. Keep her safe.
    Love Ruby & Penny

  36. Mitch, we are glad that you have Baby to hold close to you to comfort you. Winston still sleeps with Cleo's blanket that she had, like you said it smells like them and provides you comfort. We send our {{HUGS}}. Sniffs, The HoundDogs

  37. Hey Mitch,

    You may not have Maggie but you have me. :)

    Thinking of you.


  38. Woof! Woof! Sweet present. Let us know how you like it.Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  39. We know Your Maggie would approve of taking such good care of Baby and trying that yummy looking tripe. How sweet of Miss Elaine! Give your Mom and Dad some hugs from us xoxoxo
    Sammie and Avalon

  40. I just saw this post about Maggie. I am so very sorry for your loss of your sweet baby. And feel so bad for Mitch. It makes me sad. hugs and prayers for your family.
    Tammy P.

  41. Mitch we hope you enjoyed your tripe and just know you will take great care of Baby.

    Hugs to you all.

  42. Awwh Mitch.....I am sad you are having a tough time without your Maggie. It is bringing a tear to our eyes here.

    Butt, we are glad you have Maggie's Baby to help you out. Stay strong, Big Guy!

  43. Poor Mitch, hang in the big boy!!!
    I have never heard of the stuff Miss Elaine sent Maggie!! TRIPE????? What is it??? Is it can dog food!!! Sue, maybe you could give us a little talk on what it is????
    Love you lots, Zoie & Fern

  44. Oh Mitch, I feel for you, but I'm sure Maggie is saying enjoy the tripe.
    Love George and Tess xxx

  45. Dear Mitch (and mom and dad),
    We are so so very sorry that dear sweet Maggie has gone. Sending many hugs and puggy kisses and lots of love to all of you. Mom is having a hard time seeing through the tears to write you this message. You have both been such dear friends to me for my whole life, and I am going to miss Maggie so much. We are so sorry for your loss.
    Love Clover, Chewy & Mom, Jess xoxo

  46. Getting mail is fun! I feel so sad....I know you miss your best friend....

  47. Oh Mitch sweetie, you look so precious there with baby. I know you will take real good care of it. Also, I'm pretty sure your Maggie is chomping down some wonderful tripe right now. She is also right beside you every single moment of every day. Blessings to you Mitch and to your whole family.

  48. Oh Mitch... I am so sorry for how sad you and your humans are. I'm certain that they have tripe at the Rainbow Bridge, and Maggie is enjoying it along with you.

    Take good care of Baby, and remember that you have many friends out here thinking of you.

  49. Mitch-

    We think Maggie would want you to eat all that yummy tripe and play with her toys too. That is just how big sisters are.

    your pals Wyatt and Stanzie

  50. Hey Mitch,
    We all know that you're going through a tough adjustment just like we are. Our dad read your dad's tribute to Maggie to us. Our dad told us that he knows exactly how you dad felt Saturady and how he feels about Maggie. People that don't have the human-to-animal bond that you and us have with might not understand but our peeps and your peeps do. It won't be the same but life goes on. We're sure that Maggie met Homer so that they can explore the meadows.
    - TBH + K

  51. I very sorry. May ur friend rest in peace.

  52. Oh sweet Mitch...do you have a favorite charity that we could make a donation in Maggie's name??? We would like to do something for her....

    We wish we could DO SOMETHING to make it all better for you and your mom and dad...we can send you our love...tons of it....


    Lacie, Scruffy and Stanny

  53. Hi Mitch, how are you doing now? Hope you're fine after what had happen.

  54. Hi Mitch, we are sending virtual hug and slobbers to you. We are so glad the humans are looking after you so well cos we know how much you will be missing Maggie.
    We think having her toy Baby will be good as we dogs so love smells. We are sure you will be extra careful but even if you aren't we know Maggie wouldn't mind at all.
    As for the tripe, that was a very kind package but our human says she cannot even bear the smell!
    We have had dried tripe in sticks and it really is the most delicious tasting thing but the human walk round the house feeling ill...............!
    She says it is her or the tripe - we are still thinking about it.
    Eat it all up Mitch and give Baby a good shake up - too long on a shelf is very bad for toys.
    Much love
    Martha and Bailey xxx

  55. Oh, Mitchy Boy, we are sooooo glad you have Baby to comfort you! I bet Miss Maggie will be right there with you as you eat the tripe. I, Patches, have never had it either!


  56. Gee Mitch,

    We are so Sorry to hear that yer Maggie left fer the bridge. We have been out of touch fer months now but we sure want ta tell ya that both ya and Maggie made us smile lots of times when we felt like cryin' instead. The Bloggin' World lost a great communicator when it lost Maggie. May she run free and enjoy all the tripe that her heart desires fer eternity.

    Dewey Dewster here......with healin' thoughts from Gram, my Mom, Asta and silly Toby too

  57. Oh Mitch, Mitch... hugsss. How much you must be missing Maggie, I'm so glad that Baby smells like her. Please have your tripett with joy for Maggie has her specials at the Rainbow Bridge too. I'm sure she just misses you as much.

    Hugs, hugs and more hugs... be good to mom and dad.

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