Saturday, January 7, 2012

Too Darn Cute

I just happen to think that I'm the perfect candidate to take the Too Darn Cute category at MangoMinster.  I don't thing I'm too full of myself at all!

This is me the day I came home to live with mom and dad.  Do I look happy or what!
 This is my very first Christmas.   I'm just under 6 months old in this picture.   This red and white stuffie is Pladda.  I still have him!
 This is my second birthday.  I'm on Nantucket - my favorite place in the whole wide world!   I'm not too vain checking myself out in the mirror, am I!
 Dad and I are playing "heave ho"!   I always hated that stoopid game!  And noooooooo, I'm not a boy! 
 How cute is this "old lady"!
 I  could have played for the New York Rangers.  I used to have all the right moves when I was younger!
 Don't you just love that snowflake on my cute nose?  I thought so!
 From cute old lady to cute baby!  That's me!
 Wrap me up~  I'm the perfect pressie!
 The cutest graduate~
 Gotta protect my beautiful fur from the sun.  I don't need wrinkles at my age!
 I'm even cute when I have whipped cream all over my beard!
 Is blue my color?
 I can be the cutest flower arranger too!
 My winning smile!
 Who says that my tongue isn't cute!
 Or my cute hiney for that matter!
So, what do you think?  Aren't I just too darn cute?!

Love ya lots,


  1. Plain and simple: there's nothing cuter than an Airedale. Not that I'm biased.

  2. Maggie, you're cute, especially with whopped cream on your face. Mom likes that 'old lady' picture, but we can't choose. Norma Jean likes to look at herself in the mirror, too.
    Morgan, Tsar and the Porties

  3. I'm a fan of the mirror pose... Mugsy LOVED to admire himself, and all of my dogs have figured out that they can use the mirror on the shower door to keep an eye on me!

  4. You are especially cute with whipped cream on your beard!!! You've definitely chosen the correct category, girl.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  5. Maggie,
    Of course you are a cutie patootie! You are the prettiest girl. And yes, check out yourself in the mirror as often as you can!


  6. Maggie, you have been cute your whole darn life. You're a winner for sure in our books. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  7. Too Darn Cute is right. In all your ages, in all your stages, your beauty comes through.


  8. yes, you are just too darn cute!!

    Jazzi and Addy

  9. Miss Maggie, you are cuteness defined.


  10. Very, VERY cute!!! YES you are!!! You have our vote!!! xoxo Chloe and LadyBug

  11. Well, let me make it perfectly clear, I am not making a call on this but you really are a cutie. And I do appreciate your telling us your not a boy in that one particular picture.....

  12. Your cuteness should be illegal! In my opinion, there is no face as adorable as an Airedale's. But you, my furry friend, are the cream of the crop!

  13. Maggie,

    You is cuter den cute my furiend!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  14. You got THAT right, Maggie - definitely cute, super duper cute, outstandingly cute. Good luck.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  15. Woo are TOO darned KHUTE too!!!

    Paws khrossed fur your entry!!!

    PeeEssWoo: Of khourse, sekhond place gets a pretty pawesome prize too ;-)

  16. Hi Maggie, absolutely - you are just too darn cute. My brother Owen hated a version of "heave-ho" that my dad just to do with us when we were just little puppies. He used to toss Owen and I up in the air (one at a time) and catch us. But one time, Owen slipped through his hands, luckily a cardboard box broke his fall. Mom made him stop after that. Butter-fingers Dad.

  17. Of course you are!
    I loved seeing all those pictures!
    Kisses and hugs

  18. Maggie, you are a beauty! We hope you win.:) Your baby picture and your hiney pics are our faves.:)

    Teddy Bear & Sierra

  19. Maggie, you are so much more than cute. You are friggin' adorable! You definitely have my vote!

  20. Hi Maggie
    I think everything about you is cute! Your hiney and your tongue!
    Your ears and face with whip cream on it! Even your little tail is cute. Cute as a baby- and cute now.
    You definately are cute!
    Good luck!

  21. are absolutely cute, cute cute! Simply cute and absolutely gorgeous!
    Big Nose Pokes
    The Thugletsx

  22. You are the CUTEST ever - that is for sure !

  23. Maggie, you should win with NO problem! You are definitely "too darn cute"


  24. Maggie we think you shoud win that category paws down! Definitely very very cute indeed. Good luck at MM.

    Molly, Taffy, Monty and Winnie

  25. Maggie.....I think the Too Darn Cute category was made with you in mind!!!

    Too bad, Mango has not included a Best SMILE category......cuz you would be a Winner there, too!

  26. Maggie, you are just adorable. We loved the picture of you in the hat and granny glasses.

  27. Maggie, You are just too darn cute!
    Wink Wink from Dave

  28. I have to say Maggie....... YOU ARE TOO DARN CUTE! Have a fun week! Ros and Oscar

  29. I'm glad me and Zim aren't the judges for your category, because we think you're about as cute as a pup can get!!!
    Good luck, pretty Maggie!

  30. Yes you are too darn cute and sure to win!! I love all the pictures, it would be too hard to pick a favorite.

    licks and sniffs Sasha

  31. Hi Maggie!

    How do I answer this? "Yes, you are too cute" or "No, you are not too cute." That's a trick question. I don't know what to say, except that you are very cute. In fact, you are adorable. : )

    Love and Lots of Koobuss Kisses,

  32. OMD Miss Maggie you are the cutiest of the cute!

    Specially when your beard is full of chipped cream!

    woos, Tessa

  33. oh you are just ADORABLE!!!! such a happy pup, from day one!


  34. Miss Maggie, you are the epitome of cuteness. And Jed also loves to contemplate his image in the mirror, so we think that a perfectly normal activity for a thinking doggie. We wish you the best of luck in the competition.

    Jed & Abby

  35. This is going to be so tough, because you are ALL so cute!!!

    *kissey face*

  36. From the time you were a tike to now...Yes, you are too darn cute for sure!!
    Smooches from pooches,
    BabyRD and Hootie

  37. I'd have to agree that the 'cuteness' factor is rather high. Good luck!

  38. We'll vote for you anyday!!

    The Rocky Creek Scotties and Ivy

  39. Awwww Maggie and Mitch!!! We can't stop saying awwwwww... You're way cuter than 'darn cute'!!!

    Momo & Pinot

  40. Awww, you're definitely a cutie pie Maggie! Good luck to you!

    The Road Dogs

  41. Ok, I'm just gonna say it. YOu could have just shown the hiney shot and still win. Oh. My. Dogs. Good thing you ended with it. I wouldn't have been able to read the rest of the post. But they are certainly excellent points to make for the category.

    Wild Dingo, a sucker for cute doggie bumms. thank dog we're not judging this category!

  42. Amazingly cute!!! Love the mirror picture.

  43. Winner PAWS DOWN!! So much cuteness!


  44. We remember that beautiful hat with the purple flowers from a hat contest or something like that about a year ago. Grammy thought it was so pretty! We are checking out our Mama Dott's competition and think this is going to be quite a difficult category to judge for Fiona! Good luck, Miss Maggie! The Country Corgis

  45. Hi Maggie

    We are visiting all Daisy's competitors in the Too Darn Cute category. This is a very tough category, you are surely very cute.

    Tucker and Daisy

  46. oh yea...your too darn cute! i dont have nearly as many talents as you do....i just have my pint size going for me in terms of cuteness...Beest of luck! I hope you win!

    Tail Wiggles & Puppy Kisses,

    Coco Bean The Princess

  47. Hi Maggie..Nice to visit your blog. What a cute multi-talented doggie you really get into character with each outfit. Aroofs from Zola in France who really shouldn't be in the Bad Sports category...grrrrr..HUMPF!

  48. Sniff, sniff... Gretchen doesn't even want to cast our pack vote for the fur-girls now. She also asked if she took the iPad to the doghouse if that would make it a different household? Hem. Good thing she's the good dog and not a rule-bender.

    I'll put good money on a win for you, Maggie.