Sunday, April 24, 2016

Helping and Groomies

I got groomed yesterday and while I was on the bench, my worst nightmare happened!
I was beginning to pant and mom agreed that it was a wee bit warm so she turned on the fan.   It must have upset a sleeping fly because he came to life and I spazzed!    I don't like flying insects!  Mom told me that I was going to face my fears because there was no way that she was going to stop.  I jumped off the table twice and she put that horrible grooming noose on me and begged me to please not jump again or I would hurt both of us and she honestly didn't want to bury two Dales in one week.   I didn't jump and we got through it but it was VERY stressful for me!

Next we went for walkies and then of course, the photo session~

 And then it was time to bake.
 I helped with the lemon cake.
 And I helped with the buttermilk bread~
Mom went outside next and she was carrying garden ornies down from the second floor of the red barn.   She kept looking over at Mitch's "in progress" grave site and it made her very sad so she grabbed an angel and gave her a happy sunflower and she happened to have an apple that was ready to eat.  It made mom feel much better.

And this came in the mail~
Thank you so very much, Neil and Sharon.  That was so sweet and thoughtful♥  You guys are the bestest!
 I have had a very busy day!
Love ya lots♥


  1. You sure did have a busy day!! It sounds like you had better rest up! Give your mom and dad extra hugs and cuddles for a little while, ok? It is so hard when we lose a furry family member. Thinking of you all. xo Jeanne, Chloe and LadyBug

  2. Molly what a busy day and you look really beautiful with your new Airecut, so sorry about the flying things. Treacle does not like flying things but she just snaps at them, but after the 45th time it gets a little tiring. Love the bread we can smell it from here. The angel looks just right. Also love the new look to the blog. Warm Hugs, Susie xx

  3. You live in paradise - there is always so much to eat - I dream of - beautiful pictures.

    Sincerely - Bente

  4. A very busy day. And most productive, too. So glad you decided to COOPERATE with the grooming session, and we love the little angel who is spending time with Mitch. Kisses

    Gus n ' Teka

  5. Glad you both survived the grooming session and you got to help make cake!
    It was very thoughtful of your friends to make a donation in Mitch's honour.

  6. What a busy day for you, Molly! You're a very good helper for your mom who makes all these yummy food. The cake looks super yummy!

    Oh we love your cabbage hat. You look so cute with it. :) :)

    Momo & Pinot

  7. Molly first of all I just love your new header. It makes us smile to see Mitch and Maggie as your 'wing' gal and guy!! Angels on your shoulders.
    OH now I don't like flying things either in fact I'm not that fond of bugs. I will spot them, stare and them and every so often whimper at mom to get her to get them. Mom doesn't like them either but GUESS what the sucky monster does. MOL MOL Mom will get it out especially if there is a bug on the wall like the other night we had a centipede way up high mom got the extension to the sucky monster and zap it was gone.

    You look quite lovely after you grooming session.
    Neil and Sharon's donation in honor of Mitch is wonderful

    Mitch's temporary adornments are purrfect.

    Hugs madi your bestie

  8. I don't like grooming either, but it sure feels nice when it is over.

    I'm sure you all miss Mitch very much. I know we do, too. Sending lots of love and support across the miles. I hope Mitch and Pip are together at the bridge sharing a cheeseburger. Hugs.

  9. I feel your pain flies are terrifying. I run and hide and shake all over. Did your mom share the lemon cake cause that could makes pup feel better, just sayin.

    Aroo to you,

  10. Busy but FUN and of course a photo session is a must. Golden Woofs, SUGAR

  11. So sorry about that flying insect interrupting your grooming, Molly, but you managed to come out looking beautiful!!! What a nice touch your Mom made to Mitch's memorial site in progress. We bet he would really enjoy that apple.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  12. Oh Molly!! What an exhausting day! It's also exhausting to be the ONLY dog after your pal has gone to the RB. So many feelings to contain for the peeps while dealing with our own sadness. I got sick, actually. Take it easy, and take lots of walkies and give the peeps lots of loves. This strategy has resullted in my getting DAD to feed me my dinner and I always get lunch meat in it. I'm growing acustomed to being an only dog, but it's been a big transition for all of us.


  13. You're looking very beautiful after your trim, so well worth the stress! Glad you got to taste the lemon cake mix. Keep your chin up and your tail wagging! Love ya lots, Ros and Oscar x

  14. Molly, don't be afraid of a fly. We chase them around when they come in the house and Sebastian is good at catching them.

  15. We're so proud of you for getting through the whole "fly" thing! You were very brave!
    You look so beautiful with your new "do"! And oh, my! Getting to lick the beaters!!!!! We never get to do that, having the meanest Mom in the universe and all.
    I think Mitch is eating apples to his heart's content now!

  16. What a busy, busy day (and icky stressful morning)!! We are so glad you are sticking close to your Mama and helping her get through the sad times!!
    Dory Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  17. Oh Molly - sorry about the fly thing - at least you got to lick the beaters
    What a beautiful angel to put with Mitch for now
    sending tons of pug hugs
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  18. Those are great photos, miss Molly! I'm sad you got spooked like that, but then you got to have fun, which is always a good thing!

    Your Dachshund pal who is running for mayor,

  19. How pretty she is. What a great job you did. Molly is a very lucky girl. Thanks for sharing your day. Keep those flies away!
    Have a great week.

  20. I think you and I have something in common Molly.
    I hate bugs,, flying, walking,, it does not matter..I do not like them.
    I can hear them too and I dont like that sound.

    I am glad your mom got you under control, and neither you nor her got hurt.

    I think the "angel" and the apple are a good idea to put on Mitch's grave... Very good idea//

    Did the cake taste good?

  21. The photo at the top of the blog says it all, Molly, You have two angels hovering nearby, loving you forever. Remember that next time you have to be brave for a grooming session.

  22. Molly so sorry that fly was buggin you, but Mom did a great grooming job--you are Beautiful 💜
    Mitch's resting place will take time for it to be just right, but like everything your Mom and Dad do it will be a peaceful, beautiful and comforting place to feel Loved💜 I love how you always are such a good helper and taste tester😋
    Trixie and Nancy wish you a good week💜

  23. We're glad to hear you didn't jump off the table again. You sure look good with your new fur cut.

  24. It's good to be busy, sweet Molly. It's hard to be sad when there is Lemon Cake and Buttermilk Bread in the oven :)

    Wyatt and Tegan

  25. Molly, you look lovely after being groomed. And, we can really relate to the flying bugs issue. We don't like 'em either !
    We are glad that the gravesite of your Mitch is close by. We know you miss him very much. Sending hugs, prayers, and positive thoughts to all of you. Warm wishes, from Marina and Daryl at Quilt Inspiration.

  26. You could come up this way. I'm sure that E could groom Molly then we could all go for a walk. What do you say?

  27. Looking beautiful as always, Molly. You make an excellent sous chef, too. Getting to lick the beaters kind of makes up for grooming. *ear licks* Noodle